Ha ha he will just be on Ellen or The View, dancing.While the state of Colorado has a few nice cities and some lovely wilderness, until very recently the entire state was run by the Ku Klux Klan, and those people didn’t all just die/disappear! And you can bet the “Rocky Mountain Fever Tick” wingnuts are not pleased about this colored fella speaking to kids on teevee about the so-called “value” of “education” and “staying in school.” So, to fight this black-socialist threat, the poor white children of wingnuts will be forced stay home and get dumber, while watching the hip-hop on the home teevee, because Barack Obama is going to address the schoolkids next week, for a few minutes, on the school teevee.

All schools now have television sets, in every classroom! What a remarkable advance, in the number of television sets in classrooms for learning.

The Denver Channel reports:

Shanneen Barron, a Highlands Ranch mother, said she normally isn’t involved in political activism, even though a sign in her front yard reads “Vote Republican.”

But she said she is worried that Obama will put forth a socialist agenda and try to indoctrinate her children.

“Thinking about my kids in school having to listen to that just really upsets me,” she said. “I’m an American. They are Americans, and I don’t feel that’s OK. I feel very scared to be in this country with our leadership right now.”

Ha ha, “Shanneen Barron.” Now that sure doesn’t sound like a good white American name!

And now liberals are furious because Ronald Reagan spoke to schoolchildren through the new medium of “television” in the late 1980s and George W. Bush also did this to the schoolchildren in the early 1990s, and yet dumb trash of 2009 are not cognizant of this political trivia, just as they fail to comprehend their own wingnut hypocrisy of claiming it’s terrible to see a black president on the teevee because he’ll try to slip in some sort of “political policy,” even though he’s just going to tell the doomed kids that they’re much more doomed if they drop out of school, while Reagan and Bush Senior actually tried to brainwash the kids with actual pitches for (of course) tax cuts and education cuts. [The Denver Channel/TPM]

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  1. The reason for the out cry is due to the fact that packets from the white house were sent to educators with suggested lesson instructions and assignments for school children to complete after listening to Obama’s message. Other presidents did not instruct educators on lesson material when they made their addresses to school children. Apparently one of the assignments includes writing a letter to oneself on how they can help Obama. This was seen as being in the style of Korea’s Kim Jong-il.

    I’m only a messenger retard.

  2. The schools already preach endless Socialist nonsense; “If you wouldn’t like it done to you, don’t do it to anyone else”, and similar admonishments.

  3. Yeah I’m keeping my kids home with me, too. Thank the Lord I planned ahead and packed the Netflix queue.

    Tomorrow we gots “Eraserhead,” “Apocalypto,” “Brown Bunny,” and lastly “Rocky Horror Picture Show,” (because hey, my kids love the old musicals).

  4. First energy, then health care, then education.

    Because, after all, who needs education?

    I’m thoroughly average, so why should anyone be anything otherwise?

  5. [re=402406]Lascauxcaveman[/re]: No Ken, plz keep on2u as our token troll.

    Ignorance, bias, wingtardism, racism, selective memory, prevarication, fact-twisting, lies of omission, lies of commission… he’s everything you’d want as a representative of eight years of Cheney.

    Not that I’d object if a few puffs of Zyklon-B wafted themselves into his cage, mind you. Couldn’t make him much more brain dead than he already is.

  6. Since the Highlands Ranch suburbs crashed w/the RE market, squatters from the ‘Focus on the Family’ cult are in charge there.

    Clinging to GUNS & RELIGION dammit!!!!

  7. [re=402400]on2u[/re]:[re=402407]thehelveticascenario[/re]: Yes! It’s all just a evil Voodoo plot by Comrade Ayatollah NObama to encourage our innocent white christian children to value ‘education’ – the most wicked tool of SATAN!!!1!

  8. >>Shanneen Barron, a Highlands Ranch mother, said she normally isn’t involved in political activism, even though a sign in her front yard reads “Vote Republican.” <<

    I am actually surprised they pointed that out. My local news organisations keep taking all the teabagger/GOP officials that claim they are not “involved in activism” at face value.

  9. Oh yeah, and I’ve been to Colorado. Not exactly a lot of college grads running around there. But, you know, they DO have that bison they torture at their football games…so, there’s that.

