So the Tea Party wingnuts don't follow Louis Farrakhan and Nation of Islam, is that right?
HILARITY: Would-be teabaggers and and other easily duped dingbats are proudly emailing each other wonderful pictures of a million teabaggers crowding the National Mall, but these pictures are actually from the Million Man March of 1997, an event attended by, ahem, colored people.

Not only did the Million Man March actually attract a million people, it was led by wingnuts’ second-most-hated negro person, Louis Farrakhan, a real black Muslim.

Frankly, there is nothing more embarrassing for a colored-hating Real American than not being able to tell from an aerial photo of an immense crowd that those people aren’t even white! This is why photos cannot be trusted, if taken from a distance.

Anyway, about 70,000 sad fat white losers carpooled to DC on Saturday, to whine about everything (blacks), and to add to their shame, the fake picture they’re claiming shows a million wingnuts is actually a million black men listening to an Angry Black Leader. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. [Free Republic]

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  1. Similarly, to hear them chanting “NO PUBLIC OPTION! NO PUBLIC OPTION!” is both strangely surreal and incredibly sad. The phrase “the stupid…it burns” has turned literal for me. I am pained by this.

  2. Oh such fun we have at the mall in DC

    A day later, in the shadow of the Washington Monument, many participants at a much smaller gathering — the 24th annual Black Family Reunion — said the level of hostility toward the nation’s first African American president had little to do with policy differences over health care or taxes and everything to do with race.

    “It’ s not conducive to the coalitions we need to build in this country,” said Vera Hope, 60, of Mount Rainier as she left a booth promoting health prevention. “I’m disgusted and upset by the hostility. Let’s call it was it is — it’s just a disguise for right-wing racists. They are fomenting a climate of violence to provoke people.”

  3. Heh — FR included actual photos of the event for comparison. And the 9/12 rally was much smaller, filling only the elliptical area and going back only one segment of the mall from the Capitol. Which is entertaining because Glenn Beck was insisting this morning that photos of 9/12 compared favorably to photos of Obama’s inauguration, and that the MSM were covering up the fact that from half a million to two million attended his shindig.

  4. Apparently Michelle Malkin was claiming there were 2 million people there, when all accounts had it at 70,000.

    In a related story, I have a 27-foot penis.

  5. So, let me get this straight:

    A photo of the Million Man March that was being touted in an email as a photo of the Tea Party March is now being passed off as a photo of the Promise Keepers March in a Tea Party March email?

    [re=410414]Elaine986[/re]: :

    “Promise Keepers’ most notable event was its Stand in the Gap: A Sacred Assembly of Men open-air gathering at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. on October 4, 1997. C-SPAN carried the event live in its entirety. It was reported at the time to be the largest gathering of men in American history, surpassing even the Million Man March.”

  6. What if Mr. Charlie held a tea party and a million Negroes showed up?

    You know, you’d think the movement that has the crack team of forensic scientists that debunked Dan Rather and the short form birth certificate would have enough sense not to pass around a bunch of 13 year old photos of the brothas and claim it was Klan rally. Just sayin’.

  7. “photos cannot be trusted, if taken from a distance”

    Quoted For Truth!

    I keep telling folks, “distance is the Master Of Deception – only trust pictures taken from INSIDE the camera itself” … but do they listen?
    Nooooooooooooooooo they do not.

  8. [re=410422]Extemporanus[/re]:
    I think noted Promise Keepers Ensign and Sanford had a different perception of “Stand In the Gap” than most of them.

  9. [re=410422]Extemporanus[/re]: Of course in terms of large gatherings of men, the Promise Keepers have been surpassed by “Larry Craig’s Bathroom Bonanza” held earlier this year in Pocatello, ID.

  10. I believe there are actually plenty of individuals who hate Obama because he is a Democrat working has hiney off to undo some of the damage that’s been done over the past 35 years (yes, that includes Bill Clinton). It is possible they are not bigots — just assholes. Let us not confuse these people with the “easily duped dingbats” who are getting all whooped up into a frenzy about this and that and a colored president and socialism, by Gawd.

  11. Elvis was a hero to most, and _did_ mean shit to me, you see. He wasn’t really a racist, simple and plain, God Bless him and John Wayne! FIGHT THE POWER!

  12. Judging by the average girth of the typical Teabagger, an accurate headcount, based on area occupied, would need to include a Fat Factor of about 0.4996.

    70,000 * 0.4996 = 34,972.

    Next lesson:
    Demonstrating how average Teabagger IQ is inversely proportional to crowd size.

