Satanic symbols surround himLinguistic smart-person Jay Nordlinger of National Review‘s The Corner — the #1 Internet blog — sees the future, of words, in a post today: “It could be that conservatives will ‘own the insult’ and use ‘teabagger’ as a badge of honor. It could become some proud conservative N-word. President Reagan said, ‘I’m a contra, too.’ Well, I’m a teabagger too — and the Anderson Cooper types can [go jump in a lake]. Still, I find the word kind of sickening, and its rapid spread and acceptance even more sickening.” It’s Tuesday afternoon at The Corner! [The Corner]

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  1. Wait he’s not being clear – which word does he find the use and spread of to be “sickening”? It’s definitely not nigger, I guess he means teabagger.

  2. You wear teabags on your head, i’m gonna call you a teabagger. It’s that simple…..

    And, Nordlinger, if it makes you gag, take it slower next time.

  3. I think we should adopt nordlinger as a synonym for teabagger, as in, “that dude from the Corner is a real nordlinger” or “that dude from the Corner is such a huge nordlinger, you can smell Hannity’s balls on his breath.”

    Something like that.

  4. I can test out this new-fangled theory on Saturday. The teabaggers are having a protest on Capitol Hill on the 12th, where hilarity will ensue.

  5. How is teabagging sickening? I really don’t think he has ever had someone suck his balls, before. Any sex that does not involve crying afterwards is probably considered “bad sex”.

  6. As he is the poster child for douchebags, we could also go for Nordlinging him as a “d-bagger,” yes?

    “Hey, you smegma-brained d-bagger, wipe that santorum off your face.”

  7. This would work if many Contards weren’t so incredibly insecure about their “hetro”-ness or really deep in the Closet.

    Teabagger fail.

  8. [re=404799]Cicada[/re]: that’s filthy. also, I thought it was one of those amorphous grey-green balls of skin and lint you find in your belly button after a week of camping.

  9. [re=404794]orange[/re]: But whom among the conservatards will take up the mantle of starting the Teabaggolympics for them? I can only imagine buffet line relays, and walker sprints. Surely there must be more for them to build their senses of self worth?

  10. So by owning the insult, teabaggers will go from people who dip their nuts in other peoples mouths for sexual gratification to people who hate taxes so much they are willing to be labeled as people who dip their nuts in other peoples mouths for sexual gratification. I’m down with that too.

  11. [re=404799]Cicada[/re]: [re=404808]Gopherit[/re]:

    I’m afraid you both are wrong. A “Nordlinger” is the preferred term for the tiny, crab-like livestock one sometimes acquires from sex with a prostitute or random male-male truckstop intercourse. Not to be confused with a “Krauthammer”, which refers to a puss-filled genital chancre one might acquire from the same or similar sources.

  12. “What would Byron say?” ???

    Small wonder this guy is so eager to embrace tea-bagging.

    [re=404810]professionalcynic[/re]: Ooo! Can we have a Wonkette sign contest?

  13. Uh, I thought teabaggers proudly called themselves teabaggers from the beginning, what with their prattling on about teabags and all. They just didn’t know the other meaning of the word, being dumb.

  14. Dear White People,

    This may be tough to swallow, unless you are a Republican from Florida, but:

    1. You will never be able to jump as high as the black guys; white men simply cannot.
    2. As evidenced by Kid Rock, you will never be able to rap.
    3. Very few of you will ever grow a 10-inch dick (not in the figurative sense, Hillary).
    4. It will be a while before you are officially a persecuted minority with your own lingo, emulatable dress style, and terms of endearment/defilement that you can try to change from offensive to empowering through steady, inner-group usage.


    Fellow White Person (who plans to breed many little brown chilluns, hopefully contributing to the careful but steady unwhitening of this portion of the human race)

  15. This idiot doesn’t know, or doesn’t admit, that Teabagging is what the fucktards called it until they noticed people like Anderson Cooper smirking as he quoted them talking about themselves. By the time Rachel Maddow made fun of them for being so stupid they didn’t check the term in the Urban Dictionary, they started insisting they meant Tea Parties all along.

