Here we are in Norwalk, Connecticut, for this latest August Racism Movie. Rep. Jim Himes was giving a health care town hall Wednesday night to a slightly more “pro-reform” crowd of dirty fucking hippies. Of course, the “anti-reform” folks were louder and constantly shouting mean things without permission to speak. This is the pretty standard scenario by now — a national town hall equilibrium of sorts, arrived at just as the summer nears its close. BUT HERE IS A NEW TWIST: some Peruvian-born bishop now living in Stamford asks Himes his question in Spanish, because Himes speaks Spanish! This is when the DEAFENING RACISM kicks in. Enjoy! [My Left Nutmeg]

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  • widget09

    Why don’t they just bust out the Dixie flags and put their hoods on?

  • AbstinenceOnly Ed


  • JSDC007

    The only Mexican wingnuts like is Taco Bell.

    Preferably the all you can eat version, but served without irony or any spice.

  • Scruffy_The_Janitor

    the problem was that he was a Mexican…
    Not a Mexican’t…

  • rocktonsammy

    Candidates for the Bush Think Tank…

  • engulfedinflames

    Makes one proud to be an American.

  • SayItWithWookies

    Remember, immigrants — in America, you have a right to do whatever you want, just as long as it doesn’t conflict with white peoples’ right to make you do whatever they want.

  • AbstinenceOnly Ed

    In America, we speak English, like all of our German, Dutch, Norwegian, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, & Bantu forefathers!

  • Johnny Zhivago

    Yeah and if Al Franken had his way, we would all have to learn Swiss.

  • Jukesgrrl

    He was saying, “I found Obama’s actual Kenyan birth certificate. Here it is, people.” But, sadly, they will never know.

  • Smoke Filled Roommate

    I bet if it was Bishop Emilio Estevez they wouldn’t have reacted that way.

  • voyetra8

    I love the dude that yells “Just give him the country.”

    I think he meant it. He sounded like he’s given up.

  • mdotsota

    I like how he had to say “a clergyman” to remind the wingnuts to maybe show some respect. Silly congressman, only the white version of Baby Jesus can be worshipped in RILLUMARKA

  • AbstinenceOnly Ed


    Srsly, deport this darkie and make sure there’s a death squad waiting for him when he gets home. Because he’s trying to take our… bishop… jobs!? And have sex with our wom… no, well, our altar boys? I give up. Just give him the country.

  • The Station Manager

    Is even hearing another language, in a public place, so painful to these morons that they have to drown it out with the sound of their own putrid squeals? Yes, yes it is.

  • rachelv

    No more “Crunchwrap Supremes” for any of those hecklers. (Levi says Sarah eats those, so they’re probably really good).

  • Humpback

    Madre de Dios! Es Mongo!!

  • Larry McAwful

    Is he a Muslin bishop? Probably. I think he’s Muslin because he’s Peruvian, and Peru is in Mexico. Look at a map, libtards.

  • Suds McKenzie

    My mesican is a little rusty, but I believe “the Bishop” asked if the new health care legislation would cover the final phase of his trans gender operations so he could realize his dream of being the first transgendered gay mesican muslim Bishop. Therein lies the ruckus.

  • JoeChicago

    The knights who say “no” are crippled by the sounds of Mexico-talk.

    And Cantor needs to stop sliding a request that Obama cut down the mightiest tree in the forest with a fish into every bill.

  • ChernobylSoup v2

    It’s Connecticut; they all mistook him for their gardener and were afraid he was asking for rights.

  • Scruffy_The_Janitor

    Seriously though, :
    1) what did this stupid Bishop, if he really is a bishop, think was going to happen?
    People were going to say, yeah go ahead ask your question? and oh yeah by the way here’s my 18 year old daughter and the keys to my car. have fun.
    2) He sounds like he has enough English to ask the question in English.

  • Paul Tardy

    Go back to Venezuala and get health care from Fidel Castro if you want to speak Spanish. This is America and if you start letting people question things in Spanish, they will start questioning things in English, then what.

  • JadedDIssonance

    These wingnuts KNEW he was a plant. Everybody knows that Mexicans only get to wear suits if they’re Dealing Las Drogas.

  • bookman3

    ……… how long does it take for ignorance-induced rage to wear off?

  • AnnieGetYourFun

    [re=403300]Scruffy_The_Janitor[/re]: Remember when Geore W. would answer questions in two-word Spanish sentences, with a terrible Texan accent, whenever a Hispanic asked him a question in English? Man, I miss those days.

  • Oldskool

    It’s amazing how these congresspeople fight the urge to taunt those ignorant fuckers. Attention congresspeople, bullies don’t expect or respect niceness so call them the fuck out, to their ugly fucking faces. Jesus christ.

  • loquaciousmusic

    Damn. I live 20 minutes from Norwalk. I should’ve gone.

  • JadedDIssonance

    And finally, to all of you terribly racist nativists, I would just like to point out right now that you’re making the Baby Jesus Cry. Pipe down a spell.

  • Scruffy_The_Janitor

    AnnieGetYourfun: I have some mexican friends and it sounds like you do as well…So I feel comfortable speaking to you in Mexican…El Gato esta en la biblioteca…Donde esta el presidente Bush? El president Bush esta en mis pantalones.

  • RoscoePColtraine

    If all y’all peeple frum Mexico cain’t lurn to speak proper English, then y’all needs to turn around and head back a-way y’all came frum. I might ought to say you disruspeckt my cuntry for cummin in here and speaking Mexican. I speak English so shood yuuuu.

  • ZombieRichardFeynman

    If there are any town meetings near you, Wonkettes, please attend. I just got back from a meeting held by Sen Jeff Merkley (D) here in eastern Oregon. There were about 500 people there, a huge crowd by local standards and sufficient to cause a real live traffic jam on the main street. Roughly 75% were tinfoil hatters, spouting all the usual gamut of nonsense. Merkley did very well, BTW. Didn’t cave or equivocate. At first the meeting went in an orderly manner, but near the end the wingnuts started shouting and disrupting like you’re all used to seeing in these videos. I noticed that many were holding downloaded printouts with pre-crafted scripts on them. You could tell which ones were reading a script, because it always started out “Thank you for holding this meeting” but went instantly into bizzaroland. I about wore my hands out clapping for the few reasonable folks and for Merkley’s responses, but it was lonely out there.

  • lochnessmonster

    [re=403301]Paul Tardy[/re]: WHAT??? Castro and Venesuala???

  • Extemporanus

    [re=403303]JadedDIssonance[/re]: As do Peruvian door-to-door marching powder salesmen.

  • friendlyskies

    And you know, these are exactly the kind of classy pendejos who come to Latin America and expect every taxi driver and waitress to perfectly understand their English-grunted demands for supersized cheese fries with their megaburritos, then get personally offended (and LOUD) when the poor bastards don’t get the order quite right. Ascisimo, de verdad. I really hope that the next time they’re on vacation down here, they’re treated with the same level of respect. It would serve them right.

  • WhatTheHeck

    His Bishopness failed to notice how red were the necks of those shouting the loudest. But that was understandable because at the beginning of the meeting they started off with a song with the words “José, can you see, by the…” This made him feel entirely at home.

  • RoscoePColtraine

    This reminds me there was a conservative movement in France a few years ago that wanted to ban English words in print. Example: Menus and displays would no longer be allowed to say “breakfast,” or “non-stop”. McDonalds restaurants and porn video arcades would have been most affected by the legislation.

  • JadedDIssonance

    [re=403316]RoscoePColtraine[/re]: I here these new “Black-Guy-BAMA-Curriculums” gon’ forcibly indoctriminnate our chillens into speaking the mexican!

  • Bruno

    He must be socialist if someone speaks foreignz.

    True story: during a Swedish friend of mine’s first visit to the US, he was asked if he “speaks European”. This was a flyover state, probably Bakkkmann territory.

