Oh good LORD. Sorry, those of you who are still employed and can’t listen to the communist propaganda organ Nationalized Public Radio while you’re at work! This is a precious, precious little exhange between walking human lexicon Steve Inskeep and double-talking Medicare clown Michael Steele, who does not understand that “nuanced” is not a naturally derogatory term. Things get good around the 5:30 mark. Thanks to elitist NPR listeners “Lindsay” and Superfecta for bringing this to our attention. [NPR]

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  1. Sheeeet. I heard Inskeep introducing this segment on my way into work and said to myself, “Self, change the channel, I don’t need to hear that crazy-ass freak Steele while I’m trying to get to work.”

    Sorry I missed a chance to laugh away the anguish of sitting on the 14th Street Bridge!

  2. Without NPR and Wonkette, I know nothing. That said, Mr. Inskeep should have replaced “nuanced” with “fucking retarded”. Language is always evolving – it is a living thing.

  3. My librul carpool buddy and I heard this on the way in this morning. Well, up until the point where they started sounding like clowns. Then we put on White Stripes for the rest of our commute.

  4. I didn’t have too much sleep last light so I’m kinda grumpy…

    Why the fuck do Contards subdivide language, words, songs, entertainment, theories, ideas, sayings, or any other form of communication/intelligence into Contarded and Librul? Most of these concepts are conceived without political form and have nothing to do with the meandering chickenshit that flows out of pols mouths. Are these guys so dense that they can not conceive of ideas that don’t revolve around politics?

    The only people I know besides Contards who spend so much time focusing on politically reliable language are Commies. I’ve read the madness of Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago and the inanity of the many in the GOP and their hardcore inbred, dumbass, fat assed, retarded supporters seems so representative of the drunk, inbred, dumbass, retarded commie supporters.

    If I wrote a novel about how a bunch of Communist “agitators” in the Internationale devised a long ago plan to infiltrate US America and bring it down through their conservatard wing-tards, an editor would laugh at me and tell me to stop re-writing the Manchurian Candidate or stop eating Peyote.

  5. I still have a job and listen to NPR every morning on the way into work. But now that I am at work I can’t listen to the clip because of the office firewall. Damn sucks to be employed. What did the Repugs token black man say this time?

  6. I also heard this on my old-fashioned radio this morning, and thought “I can’t wait to listen to the listener comments on this one.” Steele has a special talent for bringing out the shouting lunatic in the everyone.

  7. Those comments contain no grievous misspellings, ill-conceived rants, threats of handgun violence, or loud denunciations of the Kenyan Usurper. What’s the fun in posting things to the internet if they’re not insane?

    NPR is, truely, for lame-os.

  8. I have a confession to make. I can read idiocy and if well written, be swayed. (This is why I need Wonkette for my daily whack upside the head.) However, even I was able to IMMEDIATELY get to wtf with this guy this morning–“Government screws up! Therefore, we need government regulation of the insurance industry!” “Medicare sucks! That’s why we need to save medicare!” Michael, Michael, Michael, if you don’t sound reasonable to ME, not the sharpest tool in the box, u r not doin it rite.

  9. The transistor radio I listen to at home under the bridge gets NPR, so I heard the interview. Inskeep is all “maybe a different word would be better, like complicated”, i.e., a word that Inskeep is hoping Steele knows the meaning of. Inskeep might have had to fall back to “fuzzy” or “all messed up” if Steele had trouble with complicated.

  10. Oh sweet mother of God, I had to turn down the radio this morning, because I was actually embarrassed for MS. A public shaming of the highest order!

  11. [re=396119]ManchuCandidate[/re]: Stop eating peyote.

    For serious, nice rant. And interesting obsevation with the wingtards = commies. I mean, stop making me think, I just woke up.

  12. Fucktards live in bizarro world, where virtues and compliments are considered to be insults and criticisms. “Nuanced,” thats as bad as being “intellectual.” Sotomayor, she was well-known to have that vile character flaw of “compassion.” Long ago, “do gooder” and “bleeding heart,” both admirable things, came to be epithets.

