Getting tired of THIS STUFF, aren’t you? Well, suck it up. At this point, we want to pressure Obama and Congress to incorporate as much rationing and Death Paneling as possible into a final health care bill, with very loose criteria. You’re eligible for Medicare, human? KILL. This will be the single determining criterion. It will save us so much money, for sexy parties. So along with the old racist up top, we will now present a few other candidates for Death Panels, from a recent town hall protest in Dallas. Thank you to operative “Lisa” for these freaking gross images.

This guy’s not quite old enough, but if Zeke Emanuel just spray-paints his hair white, no one will know/care. The first rule of Death Panels is that if you complain about Death Panels… then you go before the Death Panels. (Also, ~15% chance that this is a lady.)

Some vandal should have gone up to this bag lady and written on the sign over her bum-bum, “…means Yes!” JUST KIDDING — RAPE IS SO AWFUL! (But still.)

Yeah, deal with Medicare and Medicaid, and THEN deal with that completely separate issue of health care. (And lady: it’s called e-mail.)

You’re too old to behave like this, friend.

While we’re on the topic of Today’s Olds, let’s keep something in mind: very little of this has to do with the “greatest generation.” They are, for the most part, quite dead. Today’s Olds are those who were too young to fight in World War II/Korea or too old to fight in Vietnam. So if we’re going to get these Death Panels up and running, now’s our window of opportunity to do it without feeling guilty!

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  1. WHERE ARE THE GUNS? These people are not true patriots. Not one of them is armed. Also they do not seem to care about fetuses. They are probably members of ACORN.

  2. I’m pretty sure that’s Red Sox legend Ted Williams in the last picture and since he’s dead he shouldn’t really have any say about health care.

  3. Fix the post office! Finally somebody noticed! Uh…that it works pretty much okay, except it’s going broke because the electric companies just tap your checking account directly instead of sending you a paper bill with an envelope enclosed like they used to.

    Well fuck it we don’t need no stinkin’ post office except to deliver Modern Maturity to the Olds, who all get their checks direct deposited or delivered to the shot-and-a-beer bars where they spend their days.

    Michael Steele can fix all this, I bet.

  4. Yeah, deal with Medicare and Medicaid, and THEN deal with that completely separate issue of health care.

    Bless her pointy little head.

    “NO! [buttsecks]”

    And you call yourself a Republican.

  5. godfuckingdammit I HATE it when people take some some worn-ass sharpie to a piece of poster board with their minimally punctuated serial killer handwriting and call it a protest sign! Where’s the art?? Where are the goddamn paper mache giant puppets??

  6. [re=394482]jesusbutter[/re]: Yup, an organization that delivers billions of pieces of mail per year with less than 0.001% loss all for 47 cents or less per piece is VERY broken.

  7. That last dude isn’t what’s commonly called a “teabagger.” The olds do that so when they perspire profusely (as you’re going to do in Dallas in August!) the sweat of their brow actually steeps the tea in the bag, and then it drips down and covers their entire body so they get a constant, time-released caffeine infusion directly into their bloodstreams through their frail, paper-thin skin. That’s how they can keep protesting from morning until early-bird special time.

    What do you think “age spots” are, huh?

  8. I’d walk up to that one hag on my hands. That way her sign would read “¡ON” … and I would respond, “Hellz yes it’s on, you Hispanic bad-ass granny.”

    (Note to self: Learn how to walk on hands.)

  9. Those photos really convey a sense of joie de vivre, don’t they?

    Oh, and teabag guy might want to get those neck lesions checked out by a dermatologist. You never know.

  10. I’m not sure that the “No” ass-sign old is a lady. Black dress socks and loafers with shorts are the favored attire of crazy grampas/uncles.

  11. Sigh. Fuck it, we need a death WOODCHIPPER, just stuff em all in when they show up at these things.
    [re=394485]x111e7thst[/re]: The President wasn’t there. This was in (R-Dallas).

  12. [re=394488]BigBrainOnBrad[/re]: Isn’t he still frozen and the family still fighting over what to do with him? Maybe they thawed him out and propped him up for this event.

  13. [re=394489]jetjaguar[/re]: Though denied his/her ass, we can still benefit from the sartorial dressing tips: khaki shorts, black socks and loafers totally says, look out, Golden Corral buffet, here I come!

