Hey look it's Roy Orbinson's dead great-grandma from Hell.
Oh boy we forgot today was the big September 11th Teabagger Festival, on September 12. It was probably wonderful. Look how this lady smiles, with her sign, about how Africans should not be anywhere near the White House. God Bless America, or at least the old white portion. [NineTwelvePhotos]

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  1. I have this strange urge to walk up to that woman and bite one of her fingers off.

    Why doesn’t the finger biter come out and go public? He’s a hero. I want to introduce this guy to my daughters. Oye, but they’d make such wonderful children.

  2. I’m afraid the obvious lack of brain activity in these photos indicates a need to pull the plug, STAT. I volunteer to be on the Obamacare TM pillow smothering squad!

  3. my 93-year-old Polish grandma loves Obama. she always told me, with a note of disdain, ‘republicans are for the rich !’
    wonkette on a saturday night….i don’t know if this level of dedication is commendable, or just sad…….

  4. so we just finally saw the torchwood ‘season’ three ending series thingee. i think it had a lot to say about the value of death panels and survival of the elite and choices society must make in judging who will live and who will die.

    good times.

  5. [re=409758]Dolmance[/re]: If the Biter had been a teabagger (instead of the Bitee) he would’ve had a next-day exclusive interview with FOX. Just like Joe Wilson, the guy with the AK, and the woman who told Arlen Specter not to turn the USA into Russia.

  6. I’m seriously at the end of my rope for these people. Now I sincerely want them to feel what it’s like to live in a REAL third-world country, under REAL tyranny and REALLY persecuted for their political views then sold into REAL slavery when they can’t pay protection money to their friendly neighborhood warlord, also.
    That’d certainly be a fucking eye-opener.
    These people don’t know how good they have it.
    I mean, come on, this is the country that invented Trucknutz for fuck’s sake.

  7. To make the pun work it really should be “African lyin'” not “lyin African.” This is America not gay France so nouns follow adjectives….Oh, whatever.

    Actually, outright racism scares me less (as a white person, admittedly) than the pure selfishness of these pieces of white trash. Imagine being scum enough to think, “if Medicaid is reformed so that today’s uninsured woman gets a pap smear instead of dying of cervical cancer, will I have to wait an extra day for my doctor’s appointment?” OK, so let’s pretend like preventive care would actually burden the system more, because these dumb fucks think so. Can you imagine being so selfish as to not only have this thought but to drive to a town hall and scream at your representative, “Not enough doctors for 40 million new people!!!” because you think that shouting ignorant and selfish nonsense is your democratic duty? So you can forget about arguing for the dignity of not being denied basic health care, because these little shits prove by their own example that some people don’t want human dignity.

  8. [re=409754]HoboNutz[/re]: I was kind of hoping the men in black types were going to release one of those Cloverfield monsters on DC and let it eat the teabaggers. That would have made for great YouTube posts.

  9. That’s it ! The death panels are now in the bill. Obama will assign Keith Olbermann as Czar of Mandatory Adult Abortions. Who ever is on worst person in the world will be aborted on live TV (replacing 72 hrs of lockdown on MSNBC).

  10. [re=409777]El Pinche[/re]: OT. In a momentary lapse of judgment I watched FOX News for a few minutes today. I say only a few minutes because they were talking about this ACORN fiasco and then, ready for this? they start talking about HOW THE OTHER NEWS AGENCIES are talking about it.
    Gossip is the lowest form of journalism.
    I need to play some FEAR2 and kill some shit.

  11. OK folks you realize that these people get their health care form the government. Actually they get their retirement income from the government. They also get their crop subsidies …

  12. Bless your heart, granny. I do hope a framed picture of this is prominently displayed in your in your Medicare-funded nursing home room. Your foreign-born orderlies and nurses taking care of you will get a great laugh.

  13. [re=409783]whenPUMAsattack[/re]: Your trolling a** is about to be chomped on hard.

    [re=409774]My choice. My Wonkette.[/re]: Actually, racism is at the root of everything you see at the Teabagginations. How many, er, people of tint do you see at them? As close to zero as is statistically possible.

    It’s all about a shrinking white population who can’t deal with the beigeing of America, much less having a black guy in the White House, and use any excuse to bitch and moan about it.

    Beck & Hannity are the posterboys of the Tea Klux Klan.

    As an OWG — old white guy — I take comfort in the fact that people like whenPUMAsattack will be reduced to a statistically insignificant minority in a hundred years.

  14. [re=409784]El Pinche[/re]: When playing it at night, the most commonly heard words around my house are: “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK YOU! WHERE THE FUCK DID THAT COME FROM! HOLY FUCK! WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT! ARRRRGGHHHHHHH THERE SHE IS AGAIN!”

    i love this game! >^_^<

  15. I believe PUMAS was just tryin’ to school the Wingnuts on proper spelling… Which is, of course, a lost cause, since they prefer their ignorance “as is”

  16. Aside from their evil, racist, illiterate, America-hating agenda; who the fuck carries a sign into the Capital of the United States declaring that “next time, we’ll be armed?” Someone should advise the teabaggers that, when confronted with such threats, the cops employed by the US Government don’t fire warning shots, and they don’t miss.

  17. [re=409770]ladymacbeth[/re]: I just watched Torchwood season 3 last week, I love that crap. I think the lesson in the final episode is that small children are expendable. Or at least one small child is expendable. If the he’s the grandchild of the main character. Which we never knew he had until this season.

  18. I would snark on all of this but here in San Francisco, there was some sort of big hippie, peace festival today that officially kicked off with “1000 Yogis for Peace” leading festival goers through two hours of blessings and yoga practice. In all honesty, I’m not quite sure which event was more retarded.

  19. Did I actually see signage indicating that the USSR had czars??? That’s how you wingnuts do it! Anything to do with Russia goes on the sign, and then fit “Obama” in somewhere. Voila! It works, in a “flunked 9th grade” kind of way.

  20. The “lady” is certainly representin’ for the GOP. The daily papers need to post a pic a day like this one. Embarrass and shame these douchebags continuously.

  21. I dunno, I can kinda see what these nice seniors are concerned about: I switched over to the Youtubes the other day and there was this short clip from the Ellen Degeneres show from last year. In the clip, Ellen introduced candidate Obama and when he came out he moved his hips in a very lewd manner VERY close to that nice blonde gal. I guess he was so-called “dancing” but it was obvious that if there hadn’t been cameras around he would have done something AWFUL to that sweet girl. You can’t tell me that such brutish and uncivil behavior belongs in the WHITE house! Uh oh, Matlock’s almost on—gotta go

  22. [re=409803]slowuncle[/re]: HA! And the olds haven’t figured out that Ellen is some girl’s husband? Will FOX be getting letters when the lesbo becomes the friendly, non-threatening, ego-salvaging judge on American Idol?

  23. The wingnuttiest comment I saw today was this:
    I’m just disappointed that absolutely NO black people are? to be seen in ANY protests. Just because Obama’s black, doesn’t mean you HAVE to agree with everything he does.

  24. …and by the way “they” don’t like to be called coloreds these days-they prefer Negro. Which reminds me, I need to rerun my security video to see if I can figure out who broke my cute little lawn-jockey and scattered it all over the driveway!! These neighborhood kids are HOODLUMS!

  25. In 1995, Louis Farrakhan got at least 500,000 black men of all ages to march on Washington. Some were racist, many were crazy, but did the Republican Congress pay any attention to them? No. In 2009, Glen Beck gets maybe 40,000 middle age white people to march on Washington. Get ready to hear all day Monday on FOX News and Conservative Radio that they must be listen to, and for Republican Politicians to parrot what ever they hear on Fox and Friends.

    And lets face it (and this is sad for Conservatives), while it is a short continuum, Glen Beck is crazier than Farrakhan. And, at least, Farrakhan had done some good in this world and hasn’t been totally self serving (yes, I know, still a short continuum).

    And when will the rabble, busy complaining about Government getting its hands on their Medicare, finally realize that the Conservative intelligencia and elites doesn’t care for them, but just finds them a useful pawn in keeping their taxes low? Ever notice how Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, Michael Medved, Michael Savage, Ann Coulter, The writers for The Corner and the Wall Street Journal, all of Fox News etc. etc. refuse to live in Republican places? They all prefer to live in places that have been dominated by Democrats for years. Nothing stops Fox News from putting its headquarters in Mississippi. Hell, CNN is in Atlanta. But, no, they all want to live where they can benefit from Democratic government, and the benefits that it provides.