    But thats not what was going on here. Nope, Steele is just plain retarded, stupid, a fucking moran.

    The appropriate response, of course, should have been, I do not think that word means what you think it means.”

  13. This made the morning commute more fun than it should be.

    I wish Steele were on every day. Tomorrow on NPR: Michael Steele will tell you how 2+2=3.

  14. Steele is intentional, people. Everything the man does is intentional. Left shoe on right foot: intentional! Smash an ice cream cone into his forehead: intentional! Get dick stuck in zipper: intentional!

  15. Wow – so many NPRtards here at the Wonkette. Don’t any of you people start your days off with some Art Blakey, or Mobb Deep, or crude, foul-mouthed gibberish like I do?

  16. We Liberal Nutsacks are used to very refined and detailed policy explanations, especially those featured on the Nationalized Publican Radiowaves. One would think that this was Steele’s chance to reach NPR’s Informed and Engaged Listening Audience with his erudite and complex reasonings for the otherwise indecipherable rhetoric.

    One would think.

  17. Now was Michael Steele say Inskeep is cute or trying to be cute.

    Hey, Michael’s a Republican, so you can never be too sure.
    My bet is that Inskeep is $20 richer and feeling very relaxed right now.

  18. [re=396141]Prommie[/re]: Don’t forget elite. To wingers, to be a member of the “elite” is a bad, bad thing. Fat, dumb, and stupid, HELL YEAH!

  19. I was transfixed in my skivvies getting ready for work – MS’ death ray of logic had scared me stiff. Couldn’t wait for some good WKTE commentary on this.

    We don’t admit that he’s from Maryland anymore – he’s not allowed back, ever.

  20. Oh, I can’t hold it in, check out this one: “U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins offered encouragement to conservatives at a town hall forum that the Republican Party would embrace a “great white hope” capable of thwarting the political agenda endorsed by Democrats who control Congress and President Barack Obama.” And she is totally hit-able, too, a new RILF.

  21. I heard on my drive into work and I though that Inskeep was talking to some lunatic fringe member of the National Judean Libertarian Front or something. I couldn’t believe it was Michael Steele, until suddenly I could.

  22. I so enjoyed this earlier today. I have an old-fashioned radio at my desk so I can listen to NPR each morning. I giggled through the whole segment and just KNEW it would be on Wonkette soon.

  23. [re=396146]magic titty[/re]: I tend to avoid morning altogether, with my sleep interrupted only by cigarettes and fumbling through Wonkette on my phone. This is one morning, however, that I wish I’d been listening to NPR. Looking forward to reports from freeperland on this incident later in the day.

  24. [re=396155]CorkPopper[/re]: No, no, no need for frustration, dumb and stupid, and crazy and insane, its like the traditional legal dual forms, “aid and abet,” “advise and consent,” “give, devise, and bequeath,” its all good, redundancy, its all good. When insulting fucktards and pigfuckers, its like fucking, once is good, twice is better, three times is fantastic, four times is epic, five times only happens the first time.

  25. SmutBoffin: You wantin’ the badder grammation? This is Inscreepy stepping out as afore has aint been borne to witnessation of with to…also. Maybe he’s just seein’ the brother and the old cracker genes can’t help but scream: “gittem!”

  26. There was nothing nuanced about it. Republicans hate the government health care and want it DEAD. But all the old voters love their Medicare, so Republicans love Medicare and want to nurture and caress it. What could be simpler?

  27. [re=396164]Prommie[/re]: Ha ha, this is already the first item returned on a google search for Lynn Jenkins.

    She apologizes for her choice of words. Of course she does. The racist just can’t help herself.

  28. [re=396143]WadISay[/re]: Excellent analysis of Steeleworld.

    I was lying in bed this morning, alternately waking and dozing and listening to Morning Edition (retirement–suck on it, kids) and was having one of those wonderful, just before you have to get up dreams, when I realized, “This is no dream.” Unlike Mia Farrow, my response was to smile and just listen to the sweet, sweet sounds of a rational, intelligent and articulate person trying to make sense of Steele’s urban-suburban-hip(replacement)-hop- plan for old folks health care.