  13. You know you are succeeding when little bloggers like this do nothing but name call a whine and cry OF RACISM!!!! The clown in the WHITE HOUSE is a liar and incompetent fool, the moonbats on the left know it so in desperation all they can do is cream RACISM RACISM RACISM and hope people listen…….after 8 months of you no one cares to listen any longer.

  14. Nicely done slapdaddy. So the geniuses who figured out that someone had added more smoke to some war photos couldn’t figure out that they were not just completely wrong once but twice. Arial photo of Million Man March= $1100, rightwing douche with egg on his face= priceless

  15. Also, as noted somewhere else, there’s no Museum of the American Indian, the new Smithsonian dedicated to people unwillingly caught up in the original triumph shame and blunder of wingnuttia.

  16. The EPIC FAIL continues…Even today Wizbang is quoting American Thinker quoting “Dan Bana” of the National Parks service.

    From the AP last January:The National Park Service says it will rely on a media report that says 1.8 million people attended President Barack Obama’s inauguration.

    Park service spokesman David Barna said the agency did not conduct its own count. Instead, it will use a Washington Post account that said 1.8 million people gathered on the U.S. Capitol grounds, National Mall and parade route, he said.

  17. [re=410455]Notalib[/re]: “after 8 months of you no one cares to listen any longer.”

    And yet here you are.

    Is this battered spouse syndrome or the early stages of Stockholm?

  18. I think the amazing thing here isn’t that they got the photos mixed up, but that they actually cared about the photos being mixed up. It’s not often that one finds Tea Baggers, let alone conservatives, actually care about such things like facts.

  19. This aerial photo is essential to the Teabaggers (whether they are in the photo or not): Think back to the very short shelflife of the Rush Limbaugh tv show in the mid-1990’s–despite the evergreen popularity of Rush’s radio program, the tv show died a quick death. Reason? The “faithful” were suddenly given a graphic visual image of their fellow dittoheads in all of their fat, pink and sweaty glory- featured as Rush’s in-studio audience. I used to marvel at the porcine spectacle every time I needed a jolt of something to the left of David Lynch; if you never caught this freak show, I’m sorry but you just haven’t lived on the wild side! Anyway, the point is, Rush’s fans were as visually repulsed at the sight of Jabba’s “base” as the rest of us were (“…aaaagghh take the mirror away!!!Hideous!!!Take it away!!!”)If you can’t even tell what color this photographed crowd is, you sure as hell can’t see how clownish and repulsive the teabaggers are, and that’s as much a relief to them as it is to us…

  20. [re=410399]ManchuCandidate[/re]: Well, if you go with the Mall as a ‘receptacle’, blend it with a slice of Womyn’s studies/Freshman Lit (oh, that crazy Hemmingway and his cave-pussies), and put it through a Fox News editorial filter, then is becomes clear that black men are much bigger rapists.

    Drop the last part, and you just end up with a much more satisfying/effective big black dong (Powel v Rumsfeld, anyone?) and your comedy is ready.

  21. [re=410455]Notalib[/re]: Rar! you growls big for such a lil guy! I just want to nuzzle you all up! I can be rather gentle, when you need it…only when you need it.

  22. 70k protestors is just a dribble in D.C. Note: Federal funds will be used to clean up the mess they left on the Mall. They should be outraged at this ridiculous use of taxpayer money!!!

  23. Creaming Racism is really another phrase for “Look at the historical contexts and socialized patterns of human in-group/out-group interactions!!”

  24. [re=410416]user-of-owls[/re]: It’s the Washington Post. They forgot about editors a long time ago.

    [re=410422]Extemporanus[/re]: Let us not forget the notable Promise Keeper – Nevada;s favorite son (of a bitch) John Ensign.

    [re=410455]Notalib[/re]: Who you calling little? Well okay compared to the fats of the tea-baggers, yeah we’re little.

    When the Freetards talk about that tent in the middle way back by the Washington monument, that was the black family event.

    At Oabama’s inauguration the crowd went well past the crowd of this silly tea-party and even well past the size of the Promise Keepers event to be the largest crowd ever in DC. The largest crowd I remember in DC before that was July 4, 1976. I wasn’t around for LBJ’s inaugural which was the largest event until Obama’s inaugural.

    All three events dwarf by two orders of magnitude the piss ant teabagger crowd. The Promise Breakers (oh that was just Ensign) crowd was inbetween at about a third of the Obama inaugural but an order of magnitude bigger than the flea baggers this past weekend.

    Yeah they’ll say we’re lying but PBBBT! to them.