    Even sadder than the cynicism of the Conservative elite is the foolishness of the Baby-boomers who are just outraged that we might provide people with health care. The Greatest Generation survived a depression and a major war and paid significant taxes. In return, they made the world better for the next generation, and will have the interstate highway system, the best of the space program and many other great things to provide a monument to them when they are gone.

    The Boomers have just whined about their taxes, although they have been cut steadily since they have been in power. And in their wake, they are leaving a failing economic system and a country in debt. If their was any fairness in this country, the health care, along with the return to Mars and the fixing of our national infrastructure will be paid for by anyone born before 1964. There, you won’t have to worry about your Grandchildren dealing with the debts that you have built up by screwing the poor and fulfilling your own selfish desires for the last forty years. And the poor will finally get health care. A win/win situation.

  26. [re=409772]GreatOldOnesParty[/re]: And to anyone else who feels like fleeing to Canada as a result of these stupids… do yourself a favor and watch last night’s Bill Maher (or at least get the audio). It’ll make you feel much, much better.

  27. [re=409810]Lionel Hutz Esq.[/re]:Yep, that about says it all.

    To apply the term “protesters” to this brain dead rabble without using quotation marks is to insult men and women of true courage in who stood up to be counted in places as diverse as Selma, Alabama and Tiananmen Square.

    I am an African Lion and I absolutely DID NOT approve this placard!

  28. Joe Wilson is the new David Duke. I hope he is happy with his new title & racist cause. Next they’ll want to have Joe Wilson Day declared in the South. He is their new God. Sarah “The Great White Dope” Palin/Joe the Dumber move over. I wish the South would secede again, just like in 1865. Just go away & take Rick Perry with you.

  29. [re=409777]El Pinche[/re]: Mandatory Adult Abortions

    I like the cut of your jib. We can set up the traps in Howard Johnson’s, Denny’s and Applebees’ during their Early Bird Specials.

  30. Isn’t the way this women has her mouth curled up into a former of seeming pleasure the very definition of “shit-eating grin?”

    Really, though, how is this all going to end? Something’s going to eventually give. One too many wingnuts will try to fly over the coo coo’s nest, and then god only knows what will happen. Obama needs to exert some serious control, and I’m not talking about jailing or intimidating these folks, but somehow he needs to find a way to get these folks to have an epiphany.

  31. [re=409830]LoweredPeninsula[/re]: The problem is that you can not make people get a clue, which is the main problem with dealing with the aggressively stupid. Though I do wonder why Beck was not just rounded up and put on trial after the first couple of Becktard shooting sprees and the “jokes” about murdering elected officials.

  32. [re=409831]glamourdammerung[/re]: I know. I’m just frustrated. I was arguing with some folks today who tried to compare what’s happening to Obama to what happened with Clinton, but at least the Clinton smears were usually well-crafted, if even equally disgusting, lies, innuedos and baseless rumors. I mean, let’s be real, even the most rabid Republican that came in in 1994 wouldn’t have called Clinton a liar at a formal presidential address to the Congress. It’s frustrating that I can’t get people to realize that, nor for the wingnuts to find self-awareness.

  33. The crowd of seventy thousand Obama-haters who showed up in the nation’s Capital yesterday would have been much more convincing if they hadn’t almost all been bussed in by pro-Health Insurance Industry, pro-Energy Industry, pro-Pharmaceutical Industry, anti-Choice organizations like Dick Armey’s “Freedom Works.” Hardly what I would call a demonstration of genuine, populist concerns, even if you do overlook all the encouragement FOX NEWS had been showered on their great national goon convention.

    I just wonder if any of them took the time to visit the Lincoln Memorial and read some of the words engraved there?

  34. [re=409834]Athar[/re]: Read? If even they could actually read, they are completely bereft of critical thinking skills. Now, if you made the words into a coloring book, that’d be more their speed.

  35. [re=409774]My choice. My Wonkette.[/re]: What’s more, the uninsured do still get healthcare in this country, it just comes in emergency rooms at points when things are so bad there is no other choice. And how is this paid for? After the hospital has made a fruitless attempt to recoup the debt, it is written off and paid for by making everything else they do a little more expensive.

    So, in short, there is universal healthcare in this country — very few (if any) people with life-threatening problems are actually turned away from emergency rooms — but it would be difficult to imagine a more ineffective way of providing it and inefficient way of paying for it.

  36. [re=409832]LoweredPeninsula[/re]: It is the rise of the Paultards. A majority of the nonsense they are spewing is starting to sound like bad science fiction (or deep paranoia). After last weeks’ “OMG, Obama is hypnotising children over the television”, the crazy has jumped the shark. I think if more people asked them to repeat the nonsense they are spouting, then ask them point blank if they think their statement has any basis in reality whatsoever, a lot of this stupidity would stop.

  37. [re=409834]Athar[/re]: Too bad the bus operator did not have another fire due to safety violations like when they killed off a bunch of the olds during Huricane Rita.

    I think it is awesome that a company that killed people due to not following safety rules is promoting less government intervention. The magic of the free market apparently does not work as well at putting out fires as fire extinguishers.

  38. [re=409832]LoweredPeninsula[/re]: I’ve been trying to understand why I dislike Glenn Beck more than the older generation, the one that came to prominence opposing Clinton (Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly, etc.) I think it’s partly because the older crew at least made provocative arguments in favor of their woefully misbegotten positions, while Beck is just the stupid, the stupid on parade. I could at least fantasize about besting some member of the old group in debate, but Beck just frustrates me. How could people so willingly follow someone so transparently idiotic? He depresses me. The morans are on the march, although (as many have pointed out here) in reassuringly small numbers.

  39. [re=409839]glamourdammerung[/re]: Not only that, he directly contradicts his own premise:

    BusBank CEO Bill Maulsby blamed insufficient federal oversight, “We’re not safety experts,” he said. “We clearly need to depend on the federal government.”

    Then they were awarded another $55M HSD contract. Sweet.

  40. [re=409842]Way Cool Larry[/re]: The toilet of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the feces of patriots and tyrants, and it may break when they sit on it.

  41. At my state’s wingnut jamboree, the band was playing “HE ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog” instead of “YOU ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog.” I assume they meant Hopey. The guy who sang the national anthem was so bad I was starting to think it was a joke.

  42. [re=409780]Paul Tardy[/re]: Yes, that is why I like to hop over to the wingnut boards whenever I can to urge them to tear up their SS and Medicare checks and cards, because it’s Socialism! And they can stand on their own two feet like real Americans and don’t need to depend on Big Government!

  43. [re=409810]Lionel Hutz Esq.[/re]: O crap. Here goes. Plz no gratuitous “blame the Boomers” comments. Not helping. If you’re going to blame the Boomers, on this site at the very least it must be FUNNY. For uninformed, blanket accusations of how your mom and dad have ruined the world, please go over to Metafilter.

  44. the headline to this post got it right. whatever the battlefield — health care, birth certficate, emergency financial fire-fighting, etc. — the hate-filled spew we’ve been seeing in this country is about one thing and one thing only: destroy that uppity one. make an example of him so that none like him ever again have the nerve to even consider running for president.

    don’t underestimate the existential threat lower-class white people feel in the face of a non-athletic display of excellence by anyone who is not white. people like the obamas do nothing so much to joe the plumber and teabagger jane as remind them of how hopelessly they have fucked up their lives by scorning education, prudence, self-discipline and hard work (which go together; any one of them alone is not enough). and no few of these joes and janes are little more than spoiled brats, angry babies squalling to have the tit back and the diaper changed.

    historical note: in the antebellum south, the most virulent opponents of abolition were not the large plantation owners. it was the poor white farmers who were the most opposed to freeing the slaves. the slaves, easily recognizable because they were black, were the only people in sociaty at a lower level than the poor whites, and what’s more, a poor white could always cherish the dream of buying his own black slave. the poor whites, not all confined to the south and now happy to consider themselves middle class (though the only middle class value they have is the worship of money), have been growing steadily more lost ever since that dream ended, starting with emancipation and continuing on through the civil rights act a century later. if they can’t look at a black man (or a brown or a yellow or a red) and automatically feel themselves superior, their whole world is turned upside down. it’s as though they have lost their god. people who have lost their god are like ships without keels, easily blown about on stormy waters.

    we’ll close this morning’s sermon with the words of yeshua ben-yusef, a fellow who lived a couple thousand years ago. no one actually knows what he said, or knows what he actually said, but he actually may have said (in aramaic) something along the lines of “love your god with your whole heart and soul, and love your neighbor as yourself.” which is all well and good, but could be problematic for those who are heartless, soulless, self-loathers.

  45. [re=409851]BlueStateLibtard[/re]: i suppose it would be too mind bending to point out to these pissed off grannys that the rail system and the highway system they used to get to dc were both paid for by federal govt. dollars. does that make eisenhower a socialist african negroid czarist?

