Terrible Sen. Mike Enzi, Chuck Grassley’s second-in-command for reaching a bipartisan health care bill, wants to reform health care in much the same way that his superior does: by killing health care reform completely. This does not portend well for the Gang of Six! Even White House meanie Robert Gibbs admitted today that Enzi, whom Obama once praised for his good-faith negotiating efforts during a primetime press conference, has thrown his wiener in the cogs of progress one too many times now and should proceed to piss off. [TPM]

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  1. [re=399147]nmmagayar[/re]: Ginger for a ginger! (It really is sad how Toddie’s brain has been totally reprogrammed into Conventional Beltway Douchebag, isn’t it?)

  2. Turned over his cards and decided to walk away from the table. Is this a reference to Blackjack? Is that how Gibbs spends his time when he’s not on the teevee?

  3. [re=399155]hobospacejunkie[/re]: “We would have liked to pass a bill that bears some resemblance to what President Obama campaigned on, but for that we’ll need a super DUPER SPECIAL SPARKLY majority. Remember to vote Dem in 2010! And 2012! and 2014…”

  4. [re=399167]V572625694[/re]: Yes, Hopey, since they won’t play, toss all the cards in the air, and come up with a fab universal, single payer plan. They aren’t gonna play fair, no matter what. So why donja just give us what we really need and want.

  5. Could it actually be getting through to the White House that these yokels need to be handcuffed to the radiator so the adults can get some work done?

  6. I am still hoping that Obama really does have this thing under control, and come Christmas there really will be a universal coverage bill. C’mon, Santa!

  7. [re=399177]geminisunmars[/re]: “Toss all the cards in the air, and….”

    …. pull out your boot gun and BLAST AWAY!

    There. Fixed that for you.

  8. “Check out this one,” Obama said as he threw his business card on the table.

    “Nice coloring, what is it?” Asked Chuck Grassley.

    “That’s ‘Bone’.” Replied Obama.

    “His business card is better than mine,” thought Senator Enzi. It was Bone and Ivory. The other official’s mouths moved, but Enzi didn’t hear them. He could feel the dread creeping over his organs, like they were shutting down in sympathy with his embarassment. Enzi mouthed a mumbled excuse and left the meeting room, running as quickly as he could to his car so he could be alone until the panic passed.

  9. Wow, watching the Gang of 6 slowly fall apart is so sad. This is what it must have felt like when the Beatles broke up. Except the exact opposite because these people suck and they’re making the world worse, so it’s more like when Limp Bizkit broke up

  10. Mssrs. Enzi and Grassley want to reform health care in the same way capital punishment is used to reform prisoners. Men of conscience both.

  11. Enzi throws his hotdog down the hallway of history…

    Pierre Salinger could be funny on occasion. And some though Ari Fleischer droll, though I was never one of them.

  12. [re=399146]Gorillionaire[/re]: God, can you imagine Dana Perino trying to operate a computer for anything other than postng naked photos of herself on hot-or-not types of sites?

  13. [re=399254]artbot2000[/re]: I miss the way Ari always pinched his thumb and forefinger at us, as if holding his stinking lies out away from him on a thread.

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