  • schvitzatura

    Let’s make sure the degüello is played at these Connecticutian olds’ death panels. Probably all a bunch of greedhead financial services and insurance douchetards.

  • JadedDIssonance

    [re=403328]RoscoePColtraine[/re]: Ah, but when the French do it, it’s cute.

  • DemmeFatale

    [re=403317]ZombieRichardFeynman[/re]: When I went to my town hall of over 1.000 voters, we libtards probably outnumbered the loud, obnoxious, knuckle-dragging contingent, but we were dumbfounded in the face of these incredibly rude idiots. It’s one thing to see videos of them, but another to have them sitting next to you, isn’t it? I weep for this country. The paranoid mouth-breathers were disruptive from the start, and I had to explain what “astroturfers” were to the soft-spoken young woman with a cane sitting on the other side of me. Broke my heart.

  • Seanyboy

    If he thinks Spanish is so great why doesn’t he just go back to SPAIN!!!???

  • friendlyskies

    [re=403328]RoscoePColtraine[/re]: But if two English speakers were talking, in English, would French racists start freaking out and yelling? Or would they just make snide comments about obesity and synthetic fabrics to one another in a mutual appreciation of quiet French superiority?

  • AbstinenceOnly Ed

    [re=403335]JadedDIssonance[/re]: Fetchez la vache. Quoi? Fetchez la vache! Quoi? Get the cow!! Ahhh! Fetchez la vache.

  • RoscoePColtraine

    [re=403340]friendlyskies[/re]: I think we ALL know the answer to that.

  • the problem child

    [re=403340]friendlyskies[/re]: The latter. American tourists have no comprehension of the things that are said, with a smile, worldwide, to their faces. Sometimes even in English.

  • DemmeFatale

    [re=403322]friendlyskies[/re]: Heh! When I first read your post, I saw “supersized cheese fries for their megabutts.” (I think my reading holds up.)

  • Kaylub

    Ha ha, were they applauding people losing their health insurance?

  • El Pinche

    Where are the finger manglers when we need them?

  • itgetter

    [re=403289]The Station Manager[/re]: This is a beautiful summary.

  • btwbfdimho

    Ave Maria purisíma! I’m glad I left Connecticut to moved down here to…Texas.

  • Dr. Spaceman

    ¡ totalmente predecible!

  • schvitzatura

    [re=403334]schvitzatura[/re]: I’d like to take a mulligan and make a substitution…guaranteed to make a Connecticut Yankee Old shit his Puritan drawers before his head is loped off by the contract death panel Mexicans trained at School of the Americas.

  • Blue_in_VA

    God, we are so unbelievably fucked.

  • chascates

    Spanish language = free healthcare for illegals

  • hiphophitler

    but if you speak Merkin, don’t you end up with a mouth full of pubic hair?

  • dijetlo

    Since Hartford Ct is only a couple miles up the road from there, my guess would be that those are our famous insurance executives holding forth towards the silly bishop who’s trying to talk to God in Messican.
    We all know that wont work, God only speaks English and when he’s really pissed, Hebrew.

  • give us a bob

    I’m curious why the bishop didn’t use the opportunity to express his distaste with the xenophobic, hollering gringos behind him directly to Rep Himes. Because, seriously, how many teabaggers will understand “¡dios mio! ¡estan pendejos ignorantes!” ?

  • badmuthagoose

    Ok I know we’re supposed to snark, but what the fuck with the mild-mannered congressguy? What the FUCK? That pissed me off. I’d be all “HEY FUCK OFF WITH YOUR FUCKING BOOING. I UNDERSTAND HIM AND I’LL TRANSLATE FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO AREN’T BILINGUAL/ARE TOO STUPID TO HAVE ANY GODDAMNED MANNERS.”

    Fucking idiots. They don’t have more than two brain cells to rub together.

    Oh and someone’s been lying to this Texan: I thought all those people in Connecticut were hippies who drank syrup and loved the gays. I was LIED TO.

  • Jim89048

    [re=403360]hiphophitler[/re]: Everybody knows that’s only an option!

  • OKLAHOMAjesus?

    I saw a sticker on a truck the other day here in Oklahoma that said” this is America, speak English,” though I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be pronounced, “This heer’s ‘merica, spake Anglush, ‘r you’n’giiiiitttt out!” I realized why I wanted to go to law school in the North East, I guess it isn’t any different there though? I need to refigure my life plans, and quick!

  • badmuthagoose

    Did anyone catch the sounds of disbelief when the bishop said he was from Stanford and when the congressguy repeated that he was from Stanford?

    I’m now on board with the death panels, y’all. Totally on board. Where do I sign people up?

  • Holding Out for a Hero

    Back in the day, you would see pictures of children at Klan rallies, at lynchings, etc. These children have now grown up and here is the result.

  • RoscoePColtraine

    Imagine if a deaf guy had tried to ask a question in sign language. SIT DOWN YOU FUCKER!!! WE CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!!!!!!! That would have been the expected outcome.

  • user-of-owls

    [re=403315]Scruffy_The_Janitor[/re]: Pinche gringos punateros. Oh, and by the way, I don’t think I owe that $5 after all. Noticed an absence here?

  • Holding Out for a Hero

    [re=403363]dijetlo[/re]: And then he turns people into salt or sends a flood.

  • problemwithcaring

    [re=403369]badmuthagoose[/re]: Stamford, I think it was, but yea.

    I totally agree with you on Himes is just standing there like a dining room table, essentially condoning their xenophobia with the white-washed line about “For those that don’t understand Spanish…” It’s the perfect illustration of the how the left aids and abets this type of human indecency disguised as political opposition.

    Sorry no snark. Consider it instant karma for this being the last fucking post I read before vacation.

  • dennymcden


  • ante meridiem

    [re=403368]OKLAHOMAjesus?[/re]:I saw a sticker on a truck the other day here in Oklahoma that said” this is America, speak English”
    I believe in attaching counter-stickers like: “An sound out them big werds”

  • Sharkey

    Booooo! BLARGH!!

    Que es problema?

    That’s all I got.

  • Athar

    Has anyone mentioned yet that this shit is getting very, very old right about now? Can’t we outlaw exploiting really stupid, rude people? Did you notice the way that one neatly dressed guy with glasses, sitting down front on the far right of the crowd was exploiting the horrible rude, completely stupid group to whom he was giving his cues?

  • Athar

    [re=403282]Jukesgrrl[/re]: That is funny!

  • Rotundo

    [re=403315]Scruffy_The_Janitor[/re]: Don’t forget the essential spanish phrase: Dos cervezas por favor.

  • spryte

    If Himes was my representative, I’d kick him in the nutz for not telling those assholes off. WTF. Way to condone racism, yay America!


  • ForTheTurnstiles

    [re=403317]ZombieRichardFeynman[/re]: Was that the one out in fucking Boardman, mate? Yee-ikes. At least you have easy access to the good melons and the Walla Walla wine…

  • CaliforniaMike

    I don’t blame them one bit. They were afraid that he was asking to have the mandatory buttsechs included in all bills.

  • masterdebater

    When I lived in California, we had a Norwalk. I didn’t think ANYTHING could make me look on that place as classy…but jeeze, those folks in Connecticut sure can bring the crazy!

  • Athar

    [re=403388]spryte[/re]: You are correct. It has to be done. Maybe something like what the Frankster did:

    “What planet do you spend most of your time on?”



    Self-proclaimed Christians with that much hate in their heart.



  • badmuthagoose

    Sorry, Stamford. Mea culpa.

  • badmuthagoose

    Yelling at and booing someone because they’re speaking another language would be automatic grounds for booting in my town fucking halls.

    Gotdamn. I’m still pissed over the Himes and every one else who does lame-ass shit like that. Just standing there, all trying to PLACATE them and shit.