  10. [re=402414]Denver runr[/re]: Hopefully Jimmy Dobson and his fellow wingnuts will soon not even have yards in which to post their “vote republican” signs.
    Brannon’s probably one of the types who kept their brats home on 9/11 too, locked up in the basement with guns, condoms and Black’s law dictionary. But really, who wouldn’t? In the post apocalyptic future, kids are not the future, they are the currency.

  11. “…After reading ‘Heather Has Two Mommies’, the President spoke to children briefly about recycling and atheism. Roe v. Wade didn’t go unmentioned as some parents had hoped– in fact, free condoms and family planning services were available to students who expressed interest. “The funnest part was putting my feet in the stirrups!” remarked nine-year-old Madison Twatwaffle, regarding the gynecological chair her school brought in to supplement the pro-choice discussion. At the end, every child was given a miniature replica of the vibrant red, black and green Kenyan flag to promote cultural awareness. The President smiled and bid America’s students goodbye with a lighthearted As-Salāmu `Alaykum (السلام عليكم).”

  12. What’s the world coming to? First we’re not allowed to beat innocent Afghan cabdrivers to death, and then our elected president is allowed to speak to our children. Our children, people! Dear baby Jesus, I’m skeered!

  13. [re=402439]whenPUMAsattack[/re]: Has anyone considered that the sequel to My Pet Goat comes out next week, and that nice Mr. Obama may just want to read it to the kids?

  14. I think it’s unfair to assume this consists entirely of racism. Some of it is clearly color blind partisan fanaticism. In fact I’d say it’s about 90% of each.

  15. Gawd you guys are old. Looking at it from the kids point of view. They are probably thanking their lucky stars–if they know what that is– for this pass from school.

  16. [re=402439]whenPUMAsattack[/re]: I believe the phrase you’re looking for is “knickers (or panties) in a twist.” Or perhaps you mean liberals are doing The Twist, the popular dance named after the Chubby Checker hit song? Or maybe you just lost your bearings in a fury of vegetable-related onanism on your way to world net daily. Don’t forget your colloidal silver. It’ll clear that herpes right up.

  17. [re=402442]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Don’t worry, in Texas you can still shoot a Japanese exchange student in the face if he accidentally comes to your door trick-or-treating.

    Those damn black commies haven’t taken everything from us.

  18. Education, Colorado, WTH?!!! The man is going against the very fabric of the Punky Brewster Valley Girl core. Uhggg, you know like gag me with a spoon! I’m, you know, like, surprised, like the tv, you know, is in every classroom, knarly, like rad man.

  19. I find it laughable that Republicans are objecting to Obama giving a damn school assembly, whereas Rahm Emanuel was tied to a chair and given his choice of which child to devour at the DoE reading day.

  20. Having the kids watch Obama’s speech is a wonderful idea. With the little kids, the teachers can launch a discussion of what the President does and how he gets to be President. With the older kids, she or he can discuss some of the content of Obama’s speech, and the pros and cons of some of his policies. In this way, you can indoctrinate the kids with socialism without their even knowing it.

  21. Where is Highlands Ranch? Outside of Denver and Boulder, Colorado is about as bat-shit insane a place as they come. Don’t let how a state voted in the 2008 presidential elections fool you; that was largely a historic aberration. Colorado Springs is exceptionally insane.

  22. Wait, okay we let a black man become President, but I thought it was largely a symbolic thing. I mean I assumed he still has to come in the back door, and so on. Letting him speak to white children, that’s clearly going too far with this whole thing.


  24. Hey, hey, hey! It’s Black POTUS
    And I’m gonna sing a song for you
    And this is gonna show you a thing or two
    You’ll have some fun now with me and the (Choom) Gang
    Learning from each other
    While we do our thang na, na, na
    Gonna have a good time na, na, na
    Gonna have a good time hey, hey, hey!

    He’ba wan’ba gonna turn’ba our kids’ba into socialists’ba!

  25. I’m remembering those heartwarming old newsreels that showed white housewives shrieking for the cameras during the Civil Rights era; I also remember as an idealistic grade-schooler being amazed that people could have at one time been so angry at someone because of the color of their skin.

    Now I realize that these people never went anywhere; today they just speak in code. And not even very good code.

  26. [re=402465]Uncertainty Vice-Principal[/re]: “Letting him speak to white children, that’s clearly going too far with this whole thing.”

    Indeed. Why is he speaking, at all? He knows he’s not supposed to speak until spoken to by a white man. Why hasn’t Biden taken over the day-to-day operations like is traditionally wont in such a pairing and situation?