  14. [re=394482]jesusbutter[/re]: seriously! and, I’m going to say it – post office could be a lot worse. Most of us get most of our mail, and it’s cheap (especially in light of the fact that it isn’t a necessity for many or most of us these days). When I have to return things I’ve bought over the internet, and there’s a prepaid USPS label included, the postal carrier will pick it up for free. I once *paid* UPS to have them pick something up that was too heavy for me to carry to the UPS office (and I lived in New York, so not driving), and I had to call four times over two days, after the driver put in that it had been picked up, when it hadn’t.

    I have no idea why I’ve gotten defensive of the USPS lately.

    also, “fix healthcare last,” because this broad will be dead and won’t care about it anymore.

  15. [re=394506]Rodney Badger[/re]: At what point in a person’s life does that become an acceptable way to dress oneself?
    I mean, I never see anyone 30-50 dressed like that.

  16. i thought texas was seceding. they better hurry, the death panel wagons have been despatched and the gates are swinging open on the fema camps.

    hurry, texas! run run run!

  17. Can we just give in and end the death panels …. and replace them with a hooded man with a scythe who lops off old people’s heads as if they were wheat in the field? I’m all for cutting through the bureaucracy so we can KILL THESE DROOLING RETARDS ASAP!!!

  18. I am excited! I leave for my health care forum in an hour. Sign suggestions? Currently all I have is the printout- Standing Together for Health Insurance Reform(from I do have a small poster board and a Sharpie(or I can print it out if you get it to me quickly- I have the glue). I have some teabags but they are that healthy hippie kind-chamomile- round and without strings or tags

  19. These people are right to be concerned for their future:
    General Motors already killed the Olds.
    Yobama now owns GM and thus their Olds-killing technology.
    Death panels are Go!

  20. Looks like the shim in #3 shat themselves then used a sign to hide the evidence. Dear shim, communist healthcare might cover Depends.

  21. Ass Sign Lady actually looks like a kind of neat living caricature of one of those humiliating 19th century political cartoons, like a dandy being tarred and feathered and forced to wear the “no” sign on the public square.

  22. [re=394510]Lemming Caution[/re]: S’okay. I’m pretty supportive of the PO, my own self, because I still use mine regularly. Here’s a fun PO story from Nashville. The first Halloween after 9/11, the staff at my local PO decorated the front counters entirely with images of the Grim Reaper. I laughed my ass off.

  23. There is a stanza in the Baptist Hymnal that goes like this:

    Shadows are gathering
    Death beds are coming
    Coming for you, and for me

    They have been primed for death panels for a long time, I shit you not.

  24. [re=394501]rmontcal[/re]: Also, ~15% chance that the bag-head is a man.

    Well, with the old man shoes and old man socks, I’d have to say it WAS a man. Now it ain’t much of either.

  25. Lets see the first guy with the hat is either on VA health care or Tricare. The individual (gender unknown) with the ponytail is on clearly on Medicaid. The creature with the bag on its head is mentally disabled so either on Medicaid of SSI/Medicare and the last two are on Medicaid. So all on federal health care programs. Do they know this?

  26. [re=394510]Lemming Caution[/re]: The only thing wrong with the post office is the way these Olds shop there: If you have to stand in line at the p.o. for something essential (their overnight express and 2 day svc is WAY cheaper than FedEx)you may notice the line is largely comprised of Olds waiting to purchase a stamp. Not a book of stamps, but one 44 cent stamp. Or worse, they’re waiting in line to buy a 2 cent stamp to update their 42 cent stamp. These olds have nothing better to do on any given day than to clog the line at the post office with these 2 cent purchases. 20 minutes or more in line—no problema! What else is there for ’em to do? So you see, the Post Ofiice CAN be fixed—– with Death Panels!

  27. [re=394482]jesusbutter[/re]: It’s because her check hasn’t arrived from that nice Nigerian man to whom she replied via email, and who keeps writing her back to blame the delays on the post office.

    I love the USPS almost as much as I love the National Park Service – two government agencies I can use in arguments to bludgeon people who rant about how government always screws everything up.

  28. The thing that amazes me, and always has, about the badmouthing of the USPS is that you can’t get a letter delivered in any other country in the world for less than a buck. Or go ahead, call FedEx or UPS and see what it costs. Sure, it’s there overnight, but who cares? It costs $4.50.

    I just don’t understand how in the presence of all evidence to the contrary, people can latch onto something that is demonstrably false. I fear for our country. Honestly.

  29. [re=394482]jesusbutter[/re]: No shit. The post office has never been better. 24 hour stamp machines, mail delivered in three days cross country. The USPS rawks. But since this protester formed its last memory in about 1948, the old P.O. is still a pain in the ass, with its fancy 4 cent stamps and sichlike.

    Meanwhile, what in the fuck is a death ponel?