    Bonus points for identifying the movie reference.

  29. I confess I dated “The Voice Of NPR” here in the Seattle area not that long ago. Didn’t work out. But I can say, those deep, soothing, almost hypnotic NPR voices, are hard-earned through decades of conscientious “wake-and-bake”. And that, my friends, is why it didn’t work out.

  30. [re=396173]JamesMichaelCurley[/re]: “solipsism”

    I only wish Inskeep and whipped this word out and flayed Steele’s tiny brain with it. I can only guess what kind of sexual perversion Steele would have thought the NPR smarty-pants was suggesting.

  31. [re=396142]JSDC007[/re]: That’s an easy one. I’m glad you brought it up. Obviously, you can’t have a pair of twos in the same expression have the same value. If the first two already has a value of two, the second two is going to have a lesser value. Let’s say one. I think you can take it from here.

  32. I have a problem with listening to flimflammery. When someone says something that is apparently contradictory or simply doesn’t make sense, and then feels the need to interrupt the person asking for clarification, I lose interest.

    What I take from this exchange is that the Republicans are merely trying to stop any discussion of health care at all, and Michael Steele has just the patent medicine to do it.

    Is there a liberal media out there? One that doesn’t waste time with hucksters like Steele? Because I’d listen to it if there were. I like relevant people; they’re interesting. Steele sucks.

  33. Michael Steele, champion of protecting Medicare, why are you pissing on the hallowed memory of our President Reagan?
    From Reagan’s 1965 AMA-sponsored speech opposing adoption of Medicare:
    My name is Ronald Reagan. I have been asked to talk on the several subjects that have to do with the problems of the day. . . .
    Now back in 1927 an American socialist, Norman Thomas, six times candidate for president on the Socialist Party ticket, said the American people would never vote for socialism. But he said under the name of liberalism the American people would adopt every fragment of the socialist program. . . .

    But at the moment I’d like to talk about another way because this threat is with us and at the moment is more imminent. One of the traditional methods of imposing statism or socialism on a people has been by way of medicine. It’s very easy to disguise a medical program as a humanitarian project. . . .
    [What will happen if Medicare passes?] The doctor begins to lose freedom … From here it’s a short step to all the rest of socialism…

    What can we do about this? . . . We can write to our congressmen and to our senators. . . . And at the moment the key issue is: We do not want socialized medicine

    So write . . . . demand the continuation of our traditional free enterprise system.

    And if you don’t do this and if I don’t do it, one of these days you and I are going to spend our sunset years telling our children, and our children’s children, what it once was like in America when men were free.
    Reagan’s speech.
    Written excerpts from speech (Ronald Reagan’s Effort to Prevent the Enactment of Medicare)

  34. As I am utterly an elitist communist, I of course heard this interview this a.m. My first thought was “Holy crap, is it possible for Steele to be this much of a douche?” My second was “I realy hope Wonkette is listening to this because it is prime material and the commenters are going to rise to the occasion.”

    Inskeep is a fabulous interviewer. He did one last week–I forget the interviewee now, but it was about healthcare–and it was the same sort of thing. Really pressing but not being a jerk about it.

  35. I just heard this on the radio in los angeles and was on my way to email tips@wonkette, but you east coast smarty pants beat me to it. I wish I could start every day with a fresh word salad from the mind of michael steele. I used to think republicans had no sense of irony, I now realize that being a republican just requires an embrace of cognitive dissonance.

  36. I listened to it on the way to work and again when I was going to pick up a part to fix a flooded basement (Yes it rained a bit in Chicago). At first I was trying to guess who it was and I said “Hmm, must be Steele” I was so happy I was right and then sad when I got to thinking that he is actually in a position of power in that party. Then I thought, he can’t be too bright anyway, a black in a party that was FOR slavery? But he is a lawyer and his sister is a doctor! He had to mention that in the interview. Note to self, make sure next time I am in a hospital that the doctor isn’t a card carrying member of the Retard Party.