  25. [re=410455]Notalib[/re]: oooooh I want to “call a whine and cry!” I’m not sure what it means but it sounds fun.

    On another note, I love how the teabaggers (birfers? drunk southern frat boys?) are so anxious to point out that no, those pictures of 1 million people on the capital are NOT of them and their rally, thank you very much. Please DON’T get confused and think they had that many supporters!

  26. Many FR commenters crying about the weather on 9/12 as a way to identify teabag photos: “Remember—dark, cloudy day—there will be no bright sunshine or sharp shadows in any photo of 912.”


  27. [re=410455]Notalib[/re]: OMG, TWO trolls in one day? This is wonderful. Please don’t leave.

    Also, we are not whining, per se. We are drunkenly calling you fat, racist fucktards. Which you are. For the record, if we were ever sober, we would not cease in pointing out the obvious.

  28. [re=410536]MOG[/re]: Over a million people made it down to the Smithsonian folk life festival this year. So far more people made it each day of that event than made it to the Teabagger orgy of hate.




    Why is Gil Scott-Heron writing teabagger copy?

  30. [re=410479]PlanetWingnuta[/re]: I would, but it makes phone dialing and golf-club swingin’ very difficult. In the latter instance, it’s as if I’ve always hooked my shot into the trees.

  31. [re=410455]Notalib[/re]: Another wingtard troll of the Tea Klux Klan is heard from.

    Paging Mr. Banhammer? Will Mr. Banhammer please report to Room 101 of the Psych Ward?

  32. [re=410455]Notalib[/re]: Success is such a subjective thing, Boo. You define success as becoming a national joke, we define success as laughing at you. So as you can see, we’ve both achieved our goals but for us at least, it’s just too easy. Making fun of a teabagger is like beating a retarded child at scrabble, so here’s what we suggest.
    Do it again but this time, ditch the racist signs and the idiotic period costumes and decide what your protesting for/against before you get out there and humiliate yourself again and we will make snarky personal jokes about you however it will require more effort on our part.

  33. [re=410455]Notalib[/re]: yes, its kind of like having your 9/11 ‘celebrations’ on 9/12. Do you guys even know how to read the day of the week? And why would you want to celebrate 9/11 anyway? You should be remorseful. Shame on you. 9/11 For Ever!!

  34. [re=410455]Notalib[/re]: AAAW… You’re just bitter and angry that the majority of the country has deemed even one black man to be better than you. (And he is.) Well: Choke it down. I know it’s a little salty, but you can just pretend that it’s clam chowder without any clams in it.

    Now, Ignoramus: You may go back to protesting against your own better interests at the behest of your Corporate Masters®™©, like a good Pale House Negro.

  35. [re=410418]madtowngooner[/re]: See, it’s right here, in the Constitution, next to the “no income taxes” and “excise tax on autogyros.”

  36. Ugh, these stupid peasants are just DYING to say the N-word, but in their minds, as long as they don’t, they’re not racists, but in fact concerned scholars of the constitution even though their signs say things like “Obama’s Plan is White Slavery.” Sometimes protesting and farting into the wind look surprisingly similar.

  37. [re=410455]Notalib[/re]: First, cream the racism for 2-3 minutes using an electric mixer. Add powdered willful ignorance, extract of fear, and concentrated essence of Glenn Beck to mixture. Beat until ingredients are incorporated. Remove mixture from bowl, shape into blobby human figure, and dress in “Lyin’ African” t-shirt. Bake at 350 degrees until just slightly off-white.

  38. [re=410651]heroinmule[/re]: Teabaggerz like to whip themselves into a neo-erotic frenzy of foreplay seeing just how close they can “come” to using an out&out racist epithet, without actually “spurting” it out–it’s as close as they get to sex—except with their sisters, of course!

  39. Don’t ask Michelle Malkin for directions in downtown DC, she thinks Penn Ave. is the National Mall. Looks like they failed at geography as well. But the photos are REAL…

  40. Do you see that little white pixel to the bottom right? The one that looks like he’s puking next to a slightly larger pixel of a porta-johnny? THAT’S ME!! I DONE BE THERE!!! IS I FAMOUS?

  41. Oh wait, my mistake. I’m that little white pixel that looks like he’s teabagging the little black pixel, and I’m not sure where that little brown pixel has got his hand, but I walked away with a big smile on my face. Plus, it was easy to score meth.