  46. [re=409856]obfuscator[/re]: President Dwight D. Eisenhower: “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted.”

    Clearly Dwight was a dirty fucking hippy before it was even cool. And was he ever right!

  47. I want to bring th funny and the snark, I really do. But I am beginning to find this all so very depressing and am wondering when we, the people who legally and democratically put Hopey in the White House, are going to stop bitching about the crazies, get organized, and do our own damn congregating in public places. Show the American born, American educated, and American elected POTUS that we still support his vision. We need to stop sniping from the sidelines and drown them out with voices of reason.


    I’ll try again with the snark later, right now I’m too fucking worn out.

  48. [re=409866]irisheyesagain[/re]: But sane reasoned arguments are boring! (which is why you would not get media coverage for that, regardless of numbers). Crazy old codgers with self-contradicting signage are teh ratings winnahs.

  49. Clearly, I am too inept to follow the symbolism coming from these fine Americans.

    I’m fairly disturbed by how many of the right wingers claim to be “Americans” and clearly they know more about patriotism and our country than the rest of us. Back in August, I attended a town hall forum for someone who has been elected to represent my interests in our nation’s capital. This fine specimen from the GOP put forth some kooky ideas like using the health care savings accounts, which are a great idea for his overly caucasian, middle class base. People asked him why he wasn’t writing his own health care bill because his ideas sounded so “useful”. Ummmm … maybe because he’s not on a relevant committee?

    Did these people miss every single history or civics class, like ever?

  50. If one reads Granny McRacist’s sign the way we read here in the western world, her sign really says. “The Zoo has an African and the Lion White House has a lyin’ African.” Either she’s stupid (can spell “lion” and needs to use a picture) or she doesn’t plan ahead.

    Ok, she’s stupid.

  51. “oh granma….” great first college kids who want to ban dihydrogenoxide and now geriatrics who want ban YOU getting guvmnt healthcare. Stay strong and smrt America.

  52. I forget who said it, but did some political person say that these folks should claim the word “teabagger” for their own…just like blacks own the n-word?

    Well then, I propose the continued and amplified use of the phrase, “Tea Klux Klan*” Spin that, mutherfuckers.

    *Props to Memzilla.

  53. [re=409760]Johnny Zhivago[/re]: [re=409764]GreatOldOnesParty[/re]: Finally! Reducto ad Hitlerum. So this brainless bullshit has to devolve to an end now, right?


  54. Wait a minute, I see that the feller to her right is smoking in public. Tell me all you bleeding hearts there in DC, aint you banned smoking in public?
    Also, I am founding today, the National “You Lie” Movement.
    At countless public events (with media present obviously ) someone jumps up and yells ” you lie “.
    For example, a Saturday afternoon free pops concert in the park. The conductor is speaking to the hundreds of olds in their lawnchairs, reclining lawnchairs and mobility scooters (that Medicare paid for ). “Thankyou so much, our next piece is a medley from South Pacific …” YOU LIE, suddenly shatters the mellow vibe. In one instant, everyones attention snaps to those two words. Of course the shouter will become a martyr; tasered, arrested, roughed up by a small town marshall, left to rot for several days in the local lockup, if she’s lucky.

    Or how about at chruch, the minister, doing his best Billy Graham ripoff ” Verily, though the lord gawd allmighty is a mercifull God, he will strike you down with the power of lighting for blasphemy …” YOU LIE!

    This will drive home to these “protesters, aka tea party activists” how inappropriate their whining is.

  55. [re=409883]Pithaughn[/re]: Nope.

    To the perpetually aggrieved “we are the real victims” of the G00per base, this will just be another example of the lieberals oppressing their Freedoms™.

  56. [re=409869]Bruno[/re]:

    Four old women break into the zoo to take pictures of a lion for a sign they are making. Just for fun, they sneak into the primate exhibit and three of the four old women hold down a gorilla while the fourth woman sucks it off until it’s hard. Then the old women take turns riding the gorilla until their old grandma bodies shiver in orgasms. When the women have had their fill, they abandon the gorilla and the creature, unsatisfied and still hard, cowers in the corner and tries to masturbate but can’t climax and eventually passes out in exhaustion. The women shower and then take part in a political protest denouncing America’s black president. Everyone compliments them on their sign.

  57. [re=409880]bored Socialist/Communist[/re]: I suspect the Fuhrer would be turning in his grave if he saw himself equated with Josef Stalin and a black man…

  58. Those yahoos aren’t the half of it. Imagine if the Supremes allow corporations to spend freely on campaigns. Gak. This is all so depressing it’s hard to joke.

  59. [re=409746]bullship[/re]: Does it really need a response? Didn’t Obama handle this just fine by Jay Z-ing it during the election? The ignorance, racism and insanity of that sign says it all.

  60. Ron (from the Ron and Fez show on Sirius XM) suggested last week that we split the country into two parts, because we obviously hate each other now to the point that providing health care to the less fortunate is now considered National Socialism. The two countries: Nascar and Crack Pipe.

  61. In a country with 300 million people, 9% unemployment rates, cheap gas, free speech and plenty of crazy, I could easily bring more than 40 thousand people together to march for “lowering skirt hems for the coming spring/summer season” or “collective balloon blowing” (yes, it is a real fetish). Just give me some time and some lobbyist money (other types of money doesn’t count).

  62. [re=409892]The Cold Sea[/re]: I like Obama staying Apollonian and away from the feces they’re trying to throw. …drives the Tea Klux Klanner-ers (thanks Memzilla) bat-shittier than ever. But someone has got to start framing this for what it is–delirium tremens from power withdrawal, and using racism and any other method they think will get them their drug back.

  63. [re=409798]hobospacejunkie[/re]: Hm. The lesson I got from Torchwood is that Eve Myles is one hot smokin’ Cymry benyw, especially when she wears tight jeans & a black leather jacket and totes around various large firearms.

    And that the 456 are the interstellar equivalent of the average US American health insurance executive, in that they live in a toxic environment, have no mercy, and manipulate living things for sport and profit.

  64. [re=409765]GreatOldOnesParty[/re]: Jeebus. A sign held by a transvestite Betsy Ross impersonator showing Doctor Ron Paul dressed in surgical scrubs, delivering teh baby of freedom, swaddled in a US American flag. I almost choked on a nosefull of eagle tears when I saw that.


    Ya know, I wouldn’t blame Barry if he said “Fuck all y’all, yo!” and went back to teaching law. Why would he want to lead a nation of morans like these?

  65. In case anyone is bored with mocking the stupids (and admittedly, this weekend has offered up a bumper crop of stupid), Elton John wants to adopt a Ukrainian baby.
    I’m not actually taking a side, but it does strike me as comical.

  66. Ever notice how these teabaggers always have a saggy-cup-holder WalMart folding chair strapped to their back so they can sit their fat ass down fer a spell, catch their breath and muster up energy for another half hour of bat-sh*t crazy?

  67. [re=409898]President Beeblebrox[/re]: “Why would he want to lead a nation of morans?”

    Before Jon Stewart went on vacation:

    “As [Obama] watches the debate, does he sigh a lot? Most presidents, you always look at it and you say like “Oh, they’ve lost the trust of the American people, the American people are disappointed.” This seems like one of the first presidents that our approval ratings in his eyes could go down very far. He expects a lot of us, and then he turns on the TV and he sees “He’s a socialist, he’s going to have death panels,” and I just feel like, is he going to impeach us?”

  68. [re=409905]house of the blue lights[/re]: I think what AKAM80 is trying to say in his or her spazzy way is that Lionel Hutz Esq. has been a standard commenter on the Wonkett for awhile, and is usually very witty and clever. I think Lionel has gotten, as we all have gotten from time to time, a little maudlin about the sad state of affairs in our country when we have a few thousands olds turn up for a hate rally and the MSM calls it 70k or 1 million or whatever. That gives Lionel a sad, as it does me, too. And sometimes you get morose and express your hatred of stupidity in ways that aren’t always snarky.

    Okay, Dr. Joyce Brothers is going away, now. And I’m not speaking for anyone, this is just my own stupid opinion.

  69. Can anybody see the fucking point of this bitches’sign? I mean, what is she trying to say? The elements used are: zoo, african, white house. Is she trying to tell us that the white house has become a zoo? There’s an african in the zoo and another in the white house? The lion belongs in the white house, and Obama belongs in the zoo? Does any of this make sense to anyone or seem remotely funny to anyone but an overt racist? How does that shit add anything constructive or useful to the healthcare debate? Conservatives should avoid employing wit or humor when making their arguments, and just aim for coherency. Libtards like myself try to see the message within the joke, and when the sole purpose of the joke is to be racist (which is obvious to any fool) then you lose both. Message, Humor, DOUBLE FAIL.