    Fuck that. They’re assholes. Assholery is all they understand.

  • AnnieGetYourFun

    It’d be interesting to see if this is truly a case of “Speak English, ONLY” or “Dark people SUCK”. I’m guessing it’s the latter – imagine if someone stood up and said “I am from Espain, I ask dees in Spaneesh” and then asked the same question? I’ll bet the boos would be few and far between. It’s not the foreign language; it’s the foreign language from the mouth of a darker-skinned man.

  • TedTheLightBulbSalesman

    The congressman looks like a young Fabio Capello. Also, since when did speaking Spanish grant you *incredible* amounts of heel heat?


    Dear Wonketeers (this is Litlebritdifrnt) could I beg your indulgence for a moment? While you foam at the mouth from the sheer insanity that is “POTUS should not speak to our children” and “speak English” (if only most of those yelling could do so intelligently) take a sane moment and perhaps request your “cutest dog” vote for a little girl named “Little Bitsy” you see if she wins, a very nice lady who has spent a lifetime rescuing animals from awful lives will get lots and lots of monies (and probably hobo beans) with which to continue her work. Bitsy is very cute, she has very large ears, and could no doubt be used as some sort of satellite dish. I am doing my best (as are those over at John Cole’s place) but we are few, and the Wonketeers are many. Alas you will not be able to leave “trucknutz” comments, but please go and vote for Bitsy. You will earn my eternal gratitude and I promise to keep you all up to date on the latest Oily Titz madness. Thank you.

  • Cicada

    That crowd would have been right at home in Mississippi circa 1964.

    You know, after the election I was down for trying to move past the divisive bullshit that the Bush years had brought. I was ready to look past being told I wasn’t a real American, being told to sit down and shut up about the war, being told that I wasn’t welcome in my own country. Ready to move on and try to work together to fix our broken country.

    Yeah, that’s pretty much over now.

  • ZombieRichardFeynman

    [re=403389]ForTheTurnstiles[/re]: Not up North with them dam Yankees in Boardman. Baker City down by Hell’s Canyon (into which I would have loved to dump that crowd). That’s about the only thing we’re close to, and that’s 85 miles. Last winter the Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s tour bus got stuck in the truck park outside of town because the freeway was closed all day down at Three Mile Hill. And you probably know what it’s like up near Deadman Pass at that point. Wonderful country but r-e-m-o-t-e. And the people are actually quite friendly as long as you’re an old white guy like me. Of course this is the Big City compared to where I used to live in Dayville (pop 115). While living there I once went two years without seeing a 4-lane road.

  • Scoops McGee

    [re=403375]problemwithcaring[/re]: Everybody except Barney Frank.

  • Smoke Filled Roommate

    [re=403379]ante meridiem[/re]: “Hooked On Phonics, Y’all!”

  • DustBowlBlues

    You know, of course, that our only hope in 2010 and 2012 is for the DNC to put shit like this and Spooky Doktor Tom Coburn telling Sonja Sotomexican she has some ‘splainin’ to do on a loop and run it in every state with a significant Hispanic vote. Turn Texas blue! Demolames are hopeless–the only hope is for the Republics to keep shooting themselves.

  • Texan Bulldoggette

    Wow, those crazies were cheering ‘when you lose your job you lose your health insurance’. I’m pretty much speechless. I did like how Himes had to add ‘clergyman’ as though ‘bishop’ wasn’t getting through to these guys that this was a man of God they were booing & heckling.

    See & you guys thought TX had all the crazies–if nothing else these town halls were good to show that the crazies are EVERYWHERE!

  • DustBowlBlues

    [re=403280]AbstinenceOnly Ed[/re]: “In America, we speak English,”

    Is that what the people in Okrahoma are speaking? I wondered. There goes my claim of being fluent in English as well as Okie.

  • house of the blue lights

    [re=403333]Bruno[/re]: Thank you so much for the wonderfully descriptive term “flyover state” to demonstrate your liberal open mindedness. Those of us here in fly over country sometimes wish you coasters would just drown when the world heats up.

  • desertwind

    What would happen if Himes had had the nerve to say:

    Everyone who thinks this gentleman should not be able to ask his question in Spanish to someone like me who speaks Spanish and will translate for you, stand up.

    Right. You standing up? Very good.

    Well, now you can just fuck off. Go on, assholes. Fuck. off.

  • Cicada

    [re=403420]house of the blue lights[/re]: Umm… we do fly over those states. Because most of the population is located on the coasts, and people prefer to travel to places like San Francisco or New York rather than Laramie or Bozeman.
    Also, I’ve driven across the US several times and there is a reason people prefer to fly over. But please, set me straight about the joys of rural Utah and Wyoming. It would certainly make my next cross country trip more fun.

  • DustBowlBlues

    [re=403368]OKLAHOMAjesus?[/re]: Hey! I’m in Okrahoma, too. Maybe we need secret signs to recognize each other at the Health Reform Rally next week.

  • house of the blue lights

    [re=403413]Cicada[/re]: Welcome home, cicada!

  • AbstinenceOnly Ed

    [re=403426]DustBowlBlues[/re]: Just carve a backwards “W” on your cheek. You can tell it’s backwards by its red neck and slack-jawed drawl.

  • desertwind

    [re=403384]Athar[/re]: Maybe somebody can find out who that clown is on the far right.

  • house of the blue lights

    Bruno and cicada– the term “fly over state” is dismissive and condescending and you know it. I personally have never quite figured out the joys of urban Boston, SanFran or New York, but maybe living among the unwashed masses of flyover country has affected my brain. It doesn’t help those of us fighting the good fight against the ugliness that exists here (and on the coasts, I might add) to be dismissed by educated people who ought to know better.

    Now back to your regularly scheduled wingnut bashing. (me first me first!)

  • kudzu

    Estos comemierdas, como no entienden ni siquiera su propio idioma, se sienten totalmente amenazados cuando alguien decide hablar otro idioma.

  • Texan Bulldoggette

    [re=403433]house of the blue lights[/re]: That’s funny; I never thought of the term ‘flyover’ as pejorative. It’s just a statement of fact that when the majority of people travel for business (& pleasure), they end up at one of the coasts. When Apple or Oracle or GE or HP or Intel (etc.) have HQs in Idaho, hey Idaho won’t be a flyover anymore (or wherever you’re from & vigorously defending).

  • Jim89048

    Hey, I live in flyover country, too. When our more enlightened coastal brethren make jokes about it, I know they’re not belittling us, just where we happen to live. My county has less than 2 residents per square mile, which suits me fine. If the coastals all decided to move here, I’d have to find somewhere else…

  • RoscoePColtraine

    [re=403433]house of the blue lights[/re]: Too late! It’s already part of the lexicon. “Fly-over states” has it’s own article on wikipedia, so you know there isn’t a way to argue with that shit. By the way, when I fly over all those states to get from NY to San Fran, what’s a nice succinct term to give all the stuff below?

  • Maus


  • BlueStateLibtard I did my Wonkette duty and voted for her. Even though they’re all cute. But I had a dog with big radar ears, so she touched my heart. I bet if you showed all the goons at the health-care rally pictures of her and the others, they’d all start crying and would easily agree to providing free health care for her. But the poor bum down the street who just lost his job and has three kids–nah.

  • BlueStateLibtard

    [re=403437]Jim89048[/re]: Believe me, there are plenty of wingnuts on the coasts. The difference is that we have the uneducated mouthbreathing ones and the educated wealthy ones, the latter of which are far far more vile.

  • Jim89048

    [re=403442]BlueStateLibtard[/re]: I’m San Francisco born and raised; I know that of which you speak. Moved away in ’67, rarely looked back…



    THank you so much! I really appreciate it. If we can rock the blog awards we can win the cutest doggy award!

