• A woman who was allegedly kidnapped by a pervy nut 18 years ago has been found; she’s now 29 and has two children with said alleged nut. [ABC News]
  • Tropical Storm Danny, which was supposed to ruin Ted Kennedy’s funeral and threaten the lives of President Obama’s daughter, appears to be pulling its punches. [Reuters]
  • As part of his bankruptcy plan, Michael Vick will have to figure out how to squeak by on about $300,000 annually, with the rest of his earnings going to investments or creditors. [Daily Press]
  • Remember how 9/11 happened because the CIA and the FBI couldn’t get along? They still can’t get along. [New York Times]
  • J.P. Morgan Chase, Bank of America, and Citigroup “now issue one of every two mortgages and about two of every three credit cards.” Sheila Bair no likey. [Washington Post]
  • How unusual! Wildfires in Southern California! [Los Angeles Times]
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  1. Re the CIA and FBI. I caught part of the discussion of this on FOX last night and they had on two former CIA staffers who claimed that morale at the agency is low due AG Holder’s interest in what was going on there during the Bush years. The gist of their comments seemed to me to be that many at the CIA feel that if they can’t be allowed to do their job the way they want they won’t do their job at all. My thought was, can we take that as a promise?

  2. One of the children with the pervy nut is 15 and has never seen a doctor or gone to school. I will personally donate money to keep this asshole in the general population of a California prison for the rest of his natural life.

  3. I’ve never understood why law enforcement folks don’t like to work with their counterparts from other agencies. If I led a law enforcement group and was offered assistance from another agency I’d be all “Yes Please and here’s a doughnut.” If any of my officers didn’t like it they could eat a bag of dicks whilst turning in their badges.

  4. love is a many-splendour’d thang. too bad about the kidnapping and the rape side of it. and the de facto imprisonment. seems it was all some sort of christian thing. why are we not surprised. a heartwarming tale of a sinner gone astray whose life was redeemed by the gentle love and convenient sex of his captive. he was breeding the congregation for his own church. girls all, so he could ever a fucker be, washed in the blood of the lambs. how the missus figured in is anyone’s guess. “oh, my hubby has a hobby, he keeps them in the back yard.”

  5. “Tropical Storm Danny, which was supposed to ruin Ted Kennedy’s funeral and threaten the lives of President Obama’s daughter, appears to be pulling its punches.”

    Except everyone fails to mention that its only one of FOUR weather systems converging on the region this weekend. Expect lots o’ rain and wind.

  6. [re=397086]ChernobylSoup v2[/re]: Yes. Inexplicable. And then the added insult, as I mentioned, that these government employees take the attitude that “hey, if you’re going to review my work then fuck it, I’m outta here ’cause I won’t work under those conditions.” Fine. Take the power drill with you, asshole.

  7. Weird how CIA has a beef with the FBI when the FBI’s boss is investigating the weakest link in the torture chain at CIA. So by trying to give a free pass to those most culpable in war crimes Obama is ensuring antipathy between these two agencies. Brilliant. Strange how not doing the right thing can rebound on your ass in unexpected ways. Boo hoo Obama. Maybe there’s a lesson to be learned here.

  8. The Fbee guys and Christians IN Action have never ever gotten along. Fbee invoke the memory of J. Edgar (dresses and all) who wanted all intel under him and didn’t want those fancy Ivy League boys fucking up his domestic empire. Of course the Christians In Action didn’t trust tranny J and being the insecure and slightly incompetent new guy on the block spent a lot of time trying to prove themselves worthy to the utter amusement of most of the intel world.

    Plus all that bureaucratic bad blood when the Fbee were asked to take down the Christian’s greatest traitor (Ames) and the Christian finger pointing when the Fbees found one among their midst (Hanson.)

  9. So the financial crisis ends up concentrating even more power in the hands of a smaller group of financial services titans. Do not be alarmed. This is a feature, not a bug. Privatize the profits, socialize the losses is now institutionalized. The corporate takeover of US America is almost complete.

  10. Going all the way back to Klaus Fuchs — can you imagine what the hothead anti-commies would’ve done with fission & fusion bombs if they’d had 20+ years as the world’s sole nuclear power? Seems like the CIA often acted, inadvertently, as a check on American power during the Cold War, with their fuckups and traitors. Maybe not such a bad outcome, though try telling that to the families of all the assets who died thanks to Ames.

  11. [re=397114]hobospacejunkie[/re]: On the one hand, we may have nuked the Soviets. On the other, we may not have quietly acquiesced on the whole Hungarian thing.

  12. [re=397082]PerhapsSo[/re]: I always thought that if anyone harmed one of my kids and went to prison- I would find out who the nastiest guys in the prison were and start doing nice things for their families. I would also let the families know(after doing some nice things for them) that in prison with their brother/son/husband was the guy who hurt my child. And while my kids are now adults- I still think that- because you can’t pay someone directly to take care of the situation(or you go to jail yourself). And for all that I do not own any weapons- except my kitchen knives-I would be willing to shoot child molesters(if someone would show me how).

  13. [re=397086]ChernobylSoup v2[/re]: Generational problems. FBI and CIA are still run by the olds. FBI still doesn’t have a centralized computer database (with billions spent on developing specialized workstations, instead of buying a bunch of Dell boxes), and top officials probably have subordinates who read their emails to them, as George Tenet admitted on the day he left office. Suffice it to say if the CIA or FBI were trying to compete in the modern business world, they’d have trouble competing with Chechnyan cell phone providers.

    A few guys worried about claiming credit are all it takes to start clogging the arteries of communication. I agree the typical officer in the field would be happy with whatever information they can find.

  14. Here, reportedly, is where the wacko pervert “speaker of angel’s tongues” lived and kept his victims.

    1554 Walnut Avenue, Antioch, CA 94509

    Check it out on Google maps – blue tarps and sheds in his backyard. The whole neighborhood looks, well, interesting.

  15. I need that “speaker of angel’s tongues” to go to prison right now — and to die a really slow, painful death. I am disgusted beyond words. Not nearly enough therapy for Jaycee and her daughters, but I would help pay for it.

  16. This could have all been averted way back when if they’d never gayed up hurricanes with boys names. Suck on THAT, feminazis!

    As for this Probyn person, I can’t bring the funny. I lived not so far from where Jaycee was kidnapped at the time and it was covered wall to wall. 18 years of captivity with only 2 offspring produced, both female? I imagine once the yard is all dug up they might find some interesting bones. Death Panel by inmate, I say.

  17. I think it will turn out that all this guy was doing was saving his daughters from the ruination that would befall them from contact with secularhuministicsocialistislamofacists. Just like home schooling with whips and decades long forced isolation. Was it a little rapey? Meh.

  18. [re=397122]Guppy06[/re]: And if the Russians had nukes and the Yanks didn’t, the Russians might not have quietly acquiesced over the whole Chile thing.

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