    I’m so confused with the change of things. So, you white folks get to call socio-political fatwas, now? Who is your leader, your chief imam or caliph? Since when were your public schools converted to Rocky Mountain madrasahs? Are they not ran from your state’s storied mountain caves? I want answers, damnit! Take me to your leader, post haste, for we must negotiate some kind of truce.

  27. How many of these ignorant parents are home-schooling their kids from the King James Bible, teaching them that the flat earth is 5, 000 years old,Flood Geology, pi = 3, etc.? Of course, there is all that sex and violence in the Bible, too. That could be useful.

  28. Science teachers everywhere should request that Obama speak everyday, to keep the Christards and the global warming deniers home and allow them to teach in peace.

  29. Indoctrination, indoctrination! (GOP watchword of the week) Obama will use his magical Kenyan mind control powers to turn our children into socialist loving communists who hate America and love death panels.

  30. Barry could rescue a 2 year old with cancer and an armful of puppies from a lake and the republitards would find a reason to be outraged. Fuck, how I loathe the goose-stepping right wingnuts.

  31. “I’m an American. They are Americans, and I don’t feel that’s OK.”

    Oddly, as I read this piece, I find myself in total agreement with that woman. Perhaps we should create a new American Indian tribe, Dumbahos’ seems an appropriate tribal name for the wingnuts. If we give them a “reservation” in American Samoa and promise that when they get there they can open a ” Blessed Word of the Lord Casino and Whorehouse” or just simply oppress the local browns to their hearts content, they’ll probably drive into the Pacific like so many lemmings.
    I think it’s worth a shot, at least.

  32. McCarthyism- is the politically motivated practice of making accusations of disloyalty, subversion, or treason without proper regard for evidence.

    Racism- – may be defined as the hatred of one person by another — or the belief that another person is less than human.

    Add them both together and you get?

    Wingtardism- moronic spewing of illogical filth

    “Yeah that sounds about right”

  33. …So, let’s make the most of this beautiful day.
    Since we’re together we might as well say:
    Would you be mine?
    Could you be mine?
    Won’t you be my socialismistic neighbor?
    Won’t you please,
    Won’t you please?
    Please won’t you be my socialismistic neighbor?

  34. [re=402462]LoweredPeninsula[/re]: Highlands Ranch is a suburb about 15 miles south of Denver. It is made up of miles and miles of beige colored homes that house beige colored people. Once a month, the women from each neighborhood get together to play bunco and talk about Sarah from the next cul-de-sac. Nobody likes her because she’s not a stay-at-home mom, the family doesn’t belong to a church and she painted her dining room a shade other than taupe, mushroom or tan. Plus, Sarah brought something called hummus to the last progressive dinner and whoever heard of that?

  35. So Hopey’s gonna tell the kids to stay in school but wingnut parents will keep them home to protect their little wingnutettes from that vile brainwashing. Okaaaayyy.

  36. Way back in the day, we used to have this class in school call Social Studies. Among other things in that class we had to actually read the Constitution, understand the role of government and, yes, even write a letter to our Governor or President. Now I know you’ll think this was all in communist China, but this was back in Iowa when Nixon was President (or was that the same thing).

    Anyways its good to see Coloradans are leading the fight to say our children from Social Studies,reading, writing and homework.

  37. On the plus side, Pat Boone will be appearing on the TVs of all the home schoolers, to sing “Luck Be A Lady Tonight” culminating in a live blow job performed on rock legend Dee Snyder. You won’t find that kind of programming on the socialist airwaves.

  38. [re=402481]dijetlo[/re]: Somewhere there is a very large Samoan looking to lay a beating on you for even suggesting such a thing.

    Besides, St. Thomas. It’s cheaper to drive the Dumbahos onto that island and there is always a possibility that God will call them home with the next hurricane.

  39. [re=402492]WIDTAP[/re]: I thought about it and it’ll never work. They’re too old and porcine, they will never move more than five miles from a Bob Evans, they need to stay in “rascal range” for the early bird speci

  40. [re=402488]WIDTAP[/re]: …and after decades of Reaganesque indoctrination & wingnuttery should we be surprised?