  • meyotch

    [re=403424]Cicada[/re]: The largest concentrations of the population are on the coasts but a narrow majority of us live somewhere else. We stay there because it’s where we keep our families and loved ones.

    We also grow most your food and put up with your smug asses when you blow through town with the price tags still on your outdoor survival gear. Those of us who have kept our senses of humor think it’s cute and the money spends all the same.

    Living in middle America is like being in a town hall *every fucking day*. Most of us are reasonable and smart enough, but there’s always the lonely few who act out because their daddy showed them a pair of dead queers in the gulch at an impressionable age. (It’s more common than you’d think.)

    Map reading skills and basic statistics are an essential skill in the 19th century. Another tip: empathy (in the butt or otherwise) is now in fashion again. Try to keep up.

    Bozeman is in Montana. C- (I know, grade inflation.)

  • lampadadog

    Maybe I’m confused, but isn’t the lovely Connecticut featured in this video part of a “coastal” region? I.e. a non-flyover region? And don’t these people suffer from some kind of small-minded parochialism, probably believing that people who come from a different place than they do are somehow inferior? So yeah, go lock arms with your hate-filled brethren here at the town hall, if you’re so sure civilization exists only on the coasts. You mindless asses might try checking out a list of the largest U.S. cities, or a map of the states where the economy has grown rather than declined in 2008, and see how many are in the flyover lands. That would require some level of education and critical reasoning ability, though, so don’t hurt yourself trying this shit at home!

  • lampadadog

    Roscoe: “when I fly over all those states to get from NY to San Fran, what’s a nice succinct term to give all the stuff below?”

    How about “Real America?” Not that I’m proposing it, but um, maybe you’ll get the point.

  • BlueStateLibtard

    [re=403447]meyotch[/re]: Just remember, just because we live on a coast, we’re not all smug asses tramping through and peering down at you,and many of the smug asses who do this are of the wealthy wingnut variety.

  • meyotch

    [re=403436]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: It’s happening faster than you know. Boise has grown by leaps and bounds for the last 15 years. I think the population growth in the metro areas has exceeded 10% annually for more than a decade.

    It makes for weird politics in the state legislature. There has been little or no growth in most of the other districts, so we have Blue urban lesbians in the minority party and rural John Birchers in the majority. It’s why we’ve been able to produce one of the (thankfully mostly irrelevant) House Blue Dogs. Minnick is essentially a moderate Republican who has no home. We in the state party (some of us) are trying to get a primary challenger to ensure that the republicans get the seat back next term. Hello, it’s the 70’s and richard nixon wants his platform back.

    This entire situation exists because of the skewed demographic pattern you mention. Minnick basically owes his election to an overwhelming win in his own neighborhood. Every where else it was a photo finish. About half of the state legislative districts were unopposed by a democratic challenger last cycle.

    Thus endeth the lesson. I just get chappy when urbanites think they invented ‘liberal’.

  • Darkness

    [re=403366]badmuthagoose[/re]: CT is full of modern robber barons desperately clinging to their ill-gotten gains. Who in the world tol’ you different? These is the peoples who had the DOJ take down the NY governor who was going to blow the joint. Kapeesh?

  • Texan Bulldoggette

    [re=403449]lampadadog[/re]: I think you’re on the wrong web site, dude. There are small town, rural types who watch Beck/Hannity in every state–coastal or not. I think the argument is that in general, the coasts are more profitable, tolerant, diverse & fun to spent time in. Other than getting shot in the face by Cheney, what else are you going to do in WY?

  • kewlguy42069

    connecticut is a shithole

  • badmuthagoose

    There are ignorant assholes *everywhere.* New York, Boston, Dallas, Miami, San Fransisco, LA, Atlanta, Chicago, Yellowstone National Park, Salt Lake City, Hooterville, all over the place.

    There are also smart, kind-hearted people everywhere. Maybe not as many. No, definitely not as many, unfortunately.

    But no geographic area has a lock on any of these things. As a liberal living in Texas, I find it’s best to just ignore the constant Texas slams and “can they secede already” comments. Whatever. This is my home, it’s where my family is and has been for generations. And someone’s gotta raise the average IQ of this place.

  • RoscoePColtraine

    [re=403449]lampadadog[/re]: Is that you Sarah??? OMG, I knew you trolled Wonkette!! So, I have got to know: Levi – he’s hung like a horse, right?!?

  • Darkness

    [re=403449]lampadadog[/re]: Oh good. Fake America ™ that’s where the majority (including myself) live. Good to know.

    Sorry can’t help you out with directions to the Starbucks, this here’s Fake America, I only know how to get to The Grange.

  • meyotch

    [re=403450]BlueStateLibtard[/re]: True. Like I said, the money spends all the same, so bring it! Then go home. Be sure to check out the gift shop before you go.

    Just kidding. I work trying to bring in better kinds of money than tourist trade stuff. Our political system in the state hasn’t caught up with the population shifts and it just gets old, very old, being dismissed with a wave of a hand.

    Nativism is our tradition, in spite of the self-defeating nature of that stance in most times. Hmmm, in a way, I think a bit more nativism properly focused is actually helpful. That is if it helps us negotiate the terms of the growth so they are favorable to local interests, too.

  • Texan Bulldoggette

    [re=403452]meyotch[/re]: Hey, if ID became a reliable blue state, more power to you, but until your license plates quit saying “Big Potatoes”, I’ll wait for your high tech flood. And why on earth would you want to ‘ensure that the republicans get the seat back next term’?

  • meyotch

    [re=403438]RoscoePColtraine[/re]: How about “Nebraska”, “Colorado”, “Utah” and “Nevada” at the appropriate points in your journey?

  • imissopus

    I’d like to mention that the coastal states with large populations tend to send large amounts of tax dollars to Washington to redistribute to some of those more rural flyover states as farm subsidies and whatnot. So meyotch and house of the blue lights, I’m so sorry you hate putting up with our smug asses when you grow most of our food. Maybe soon we’ll all convert to organic community gardens and the government can end those agricultural subsidies and spend the cash on something important, like that Vegas-to-Disneyland light rail I’ve been hoping for.

    Or you could quit being so fucking sensitive and realize that damn near everyone on this board is on your side.

    Jesus H. Christ, spare us all the high and mighty, we’re fighting the good fight routine. Have you two forgotten what site you’re on?

  • SayItWithWookies

    I’m glad y’all found something you can agree on: every other place sucks. Yeah, I admit it — I’m shedding a tear right now. And I hope y’all from Texas, Florida and South Carolina are appreciating that we don’t just pick on you guys.

  • meyotch

    [re=403460]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: The license plate has never said Big Potatoes. Excellent snark requires factual accuracy. We did have plates that said “Famous Potatoes” for years and I think you can even get one now that has a lovely baked spud with butter (sour cream extra). Our potatoes are famous, so suck it. I love my potatoes.

    Minnick is in the House. He’s irrelevant vote-wise and he undermines the national party agenda. Any warm body in the seat can shovel federal pork to fill the various teats we suck at (DOE and military bases and federal lands).

    That’s why I mentioned the state legislature issues. Minnick is damaging to the state party, too. He’d really be more comfortable in a Republican party that had room for a moderate. It’s long term suicide for dems anywhere to become a haven for moderate refugees that belong in the other party. It’s bad for democracy too, because then the elections get decided in the primary.

    I get fed up with third-party politics talk because it might be nice to have two distinguishable parties before we get to three.

    Anyway, that wasn’t your question, was it? Whatever, I’ve got to go butter a spud now.


    [re=403464]imissopus[/re]: Red states draw more Fed bucks than the coastal/blue states, indeed.

    And a notion of rustic farmers in the middle of the nation is total bunk: Those farms are owned by ADM. Everybody else is making bottle-meth.

    You just can’t see the Pacific from Nebraska.