    But they didn’t say that. They said Teabagging. None of the MSM put the word in their mouths (ewwww) and everyone quickly caved and began calling them Tea Parties. How about someone running a few clips of these idiots talking about their teabagging? What a bunch of idiots. Including this guy.

  16. [re=404778]OReillysVibrator[/re]: Oh, he is most certainly opposed to spread of the word nigger. Hence the insistence on the strict and exclusive use of ‘tar-baby’. This, of course, has the unfortunate(?) side-effect of limiting the scope of his foreign policy speeches vis-a-vis the middle-east.

  17. Teabagger? Jesus Nerdlinger, were you asleep all summer? No one cares about teabaggers any more, it’s all about shouting down foreigners in town halls and calling the president a commu-nazi.

  18. “A number of readers suggested I say “baracked.” But wouldn’t that be hate speech? Racist? Prosecutable?”

    This is apparently in reference to readers suggesting another word for the slang “ralphed”, meaning ‘to vomit’.

    I’m actually not certain as to the origins of “ralph” – I always assumed it was onomatopoeia. But even if it was actually used in reference to a living, breathing, ralphing human being, I’m sure there was a REASON for it. You don’t just grab a word and apply it to a random meaning and suddenly have the entire youth population start using it as such. There has to be a reference, as in “Dude, Ralph sat in the back of the bus on the band trip and puked all OVER the tuba case.” [one week later] “Dude, how much beer did you pound? You look like you might pull a Ralph.” [two minutes later] “Dude, you ralphed in my car! You fucknut!”

    So, go ahead and use the term “baracked” in place of “ralphed” if you want to. The fact that it has ZERO frame of reference means that it is set up for POPULAR MEME FAIL. I’m sure you would rather believe that such a failure involved libruls whining about “hate speech” and preventing you from said usage, since that’s an accusation that all conservatives wish would be thrown at them so they can act incredibly hurt. Indeed, I believe fully that you masturbate furiously to the idea of being prosecuted by the Obama administration for writing something offensive. You have neither the brains nor the balls to craft sentences that are both smart enough to publish and offensive enough to be worthy of anything other than ridicule.

  19. There once was a Teabagger named Jay
    Who fought all his life not to be gay
    But when it came to teabaggin
    he was always a-braggin
    ’bout how many bags he’d down in a day.

  20. Yeah, looks like Brooklyn Rivera’s still a Contra, too, complete with CIA narcotrafficking money… but I digress. This is America, why should news outlets investigate actual news when they can hire pundits to snark about Islamonazis?

    Thus, my question is this: Will MC Rove create a teabagger rap? If so, then I completely support Nordlinger’s movement.

  21. [re=404858]Dr. Spaceman[/re]: Jay wasn’t asleep all summer, he was just daydreaming now that he knows the name of that wonderful activity he’s been practicing in truck stops and rest areas all these years.

  22. [re=404869]Min[/re]: It was too bad the Internet wasn’t around then – we just had to word-of-mouth the obvious takeaway of “I’m a nun-murdering thug, too!”, although that way we did have the advantage of using the patented Ronnie crusty-old-fart accent.

  23. If Romney starts saying “Who Let The Bags Out” I will kill myself.

    [re=404877]friendlyskies[/re]: You down wit’ TBG? Yeah, you know me…

  24. By “Anderson Cooper types” is he referring to small, prematurely grey metrosexual males, or is he referring to all generally well educated and informed individuals? Given the Teabagger demographic, I took it to mean the latter.

  25. Well, if St. Reagan who art in heaven didn’t have a problem stating that he was a murderous death-squad thug, then what could possibly be the problem with Teabagger?

  26. [re=404873]AnnieGetYourFun[/re]: I believe the word “Ralph” being used in reference to someone vomiting, came about from the supposed sound one made while grasping the toilet bowl while hurling. The sound was supposedly similar to sounding the names “Ralph” and “Hughey” under stomach distress.

  27. Well, that Nordlinger post made me want to York.

    But, PLEASE, conservatards, Rethuglicans and wingnuts– adopt “teabagger” as your own personal ultra-cool moniker! Please!

  28. Like the black people, Republicans really understand suffering as a people and being discriminated against.

    Oh crap, I think my small intestine just leapt up and tried to throttle me.