    I loved Social Studies as taught to me by an elderly gentleman in a crisp black suit with a skinny tie, very Wilsonian, no socialist he. The class also served to increase reading comprehension and writing with time to reflect and (!) think, something difficult to attain even then within the rush of free-wheeling adolescent hormones. But now we “increase cognition” and “assess” learning as “achievement.” Sound more like Wall St.? Tis the tail wagging the doggie. Special thanks to the sentimental distractions of Dame Pegeen Noonie Van Damme DeVille.

  41. Several of Columbus’s suburban school districts have canceled showing the speech because they “got phone calls.” I’d want Barney Frank answering the phone at my school.

  42. [re=402506]Dean Booth[/re]: Wow. People in those districts should keep their kids at home that day so that they can see the speech. Oh, wait…

  43. Mr. Layne: Yes, you have correctly “fingered” this conspiracy, with your observation, “…even though he’s just going to tell the doomed kids that they’re much more doomed if they drop out of school…” If they don’t drop out of school, they will be exposed to “Facts”, which are morally bad for American school kids. This diabolical black man is trying to keep kids in school so that they will not be good ignorant white patriotic suburb trash like their parents. And to think that I voted for him, thinking he was a white man!
    Heh heh — I said “fingered”!

  44. Our school district received so many phone calls and emails from nutter parents yesterday that they’ve decided not to air the president’s message because it is “too contraversial”. Yes, you read that right. Our school board has decided that telling kids to stay in school is contraversial. Fuckin’ eejits. They done got a piece a my mind, let me tell ya.

  45. The parents are afraid that their kids are so weak-minded and impressionable that they will believe anything they hear on the teevee… hahahaha. …even when it flies in the face of basic common sense…hahaha…and that they might embrace destructive, extreme views as a result. Hahahahahaha.

  46. What I don’t understand is if these parents are worried about their little cannon fodder patriotic American children being contaminated by liberal fascism, why are their children in socialist public schools in the first place?

  47. Where’s the MADTV song “Ain’t No Blacks on the TeeVee Screen”

    NBC – Nothin’ But Crackas

    ABC – Anything But Coloreds

    POTUS – Never a Nigger in the White House, Biggot.

  48. Back at the dawn of time when I was a mere schoolgirl they taught the “history” in school, and one of the things we learned about was the witch craze in New England in the 1690s, when a bunch of crazy people, whipped into a frenzy by the local pastors, went berserk and started rumor-mongering and killing people by crushing them under rocks and things. Every hundred years or so since then it’s pretty much happened again, because when you come right down to it a country conceived in crazy just can’t help itself. One of the great things about being totally ignorant of history, of course, is that you DO get to repeat it, whenever Glenn Beck tells you to, so keeping those kiddies out of school and away from the history books just plain makes all kinds of sense…

  49. “Shanneen” would have been “Shannon”, but her parents found the name on some ALL CAPS comments hand written on newspaper article about how Jimmie Carter has a fake birth certificate.

  50. You know how the loudest anti-gay public voices are usually closeted homos? My guess is that most wingnuts secretly fap to pictures of Obama wearing a neatly tailored Soviet military uniform.

  51. I think its great that the Prez wants to tell kids to stay in school. I am also glad the department of education changed their minds about the k – 6 assignment where the children were to write a letter to themselves on how to help Obama that would be collected and then opened at a later date to teach accountability. It should not be about Obama, but about teaching kids to set their own goals. We will never know what the first speech was about before all the fuss – he did change it though – good on him. I admit I did have a problem with the letter to Obama bit, why not a letter to themselves or family? But now that this is no longer an issue, I really don’t see a problem. I also don’t agree with people assuming every one is a racist who disagrees with the president. I have an interracial marriage and I disagree with the president – this one and the last one sometimes. I think too many people are so set on hating what they see as the other side or the enemy that they do not think reasonably anymore and really look at issues on their own merit – just automatically pick sides and are out to see that their side wins regardless of how much sense it makes or how it will affect our freedoms. There is such a thing as too much government intervention in our lives – there must be boundaries. JMO

  52. If we don’t let our kids drop out of school, they might become educated and gainfully employed.
    That’s the last thing we want for our kids. We prefer them to end-up like Palin children – dropped out and knocked up – the way Jeebus intended.

  53. Shaneen’s American. Her children are American. The President of the United States is American. So what’s wrong with the prez speaking to students about the value of education? Oh yeah, he’s black and he’s a Democrat. Partisanship and hatred are taught at home.