  • Nerdalicious

    “Oh, and by the way, I don’t think I owe that $5 after all. Notice an absence here?”
    Oh, a gossipy little girl you are.BTW, I’m getting ready for going away for the holiday. Also, blogging is not a full time priority in my life. Why the fuck did you apologize to me for being in your own words: “assholey” towards me, which you were, then I accepted, then keep going on with your bullshit? Shove it up your assholey. Oh, funny $5, that’s just about what you’re worth in total.

  • lampadadog

    No, I would say it’s entirely false that “the coasts are more profitable, tolerant, diverse & fun to spent time in.” Do you have evidence to the contrary? No? Well, it’s okay. Why would we need that? Go on believing in this Better Coastal America vs. Unpleasant Flyover America, because that way of thinking is so very, very different from all those silly people who believe in Real America and Fake America, where they speak alien languages.

  • Texan Bulldoggette

    [re=403466]meyotch[/re]: Excuse me “Famous Potatoes” …

  • Uncertainty Vice-Principal

    I found more sympathy for what it must feel like being at all progressive or liberal in “red” states after living in Europe for years, where some people (not all by any means, only the more small-minded and ill-informed) tended to characterize the entire USA as being nothing but George W Bushes. “Uhm, yeah well roughly half the country didn’t vote for him” you find yourself pointing out, which fell on deaf ears, again only with particular people.

    It’s a weird feeling, finding oneself getting all defensive and protective of the US during those years when it was such a big, loud, advertisement for the opposite. But it gave me perspective about what living in Texas must feel like for a Democrat.

    For whatever it’s worth, we’ve totally confused the hell out of those people over here now by electing Obama.

  • meyotch

    [re=403465]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Yeah, whatever happened to that Mark Sanford fellow?

    I’m getting all high (and mighty!) I guess because I’m currently inundated by poorly formatted e-mails from relatives who want to keep the gubbmint out of their meddy-care.

    I remember where we are. One defining characteristic of a wonk (male, female or otherwise) is the irrepressible desire to make fine distinctions, right?

  • Darkness

    [re=403466]meyotch[/re]: You been to Naxos? It’s in Greece. It’s famous for potatoes (and lemons, but I digress) their potatoes kick your potatoes’ ass. And Formentara, where I spent my summer vacay, not even famous for potatoes and their potatoes kick your potatoes’ ass. Good thing you got some import protections, that’s all I can say. Your potatoes is old hat, dudes. Get with the program!

  • Texan Bulldoggette

    [re=403469]lampadadog[/re]: What the hell are you jabbering about? Do you really think MT where they crucified a gay guy (Matthew Shephard) is more tolerant then NY or CA?

  • S.Luggo

    Little known fact: Mexican is language of Al-Queda.

    Second Amendment yes, univerasal health care nein.

  • meyotch

    [re=403471]Uncertainty Vice-Principal[/re]: Thanks for the props.

    I’m currently in Japan and colleagues are always asking me to give my interpretation of current events. It’s almost embarrassing how slavishy they *seem* to emulate our political trends. Much of that is politeness, but on a policy level they do really seem to lag just a few years behind us on issues of globalization and economic policy.

    They even managed to lose a good chunk of their pension fund in a privatization scheme. I beg them constantly to stop imitating us. We don’t know what we’re doing either.

  • Nerdalicious

    Oh, & do your 6th grade level blog mindfucking to someone else. Done with you. Why don’t you disclose all, my Appalachian friend, & change your name to fucker of owls?

  • meyotch

    [re=403474]Darkness[/re]: Potato Fight!

  • El Pinche

    Well, we know the teabaggers hate murka now since a negroid has taken over. So why don’t they shut the fuck up now about the Constitution and their freedumbs?

    I’ll give up my beloved Austin so fat head jackass Perry and Texas secede from the union and all the treasonous filth can start a new country, Moranistan. When the repugs finally win in 2024, they’ll bomb the shit out of Moranistan for that wonderful DRILL BABY DRILL coastal oil. By that time, the USA will made up of browns (including Connecticut ) so the bolillo cabrones better hope we nuke them and not keep them in a “Gitmolito.” You think waterboarding is bad, try a chile piquin in the dickhole.

  • lampadadog

    Um, wrong state for Shepard, and obviously, gay men would never be attacked like that in NY or CA. Heck, in CA they just passed some law letting the gays marry. Maybe there is some correlation worth considering: fewer ag subsidies in places like CA, more tolerance for the gay?

  • DustBowlBlues

    [re=403420]house of the blue lights[/re]: ““flyover state””

    Actually, since I live in Oklahoma, I don’t have the ballz to take umbrage at most any derogatory thing people in the developed states say about us. My friends and I have said it all, and more.

    It’s Okrafuckinghoma. We sent a wholly owned subsidiary of the oil companies to represent us in the US Senate, along with Spooky Doktor Tom who isn’t worried about global warming, because he’s going to raptured up at any moment. From his staff’s mouth to my ears, btw.

  • Darkness

    [re=403479]meyotch[/re]: I’m serious here. I was on Naxos all like, oh, sure . . . “famous for potatoes” . . . yeah. Yeah, you got that lamb you killed just hours ago roasting whole over there on a spit and . . . my but it smells marvelous, but I’m dubious of this “potato” claim.

    Here are your potatoes and lamb.

    Oh, dear god, these potatoes are amazing!! wtf did you do to them?

    Truly, potatoes on a higher level of existence. That’s all I can say. Doubters to converts in one bite. (And I grow my own in my wee garden, just for the record.)

  • meyotch

    [re=403475]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: Funny thing. Even having grown up next door in Idaho, I mix up Montana and Wyoming at random moments. This makes no sense. I never mistake Utah and Nevada, or Washington and Oregon.

    Wait a minute. Have you ever seen MT and WY in the same room at once? Hmmmm.

  • Texan Bulldoggette

    [re=403481]lampadadog[/re]: Sorry, MT WY–HUGE difference in idealogies.

    [re=403480]El Pinche[/re]: hatch green chile festival now at Chuy’s–I’m not giving that up without a fight!

  • SayItWithWookies

    [re=403472]meyotch[/re]: Yeah, whatever happened to that Mark Sanford fellow?

    I don’t know — he’s an enigma. He seems so confident that the state can run just fine without him, and yet whenever they ask him to leave, he refuses. But finding sense in arrant stupidity must be one of those gifts given to the Elect and not mere mortals such as myself.

  • lampadadog

    No problem. I just thought maybe the Shepard thing was an important example to you.

  • Darkness

    [re=403482]DustBowlBlues[/re]: I’ve been thinking. Can we have an organized program to speed up this rapture thing? Red cows to Israel or something. I’m willing to do my part.

  • S.Luggo

    Why does Reverend Anti-Christ want the dagos and the wops to have Marxist, police-state health care?

    As I was tellin’ Cletus while we was cashing our Food Stamps, haven’t us producers done enough for the foreigns? Like, ya know, next thing the Illegits of gypsies, Jews, and homos will lining up around the block at our public schools for free flu shots. Where will it end?

    Pass me another cold one.

  • DustBowlBlues

    [re=403472]meyotch[/re]: Okay, I’ve read a lot of this shit now and so far everyone has skipped us. Good. Keep skipping us. Remember, I’m the humble resident of the Dust Bowl who sheds a tear that Tom Joad wouldn’t recognize this place.

    Plus, the fucking ragweed has gone crazy in all this rain. Cut the crap, global warming. Fuck, I never realized how fine that drought was. Give some of my rain to India. I hear monsoon hasn’t happened.

    Being a liberal in Seattle was too easy. Being a liberal in rural Okrahoma, now that takes some liberal courage. And the ugly truth about the corporations who move here is that they know these dumb crackers will work happily for $2.00 over minimum wage and half their health care benefits paid. As for Connecticut–let’s not forget they gave us Leiberwhine.