  37. [re=396141]Prommie[/re]: Exactly. Thank you. I caught this about 1/3 of the way through and also wondered what fartsack Inskeep was tolerating. Then I realized it was Steele. The sad part is that he was speaking the language of conservatards: shrill with a hint of pubescent voice-cracking and just coherent enough to avoid the rubber room.

  38. Oh, I forgot to mention, I’m having lunch with George McGovern! Michael Steele word salad for breakfast, then lunch with the candidate of “amnesty, abortions, and acid” (look it up, it’s robert novak’s line, not mine).

  39. This segment slayed me this morning. I loved the bit when Steele uses the phrase “cute little dance”. You just know he totally lost his cool at that point.

    Inskeep just seemed dumbfounded at the level of umbrage the words “nuance” and “complicated” seemed to elicit. Silly Steve, you need to watch more cable news. The pundits there know that “nuance” is actually code for “will fuck sheep for money”.

  40. I also listened on my way to work and loved how Inskeep kept at him especially after the “cute little dance” bit. Made my day. Thanks Steve!

  41. we are not far from:

    Interviewer: good morning. prithee, what is your position on health care reform?

    Steele-du-jour: what you leftists in the media fail to understand is that we still have a constitution and we will not be silenced.

    Interviewer: right. amen. now, would you like to lay out for our listeners your position on the health care issues facing the country?

    Steele-du-jour: That’s a cute little dance, but I’m not gonna walk into that trap.

  42. I’ve been checking out countries who have socialized medicine and found they are not to happy with their systems, despit what Micheal Moore has claimed. BlazingCatFur describes his 84 year-old mother’s experience with the canadian health care system at Toronto General including 18 hours in a public corridor, having to undress in that public corridor, that sort of thing. The commentors even had worse stories to tell.

  43. Oh, sweet merciful Allah. This evisceration made my day. I liked how incredulous Inskeep was at the end, “Michael Steele is the Chairman of the NATIONAL REPUBLICAN COMMITTEE.” You could picture him turning off the mic and emptying his flask right at the desk.

  44. He was too damned chickenshit to just come out and say, “I hate socialist Medicare, but the Olds will flay me alive with dull sporks if I so much as twitch an eyebrow in its direction, so… yeah… Up with government. Or something.”

  45. [re=396208]Elm Hugger[/re]: Oh get your facts right. Republians were AGAINST slavery. Segregation, oppression of women, apocalyptic Dominionism, and converting/imprisoning the gays, they’re for. But totally not slavery. No siree.

  46. [re=396234]snoidoid[/re]: It was a misjudgment based on a tiny photo taken in conditions of poor lighting, a misjudgment which, upon further investigation and perusal of publicly available photographs, now causes me great embarrassment.

    [re=396256]on2u[/re]: what planet do you spend most of your time on?

  47. He is an idiot, no doubt. But he is also expert at instantly becoming the persecuted victim of the librul media “dancing around” and getting “cute” with their fancy big words all up in his shit. You gotta give him that.

  48. [re=396256]on2u[/re]: I had to undress in the corridors of Toronto General too, but I was not unhappy. I’m sure if I had been at all sick it would have been a different story.

    p.s. on2u, meet me there in a 20 minutes, and we will interview all of the patients and see what they say.

    p.p.s. fuck off

  49. Nuance sounds French, therefore pinko. Complicated sounds… complicated; it’s code for “you’re too stupid to figure this out on your own, we’ll do it for you.”

    Complicated: a good Republican word that speaks straight to the base. Steele must have had a mini braingasm when Innskeep handed him that one.

    I’m tired of this fight. It’s time to pin these pigs, pass a bunch of health care, and get on to the next mess.

  50. [re=396256]on2u[/re]: All except for that great American physicist Stephen Hawking, who wouldn’t be alive today if he lived in Great Britain, right?

  51. [re=396256]on2u[/re]: but she is STILL ALIVE, right?. She did not go bankrupt and lose her home did she? Is she living in a homeless shelter now or not? Do TELL, fucker.