  70. [re=409888]Johnny Zhivago[/re]: Bravissimo!

    [re=409898]President Beeblebrox[/re]: I sometimes wonder what it’s like when somebody (Gibbs? Rahm?) goes into Obama’s office to tell him something like Sarah Palin posted a message about death panels on her Facebook page and now a bunch of middle-aged white people are screaming about it in town hall meetings. Does he just brush it off like he always appears to do or, when there’s nobody looking, slam his head against the Oval Office desk muttering over and over again “Jesus Christ, I can’t believe these people are so fucking stupid. We are SO fucked.”

    You know, kind of like what we do.

  71. There’s a million things wrong with this, but it’s not the Democrats that should respond to this.

    It’s the American public.

    The Democrats should be rubbing Joe Wilson’s face in his obnoxiousness and making an example out of him, instead of taking a second look at the thing he was screaming about.

    An equal point is, aside from taking this moron to task for her racism, she should also be mocked for bad joke structure. I figured it out “African Lion / Lyin’ African” but – especially for her audience – shouldn’t she have spelled out Lion? Shouldn’t she have picked a Lion that wasn’t lying down? There are so many ways to read this thing, I doubt her audience figured out the puzzle.

    Plus, it’s hard to read unless you’ve got the Klan eye-holes positioned JUST right.

    What a twit.

  72. [re=409900]President Beeblebrox[/re]: Seven heads are better than one! I just hope Barry’s snake is as big and weathly as the image on their sign.

    [re=409914]Prof. Junk[/re]: It’s okay to make fun of that dead guy who helped a lot of underprivileged folks on this country, but dammit don’t abort the babies.

  73. [re=409834]Athar[/re]: Dick Armery has a group called “Freedom Works”?!? That’s the name I used to post on the Tea Bagging site last night (urging them all to tear up their socialist SS and Medicare checks/cards). I figured “Freedom Works” would be the sort of dumb-ass, mean-nothing crap they would come up with. Maybe they should hire me?!?

  74. [re=409910]RoscoePColtraine[/re]: she’s making a bad pun joke– african lion versus lyin’ african. Besides the pun, the racism and the fact that she thinks Obama lies, there’s not anything more to it.

  75. But really, people who were content with 8 years of Bush/Cheney evil bullshit but now are outraged that a black president wants to help all Americans have health care– the people really have no excuse to live. They are fucking evil monsters and fuck them to hell.


  76. One of the many problems with that sign is that the placement of the lion is incorrect, so that it reads “The zoo has an african and the lion white house has a lyin’ african”. It is obviously incoherent but does show how stupid she is.

  77. The Becktards’ response?

    1. It was only a few ugly signs. A handful at most.

    2. YOU did it first!

    :::Followed by endless posting of anti-Bush signs/protesters:::

  78. [re=409925]obfuscator[/re]: Yep. And Ike gave that speech on January 17, 1961.

    William Charles “Bill” Ayers (born December 26, 1944) was 16 at the time, if I’m doing my maths properly.

  79. [re=409895]dementor[/re]: Well put: White People Power DTs.

    But like Maher Friday night, I’m wondering when the 70% of people with brain waves are going to speak up and/or thrust a pacifier in their yaps.

    I mean, this ‘protest’ was like a dress up as your favorite colonialist day from 3rd grade. And Mao, Stalin, Hitler? To them they’re just names. Their passion isn’t social it’s infantile. They wouldn’t resort to violence (except with their favorite chickenshit weapon, a gun) because it might mess up their costumes or tear their achingly stoopid signs. What’s interesting is that it seemed like a bunch of zombies sitting around, like the end of the Holy Grail when the extras are told to go home and the film runs out of the projector.

  80. As you all know, I have railed long and loudly about the erosion of our civil rights since teh Bushivek “election” and 9/11.

    I hereby take it all back.

    As of today, I am totally IN FAVOR OF wire-tapping without court order, suspension of habeas corpus, indefinite imprisonment without charge, torture and televised public flogging. I also demand the immediate implementation without delay of the Nazi practice of Sippenhaft, or “clan arrest,” meaning indefinite detention of all the offender’s relatives.

    What needs to be said: a significant number of dumb-as-fuck ‘Murican “patriot” Bitterz believe “tyranny” means “there’s a Black Arab coon in the White House and we jes’ cain’t have that.”

    FOR EIGHT YEARS of actual tyranny, when anti-war protestors were arrested en masse and held in “free-speech” zones, these assholes stayed home and did and said nothing.

    NOW these unapologetic, racist seditionists are all about exercising their suddenly-precious First Amendment Rights. FUCK ‘EM.

    Let the midnight arrests and extraordinary renditions begin. NOW.

  81. [re=409928]idiot son of an asshole[/re]: The woman who’s with him looks thrilled to be there, both in a “I can’t believe I married this schlub” kind of way but also in a “yeah, that’s right, I secretly voted for Obama” kind of way

  82. [re=409937]DoctorCulturae[/re]: Saw several dozen of them yesterday evening at the big ass outlet mall, Potomac Mills. Sad sight really. They show up because that good man on the teevee told them to. Then what? Sit around and fidget, angrily?

    Very tense food court.

    Also: these people have bodies that aren’t really suitable for movement anymore. They couldn’t fight if they wanted to, but they can make noise on the AOL (and while eating… chew with your mouth closed, Mississippi.) Sad sight.

  83. I would have thought the ability to create a semi-coherent spazztastic homemade sign was an entry level skill in the quest towards becoming a functioning human being, but these fucksticks can’t even get that right.

  84. We need Colbert to get back on TV ASAP. If anyone can rally liberals or ironic conservatives (the hipster™ liberal), it’s him. I’d love to see him get people start flocking Fox News headquarters to picket them over why they haven’t opposed Medicare for bears, or whatever nonsense he comes up with. A counter protest to the 1990 murder rumor would be great, too.

    Come to think of it, his response to Glenn Beck’s 9/12 project was to announce he was going to start the 10/31 project. He made the clip back when people were first starting to worry about Glenn’s psychological health. It’s cute how Stephen has to explain that he’s crazy, rather than it being a given.

    Seriously, I get the feeling Glenn Beck would love living in a post-nuclear armageddon dystopia, if he thinks a nation of paranoid, grieving people paralyzed by fear is what America should be about.

  85. [re=409928]idiot son of an asshole[/re]: He couldn’t decide between Death to protest death panels, or to be Obama as the Joker, so he did what every wingnut would do in this case–combine the two to get a completely garbled message that means nothing. I imagine Death Joker to be a real prankster..

  86. [re=409935]idiot son of an asshole[/re]: It’s a wonder she doesn’t spontaneously combust from the sheer amount of fail she’s wearing there. Stupidity is inflammable, isn’t it?

  87. We need to organize and bus in people just like they did,remember the march on washington and the millions that went and that was not a lie like Malkin told. We need a rally about keeping the public option in.Too many people think their taxes will pay for that.I tried to explain to someone that who ever joined the public option group would pay the premiums,it would not be paid by taxes,his comment was but if people are given subsidies I still pay.I tried to get across to him he already pays by higher premiums and charges from hospitals because people go to emergency rooms.All to no avail.He did admit that President Obama’s speech to the children was a good thing.People like that woman that want the good old days maybe need to be tarred and feathered like in the good old days.

  88. Hilarius picture. I will take them expressing their outrage this way rather than assaulting museums, cops, doctors, or random brown people. America is a big big big nation. Even if they have 2 million people marching they’d still be in the minority with their nutty views.

  89. That looks like the lady that denied Halloween candy to kids of pro-Obama households. Remember that StuperBitch?
    No swine flu vaccines for these racist turds. Yes, they are racists. Period. They can denounce the label to the end of their days, but their words and actions will always reveal the truth.
    A Citizen Tard wearin’ Crocs? What’re the odds?

  90. I walked down to the mall today and they are having a big black family reunion conference. Many tents with exhibits, speakers, food etc.

    ON Saturday a friend heard some teabaggers pointing to the tents and saying, “See, our people re all over the mall!”

  91. [re=409887]SomeNYGuy[/re]: First time I laughed out loud the whole thread. Thanks for bringing the nyucks.

    [re=409885]shadowMark[/re]: And of course I wouldn’t have snorted if it hadn’t been for your lovely fable.

    Why hasn’t this post been hijacked yet?