  54. [re=402441]Smoke Filled Roommate[/re]: I laughed so loud upon reading this that I was actually admonished via email by my Soopervisor. Do try to keep the hilarity to a minimum as peeple are trying to work here dammit.

  55. [re=402404]Lascauxcaveman[/re]: Brilliant. Keeping your kids at home and forcing them to watch “Brown Bunny” is brilliant stroke: They’ll be clamoring to be allowed to get back to school – and don’t worry they’ll have fallen asleep by the last 10 minutes of the film.

    And Highlands Ranch is our (Denver’s) repube ghetto. This is where we round up the blands and the fundies who have escaped from Colo Springs. They think they are living the “right way” and we allow them to keep up the pretense in their ugly beige cardboard houses, which in another ten years will be so dilapidated that they will have to migrate, maybe to Mexico?

  56. [re=402461]Aurelio[/re]: I don’t think Socialism goes far enough. I’m holding out for Leninist Red Terror, when the reactionaries can be exterminated as a class and their fellow-travelers can be sent to Alaska in sealed railroad cars to partake of a few years of reforging through labor.

  57. [re=402542]attidude[/re]: I’ve taken the GOP approach (no, not the dropping trou every time I see a kid or demanding blowjobs from furries, just in regard to open-mindedness), and everyone who doesn’t agree with me 100% is a fucking idiot. JMO.

  58. Crap — submitted my comment too quickly. And on the wrong f-ing link.

    It was my daughter’s civics teacher who inspired me in the wisdom of immediately discounting any opinion that falls short of agreeing completely with my own. She (the teacher) has pointed out to her 7th-grade class that Obama likely is not an American, is definitely a socialist, and his speech next week is just indoctrination and will not be shown in her class. I’ve offered to submit her name to the death panels, which did not amuse the school principal. I think it’s time to accept that Idaho blows donkey nuts and needs to be kicked out of the union. We make Texans look intelligent.

  59. [re=402804]RabidHamster[/re]: Another potatotard on Teh Wonkette? Glad to see you! I’m looking forward to Rex Rammell’s thoughts on this latest–maybe he’ll advocate shooting teevees.

  60. Upon reading this bit of news, I’ve never been so proud of my post-adolescent decision to death-panel all of my descendants pre-conceptionally.

    ‘kin scholiasts…

  61. Ugh. And yet, year after year I was forced to participate in the so-called “Presidential Fitness Award” bullshit even though gym class was against my religion. Where are the complaints about that?

  62. [re=402590]S.Luggo[/re]: Look at him. He looks like a one termer…and his olden balls ,too. The entire bush family can suck a high school gym filled with dirty dicks.

    And you hear this from winguts/repug congressman, “I hear it from the people, it’s indoctrination blah blah…”

    What people? You mean those people holding signs with swastikas and pictures of Obama as Hilter? Conservatives live a in box. They have no idea what real people think. All of the teachers I know at my kids school think this is awesome. They say its been a long time since the POTUS has engaged in public education. Fuck the republicans, they’re miserable hateful mutherfuckers.

  63. He’s going to go on with the speech, which I agree with. That said, wouldn’t it be nice for a “last minute crisis” to develop at which point he hands it off to Hillary?

  64. Children are easily captured and star struck. Great civilizations have taken over nations by using the youth. This president hides his identity records when people are questioning his eligibility to be president. He has not been true to his promises. He says one thing and does another.

    He will tell them how important school is to their future. Then when this comes out the children will want to take the shot and not leave school when the ultimatum comes
    (478 Characters to distribute)
    Urgent Warning – 8-27-09 God is warning Do Not Take the Swine Flu Shot
    that God says will be called compulsory in a few days. This conforms to warnings
    in Revelation 13:9-18 and Daniel 7 so it must come, “PhyschoPolitics – Communist Address On Health Care and Control” and “45 Communist Goals For Take Over Of America..” Control over you in it.
    Link at with what we should do.
    Prophecy: END TIME VISION

    He is a lover of witchcraft-sorcery stories and that is the devil’s territory as are lying, secrecy and deception. Think again if you want him to speak to your children. If the president has something to say to your children, he can say it on the news or a press conference. he is not without a voice.

  65. [re=403244]MarieDevine[/re]: Marie, I encourage you and all of your friends to follow your advice on the swine flu shot. I also think you should urgently gather together with like minded people and discuss not taking the swine flu shot. Perhaps you could organize these folks to visit those with active cases of swine flu to lay hand upon them so that they (and you) may be healed by faith.