    Unlike 20,000 Americans each and every year who die from lack of access to a doctor because they do not have health insurance.
    Or the 60% of people who go bankrupt-while they have health insurance- from medical bills in this USA.

    on2u , I hope you go bankrupt and die under a bridge (your new home) since you are advocating for this great system we have here in America.

    I cant say it enough; go fuck yourself while eating a bag of dicks.

  52. [re=396256]on2u[/re]: SUCK IT, TROLL!!! I had great pre-natal care and a baby in Toronto. My entire family had superb medical care in London. So there.

  53. [re=396256]on2u[/re]: Thanks for doing the research, bro!! Saved us all the hassle of a google search or two. Thank Jeebuz NOTHING bad has EVER happened to anyone as a direct result of any non-existent inadequacies in our great, god-given, market-driven healthcare system. Fuck yeah!

  54. What else do you expect from The Token? He’s just following in a great tradition of Republican House Niggers(thanks to Harry Belafonte).

    “Weapons of mass destruction” Colin Powel
    “Mushroom shaped clouds” Condoleezza Rice

  55. [re=396256]on2u[/re]: …and we mean “Fuck You” only in the most polite and respectable way, as in “You got a purdy Republican hiney there. Let’s have buttsecks!”

  56. [re=396256]on2u[/re]: You’re back, masochist?

    Honey, that’s all well in good. Rational people who discuss this issue never deny that each system has its own issues and problems. But for every ONE of your “omg I had to wait 12 weeks to have my hip replaced” etc there are a HUNDRED anecdotes that tell of people loving how they go to the doctor, get treated well, and don’t have to pay a bill.

    Go back to WaPo with the other douchbags.

    BTW did anyone read T.R.Reid’s “5 Myths About Health Care Reform?” And Kristof wrote in the Times today about Wendell Potter and his testimony about the insurance industry’s way of screwing people.

  57. [re=396256]on2u[/re]: You really want to say “I’ve been checking out countries who have socialized medicine and found they are not to happy with their systems…” and point to a fucking blog to prove your point? You really are a simpleton, aren’t you?

  58. [re=396307]trickyrick[/re]: it is simply true that people who spout shit like this have never lived without health insurance or never have lived without it when they needed it. They should talk to a woman I know who got pregnant because she could not afford birth control and was relying on a condom that broke. She could not afford an abortion, so kept it, while employed part time on minimum wage despite a BA. Then she miscarried with major complications. She is still paying off the ER bills 5 years later. She considers herself lucky that the hospital would let her pay in installments, even though it will be 10 years at this rate. If the hospital had not agreed to this, she would be bankrupt. Or dead, because she was close to suicidal as it was, and that would have pushed her over (could not afford therapy or antidepressants).

    But yeah, the system works well and should not be changed.

  59. I’m not advocating for either…I want the truth. Are the people under the bridge still living? In my view there should be insurnace for those who can not afford it. Additionally, insurance companies must fork over payment for treatments that a Doctor states is necessary without making a person and the physician jump through hoops and bury themselves in paperwork to prove the obvious. The implementation of cost cutting measures that do not interfere with patient care is desperately needed. Most countries that have socialized medicine are not able to sue for malpractice either because the goverment is paying the bill. Malpractice suits should be directed towards insurance companies that refuse Doctor ordered treatment to patients.

    Many patients do die in countries where there is socialized medicine due to waiting lists and the rationing of services – but thier family members can not sue. For instance, a hip or knee replacementin canada is considered “elective” so waiting lists are extremely long. Pain killers are offered as an alternative.

    I do not think enough time and careful consideration to alternatives has been given for the health care system. I am wary of a “quick marriage” to bill that is not being given careful scrutiny and an unbiased or objective examination. What will be gained – what will be lost – what will it cost – will it be efficient – will it cover everyone regardles of age or mental condition those are the questions that need real answers.

  60. [re=396364]on2u[/re]: So you’re saying it all comes down to lawyers? Isn’t it also your side’s position that tort reform is the single most pressing issue holding up health care reform? What the fuck’s it gonna be? Pick a position, damnit!