  92. What a truly proud moment that must be. It is the height of intellectual prowess to actually come up with the rhyme that makes that sign a conservative classic. African lion and lyin African likely came to the sign maker in a dream…not unlike the revelation when Einstein realized that e most certainly DID equal m squared.

  93. In the old lady’s defense, I think she escaped from the nursing home when the rest of the staff was preparing the dining hall for pudding night and she doesn’t really know what sign she’s holding or what it says. Go back to Shady Pines and wait for cancer.

  94. In a way, they are attempting the same type of humor practiced here – irreverent and edgy, on that chimeric edge between funny and too far. Their problem is that they have less to work with. Compare making fun of a semitarded (new word!) war criminal with the speech habits of a tourretes victim versus the urbane, literate manner of Obama. If they get in the same magnitude of dig on Obama that we regularly get on the republiclowns, they have to rely on race or lies. None of which makes that ladies sign less reprehensible.

  95. My brain hurts after looking at all those photos. These stupid white people make me ashamed of my race. I work as a pediatrician caring for people of color (of both legal and non-legal status) and let me say most of them are infinitely more grateful for what this country has to offer than the fine examples of humanity on display in these pictures. I’d rather have them as the future of this nation than these redneck racist yahoos. I weep for our country.

  96. [re=409958]Servo[/re]: Oh yah….I guess that light speed thingie makes a difference. BTW…her sign is now being used to teach school children about “the dark continent” in the Liberty University preschool extension.
    Though…the student teachers keep saying darkie continent. They’re still wroking on it.

  97. the condescendingly smug and self-satisfied expressions on the faces of the two mad grannies makes me want to take a shit in their fanny packs.

    i’m assuming they’re both wearing fanny packs.

  98. [re=409852]house of the blue lights[/re]: Just wait for my long rant on the kids today and that racket they call music.

    Gross gneralizations are, often, just that, gross. You might not believe this, but I think it is possible that Dick Cheney doesn’t keep himself “alive” with the hearts of orphans. Still, you have to admit, politically speaking, the Boomers are going to go down mostly for their selfishness. These teabaggers are just further proof of that. Glen Beck might be the perfect charactachure of the worse of the Boomers. Also.

    [re=409909]hoosiermama[/re]: Thanks for a better defense than I could give myself, especially since everything I came up with involve some variation of “So’s your Mother.” See above.

  99. September 12 would have been an excellent day to have another Million Man March! These bitches would have pissed in their ever loving undies to see 1 million blackmen when they came to protest Obamacare! Why didn’t 9 1/2 fingers have this under control?

  100. [re=409935]idiot son of an asshole[/re]: o good god. that person can’t be serious. is this really the best they have to offer? if so, we are either fucked or home free.

  101. [re=409828]glamourdammerung[/re]: Yes – surely the Bonus Army had better ground to stand upon than these Teabaggers..

    [re=409856]obfuscator[/re]: Yes.

    [re=409964]Jim89048[/re]: You made the mistake of spelling the words correctly, and omitting the dunce-cap…

  102. [re=409964]Jim89048[/re]: I meant to say [re=409962]Smoke Filled Roommate[/re] was indeed succinct, but made the mistake of spelling the words correctly, and omitting the dunce-cap…

    …and this is what happens when you Wonk it in the wee hours..

  103. Next time, the liberals have to show up and yell back at them: “Love it or leave it, you damn hippies!” and “Why do you hate America?”

  104. [re=409837]WABishop[/re]: EXACTLY! One of my Facebook friends posted something along the lines of “Healthcare should not be a right!” (!!!) But what he doesn’t realize is that it already is a right in the case of Emergency Departments. So if that’s the case, then it’s just a matter of making that right cheaper for everyone.

  105. I’d like to see everyone of those dumb motherfuckers lose their jobs and insurance and see what it’s like to walk in my shoes. These dumb asses have no clue about how health insurance companies are screwing us all. I’ve been turned down twice for health insurance due to pre-existing conditions. When I die my premature death because I can’t afford to repair my decrepit body, I ask that the wonkettes deliver portions to Messrs Wilson, Boehner (Boner), Limbaugh, Beck and all the miserable jackoffs who are flushing the once great US of A down the toilet.

    I loved reading everyone’s comments here it made me feel better about my miserable uninsured life. Thank you comrades.

  106. [re=409969]Lionel Hutz Esq.[/re]: According to wiki, the motherfucker was born in 1964. Hardly a boomer. Obama was born in 1961 if you believe what he passes off as his birth certificate, and nobody mistakes him for a boomer.

  107. ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®©: By the way…

    By the way, Patients First is a project of Americans for Prosperity™:

    One of the key conservative interests groups helping to organize the town hall protests we’ve been covering. The speaker repeats the debunked conservative canard that Democratic health care reform will mandate physician assisted suicide. “Adolf Hitler issued six million end of life orders–he called his program the final solution. I kind of wonder what we’re going to call ours.”

    And after comparing Democratic health care reform efforts to the murderous regimes of Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot, the speaker advises his audience to “go to offices of members of Congress and put the fear of god in them.”

  108. [re=409789]memzilla[/re]: I just assume that these people have real reasons to be upset, like how their wages have declined for the last three decades. Now that there’s a recession they’re super angry, and I guess that’s why they all came out of the woodwork at once. Of, course, they’re also racists, but I actually wish that was the main reason for all this nonsense. The scary truth is, they don’t know why they’re angry, and they’re too dumb to blame anything like the decades of regressive policies kicked off by Reagan for the reason why their lives suck. So, imagine what these trash would be up to if the unemployment rate was 25%. I mean, they’re already looking for anybody to blame, they’re already conspiracy-minded, they’re already threatening violence. (I actually wish some of these nuts would try to make good on their threats. Most likely, they’d just get themselves killed.) But the most scary and most likely outcome is probably just President Sarah Palin.

  109. Up until now, I have been a proponent of universal national government-sponsored health care. But I’m starting to think that those tea-baggers don’t deserve health care. (It is ironic that the rest of us are working and hoping so much for a government program that would actually help many of the people who are so vehemently opposed to receiving any help.)

    How about this for a policy position, universal national government-sponsored health care, no matter how stupid you are and how much we wish you would should just go away, already.

  110. [re=409982]Big Al1317[/re]: I am very sorry to hear about what you are going through. I really hope that our nation’s politicians get some cojones soon so that you get the care you need. It is heart-breaking.

  111. Tom Robbins says we must mock and fling poop. It’s the only way. Which is kinda sad–I guess I’ve been filing my teeth into points for nothing…

  112. [re=409982]Big Al1317[/re]: So sorry to hear of your troubles. I know CT has a health insurance pool that you can get into if you’ve been denied coverage. I hope your state has the same, I have no idea how many other states have such a thing. Google “[your state] health insurance pool.”

    The prices are high, but not insanely higher than I’m paying under COBRA. I don’t know how the coverages compare, however.

    You can also try this link, and dial up your state:

    Some states offer a high-risk pool for those medically eligible, whatever that means.

    Hope that helps.

  113. Wake up america! The radical leftists have taken over. Before it’s too late!

    Taken over by a duly democratic election. Why do the teabaggers hate democracy?

    If ONLY there were some radical leftists actually involved. Sheesh. F*ck man, people deserve a President Sharpton.

  114. [re=409984]Jim89048[/re]: Wow, Beck is a whiny little Gen-Xer? Wow, what a humiliating set back for my generation. Hell, I guess at least he is on the cusp, but boy do I wish he had taken a shotgun to his head instead of Cobain.

  115. [re=409815]StoneAge[/re]: Just watched it now. Richard Clarke’s actually a pretty righteous dude.

    [re=409810]Lionel Hutz Esq.[/re]: American politics are this easy:
    “The Democrats don’t really care about you.
    The Republicans REALLY DON’T care about you.”
    Funny what two switched words can do.

  116. [re=409861]justshocking[/re]: she could be a plant.
    in which case I must hunt her down and force her to marry me so that we may breed a new generation of children with snark as a sixth sense.

  117. Everyday I read another story about these racist, belligerent, ignorant white folks. And everyday it makes me prouder of my 73 year old Gramma because she voted for Obama. In and of itself, not a big deal. But the thing is she wouldn’t have proudly worn that Obama pin during the election when my gramps was still around. Bless his racist, black fearing old heart, he died shortly after Christmas two years ago. I know she still would have quietly voted for Obama, she just wouldn’t have discussed it with Grampa. I’m proud of my Gramma not just because she voted for Obama but because she’s got more firing between her ears than anyone I know of and she makes her mind up for herself. She’s my idol. It makes me want to go out and kick out these old farts’ walkers and tell them to grow the fuck up and start acting their age. They are capable damnit!

