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  1. hobospacejunkie

    Surely these state employees will appreciate all the tax credits Obama put in the stimulus to appease republicans who were never gonna vote for it anyway.

  2. AllHat

    This is it, folks — the great divergence of the riches and poors; when John and Joan Q Public are SOL when they need to get their license renewed or whatever, while Muffy and Buffy Quartermaine coast along in comfortable ignorance (but complain about those burdensome taxes).

  3. Kingbee

    No doubt Barack Obama has secretly allowed all 479 African countries to become States — I mean United States States, not pretend “states”.

  4. hobospacejunkie

    [re=402689]thehelveticascenario[/re]: Wait a minute…we don’t have hundreds of states.

    I, too, at first wondered why this was post-worthy. I am not very bright.

  5. Cicada

    The “hundreds of states” is just confirmation that we’ve joined the One World Government that Bachmann is always warning us about. Who knew crazy eyes was the Cassandra of our time?

  6. WhatTheHeck

    There goes the “Keep Govnmint small” cry of the wingers. They sure are going to be pissed when they find out.

  7. ManchuCandidate

    I knew that the average US Americun don’t know maps and shit, but jeez… how many states do you guys have? Canada City doesn’t count.

  8. Paul Tardy

    The most effective way of reducing greenhouse gasses is closing the DMV. I would say ending the wars but those are necessary.

  9. ZombieRichardFeynman

    Oh-oh. I was counting on the leavening factor of Western Oregon to cancel out the 2-1 advantage the Republicans have here in the Cowboy Republic of Baker County.

  10. SwanSwanH

    That’s more than the 57 states in which Barry campaigned.

    But was he born in any of these hundreds of states? Where’s the birth certificate, HuffPo?

  11. LoweredPeninsula

    President Obama has subversively annexed state’s around the world. Madam Chairwoman Bachmann was right.

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