  • Smoke Filled Roommate

    [re=403488]Darkness[/re]: Blue Dogs to Alaska..

  • meyotch

    [re=403483]Darkness[/re]: Bah. Apples and Oranges. “Ohhh, the wee lamb drips such toothsome greece on my mexican potatoes.”

    Idaho potatoes are not grown for such faggy reasons as flavor. Quantity and consistency! Those McDonalds fries aren’t going to make themselves. Nor are those school-lunch tots.

    True fact: the potato war of 2029 was won by exporting the harvest of Bingham county to the isle of Naxos *all at once*. It turned this beautiful isle into a moldy pile of slimy rot, but the lambs were, at long last, silent.

    The horror of their victory was only gradually realized during the celebration that followed. Excellent Canadian weed is the virtuous warrior’s spoil, but, damn, I could sure go for giouvetsi right now.

  • BlueStateLibtard

    Wow, Friday night interstate wars on Wonkette. But don’t sneer at the potato. While the British were committing genocide on the Irish by shipping tons of real food out of the country everyday, the potato kept millions of Irishmen alive, even the Kennedys! In fact, if you think about it, we might not have had Ted Kennedy without the potato. And so the circle is complete.

  • El Pinche

    [re=403485]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: mmmmm pickled Hatch chiles, chile verde….tequila. OooOOoOOoOoh yeah.

  • BlueStateLibtard

    [re=403490]DustBowlBlues[/re]: Keep up the good fight. CT is the suckiest state in the Union. I hate that damn place, you would not believe the assholes that live there.

  • RoscoePColtraine

    Let’s just end by saying that the coasts are the only parts of America that are worth anything, and that the flyover states….ESPECIALLY Texas, Wyoming, and Utah are full of retards. Otherwise, we will all just have to agree to disagree.

  • Texan Bulldoggette

    [re=403495]El Pinche[/re]: You betcha…a swirl margarita is pretty damn good, too. Hmm….

  • S.Luggo

    [re=403488]Darkness[/re]: Wasn’t “Red Cows” by the Fixx?

  • Dreamer

    If any of you tweet please tweet your support for Van Jones

  • Texan Bulldoggette

    [re=403497]RoscoePColtraine[/re]: Hey, Austin TX is not full of retards. We consistently go blue. So suck it, buddy!

  • Darkness

    [re=403492]meyotch[/re]: Eh, tell it to Athena at her temple at the top of the mountain.

    So, potatoes are like tomatoes you are saying. I should wait to eat them until I can harvest my own. Duly noted.

    [re=403493]BlueStateLibtard[/re]: Dude, they were starving because the potatoes had rotted in the ground. Monocropping is not your friend. But, yeah, the Brits were confiscating the rye crop at the same time. What’s it to ya?? BTW, We got all these great Irish folk BECAUSE of the potato famine. Not despite it.

  • Smoke Filled Roommate

    Strangely enough, I’m making mashed potatoes right now and I bought some Hatch chiles to roast tomorrow for something else.

    Also– ‘Murka’ sounds an awful lot like ‘Dirka’, does it not? The Murkas would be upset if they found out. I think there’s an Oompah Loompah joke somewhere in there as well, but Charlie Crist is off topic.

  • btwbfdimho

    [re=403495]El Pinche[/re]: I’ve got two pounds of Hatch green chile (hot) from Central Market, Ft. Worth, last weekend, plus five pounds from Santa Fe, NM in August; what next, big sky?

  • BlueStateLibtard

    [re=403497]RoscoePColtraine[/re]: Well if that doesn’t earn you the Nobel Peace Prize, I don’t know what will. Why the hell did Obama pick Hillary when he could have had you?!?

  • RoscoePColtraine

    [re=403501]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: I was just itching to use the phrase agree to disagree and work it into the discussion. Ever notice how fools always try to close down a discussion by saying, “well, we’ll just have to agree to disagree on this.” Gays want to get married? No, you can’t have that right, so let’s just agree to disagree. I fucking love that phrase. And I did use it on you!

  • S.Luggo

    I believe that you meant ‘tens”, not millions.
    Because of the blight, the potatoes (a monoculture) rotted in the fields.

    From wiki: “Charles Trevelyan, who was in charge of the administration of Government relief to the victims of the Irish Famine, limited the Government’s actual relief because he thought ‘the judgement of God sent the calamity to teach the Irish a lesson‘.”

  • Texan Bulldoggette

    [re=403507]RoscoePColtraine[/re]: Aren’t you clever; but I’m not gay. We can agree to agree…

  • S.Luggo

    [re=403500]Dreamer[/re]: He was great with Judy Garland in “In the Good Old Summertime”.

  • slowuncle

    These folks bring to mind the tried&true image of redstate hicks as ‘snake-handlers’—-reason why this term is suddenly so pertinent, in my estimation, is that it is so similar to the mental image I get more & more frequently: These Deliverance-extras are frenetically dancing around the Third Rail of out&out in-your-face racism (witness the recent school board revelations!). These genetically challenged freaks are getting some type of euphoric rush from the sensation of flirting so intimately with the white hood excitations which they have been banished from for a generation; they are starting to feel that they can push closer & closer to the SWEET POONTANG—-they can smell it and feel it right through the blue jeans they are straining against—-oooh it’s so close! Yep, they’re sooo close to the consummation; they’re so IN CONTROL of that poison snake; they’re so sure they won’t step on that high voltage rail—but what an orgasmic rush to flirt so close…
    I’m just sittin’ here waiting to smell the burnt flesh when these cocksuckers get that high voltage surge right up from their
    feet to the top of their heads. I don’t think they can keep up the Hillbilly jig for much longer..then I’ll REALLY be pickin’ & grinnin’

  • El Pinche


  • Scoops McGee

    Wait a minute, folks! I want to talk about Barney Frank for a minute. I’m not saying he’s a saint, political or otherwise, but has anybody else in Congress said to his/her constituents, in effect, “Hey, you stupid fuckers! Are you paying attention?” He may have caved somewhat on the broker bailout shit; but I don’t hear anybody else in Congress, or in the executive branch, who is bravely speaking out on the healthcare question as strongly as this guy is, sputtery as he may be. Obama could use some of Barney’s fire. Who said queers are passive, anyway?

  • badmuthagoose

    [re=403490]DustBowlBlues[/re]: At the State Fair of Texas, in 2004, I saw this couple walking around holding hands with Kerry shirts and Kerry pins on.

    Courageous enough, right?

    The woman was a transsexual, and very obviously so.

    I chatted with them a minute and gave them some big props and then thought hell, if they can do that, I can certainly put a gotdamned sign in my yard. They gave me an extra button and I wore it proudly all over the fair, despite the old man who I thought at first was being nice to me, like an old Papaw, but then ended up SPITTING on my SHOE and calling Kerry a “druggie” and a “hippie.” (I mean, really dude? Hippie? Whut? And seriously, my shoe? MY Papaw would have NEVER spit on anyone’s shoe. ‘Cept maybe Hitler. And he woulda cut his dick off.)

    And do I have to keep reminding everyone that Dallas County is blue and has been for the last two election cycles? Some of us here are pretty damn proud of that fact. In fact, there’s more blue counties in Texas than just Travis County. I mean, God bless Travis County, I love the place, but it’s not the single dot of blue in the whole goddamned state, ya know. Demographics are changing this motherfucker, yay.

  • badmuthagoose

    [re=403514]slowuncle[/re]: That was fantastic.

  • slowuncle

    Yeah, doesn’t the New Testament say “…yea, and they shall be delivered by a New York fairy…”?

  • Cicada

    [re=403448]lampadadog[/re]: Montana isn’t coastal, so I’m not sure why I got a C-, but okay.
    Secondly: I come from a coastal state that is also a breadbasket (hey CA!) so that isn’t the sole provenance of the flyover states, either.