  30. [re=394520]finallyhappy[/re]: Would “MEDICARE IS SINGLE PAYER YOU TARDS” be considered tacky?

    How about an enlarged photo of your Medicare deduction from your last paycheck? You can then start harassing olds to get your money back when they bitch about government health care.

  31. [re=394543]slowuncle[/re]: Not only do they just want one stamp, but they have to fish around in their stupid change purse for about 10 minutes trying to fish out the exact amount. In pennies mostly.

    What’s with Olds and change purses?

  32. [re=394543]slowuncle[/re]: I live in FL. and that’s hilarious and true. The worst part of that though? They are always gumming up the line during AFTER work hours and boy, on a Saturday morning. They have all day and all week to do shit, and that’s when they do it. Go Death Panelz!

  33. My grandparents are already dead so I couldn’t care less about this whole Death Panel thing. Kill the olds. See if I care. God knows the dirty martinis will kill me long before I have to worry about it.

  34. All these overdressed celebrities took their limos down to this demonstration simply to cash in on the political cause du jour. Real Americans won’t for one minute fall for this slick Hollywood showboating, which really has everything to do with old folks not going to the movies. (I can’t understand why AARP didn’t finance “Pineapple Express,” myself, but that’s still no reason to fall for this jet set duplicity.) The sooner this crew goes back to Santa Monica and Malibu, the better.

  35. The old guy in the first photo is growling at the younger guy because the younger so obviously got laid last night without the need for Viagra, especially Viagra paid for by Medicare.

  36. Those black socks and loafers make you hard to resist, darling. And we all know what wearing a sign over your ass REALLY means. But tell me. You can trust me. What does the bag on your head say? Just– whisper it to me–

  37. Hahahahhahhahhaaa! Can… stop… laughing… at… Captain… No-Butt…

    And to think our healthcare future is going to get fucked by this motley crew. Nobama could take down the Clinton machine and McCain & Co., but these people that are going to defeat his plans… these people?

    Where’s H.L. Mencken when you need him?

  38. Yeah, fix the USPS — make the Postmaster General a cabinet-level position again with the power to deny the olds service. Then they’ll never hear about Death Panels because their cable bills won’t get paid. And they’ll think they’re alone in the world because they won’t receive mail from their grandchildren anymore.

  39. What if we put the Post Office in charge of conducting the Death Panels?
    Oh, and I forgot: are Death Panel executions based on birthdate like the draft, or birth year?
    And can you get moved forward in line for things like wearing teabags on your head?

  40. I’m guessing ass-sign lady/man/both heard about Barney Frank’s forced colonoscopies, and s/he isn’t due for his/her next one until next April.

  41. Can someone explain the ‘Yobama’ nickname? I’ve been busy, and can’t keep up. Is it a reference to yogurt (and how Dr. Obama will force all the ladies to eat it as a part of health care reform, to avoid yester infections or whatever?), or the fact that all black people have been known to spend time watching “Yo! MTV Raps”?

  42. [re=394550]4tehlulz[/re]: Well, I do not know. I was told I am not supposed to try and outyell them or harass them. But I am thinking of just saying ” the president is black, get over it”. I guess I will just go past with my little sign and my Obama button and hope to get in and not sit next to a crazy(because I have a bad habit of putting my feet out and sometimes people trip- totally not my fault).

  43. Praise JEEBUS that my Senior-Bear (being an Old himself) “wouldn’t dream of acting in such an idiotic, disgraceful way – in public no less… nutters, the lot of ’em!”

  44. [re=394615]AnnieGetYourFun[/re]: Well, you see, the coloreds have this colorful slang, and they always are saying “yo yo yo” and “you jive turkey” and “dy-no-mite” and such, so this gentleman, observing that Obama is a colored, found the juxtaposition of this colorful colored slang (known as “jive”) expression, with the name of this colored president. Personally, I think “Bro-bama” is funnier.

  45. A lot of olds that I know are actually pretty healthy compared to the previous generation of olds – they do a bit more walking & golfing and eat a little better – but they’re all giving themselves strokes with the constant blood veins popping with their anger over the black muslin socialist nazi…so they’ll die pretty soon.

  46. “Helen, have you–cute bag you got on your head there. That new? Anyhoo, have you seen the Henderson file? I’ve been looking all over for it, and . . . it’s where now? Erm, no, no, you keep it . . .”