    Stupid and schmaltzy. I apologize. Back to the very necessary snark.

  118. [re=409866]irisheyesagain[/re]: wait wait wait….
    I think we are all overlooking a glaring possibility to explain the insane amount of stupidity on display here…
    what if…

  119. I was going to wear my “I used to be Ashley Todd but now I’m Kenneth Gladney” down to the demonstration,
    but I didn’t want my fair share of abuse.

  120. That “More Czars than the USSR” sign is just epic. I’d post it everywhere, to make people laugh, but the power-hungry minions of the military-industrial complex have so gutted US education that it would take a long paragraph to explain the joke. Even to some leftists. And Stalin wept.

  121. [re=410006]Alpha O. Mega[/re]: Jesus H Christ, I thought Joker Obama was supposed to be a Socialist. Now they got Joker Obama as Hitler? Can they fucking make up their minds as to whether Obama is a Commie, Nazi, Romanov, or makeup clad bomb-throwing super-villain because I keep on getting confused about what I’m supposed to hate about him.

  122. [re=410009]Downtheroadapiece[/re]: when I was running yard signs for my local congresscritter this old white guy who did not understand (like most everyone) that the dem campaigns are separate, yelled at me because he wanted an Obama sign and he would only take my congresscritter one if I also brought him an Obama one too. The wife came out and tried to apologize for the husband’s rude behavior, but I’m like, hey, oldwhite!dude I will go and get you and Obama sign, right now. Give me five minutes, cuz I gotta go beg one out of their campaign office. (Since NY was a lock, those signs were really hard to get.)

  123. [re=410010]GreatOldOnesParty[/re]: “what if…

    We surround them!

    Next tea party all the Wonketeers should show up, with signs, and try to bled in. I call dibs on “BARACK OBAMA DOES NOT CARE ABOUT WHITE PEOPLE.” Or perhaps it will be “simply does not care for” white people.

  124. [re=409997]Lionel Hutz Esq.[/re]: Yeah, but don’t worry. Every generation has it’s share of anomalies. My sister is only a couple of years older than me, but she’s an old. Not a bitter, at least. I credit that to proper application of serious meds. My other sister is 5 years younger than I am, and I consider her an X-er. The lines are pretty blurry. Beck, while 12 years younger than me, is old as fuck.

  125. [re=410016]Hooray For Anything[/re]: Thank the Doughy Pantload’s tome, LIBERAL FASCISM, for this ahistorical, pig-ignorant trope/meme/viral bullshit.

  126. [re=410010]GreatOldOnesParty[/re]:Can we just stop watering them with the blood of patriots, then, and watch them wither away?

    [re=410009]Downtheroadapiece[/re]: I am also proud of my octagenarian grandmother who was a huge Hillary supporter and probably would have “forgotten” to vote democrat if I hadn’t reminded her, but DID!

  127. [re=409986]My choice. My Wonkette.[/re]: I agree these people have real reason to be upset. Don’t we all?

    But their anger is cynically manipulated and misdirected by the Whight Wing Media, which are past masters of — and in fact employ the authors and executors of — Nixon’s Southern Strategy.

    Spiritually, Lee Atwater is the founding father of the Tea Klux Klan.

    Atwater recanted his race-baiting deeds on his deathbed. He died of brain cancer… which reinforced my view of G-d having an Infinite Sense of Ironic Humor.

  128. [re=409986]My choice. My Wonkette.[/re]: That’s such utter, apologistic bullshit. I’m sorry, the common thread between FEMA death campers, and Birthers, and the rest of them is that it’s all rooted in racism and xenophobia. If it was truly about airing legitimate frustrations, and if this was truly some reaction to a difference in actual ideology, they’d be more creative. Not only that, if this was truly about political ideological differences, they’d have been out in force in the very same numbers when Clinton and Bush were president…but they weren’t.

    Does it not dawn on you the root of all this when the very first place they take their frustration to is racism, both subtle and overt? Does it not say something that it was not until Obama looked like he could have a real shot of winning that these vile, hate-filled ‘Real American Patriots’ decided to crawl out from under their rocks?

    You’re either fooling yourself, or you think you’re trying to fool us. If it’s the latter, you’re in for an unpleasant surprise.

  129. [re=409885]shadowMark[/re]: “Four old women break into the zoo to take pictures of a lion for a sign they are making. Just for fun, they sneak into the primate exhibit and three of the four old women hold down a gorilla while the fourth woman sucks it off until it’s hard. Then the old women take turns riding the gorilla until their old grandma bodies shiver in orgasms. When the women have had their fill, they abandon the gorilla and the creature, unsatisfied and still hard, cowers in the corner and tries to masturbate but can’t climax and eventually passes out in exhaustion. The women shower and then take part in a political protest denouncing America’s black president. Everyone compliments them on their sign.”

    WIN. That needed reposting. I feel so bad for that violated gorilla.

  130. [re=410019]Jim89048[/re]: Right. The old man and I have this discussion now and then — he’s a jones and I’m a gen-x’er, but we’re both losers so I tell him he can be a gen-x’er, too.

  131. [re=410026]LoweredPeninsula[/re]: You and I agree, LP. And My choice. My Wonkette. does too.

    The difference, I believe, is that McMW wants to believe in the better nature of everyone’s angels, that it can somehow supersede the simple, plain, unadorned, racism-with-the-bark-on which is at the root of the Tea Klux Klan.

    So let’s not call what McMW wrote “utter apologistic bulls***,” let’s call it “idealistic, wish-it-wasn’t-so.”

  132. So there’s every likelihood that woman is affiliated with some large organization that offered her some form of remuneration, cash or otherwise, to give up her weekend to come parade around like an imbecile. Which large organization was it, is what I’m wondering. Because it’s one thing for a private citizen to parade around like a buffoon sporting a racist sign. It’s another thing entirely when a hired stooge parades around with a racist sign. I’m starting to think the blatant, crude racism is some kind of a feint designed to throw people off the scent they might pick up from following the money.

  133. [re=410029]AKAM80TheWolf[/re]: Too funny!

    Here’s how blind I was to racism, and this happened in Manhattan of all places.

    My GF at the time was half-black and half-Cherokee, which meant that I had two angry oppressed minorities in one package to deal with (g).

    We went in to Macy’s Herald Square to shop. We split up, but remained within sight of each other. We met back 20 minutes later.

    She couldn’t believe that I didn’t see that she had three security people trailing her throughout her shopping; black people, oddly enough.

    Me, the Old White Guy, hadn’t even noticed. But of course, as the OWG, I wouldn’t. And she, as the Person Of Tint Who Gets This All Her Life, was not surprised at being tailed.

    We did agree, though, that we could probably have made a great shoplifting tag team: she diverting security while I filled the pockets of my Burberry overcoat.

  134. [re=410009]Downtheroadapiece[/re]: Yeah, my mother voted for Obama too, but it was entirely because she really liked the way Michelle dressed.

    No joking!

  135. [re=410030]memzilla[/re]: Let me just make a small correction and say that I see unmitigated disaster, not people’s better angels superseding. That’s why I said I wish it was only about racism, and I definitely agree with you that these people are racists. But there’s nothing more chilling than seeing miserable people angry at the wrong things, because they’re too ignorant to know what their basic interests are, and just listen to ranting dildos on cable tv. I actually have to agree with these people that the country is in a dangerous spot — if only because of their example.

    And their paranoia that everything is falling apart, just because they lost an election, is super crazy. I never thought like that, even when Bush won a second term. So, it might seem like it’s all about the race of the new president, but these people have been unhappy for a long time, and getting unhappier. Now they’ve been rallied by corporate astroturf organizers. But I don’t think you get their level of paranoia unless you are basically scared of life, don’t know why, and have been manipulated by fearmongerers.

    I mean, maybe there is cause for hope, because these people at least recognize that our democracy is unresponsive….Nah, what am I saying? These white trash are too stupid to recognize their ass from Pizza Hut buffet. They’re looking for someone to blame — maybe black people, who knows? — which is why I said thank fuck the unemployment rate isn’t 25% These people aren’t going to wait until 2012 to vote out the black guy, they may make the 2010 elections a disaster.

  136. [re=410016]Hooray For Anything[/re]: [re=410032]MGBYG[/re]:

    I’ve been loath to admit that the shrieking lunacy of the summer — the frantic efforts to paint our first black president as the Other, a foreigner, socialist, fascist, Marxist, racist, Commie, Nazi; a cad who would snuff old people; a snake who would indoctrinate kids — had much to do with race…For two centuries, the South has feared a takeover by blacks or the feds. In Obama, they have both.