  61. [re=396374]Jim89048[/re]: right, trial lawyers are the problem until Haley Barbour’s Mississipi home gets crushed in Katrina and his ins. co balks. He then quickly becomes a plaintiff, and sued the shit out of everyone in sight. Surely someone else needs to pay for his vacation home built in a floodplain, right? The only consistent position these asswipes have is their own self-interest.

  62. [re=396364]on2u[/re]: GO AWAY. You aren’t funny. Your posts are becoming longer and looooonger. You aren’t here to add anything, just spew the EXACT SAME TALKING POINTS that are covered in the post itself.

    And you’ve been a total asshole in the past, so puh-leez with the “noble truth seeker” routine. You have an agenda, OWN IT.

    BTW, more people in the US are deeply dissatisfied with the cost and quality of their health care than those in the UK and Canada. Also, the life expectancy for people over 60 is much higher in the UK than in the US. Actually, the US has a lower life expectancy compared to Canada and the UK.
    Damn pesky facts, getting in the way of the “truth” you are seeking.

  63. [re=396374]Jim89048[/re]: Hahaha, guess what? There are tons of lawyers who make a living litigating denial of care cases! I wonder how they feel about health care reform?

  64. [re=396215]Elephants Gerald[/re]: Jenkins’s immutable cheerleader grin and Joker-sized mouth might have been hittable for John Holmes, but not for the living. One close look and all the Cialis in North America is rendered useless.

  65. [re=396364]on2u[/re]: yea, you are pointing out the freak stories of single payer or universal health care systems in OTHER countries. then saying our USA system has NO PROBLEMS, fucker.

    ALL the things you point to are happening in the USA RIGHT NOW. Instead of the government rationing, it is the insurance executives who come between a doctor and patient. These people DIE.

    Did you watch the hearings on health care in Congress? Did you see the testimony, under oath, of the Health Insurance worker who fucking CRIED while testifying about the people who DIED because the health insurance company DENIED their treatment?

    Searching for the TRUTH, are you? You are a LIAR, and that is the truth, buddy.

  66. I read the the new Rolling Stone last night and have to share
    Matt Taibbi “Sick and Wrong”:

    “America has not only the worst but the dumbest health care system in the developed world.

    It’s become a black leprosy eating away at the American experiment- a bureaucracy so insipid and mean and illogical that even our darkest criminal minds wouldn’t be equal to dreaming it up on purpose. The system doesn’t work for anyone”.

    and so on on2u……. if you want the truth of the matter.

  67. [re=396364]on2u[/re]: Good god, why do you wingtards always take off in so many directions when your argument starts falling apart? I don’t even know where to begin with this one. But, a couple of points:

    The truth is already out there, and available for your perusal. Often times direct quotes from the proposed bill are read out at a town hall meeting and the wingtards shout “no!” The facts about the proposed health care reform may be unpalatable to you, but don’t deny it when it’s given to you in it’s purest form…the bill itself. There is nothing being held back. If you want the truth, read what the bill actually says…it usually doesn’t do much good to read more into it than is really there.

    “We” are not “most countries.”

    You don’t sue an insurance company for malpractice. You sue a practitioner. You sue the insurance company for wrongfully denying a claim, to give but one example. You see the difference? One provides care, the other pays for it. I don’t see why or how either of these issues affects our health care debate.

    People die while on waiting lists in Canada. Well, believe it or not, people die while fighting for insurance to pay for something in the good ol’ USA. People die who have no insurance at all, and therefore no access to treatment. People die, people die. That’s what happens. When you talk about providing care to an entire society, you have to be realistic. The hip replacement falls below a heart valve replacement. A serious life threatening bacterial infection comes ahead of the heart valve. It’s not rocket science shithead.

    If we were to enact nationalized health care people would continue to die. Yes, they would. And some of them might have been waiting for a treatment. But these statements are true right now, here in this country. But just imagine for a second that you could go to the hospital, be treated, and go home without worrying about going bankrupt. The costs for national health care will be great, but not nearly as expensive as the system stands today and will continue to grow.

