The vegetable people have won the right to sell their vegetables over by the White House, near the Executive Mansion. A side of locally sourced context with this lede? So back in August Obama made some off-hand comment somewhere once about how much he wanted a farmers market. “A farmers market like a hot second away from where I live? Obviously I would not hate this,” he probably said. People who take these sorts of things quite seriously took this thing quite seriously, and have been stoked to set something up ever since. Sam Kass, Obama’s White House Assistant Chef Czar, attended some town hall about farm fresh eggs in order to argue that another farmers marker would be a fine addition to D.C.s farmers market scene. There was no known opposition to the idea. [The Caucus]

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  1. Wait till Big Agra hears about this. They’ll shit a brick (assuming they don’t eat what they sell) and “hire” Teabagging Teabaggers armed with Fake constitutions, bibles, Left Behind books, old copies of Reader Digest, M-4s and M-16s and kicking down the place as some commie nazi Acorn Muslin plot against the REAL US America who wants US Americanians to be as fat as possible.

    Vegetables should be salted, sugared and frozen, NOT FRESH!


  2. A farmers market, run by the government, to compete with the Super Market. I’m not trying to put Super Markets out of business; I’m simply trying to hold them accountable.

  3. [re=408805]Scrodd[/re]: The coolest farmer at the Silver Spring Farmers market is an octogenarian- Charlie Koiner. His farm(tiny but awesome) is in downtown Silver Spring next to his house. I’ll return to snark now.

  4. The Obama administration is also hoping to open farmer’s markets on the roofs of all of the federal government buildings in the D.C. area, and in the parking lots of all of the intelligence agencies in the region, as well as a special marine farmer’s market on the Potomac River, operated by the U.S. Coast Guard, in addition to opening several farmer’s markets at local airports, operated by the TSA, and, finally, there will be special farmer’s markets at all of the Smithsonian’s musuems, as well as the National Zoo.

  5. I wonder how the usual screamers will manage to vilify this?
    Rest assured, they will.
    Das Kollektive farmers serve der fuherer?
    Illegal Messicans sell friut in the shadow of the commie White House?
    Terrorists rumored to me hiding in boxes of figs from sandniggera?

  6. On the other side of the White House lawn a Whole Foods is opening up.
    Then Obama can forget about needing health care reform, or any health care as a matter of fact.

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