    I hate quoting MoDo just as much as the next person, but this explains the confusing meta-construction of imagery surrounding Obama. This also goes to the “magic negro” personae he’s been painted with, and the libtards are just as guilty of this in their assertions of his Christ-like countenance.

    Also, the teatards are not utilizing the Marvel Universe as much as they could, to their detriment. I say Obama runs through a few Marvel villain make-overs before he devolves into a racist poster of the Flaming Carrot.

  137. Did anyone notice during Obama’s Minnesota speech how incredibly attractive the people in the audience were? And has anyone noticed how incredibly unattractive the right wingers at the McCain/Palin campaign stops, the town hall meetings and on Fox News are?

    Well, I guess what I’ve always suspected is true – pretty people are better people and ugly people are evil.

    Now get the fuck off your ass and get out there and bite some fucking ugly people’s fingers off!!!!

  138. [re=410037]Dolmance[/re]: I guess the stuff my mother told me about how making faces all the time would “get your face stuck like that” is true. Seriously though, of course they are simian looking. Contorting a face in mock indignation and shouting all the time can not possibly be good for the appearance. I have noticed that the few times I do see an attractive wingnut, they almost always have a scowl.

  139. [re=410035]My choice. My Wonkette.[/re]:

    I think you’re looking for a rational answer where none can be had. Try getting into the mind of Glen Beck to see if his rantings have any logical merit. You can’t because they don’t. These tea-baggers work the same way. What is worse is that they get tabula rasa’d every day and re-programmed by Beck, Coulter & Co. with what they need to be pissed off at that particular day/week/month/year. This is why they have no consistent positions, and unfortunately have a large enough presence to disrupt and even halt a super-majority trifecta.

    I’m start to be of the opinion that the best course of action for this country is to dissolve the union and let states form partnerships with other states of their choosing.

    I don’t want to share a country with these people and they are not going to go away.

  140. [re=410042]SamSpade[/re]: I would say it is totally fair to label the whole party as such simply because at best, they wink and nod whenever someone acts foolish and at worst they blatantly condone it. In fairness, I really, really have issues with McCain for his stupidity with POW groups as well as other boneheaded moves he has done. However, even if I had felt he was a good choice for President (and he had a rational, somewhat competent VP pick), I probably would not had voted for him after catering to the lunatic fringe during the campaign.

  141. Remember during the primary when then candidate Obama said “it’s like they take pride in being ignorant”, well it turns out he was right. It is truly amazing to me that people can be so stupid. They allow themselves to be used by greedy corporations and wealthy individuals to protest something that would most assuredly benefit them and their families. Stupid is as stupid does. Forest Gump was right too.

  142. In today’s New York Times many of these people claim they’ve been angry at the federal government long before Obama but just now decided something had to be done. So when Bush/Cheney was lowering taxes for the richest Americans (the same ones who businesses shipped our jobs overseas), cutting all environmental protection, letting fundies run amok with government money, launching wars with no reason or reasonable outcome, defying all international treaties and courts of law, arresting protesters at public gatherings, imprisoning people on hearsay or sending them to be tortured by dictatorships overseas.
    In spite of 8 years of that (and Clinton with NAFTA, Balkan excursions, triangulating for better poll numbers)it takes a young black politician with a non-European heritage to rile them up to a mob. Never mind the lobbyists’ money to thwart health insurance reform, climate legislation, restoration of public lands or trying to reclaim our mantle of world leadership.
    It comes down to entitled, lazy, and nonthinking white Americans to suddenly decide that it’s better to have 1/6 of the country without health care than to lose the possibility of having a CPA or actuary decide whether you should live or die.

  143. [re=410047]jakitchen[/re]: Or the “controversy” with Reverand Wright stating that our country historically has been a bit rough on the Black folks? I would have thought that fell under the “common sense” category. Then again, the lunatic fringe is promoting history books that say “slavery was not all that bad”.

  144. [re=410048]chascates[/re]: that’s always bothered me. bush cut taxes for the richest americans, effectively cutting federal tax revenues, while simultaneously increasing govt. spending by prosecuting the wars on the terrors.

    where were these patriotards then? i guess it’s a good thing george bush was a functioning retard cracker and not a smarty-art uppity nigger socialist.

  145. [re=410042]SamSpade[/re]: The root of the Republican Party’s appeal since the early 70’s has been hostility to non-white people. Yes, they’re racist through and through.

  146. [re=410054]DoctorCulturae[/re]: We need to write to the manufacturer and complain then because this box of Honey Bunches of Flakes with Wingnuts is waaay too heavy on the Wingnuts as of late.

    Defective product! Will not buy again.

  147. Oh no, he did not?! Yes he did.

    Some Libertarian fuck on a heavily closeted racist BB I frequent just opened a thread trying to show that this Teabagger clusterfuck in DC was better than the inauguration crowd based on a photo of the garbage left behind.

    Oh puuuleeeze.

  148. [re=410050]glamourdammerung[/re]: so true. I had to go to college to learn anything substantive about slavery. It’s worse now. I had to teach my children about their heritage (we are mutts-Native American-Choctaw and West African). Our kids aren’t learning facts.

  149. [re=410059]chascates[/re]: Throwing ones trash into the trash can is socialism. Or we could pretend to be shocked that a group of sociopaths acting like small children having a tantrum trashed the area.

  150. Since when is Indonesia in Africa? Is it — I mean, it might be. I haven’t checked on a map.
    I don’t think they have any of those lions in Indonesia (although, again, my grasp of these complex matters is admittedly shaky).

    Wikipedia tells me they’ve got a famous critter there — in part of Indonesia anyway ’cause it’s so big — the anoa (Bubalus depressicornis).

    “The zoo has an Indonesian anoa; the White House has an anoa’n Indonesian” Does this work, or do you think it would work for these people, the ones who carry the signs? My brain is starting to hurt, trying to keep up with these folks; my powers of reasoning are slipping. Is this sign — the one pictured — is it real? Is any of this real? Please, make these people stop!

  151. Don’t blame (just) the Boomers. From the pics I’ve seen, I’d say crazy/stupid pretty well cuts across the generations. Yeah, it is a shame that the generation of peace and love (gag) let their peters peter out. Blaming one demographic is self-defeating, and an easy out. All these angry, crazy, and moranic folks seem to me like they feel they got screwed because their Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers or Sandra Bullock/Keanu Reeves fantasy/American dream hasn’t come true, and it is the fault of “them” (feds, blacks, foreeners, jews, teachers, bankers, czars, commies etc etc). We are smarter than they are (not to mention compassionate and we spell gooder too), so let us figure out how to do better (by which I mean get them to stfu). They get under my skin because it is so painful to watch our fellow citizens not being worthy of the designation, and trying to talk sense to them is fruitless.

    I know – let’s infiltrate the MSM. Eww, work at Fox. Naahhh! Other suggestions?

  152. Also ironic is the continued singing of ‘God Bless America’ at these events which was written by Russian Jewish emigre Irving Berlin. Who also wrote ‘Easter Parade’ and ‘White Christmas.’ From what I understand he had no birth certificate, moving here at age 5 with his family to escape a pogrom.

    Now of course Jews (actually Israel itself) is seen as a good great thing due to the part they will play in the return of Spaceship Jesus, who will order them to convert or be horribly massacred.

  153. [re=409869]Bruno[/re]: Walking the Freedom Poodle yesterday morning and a bus with a US plate, driven by a gorilla stopped by us. The gorilla opened the door and asked me : “Where’s the Mall? — Which one ? London Mall is 4560 km East by North East, Washington Mall is some 950 km South by South West and you can get Pall Mall cigarettes right across the street! Hi scratched his head, ate a flea and groaned :” Fucking bunch of morons — they forced me to take I-95 N because they said “that’s the road to the N..ger house!” Various awkward sounds came out of a sack of lard dressed in an pair of checked blue and red Bermudas assorted to his (her) Hawaiian shirt and its orange with pink and green dots Crocs mumbled something that I could not make sense of. The gorilla translated : The passengers want to know where they can protest since they came for that ! I informed them that they could protest wherever they want, as long as they do it in Freedom Language. Here in Igloustan, it’s the official protest language! They retorted that they didn’t give a shit about Freedom language and that they would protest in their usual unarticulated billingsgate. Before your load comes out, tell it that it is only 22 degrees outside. they might freeze outside. The sack of lard told that they might not be properly dressed and tanked me for kindly remembering them how cold it is in Igloustan. The gorilla closed the door, started the bus and I saw it turning on the highway to Gaspesia. Must be close to Newfoundland by now. I continued to walk the Freedom Poodle in my shorts, tee-shirt and sandals …

  154. [re=410030]memzilla[/re]: No. Looking for ‘better angles’ where you know none exists is bullshit apologism. It’s not as if we’re dealing with folks where we can ‘agree to disagree’ on some basis of ideology. These are people, quite frankly, who simply don’t care. They don’t care if they are even right, they don’t care if people die from not being able to receive primary care, they don’t care how they come across, they don’t care how vile their rhetoric is…When you can recognize this and then continue to give these vile pigs any kind of benefit of the doubt, you’re offering bullshit apologism.