    After these visits, be sure to circle back with you like-minded friends and give them a big hug for all of us.

    Best regards.

  66. [re=403244]MarieDevine[/re]: Ms Divine, don’t hide your light under a bushel or a peck!! Tell it like it really is. well, if you won’t I will: God told me that the reason we need to keep our kids away from that black Devil’s school speech is that underneath a real harmless sounding spiel about staying in school & not doing drugs, there will be a back-masked, coded message to the kids commanding them to kill their parents in their sleep—-if they are white and republican, of course.
    Why mr Beck hasn’t broken this story, I am not sure-maybe he is getting soft, or associating with race-traitors. I know I”M gonna be keeping an eye on him…

  67. OMG the new president is ….is…. black?!?!
    Oh no – certainly can’t let our little Joe-Bob and Mary-Sue-Ellen see a black man in a position of au-thor-it-y on the teevee. They might start actually start respectin’ them black folks or sumpin.

  68. [re=402542]attidude[/re]: Oh god, spare me these people who think they can’t be racist because they’ve got friend’s or relatives of another race.

    Limits to government in people’s lives? So you’re pro-choice, right?

  69. “Pray for me and pray for Fox News!”

    So exclaimed Glenn Beckkk, on his radio propaganda show late last week. At that moment he was riding his bi-polar personality on the down-swing toward depression and dread (after having spent most of his first hour in bizarre goofiness that would have made the Three Stooges proud). His central concern, his principal reason in making this heart-felt plea for our prayers was the fact (he assures it is a fact) that President Obama’s planned speech to the nations school children will allow Soviet-era Communist sleeper agents working in the White House to brain-wash our kiddies with subliminal Stalinist indoctrination! I am not making this shit up. I only wish I was.

    What further divisive nonsense, racist mumbo-jumbo and outright slander of our Commander in Chief (“In a time of war!”) must this horrid moron broadcast before we can shut his silly ass down?

  70. I’m making two (2) predictions right now:

    1) A liberal teacher will praise the speech in class, then some snowflake will report this to his/her conservative parents, and their will be outrage (OUTRAGE I TELL YOU),

    and 2), some conservative teacher will spew the socialist/Muslim/birther crap to the class after the speech, some snowflake will report this to his/her liberal parents, and there will be outrage (OUTRAGE I TELL YOU!).

    Just you wait…

  71. What is wrong with people?
    Since when is a president who wants to fix the country (following 8 years of corruption-
    this has been documented) a socialist?

    New idea: my friend who is a lifelong Republican, and a very intelligent person, stated to me,
    “I like a lot of Obama’s ideas, and I will SUPPORT every president, Republican OR Democrat!”
    Now I. like millions of Americans, worked hard to get President Obama welected, we know he is a very good man who is trying to fix everything that has happened the past eight years. One of the reasons we voted for him is to fix the healthcare debacle in this country.
    And I am in CO, a Colorado native, but I am ashamed that people in my state kept their children home…to protect them from a message from their President??
    And…someone ^^^ above said Colorado was run by the KKK? Not in my lifetime! I’m 60.
    My mother was born in CO, and not in her lifetime, either! She died 4 years ago at the age of 83. So I am confused about this statement, and insulted by it.
    Well. I wish people had open minds and would listen to each other, even Barack Obama, and not follow blindly the “teachings” of FOX News and help make this country what it should be.
    (Hey y’all. the Constitution is socialist too, right?) :X

  72. BLACK BLACK BLACK If he were white he could not hide under BLACK.
    Joseph McCarthy couldn’t get the Communists out of Government, they are still there, (like your reference to the Ku Klux Klan). Barack Obama’s own ties and the ties of his chief of staff, Rham Emanuel and David Axelrod to Communism are not hidden or unknown. He is secretive, unwilling to give his basic school records and passport to prove he is eligible to be president and somehow SOME people have the NERVE to say “because he is black we do not want our children to hear from him.”
    It is a Communist tactic to criticize by demeaning or ridiculing the person instead of dealing with the real questions at hand. Blindness is infectious; but thankfully so is faith. We believe what the president says … then we see that they are not true and or cannot be done … then we fear … because something very wrong is happening in America and only prayer, faith and wanting God’s ways will get us out of this. Details and evidences are at

    Marie Devine
    3023 Montgall Ave
    Kansas City, MO 64128

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