    If you dumbass righties would only think about this issue for yourself, compare the facts with the distortion, stop clouding the issue by comparing apples to oranges, we really could move forward and improve the system we have.

    Why do I suddenly feel like I’ve been talking to my dining room table?

  68. I listen to NPR every morning, and I got a little peeved at Steve for talking over Steele a few times, because that annoying process has been trademarked by Bill O’Reilly. However, when we got to the point at which Steve, whom I adore, tried to explain the nuanced meaning of the term “nuance” to Steele, all I could think was that Steele initially sounds pretty good–nice voice, good inflection–until you actually listen to what he’s saying. And then you realize he’s a complete tool.

  69. Man, I’d love to have dinner in a restaurant with Michael Steele:

    “What I’m telling you is, the chicken marsala here is disgusting, guaranteed to give you food poisoning. You’ll be puking your guts out for the next three days.”

    half-hour later after downing plate of chicken marsala

    “I love the chicken marsala here. Yeah it’s disgusting and I hate it, but I’m going to keep eating it and enjoying it cause it’s so awesome.”

  70. [re=396364]on2u[/re]: “Most countries that have socialized medicine are not able to sue for malpractice either because the goverment [sic] is paying the bill.”

    Horseshit. Plenty of Canadian doctors (and hospitals) get sued for malpractice/ negligence.

    “Many patients do die in countries where there is socialized medicine due to waiting lists and the rationing of services – but thier family members can not sue. For instance, a hip or knee replacementin canada [sic and suck] is considered “elective” so waiting lists are extremely long”

    Again, horseshit. People do not die because their hip or knee replacement surgery is delayed. That is why such procedures are considered elective. The improve life quality, but do not prolong life. Thus, the priority goes to things like heart bypasses and oncology, things that may prolong life.

  71. [re=396183]Flanders[/re]: WHAT? No. Who? No. Steve is married, and far too annoying to date… it CAN’T be WanG, can it? They guy can’t string a sentence together, but I just assumed that he was kind of… well, kind of dumb, actually. Not that I wouldn’t hit it. Because I would. ALOT.

  72. [re=396364]on2u[/re]: It’s pretty funny and not at all surprising that you are worried whether a government-run health-care system will cover everyone regardless “of mental condition.” Feeling a little defensive?

    You should feel lucky that no one’s threatening to base coverage on grammar or spelling ability.

  73. I am so glad that my job helping the poors allows me to not only come into work 30 – 60 minutes late and wear whatever the fuck I want, but it also allows me to listen to all the NPR I can handle. Non-profits are where it’s at, wage slaves!

  74. Another NPRtards. There is no batshit crazy comedy on NPR, but occasional appearances by wingnuts like Steele and Doug “Fucking Stupidest Man Alive” Feith are worth it.

    Michael, think what you are saying? Ask what RR would do? Would he protect socialized medicine from cut-obsessed Democrats?!

    Or better, ask what Jesus would do? Would he heal the poor? for free?!!

  75. [re=396468]the cold war makes me hot[/re]: My job gets me up at 6AM. I start the coffee, and sit staring into the distance, blurry-eyed, until it brews and I can finally begin to feel my fingertips. During this time, Inskeep did his best to interview someone who is functionally retarded, and I can verify that listening to such a thing before 7AM, rather than enraging me, might have killed off about 2,000,000 additional brain cells that I could have used today.

  76. “You know what word I’m not comfortable with? Nuance. It’s not a real word. Like gesture. Gesture’s a real word. With gesture you know where you stand. But nuance? I don’t know. Maybe I’m wrong.” –Paul Reiser, Diner

  77. [re=396256]on2u[/re]: I’ve had to spend that many hours in a hospital hallway – in the US, with insurance. I finally got turfed out ‘against medical advice’ because the specialist in question decided to go play golf instead. Lived in ‘teh Britians’ with no NHS problems for years.

    I’m sorry, was that too nuanced?

  78. Medicare is good! (Slap) Medicare is bad! (Slap) Medicare is good! (Slap) Medicare is bad! (Slap) Medicare is good AND bad!