    Naivete is when you truly don’t understand what you’re up against. This is not naivete, and I’m tired of folks on our side trying to pretend that we’re supposed to tolerate the completely intolerant and intolerable, that you can (of should continue to try) to rationalize with the irrational. This has been one of Obama’s biggest failings: reaching out to folks that, if they felt they could get away with it, would do away with him in a second for no other reason than hate.

  155. BTW, can someone ask these folks what they are fighting for? Cause, I guess everything was going so swimmingly in the nation before this colored fella’ ascended from bowels of hell to take the presidency from its rightful owners and drive the nation into hell. Now look what he have: a wise latina on the court sitting in the seat reserved for white men, a Bitch of State heading up the Department of State, another colored fella’ interpreting the white man’s law (and, he’s also some kind of General, too, even!)…what is this world comin’ too? Won’t anyone think of the children?

  156. [re=410048]chascates[/re]: They were always there. They just didn’t have the means to communicate with each other as they do now with mass retarded email.. A long time ago in the early 90’s, I lived in Hamilton Ohio for two years, referred to by locals as ‘Hamiltucky’. I was a Philly transplant and didn’t really know anyone except a few people from work. These guys had known each other since high school and I felt like an outsider, but they were suspiciously okay with me, it was weird (maybe they could sense my liberal female intellect). They’d watch Waco conspiracy videos and constantly rewind and pause ATF roof footage. They loved police scanners. I even went to one of their Militia meetings because I was bored and hungover– they were really focused on black unmarked helicopters and surveillance, Second Amendment rights, training camps, etc., pretty much gearing up for the apocalypse in 1994. It made me pretty uncomfortable. I asked to use the bathroom and when I returned to the meeting, it seemed everyone was hypervigilant like I had just planted a bomb or something.

    In their house, they had a hydroponic growing room and planted a bunch of pot in some woods in Kentucky. (Maybe that’s why they were watching me so carefully).. There was one guy there that was an apparent crackhead, but was on a trip to see the US participation in the World Cup (?!)

    Seriously, that place was fucking weird.

  157. what kind of a “march” is this? everyone is sitting down! probably waiting for the funnel cake and corn dog vendors to arrive. provided of course by the insurance companies who brought them all there. fatten them up so you can drop em.

  158. I don’t know why people don’t understand the teabaggers political point. They have such laser-like precision and never, ever stray onto unrelated topics like race.

    This old gal has a point, and if you give her about 70 days she’ll eventually get to it.

  159. Here she is with another variation of the“zoo” theme.
    I have to admit here in Europe this is all being watched with a mixture of disbelief and disgust at the sheer stupidity of these “patriots”

  160. Sweet, doughy Jebus in a pantload. This is embarrassing. What is it that these idiots want? We know what they DON’T want,(pssssst..uppity nigra), but what is it that they are trying to accomplish?

  161. [re=410081]BlackEuro.Observer[/re]: The irony of it: the more Europe pukes at this pukey situation, the better the Git-R-Duns feel about themselves. Strange way to self-esteem.

  162. [re=410081]BlackEuro.Observer[/re]: Jeebus Spaceman, it’s Monday morning so I can’t drink this one away. I just lost 2 minutes of my life, which shall never be recovered, trying to figure out the answer to her stupid question before I realized it’s in the photo at the top. This comment will probably be entered on my insurance records as a pre-existing mental condition. Thanks a lot.

  163. >can someone ask these folks what they are fighting for?

    1. Dead nigra prezdint
    2. Martyrdom

    Though, I doubt they realize they’ll achieve No. 2 when their Republican “allies” kill off Medicare and Social Security and replace it with….nothing, as opposed to their desire to be martryed by the Socialist Czarist Nazi Islamokenyan forces.

  164. Please explain to me- Is he an African, an Indonesian,an alien, is his name Barack Muslin Obama or Barry Sorento Soetero,is he is a fascist, a socialist, a Democrat? can’t they just admit it- he is black and that is the problem.
    We had 2 million people here for the largest inauguration ever and nobody paid for them to come.

  165. [re=409812]thecaits[/re]: Have you -seen- history classes in the south and midwest? I went to high school in John Boehner’s district, and my history lessons were basically that we never should have left Vietnam and probably needed to nuke some people, and that anything written by baseball enthusiast George Will was mandatory to pass the class.

  166. Why aren’t the non-crazies (hopefully still the majority of US citizens) organizing a march on Washington? How come only the blithering idiots get themselves organized and motivated? If they can move all that lard and show up, what’s wrong with the rest of us who are so disgusted by them? Let’s pick a day and march against fat stupid racist white people.

  167. Is anybody seriously concerned about the sinister and potentially violent tone of these people? I mean, carrying signs or preaching about wishing for the death of the President smacks of treason and flies in the face of the flag in which these people wrap themselves.

  168. [re=410202]theGOPisDEAD[/re]: I’m expecting them to riot and burn down their Wal-Marts. These are the new negroes, and this is Watts-1965-Redux. Rush Limbaugh is the new Malcolm X.

  169. [re=410187]speedo[/re]: No no no – if they’re encouraged to keep holding rallies, they’re easier to round up and herd into the cattle buses heading toward those re-converted packing plants in Kansas. No need to stop at the FEMA fattening pens, either.

    That’s what comes into my mind, at least, whenever someone uses that retarded “making sausage” analogy.

  170. [re=410096]El Pinche[/re]: That’s the same sign that Louie Gohmert (R-Wastewater, Tx) held up during Obama’s health care speech. Oh, where has America’s innovative spirit gone?

  171. [re=410064]FreedomPoodle[/re]: ?

    That was either a sign that you are incredibly brillant and making reference to some past cultural phenomenon/piece of literary fiction that I am not familiar with, or you drink more heavily than even I do. I am hesitant to give you the benefit of the doubt, because I don’t think many people CAN drink more than I do.

  172. I’m 339th commenter? Fuck this. It would be like reading the book I had to read in 19th Century German History, “The Role of the Prussian Army in the Unification of Germany” or something. Granted, wonkette would be more fun but still LONG.

    Which is a shame, because I have the best stories of all, taking part as I did (in the rain) at a Org. for Change rally for health care at the OK State Capital yesterday.

    The Teabaggers were there an hour later.( I’m assuming Glen Beck’s schedule conflicted with a college football game on Saturday.) Totally lost on the old fucks was the irony of being just minutes from OKC Memorial. Or maybe that was the idea–to celebrate their hero, Tim McVeigh. Yeah, that must have been it. He hated negroes, too.

  173. [re=410370]DustBowlBlues[/re]: Hey, my Prussian great-great-grandfather is in that book; reason I’m here is ’cause of that draft-dodgin’ Junker. I’m #340, so we might as well get as far off the subject as we want…

  174. [re=410338]AnnieGetYourFun[/re]: Must be the brilliant thing!
    I come to Wonkette to have a feeling of the Murikan society, from intelligent persons. What I can read elsewhere really freaks me out. So I imagined that taking a bunch of fat rednecks and a gorilla on a bus tour, the brightest and the most sober one will drive! Then a tamed gorilla who can drive, will react more or less like a freedom poodle to orders given by his (it’s (I’m learning fucktard as you can see)) master. He (it?) will obey. Since I read that the birthers, thruthers, etc. will always opt for the discourse instead of facts, it was easy to imagine that they would think, earing that it is 22 degrees, is pretty cold, notwithstanding the fact that the “locals” wear tee-shirts ans shorts. But in Igloustan, we measure temperature in Freedom degrees (Celcius — WTF???) and not in Murikan degrees. A reality that many Murikan can’t understand.
    As for drinking, my preferences go to 1) Freedom wines, 2) Freedom alcools: Armagnac, Calvados and Cognac from the Isle of Ré 3) Igloustan micro-brewery beers.
    I don’t summit much comments because I’m not a Murikan and I don’t have to meddle into your affairs and also because Murikan is a second language that I have to read a lot and understand pretty well for my work but I who could interfere with my writing if I use it too much. On the other hand, for the brain, writing in English is exactly like drinking half a bottle of Calvados!

    Want a nice gorilla song — In Freedom language with Murikan subtitles???

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