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Levi Johnston To Pose Nearly Nude For Gay Website

That sweater looks gay, dude.Sarah Palin’s least-favorite almost-son-in-law Levi Johnston will not vanish from the public eye, ever! He’s doing a photoshoot with a website called Playgirl, which, despite its gender specific name, is actually a site for gay men who like to look at photographs of other men, naked. There is nothing wrong with this! And, you know, we are pretty happy that of the two unlikely Wasilla-based media sensations of September 2008, Sarah Palin is now an unemployed twitterer and Levi Johnston is the celebrity (?) of September 2009. Who could’ve predicted it? [Gawker/Violet Blue/The Sword]

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  1. Joshua Norton

    He’d better rake in the boy-toy bucks while he can. He’s already showing the signs of blooming into a Wasalia redneck. Jowls, potbelly and all. About another 5 years should do it.

  2. hiphophitler

    TX, Jim. That was quick! Glad to see someone in the media was right on top of this critically important story. Fuck health care.

  3. PlanetWingnuta

    So is when is the Ken Layne Spread (and i mean spread) gonna be available for us?

    we expect it to be posed with Trucknutz and Buttseks too!

  4. ManchuCandidate

    Expect an angry twat from Anger Sarah.

    “He wouldn’t let me see it when I asked. Would rather show the whole world. Hmph.”

  5. queeraselvis v 2.0

    Oh my. Levi and the FIT Personal Training dood on screen, right next to each other. Well, there goes the rest of my afternoon.

  6. randomsausage

    Hopefully he’ll be posing as a true naked Alaskan…..perhaps clubbing a seal pup or over-seeing the brewin’ of crystal meth

  7. PlanetWingnuta

    Crank Tango…i wish Glenn Beck had Mike Duvall Dripping out of him…those would be really some good tears then.

  8. smellyal8r

    Funny that Playgirl is now a gay website. S’long Helen Gurley Brown and all you other wimmin libbers. I suspect no one would have signed him without his “thang” out. So, we’ll finally get to see what Bristol got to see, only without the Sloe Gin Fizzes and the Blink 182 soundtrack. He might want to hit the gym for a couple months before this shoot. He is looking a bit doughy.

    [re=408093]hiphophitler[/re]: Hey, this is funny stuff. “Health care” is now all about that SC A-Hole shouting “Liar” anyhow.

  9. smellyal8r

    [re=408102]queeraselvis v 2.0[/re]: I know, right? That guy almost makes me want to move back to DC. Not quite, but almost.

  10. V572625694

    [re=408095]ManchuCandidate[/re]: “Sarah angry twat” — did three words ever go together better than that? “Twat angry, Sarah!” “Sarah — twat — angry.” “Twat-angry Sarah.”

  11. Speed Ball

    Nailin Paylin + Tonsilin’ Johnston will be bundled together in shrink-wrap at truck stops across the Northwest… COMING WINTER 2010

  12. MissM

    I, for one, welcome our new Gay Overlords. And maybe it’s just me, but I hope he keeps the hillbilly ‘stache. It’s kind of hawt.

  13. PlanetWingnuta

    V572625694:The Incredible Angry Twat?
    Mr. President dont make me angry you wont like me when im angry about death panels! And Levi’s Penis.

  14. shortsshortsshorts

    ALL OF YOUR WILDEST DREAMS HAVE JUST BECOME A REALITY. But when will Trig write his Magnum Opus for Vanity Fair?

  15. queeraselvis v 2.0

    [re=408125]Min[/re]: Now Min, you know the distinction. If he’s simply posing for the website, it’s naked. If he’s posing for the website with a cock ring shaped like Trig’s mouth, then it’s nekkid.

  16. SayItWithWookies

    How typical is it that the only person who can credit Sarah Palin for his success is the one she tried to destroy?

  17. PlanetWingnuta

    Jukesgrrl : that just makes it more hawt!

    Crank Tango: yes! surround them with messy goo goo

    Crab1: ha ha

  18. El Pinche

    Nail Palin 2 is writing itself:
    Sarah goes to the Wasilla grocery store and sneaks a Playgirl home. Once again, Todd isn’t home so she decides to have fun with her polar bear shaped dildo and the Playgirl magazine. To her surprise, it’s Levi! She begins to jack off to the pages of her naked snowbilly and the fantasy fuck sequences with Levi ensue.

  19. HomoSuperior

    Do you think if Playgirl threw in a twelver of natty lite and a tin of skoal he would change that “nearly nude” to a “fully nude and impaled on a dead baby seal dildo”? PLZ!?

  20. MGBYG

    [re=408083]queeraselvis v 2.0[/re]: Hey, if yer only makin’ that noise, you are too small and yer doin’ it too fast!

  21. american mutt

    I heard Ana Marie Cox is a contributing editor to Playboy now. Great! She’s in the door and just needs a little push.

  22. Gayer Than Thou

    Frankly, I expect he will turn out be to gay porn what Palin was to presidential politics: so far out of his league that it’s painful to watch. Nonetheless, I will watch.

  23. slappypaddy

    [re=408109]MMS[/re]: and i was just thinking i hope he washes that chocolate milk off his upper lip before the shoot. but then maybe there’s some that likes that look.

  24. smellyal8r

    [re=408382]Tommmcatt[/re]: Maybe Austin Powers can do the photo shoot. “Yeah, work it baby, work it…you’re a lemur, be a lemur…yeah, baybeee…I’m spent.”

  25. LoweredPeninsula

    [re=408406]Dashboard_Buddha[/re]: No; Craig’s happiest day would be wrangling a three-way with the Brothers Jonas in a Boise Airport men’s room. Levi posing naked probably ranks somewhere between landing a double-tryst with child stars Corey Feldman and Corey Haim, and getting some Idaho Klansman to jack him off ontop of an American flag.

  26. Count Spatula

    Whatever happened to sleeping your way to the top. This sexless, teasy, imagey thing is immoral.

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