Hey have you heard about the important something-or-other, on teevee, when the one hip-hop fellow Mr. Kanye West said something about the hip-hop lady? SCANDAL! Well Barack Obama hates all this dumb misogynistic consumer-good-worshiping dumb shit. [YouTube]

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  1. To be fair, Beyonce does kick that bland little country-pop princess’ ass all over the place. Kanye’s a dick for saying it, but everyone was thinking it.

  2. On the new microtrend of interruption, Rasmussen reveals that a vast majority of teabaggers (99%) believe that Kanye West should be sent to prison for his misdeed. The same poll found that a shocking 99% of teabaggers think that Joe Wilson is an American hero for his ejaculation during Obama’s speech and should be given his own Clear Channel radio show.

  3. If only Kanye has used the moment to speak up regarding his desire to see the President’s birf certificate. A couple hundred thousand birfers would have died from head sploshuns.

  4. So Barack Obama dislikes is when the hip hops talk about how cool is is to live in a huge mansion, have tons of money and servants and fly around in personal helicopters and airplanes?


  5. [re=410599]InsidiousTuna[/re]: That probably sounded really shitty. At the time, this is what I felt. After Beyonce won the big prize or whatever, I realized that MTV just wanted to make the little country bumpkin happy, and Kanye was a dick for ruining that for her, despite how much I despise her insipid little songs about how the guy she wants is dating the cheerleader, but she’s just a girl in the bleachers (this is the chorus, verbatim, of the song she won that award for).

  6. [re=410664]InsidiousTuna[/re]: What have you got against songs about adolescent mating behavior? Do you have a grudge? What did the adolescents ever do to you?

  7. Yes, but of the Isley Brothers, which was your favorite: O’Kelly, Jr., Rudy, Ronnie, Ernie, or Marvin? The peace of the western world hangs in the balance, man.

  8. [re=410711]Guppy06[/re]: Oh hell yeah. I made the mistake of checking a message on the facebook today and there were a dozen idiot “status updates” from my (ex) friends about some entertainer saying something on an entertainment promotional program, on the teevee. And then a bunch of “tipsters” sent a “mashed up” of this entertainer and some old video of Obama doing something or other. So, follow the page views ….



  10. Politico WINS THE EVENING!!

    “ABC News reporter Terry Moran caused quite a commotion tonight on Twitter after writing the following: “Pres. Obama just called Kanye West a “jackass” for his outburst at VMAs when Taylor Swift won.”

  11. Considering much of Graduation was just warmed over Daft Punk, I am not surprised that Kanye’s awards show moment was just a pale version of Dirt Mc Girt upstaging Shawn Colvin.

    I am upset, though, that Timmy C from Rage/Audioslave didn’t show up as Soy Bomb Jr.

  12. [re=410773]Ken Layne[/re]: That was my experience this morning, only what’s worse is the facebook farts were met with choruses of omgs and lolz.

    Would anyone in Truman’s administration have given a shit about what kind of rude stunt Thelonius Monk or Dizzy Gillespie had pulled?

  13. Barry looks a little tired there. What with fixin the health care and fixin the economy, does he STILL feel obligated to discuss his opinion of hip-hop music?

  14. Thanks, Kanye, for pushing Ms Swift firmly into the teabagging camp… Now we have a racist southern pop singer, siren-calling for the right… oh wait… Garth is calling, hang on a sec.

  15. [re=410780]snideinplainsight[/re]: It means… AHEM.

    “Sure thing, Mr President, even if you stick your ‘cigar’ in that intern’s twat.”

  16. [re=411044]idiot son of an asshole[/re]: Alack and alas; willowy white-girl, Taylor Swift, was born and bred in…Pennsylvania. And, if anyone has ever seen interviews she’s done, she’s surprisingly not obnoxious. The songs, not so much. Kanye couldn’t have done it to a less deserving person.

  17. [re=411027]InKnockYouUs[/re]:
    In view of Obama’s glowing praise I took 3 mins to look at a KW vid.

    It’s about 20 seconds of mumbling a reworked version of something from Cap’n Crunch ad or something to a beat and buzzing sound that any PC could produce. Repeated about nine times. Then there’s some expensive looking CGI and a few pics of the artist, who is apparently too cool to actually dance — he just shuffles a bit. Topped off with some obscure footage of some Asians doing something and a few nonsense phrases in katakana. I caught “Kya!” and “Gambare!” meaning “Eek!” and “Go team!”

    Obama needs to stick to dorky stuff like constitutional law.

  18. [re=410678]Extemporanus[/re]: The media is definitely trying to make it that.

    Trust me, this will not go well with the brothas who already feel Barack is a little too quick to diss a black man after dumping Jeremiah White and Van Jones. I’m starting to lean toward that crowd myself.

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