    Forget it, Jake, It’s the GOP.

  79. [re=396307]trickyrick[/re]: What I love about the “look! I found a Canuck who had a bad experience with socialized medicine” examples is that any decent American could counter with 2,000 “look, I went bankrupt trying to afford health care before I died” examples. I’m used to this kind of logic, because I hear it from okies who refuse to fasten their seat belts because their second cousin knew a guy who was in an accident and would’ve died if his seat belt had been fastened.

  80. [re=396364]on2u[/re]: ” do not think enough time and careful consideration to alternatives has been given for the health care system.”

    You mean like trying to get this done since FDR wanted to include guaranteed health care in the original Social Security Act? LIke Truman? Like LBJ? Like Clinton?

    The GOPiss counters with the same arguments, year after year. Meanwhile, health care becomes more and more unaffordable except for the privileged. Also, I cannot believe I’m trying to respond rationally to a troll.

    Go RSVP for Sarah Palin’s next appearance, will you?

  81. [re=396364]on2u[/re]: Anecdotal evidence is all you got. You want an anecdote? My mother had cancer. She also had a job that provided health insurance. When she became too ill to work she lost her job AND her health insurance. Back on welfare for her. They didn’t cover much of anything due to the fact she was a (gasp!) homeowner! Nevermind that the mortgage and tax payment was about half what rent would’ve been. She did what anyone else would’ve done in her circumstances at the time, applied to City of Hope for care. There was such a long waiting list to get in, she died waiting.

    Fuckin’ snark button is broken…

  82. [re=396183]Flanders[/re]: I switched to AirAmerica in 2004– one too many stories about an endangered platypus named What What– and then after that fateful November just decided to commit suicide via PRI. But now you’re telling me that the host of Morning Edition actually has the balls to literally school Chairman Mike… I mean teach him the actual meaning of 9th-grade vocabulary AND that he the coals of the inn burning with kind AND he looks like this:
    More earthshattering, more seismic than my official announcement that I’ll be returning to the Nationalized Palestine Radio, is the forcefulness of my question to you, Flanders:

    What the fuck do you mean “didn’t work out?” What is WRONG with you?

  83. [re=396183]Flanders[/re]: I switched to Senator Franken’s station after one two many editions in the morning back in 04– it was a piece endangered platypus named What-What that put me over the edge. Then after Nov 04 I decided to slowly kill myself via AM radio, while hiding my self destructions from my loved ones by telling them it wasn’t that I was depressed but rather doing “research” on the opposition. Now Flanders informs me that I guy who Googles really, really hot not only has the balls to literally school Chairman Mike (by which I mean instruct him in basic ninth-grade vocabulary) but also that he keeps the coals of the inn’s heart alight with kind. I’m back, NPR. And, Inskeep, I’mna tell you what I told Lawrence O’Donnell: Red’s my favorite color.

  84. Sorry. Thought my comment had gotten lost. The second one is better, I think. But I’ll let you decide. Or perhaps Nate Silver can poll you. Oh, and speaking of Nate Silver, I’m so glad for his recent revelations about old people. I knew there was a reason I was hated those bossy fuckers (all except you, retired guy on here who told us to suck it.)

  85. [re=396699]Jim89048[/re]: Please do not feed the Trolls. They do not have minds of there own, therefore they rant on, and on, and on with Glen/Rush/Hannit/Coulter/Malkin talking points. Trolls may possibly be Paultards as well.

  86. it is waaaayyyy too late to be replying but yet again my F$CkIN day job…

    1. WHY do the earnest ALWAYS have handles like ‘on2u’? i mean seriously…

    2. [re=396433]RoscoePColtraine[/re]: i think you are my significant other and he’s v v good and i think i am in love…

    3. you all seem to like steve inskeep a great deal more than i do. i typically find him quite painful. but this AM? that was pretty awesome.

    4. dustbowlblues: i should know that movie but i DON’T… at least not now. pretty please?

  87. Nuance is French, right? ‘Nuff said. The conservatives don’t need to know no French-soundin’ words, unless “French” is followed by “Fries”.

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