    Also, I wasn’t using the term in a pejorative way but in a descriptive one, as in people “fly over” those states. This is just fact. Like the fact that all of the major airports are on the coasts, except O’Hare (which is in another major population center).

    And there are ignorant fucks all over the coastal states too, see southern CA as an example. I’m not claiming some sort of superiority, just explaining why people use the term flyover states. And there are huuuuuuge areas all over the middle of the country that have almost no people. They are desolate, and a real bitch to drive through (which I’ve done many times).

    Also, I have lived in the most redneck parts of northern CA. Shit, I worked on a goat farm as a kid. A lot of my family (also in CA) are the most flag-waving, Obama-hating, Hannity-loving fuckers you’ll ever meet. My dad made sure his kids knew how to do two things: swim and use a gun. So you made a lot of assumptions about me and my background based on your own prejudices about coastal denizens. Just something to consider.

  • Cicada

    [re=403447]meyotch[/re]: and that previous post was directed at you, not lampadadog. Gah!

  • ZombieRichardFeynman

    If you kids were cats on my porch tonight I’d have gotten out the ammonia water pistol to stop all the hissing.

  • Scoops McGee

    What bothers me is that we’ve got a President who understands the strategy, but doesn’t get the touchy-feely; a Senate Majority Leader who mumbles to cover the fact that he’s no leader; a Speaker who thinks it’s all about smash-mouth politics and nothing else; and an opposition that has no care but to make the Democrats fail. This is a truly fucked-up situation.

    No one can fix this but Obama. It’s time to assert the power of the Presidency. These stupid fuckers will fill the void if he doesn’t.

  • Cicada

    [re=403531]ZombieRichardFeynman[/re]: Hisssssssss rrrrooooowwwwllll.
    *hair standing on end*

  • frailamerica
  • badmuthagoose

    [re=403522]Cicada[/re]: Six other non-coastal US airports come in with O’Hare as being the world’s busiest: Atlanta, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Denver, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Houston. There are seven non-coastal US airports in this list and two coastal airports (LA and NY).

    The top 20 internationally by traffic, 2008

    1. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Atlanta, Georgia, United States
    2. O’Hare International Airport Chicago, Illinois, United States
    3. London Heathrow Airport Hillingdon, Greater London, United Kingdom
    4. Tokyo International Airport Ōta, Tokyo, Japan
    5. Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport Roissy-en-France, Val d’Oise, Île-de-France, France
    6. Los Angeles International Airport Los Angeles, California, United States
    7. Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, United States
    8. Beijing Capital International Airport Chaoyang, Beijing, People’s Republic of China
    9. Frankfurt Airport Flughafen (Frankfurt am Main), Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany
    10. Denver International Airport Denver, Colorado, United States
    11. Madrid Barajas International Airport Barajas, Madrid, Spain
    12. Hong Kong International Airport Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong
    13. John F. Kennedy International Airport Queens, New York City, New York, United States
    14. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Haarlemmermeer, North Holland, Netherlands
    15. McCarran International Airport Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
    16. George Bush Intercontinental Airport Houston, Texas, United States
    17. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona, United States
    18. Suvarnabhumi Airport Racha Thewa, Bang Phli, Samut Prakan, Greater Bangkok, Thailand
    19. Singapore Changi Airport Changi, East Region, Singapore
    20. Dubai International Airport Garhoud, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    Airports Council International Report 2008

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to bust your nut or anything, but it seems most of the major US hubs are non-coastal. Your statement got me curious about it.

  • Jim89048

    This is why we shouldn’t have weekends.
    Sure, the coasts all grow shit like jobs and stuff, and some of the so-called fly-over states grow food and shit, Austin TX has THE best music scene on the planet, unless ya like bluegrass, and the Appalachian states can’t be beat for that. Almost every state has at least one thing to be proud of, otherwise the Mint wouldn’t have wasted all that time making the quarters, right? But when any ONE of you fuckers wants a legal hooker, where do ya come to? Yeah, that’s what I thought, but nobody gives us any love…

  • badmuthagoose

    [re=403548]Jim89048[/re]: I’ll give your state some love. In fact, I have…

    And in my post above, with the list of airports, I look like a jerk. Ignore it everyone. It’s uh, late, and I had some Benadryl and Crown. So, yeah. Look at that, there’s a new entry up on the main page with that purple guy!

  • Cicada

    Okay, out of those top 20, in the US:
    1. Atlanta is in Georgia, a coastal state (yup, even though it’s in the South).
    2. O’Hare, major population center and mid-point destination for anyone flying from one coast to another (this is the one I usually stop at if I’m flying from Sacramento to Ft Lauderdale).
    6. Los Angeles: coastal state
    7. Dallas/Ft worth is also a major mid-point destination for coast to coast flights (almost always my stopover from DC to Sacramento)
    10. Denver, you got me there, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is also a common stopover point.
    13. JFK: coastal
    15 McCarran is the place everyone going to Las Vegas ends up. That is a genuine high traffic end-destination
    16. Ditto Houston
    17. You got me there

    I guess my point is that hubs are not a reflection of where people are traveling to, just where they are traveling through. Like fly over states.

  • Cicada

    [re=403550]badmuthagoose[/re]: No, no. Fact checking is good! I am drunk posting right this minute, so I get you man *hic*.

  • LoweredPeninsula

    Who does that man think he is? Speak Southern-fried pidgin English — er — American!

  • hobospacejunkie

    This thread shows how a hypermobile society breeds cultural insecurity.

    Another example of how fucked up this stupidass country is: a very poor, Mexican, non-green card friend of mine is set to rot in jail in south Texas for the next 6 months ’til his trial after he was pulled over with 34lbs of pot hidden in his car. He’ll probably get probation & then deported, never to legally return to the country which is home to his (separated) wife & 2 children.

    He could drive overnight & find himself in CA where for some amount of $$ he could purchase legal pot. The drug wars are nothing but profit-makers for the prison industry and the growers. Poor people pay the price. What a country.

  • nestor

    [re=403565]hobospacejunkie[/re]: I love pot and undocumented aliens; however, if you don’t have a green card you probably shouldn’t have a shit ton of pot in your car. Just sayin

  • LoweredPeninsula

    [re=403565]hobospacejunkie[/re]: You probably shouldn’t have put in the amount of pot, no?

  • gurukalehuru

    [re=403565]hobospacejunkie[/re]: It’s actually the advantage of being an illegal. 34 pounds, and they send him back to Mexico,land of sunshine and senoritas. If he were legal, he’d be looking at 20 to life in federal, pound-me-in-the-ass prison.

    But back to the topic, I think the Dems should use their majorithy and just make Spanish the official language of the U.S.
    Watch heads asplodin all over the place. Good times.

  • gurukalehuru

    Oh, and actually, I think Himes did O.K.
    He was somewhat less forceful than I would have liked, but any politician who does not manage to lure these people out back into the parking lot and have them fed into turkey grinders is being less forceful than I would like.

  • WholeFoodsDude

    I don’t know what everybody in fly-over and rim land are bitching about.

    I have to live in Texas. We have an entire state school board of Michelle Bachmanns.

  • jasper f. krone

    Oh, good. Everyone finally got drunk and fell asleep.

  • twingonaut

    I remember the good old days when bishops would ask their questions in Latin. The way God wanted them to speak. Stupid Vatican II.

  • Darkness

    [re=403509]S.Luggo[/re]: Charles Trevelyan, who was in charge of the administration of Government relief to the victims of the Irish Famine

    Let me guess, Regent University’s Founder, right?