  29. [re=404885]GreatOldOnesParty[/re]: You’re doing god’s work, good sir or madam. Of course, by ‘god’ I mean the cool fascist-communist-muslin one, not the boring homo-hating one.

  30. [re=404877]friendlyskies[/re]: Are you kidding me? They actually pay the pundits? I thought their sole purpose was to hawk a book or a ” Cruise with Rove ” dealyo.

  31. Of course conservatives want to adopt the term tea-bagger. That way when somebody uploads a you-tube clip of Michael Steele with Karl Rove’s balls in his mouth, they both can claim they thought they were going to the OTHER kind of tea-bag party. See, just a simple misunderstanding!

  32. But I want to know what was really inside those brackets. Did he say Cooper-types can teabag themselves? (They’d be popular if they could.) Or did he go with the old “fuck themselves” chestnut? (Nut!) Inquiring minds want to know. For the Children!!!

  33. [re=404910]Way Cool Larry[/re]: “adopt “teabagger” as your own personal ultra-cool moniker”

    I for one would like to see that Red White and Blue elephant being teabagged. Those creatures have the most enormous schlongs.

  34. [re=405041]AnnieGetYourFun[/re]: [re=405047]V572625694[/re]: Interesting thing about “teabagging” in both senses of the word. One is metonym the other synecdoche. In grad school we would have argued about it. However, here and now a think we can all agree that the political is more repugnant than the sexual and leave it at that.

  35. [re=405057]the problem child[/re]: Oh, I thought that “synecdoche” was one of the more palatable parts of Two Girls, One Cup. Maybe I need to look up the definition?

  36. Ronald Reagan, too, was a teabagger.

    At least we can be sure that the word that makes Jay gag isn’t “Contra” – because every good Republican knows that throwing other people’s infants in the air & catching them on your bayonet is just a messy version of reverse-Lawn-Darts. Besides, the Contras released Nicaragua from the menace of community health-clinics. Viva Free Market!

    “anyone know what became of Kenneth Gladney?”

    Probably too busy negotiating his book-deal to do interviews.

  37. Didn’t John Lennon once say that angry white males are the teabaggers of the world?

    Also, weren’t there people saying stuff like “TEABAG YOUR CONGRESSPERSON!” when they wanted you to mail a bag of Lipton to some poor aide? I believe I even remember a clip of some guys chanting “TEA BAG OBAMA!”

    If you’re going to make double entendres, don’t get pissed when someone makes the same joke. And if you can’t reference another “conservative” protest that you’re proud of, perhaps something is wrong with your party. If the finest American conservative protest is a bunch of guys getting drunk, dressing up like Native Americans, and vandalizing corporate property (Yes, the East India Tea company was a publicly traded corporation), then you should probably not go with the “legacy” strategy.

  38. N word?
    Knee-baggers? Teabaggers on their knees?
    Anyways, I like to think of them as the recipients of teabagging. What’s that called? Teabaggettes?

  39. [re=404783][re=404796]magic titty[/re]: freakishlystrong[/re]:

    “Teabagger can’t be the new N-word, proud wingnuts are still using the shit outta the N-word.”

    “Wait. Conservatives already have an N-word. It’s ‘nigger’, and they use it all the time, so…?”

    Yes & Yes.

    What a bunch of tone-deaf fucks the GOP are. Out of the blue, today, I was thinking to myself why Michael Steele puts himself through the abuse he does. If he has any kind of soul, he goes home and sobs uncontrollably every night before he goes to bed. That he keeps a straight face when representing that party is a testament to the sheer willfullness and power of ignorance and self-unawareness.

  40. “What would Byron say?” Something along these lines, probably:

    “Posterity will ne’er survey
    A nobler grave than this
    Here lie the bones of Nordlinger
    Stop, traveler, and piss!”

  41. But why didn’t you print the whole quote?

    (‘Well, I’m a teabagger too — and the Anderson Cooper types can [go jump in a lake](because they never want me). Still, I find the word kind of sickening, and its rapid spread and acceptance even more sickening. I mean, look at what kind of act we’re really talking about here. It’s abhorrent. Perverse. So very, very sickening. I would never do that. Never. Not me. Certainly never more than once. Which I wouldn’t do. And certainly never habitually. No, never.)

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