  42. I like that the number of attendees was only about 75% greater than the number of people who go to Burning Man. That’s right, their country is under attack by Socialist cadres, is being led by a foreigner, has a government that is trying to deny Republicans health care, and is trying to kill all their olds and they can’t even double the number of “jobless” dance hippies that are able to drag their slacker butts to an inhospitable climate where you have to bring your own shade/shelter, food, and water. Pathetic.

  43. Hey teabaggers, we coulda used your crazy kind of stupid for eight very long years but you sat on your fat asses and called everyone else un-American while your party did all the horrible shit finally decided to complain about. Jessus fucking christ try to keep up.

  44. I wish there WERE 2 mil Teabaggerz in DC on 9/12: Imagine how easy it would have been to herd them all into buses bound for the FEMA camps: A couple of bullhorns announcing free Marlboro swag & some donuts and we coulda had ’em outta sight, outta mind just like that!
    We wont get another opportunity like this until NASCAR season next year…

  45. Yeah, burners would be much less fat than teabaggers. You know they actually have to ambulate from one drug soaked orgy to the the next flamethrower competition.

  46. [re=410673]kentuckienne2[/re]: Can I get 178 of those to go? I need to substitute them for the GOOPer members of the House of Representative, thus raising the collective IQ of that august body…

  47. [re=410585]dijetlo[/re]: Teabaggers = G8 protesters. Stupid costumes, a million fringey causes, no actual agenda. If we can just get them to hold their demonstrations at the same time and place, we may be able to create a matter-antimatter reaction that will solve our energy needs 4EVAH.

  48. [re=410673]kentuckienne2[/re]: Can we add two tablespoons of lightly salted poison rat dicks?

    We can set up a tent then have a bake sale at the next tea klux klan rally!

  49. [re=410916]Lazy Media[/re]: I hate those fuckin G8 protesters.

    On a related topic, a few years ago a partner in my former firm, ID’ed me in the elevator because he thought my overly casual dress made me a anticapitalist protester (despite we had a mass email to ‘dress down’ for the day. And now, I am.

  50. What a goddamn hoot! The racist knuckle-draggers had to steal their bragging photo from Farrakhan? Like they say in beer commerical land:

    “It don’t get no better’n this!”

  51. [re=410397]zenferret[/re]: Wow its like Paul McCartney and Michael all over again, “Ebony and Ivory work together on death panels against Granny, side by side against socialism and Barry Hussein the Kenyan”
    Who says this country is divided?
    There is a lump in my throat now.
    Not a pre-existing condition, I hope.

  52. [re=410916]Lazy Media[/re]: the entire ‘left’ is pretty much a patchwork of unrelated and sometimes conflicting causes, indeed. The ‘greens’ and ‘red’ (unions) don’t wok well together when it is, say, lumber jobs versus a genus or two…

    Big tent? Yeah, a place to park NBAwriter’s, uh, over-advertized man-tube?

  53. [re=410944]Bruno[/re]: “On a related topic, a few years ago a partner in my former firm, ID’ed me in the elevator because he thought my overly casual dress made me a anticapitalist protester (despite we had a mass email to ‘dress down’ for the day. And now, I am.”
    I can empathize, when I was a rent a cop they found out I was a “Communist” when I stopped half of an apartment from a jerry springer riot by talking to each sides and getting everyone to go home without arrests or more bloodshed. I had to go

  54. Ladies and gentlemen may I present to you the result of socialized public schooling. Not counting the dropouts, though we probably should. Or the ones that are still paying down their community college student loans.

    (Now before you get all salty, I will admit that I am both a dropout and still paying off student loans. It’s just that my parents weren’t related as is clearly the case with a few of these fine people.)

  55. [re=411029]Chuckie Jesus[/re]: (Now before you get all salty, I will admit that I am both a dropout and still paying off student loans. It’s just that my parents weren’t related as is clearly the case with a few of these fine people.)
    Thank you for the most of us,the democratic us, not me. The screaming that would not stop/start finished my higher learning. Just to be clear no snark just the realization we are the doomed. Waa Waa!

  56. Crazy Tango, In fact the Black Family Reunion was there at the mall and some of the teabaggers came over to disrupt them. The Black Families that were there were not moved they watched the silly teabaggers interrupt their reunion and watch them walk away. It shows me that hmm Black people have class… and smart enough to let the fools pass them by.

  57. I think if you check out this actual shot of at least 700,000 people carrying American flags and conspicuously full of white females wearing baseball caps, you might see that the real gullible hucksters are moonbattery-powered juicettes like the commenters above. Teabagger is the projection word you ambisexuals use to describe yourselves without having to admit you’re Anderson Cooper’s best pal.

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