  • Katydid

    [re=403496]BlueStateLibtard[/re]: Wait, wait. Norwalk is in lower Fairfield County, which is really just an obscenely wealthy NY suburb. The rest of Connecticut is all right. I live in New Haven County, home to Yale, you know, where the Buckleys went. Um…. You’re right. We’re all assholes.

  • BlueStateLibtard

    [re=403654]Katydid[/re]: The truth hurts, eh? Just kidding. If I’m not mistaken, wasn’t New Haven the first town where the powers-that-be decided to kick out all mid-income people from their housing so that developers could come in and put up more fancy stuff and make a killing? It’s also the state where everyone’s always seems to be bitching about the Indian casinos. Oh, and Lyme disease started in CT. But other than that, it’s a great state!

  • user-of-owls

    [re=403633]twingonaut[/re]: Stupid Vatican II

    You take that back…V-II meant I didn’t have to eat fish every friggin’ Friday, at least as far as the Pope was concerned. Mom was a different matter. Stupid fish.

  • Click

    “when I fly over all those states to get from NY to San Fran, what’s a nice succinct term to give all the stuff below?”


  • peaceofcrap

    Unless these Connecticuttians (Connectis? Connectilinguians?) speak Pequot, they’re in no position to demand an immigrant adopt their language.

  • the problem child

    Perspective is everything: to Canadians, most of the US is a flyover state, except Arizona and Florida. And those too, depending on the relative strength of the $, C$ and peso.

  • house of the blue lights

    [re=403500]Dreamer[/re]: I thought we were supposed to vote for some cute dog.

  • zhubajie

    [re=403584]gurukalehuru[/re]: Make Latin the official language. The Founders all knew Latin, didn’t they? Of course, they were the last generation of pols NOT to be complete retards.

  • Bill E

    I’m so sad that we cannot have civil conversations any more. There is so much rudeness out there, so much hatred, so much stupidity. I am sick of the loudmouthed cretins who don’t have the slightest clue what they’re talking about or what they want.

    Give me MY country back!

  • Long Form Def Certificate

    They were just defending their sainted Independent Senator, Joseph Isadore, from a renewed Inquisition. David Broder, the mushy moderate jizzrag for anything “bipartisan” (to wit: status quo), wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • CTBob

    I shot and edited that video, and I have a couple things I’d like to point out:

    There WAS a moderator on the stage during the entire debate, and he was supposed to try to keep the crowd in check (he did a piss-poor job). Himes was allowing other views to be expressed, even if they were coming from a very vocal and xenophobic group in the largely sympathetic crowd. He probably realized it was best to let the idiots scream like children. And a Republican state senator can be seen in the crowd behind the bishop shaking her head “no” as he started to speak. It was very telling.

    Before the event, I shot video of Himes talking to reporters (it’s on my blog,, saying he didn’t mind a contentious debate; he prefers having someone shouting in his face rather than sitting at home and doing nothing. That says a lot about his character IMO.

    The bishop asking to speak Spanish (Himes was born in Peru to American parents and speaks it fluently) was probably a calculated bit of political theater, which brought out the obvious racism from the rubes who were too stupid to realize what was happening.

    Thanks for putting up the video, even though it was credited to MLN, where I cross-posted it! I guess I’m still below the Wonkette radar. ;)

  • the problem child

    Thanks for your hard work, Connecticut Bob!

  • Click

    [re=403571]nestor[/re]: He was probably motivated more by dollars than sense.

  • Starrigavan

    Wow, you people sure are sensitive. From up here in Alaska, we think of British Columbia as fly-over country. And everything from Seattle on is considered “Down South.” Heck, sometimes we refer to rest of the entire planet as “outside.” As in, “Did you go outside for vacation?” And, “I had to go south for medical.” “Fly-over” should be taken as seriously as “back east” or “out west” or “up north” or “down south.”

    And that idiot representative on stage should have gone off on the screaming thugs. An American comes to a meeting with his representative and wants to ask a question and is shouted down by xenophobic, fascist, mouth-breathing asshats. Yeah, that’s my country…

  • desertwind

    [re=403712]CTBob[/re]: So, who was that asshat far right on the front row? The one who yelled out “They’re taking over the country!” as he half-stood up from his seat & turned around to gesture at the folks behind him.

  • CTBob

    desertwind: He’s just an angry teabagger probably; I heard a lot of yelling coming from that side so I panned the camera over. I think the guy was going to really unleash some gems but he caught me out of the corner of his eye and stopped in mid-rant. I only wish I didn’t have the directional mic on the camera, because the screaming was much louder than it appeared on the video; the mic doesn’t pick up sounds off to the side as well.

    And the biker dude sitting behind him was even more vocal most of the night, but he clammed up too.

  • Click

    Crowd plays a nice pawn to Hine’s bishop.

  • Can O Whoopass

    I sprayed Oervos Rancheros all over my computer screen and had to gulp down a Tecate to watch some Futbol.

  • Can O Whoopass

    Face it, Obama just let down every Democrat in the USA by representing the Pug wingnuts.

    After 8 years of Bush ignoring our wishes, now we have one of our own representing THEM!

    I’m re-thinking my vote.

  • June Cleaver 2.0

    [re=403372]RoscoePColtraine[/re]: OMG, for some sad reason, you had me cackling hard over that one.

  • June Cleaver 2.0

    [re=403497]RoscoePColtraine[/re]: You are just making me laugh my uppity CT laugh.

  • ladymacbeth

    [re=403472]meyotch[/re]: this is what i always need to say to my family.

    One defining characteristic of a wonk is the irrepressible desire to make fine distinctions…


  • Go Figure

    ¡Cuales idiotas groseros estos americanos son! Me hace avergonzado para vivir en un país donde el acto de gente como muchedumbres, y no tiene ningún respeto. Lo que pasó a Una Nación indivisible, y Libertad para todo-hasta la libertad de decir otra lengua.

    Translation: God bless America & their town hall meetings.

    Ha ha!

    Actual translation~ What rude idiots these Americans are! It makes me ashamed to live in a country where people act like mobs, and have no respect. What happened to One Nation indivisible, and Freedom for all- even the freedom to speak another language?

    So apparently foreign languages are some kind of socialist conspiracy–allowing foreignerz the ability to speak in a secret code.

  • Jumping Jim

    [re=403554]Cicada[/re]: Philadelphia is closer in terms of miles to thje ocean than Atlanta.

  • Jumping Jim

    Favorite joke:

    What do you call someone who speaks 3 languages? Trilingual

    What do you call someone who speaks 2 languages? Bilingual

    What do you call someone who speaks 1 language? American

    Never fails to crack up a European.

  • MissM

    As a Nutmegger, I can say that 90% of the state is not like what you see in Norwalk. Norwalk just happens to be in the epicenter of in Fairfield County a.k.a. Red CT.

    [re=403496]BlueStateLibtard[/re]: Wow. A lot of CT hate up in you. New Haven was the first city to issue ID cards, which would help undocumented immigrants (who then could use city services and open bank accounts). Also, New Haven gave Obama 66% of the vote, and my neighborhood probably about 90%. Also, CT is one of the handful (heh) of states where you can get gay married. Plus, our pizza is delicious.

    CT, like anywhere, has its share of wingnuts, racists, and just plain assholes who wish it was still 1950. Believe me, I spend a lot of my day being agitated by the idiot wingnuts and their constant attempts to tear down our foxy president and all the good he is trying to do. Also, as an immigrant, I am also sick of years upon years of hearing people’s anti-immigrant bias (which they thought was ok to say in front of me because I am a freckly northern European and they don’t realize that I wasn’t born here) and the fact that that kind of shit has not disappeared.

    However, I have to believe that the town-hall nutjobs are symbolic of the death gasp of the far-right because they know that their kind is dying off and becoming outnumbered by reasonable folk. At least that’s what gets me out of bed in the morning.

    And a billion times word to the person who said the town hallers should shut up unless they speak Pequot.

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