  47. [re=394604]hobospacejunkie[/re]: They ARE alone in the world–their grandchildren do NOT write to them, would you? This is the suprememe irony of the Olds having been exploited into hating the Gov’t: Gov’t agencies are the ONLY people that communicate with these Graytards!! The gov’t sends them their Soc Security, their Medicare, their MEDS for chrissake-their postal clerk has to take their sticky pennies—And THAT is who they are mad at??

  48. Just think of all the patriots who would have been there if they weren’t on the floor with broken hips, sucking moisture from a dishtowel they’ve managed to secure from the edge of the kitchen counter, in a futile attempt to live a little longer, even though they know that nobody gives a shit, and will find their bloated corpse three weeks from now, a little bit mutilated by that ugly little dog.

    Hold on to that hate, gramma. It’s all you got.

  49. [re=394498]McDuff[/re]: USPS Death Panels will be a Six Sigma and Lean-capable org! Mr. ZIP will be retooled to be the “friendly face” for the Kenyan Voodoo-Marxist Einsatzgruppen!

  50. Is this what happens to the wrinklies? Is grumpiness and general disdain for mankind a necessary trait of the olds? Is it a force from which no one can escape? If so, will somebody please shoot me by the time I turn 65 so I won’t be sitting in my hoverscooter, going around in circles on the street corners holding holosigns vehemently expressing my belief to not give robots equal rights or whatever old people hate in the future?

  51. [re=394507]freakishlystrong[/re]: R-Dallas is not, in fact, R-Dallas. Dallas County is blue and has been for the last two election cycles. We have a Latina lesbian county sheriff. In 2006 something like 90% of our Republican judges were defeated by Dem judges. It continued/worsened for the Republicans in 2008. In fact, my state rep switched parties to become a Dem because he: a) went to Austin and found out just how wackadoo fucked in the head actual Republicans are and b) he read the writing on the wall. And I’m in a suburb of Dallas. He knew.

    The rest of the state may still be officially red, but Dallas County is as blue as the sky when um, it’s not all hazy and shit from the pollution.

    I bet those olds don’t even make the local news.

  52. [re=394595]Dear Diorama[/re]: My Health, My Doctor, My Choice. Words of wisdom from Baghead, No- Butts hood -hat.
    A witness in Dallas at the march at the insane asylum.

  53. [re=394552]RoscoePColtraine[/re]:
    Do you ENJOY…..knives?
    Don’t be officious! You’re not yourself when you’re officious. That’s the curse of a government job.
    I would not say….benefit.
    Harold! That was your last date!
    Bit of trouble, officer? Tricky turn.
    I find the QUESTION distasteful.
    Get the shovel!

  54. [re=394845]desertwind[/re]: My own mother is (quite tragically) suffering from dementia and yet she knows well enough not to believe the nonsense on these signs. Furthermore she would never go around with a bag on her head, a sign on her butt, a teabag hanging from her hat, or wearing black socks and shoes with shorts.

    It is unfortunate that dementia cannot afflict only the people, such as those in these photos, who have no need for either their minds or dignity since they have quite willingly given them up.

  55. Jeez, these look the people I saw on the Metro around the 4th of July — they were wearing polo shirts with the American flag on the back, and superimposed over the flag were the words “You are not ENTITLED to what I have EARNED.” As they had apparently earned themselves some ugly-ass polo shirts, I walked to the other end of the platform.

  56. [re=394497]Ablington[/re]: that would take time away from thier job as a greeter at WallsMart. Since ya know they are all double dippin on ssi/Medicare and the six bucks an hour from wallsmart.

  57. First of all the racist card is getting old – it should be eunthanized. Wow what a headline – shows the mentality of some people. The Frazer Valley Health Authority in British Columbia Canada has already cut services to seniors and the mentally ill because of a $160 million dollar short fall. There you have it FACT not fiction – death panels you betch – not officially they just slice the budget and the old and mentally ill just die waiting to be seen – but that does not seem to bother many of you who have commented.

    “The Fraser Health Authority confirmed Thursday it intends to cut surgeries, seniors’ programs and services for the mentally ill to help deal with a budget shortfall of up to $160 million.”

    Then the BC government turns around and charges $821,000 to the Fraser Health Authority to offset their “carbon footprint” in the form of a carbon tax – you Americans have no idea what you are in for…just remember I told you so.

  58. [re=394923]on2u[/re]: ” death panels you betch – not officially they just slice the budget and the old and mentally ill just die waiting to be seen”

    Of course you’re jabbering about Canada (for some odd reason) but that description could pass for our system, multiplied by a gazillion.

    And it’s “betcha”, with an A.

  59. [re=394923]on2u[/re]: You will soon be “eunthanized”, I’m sure. however, I’m also pretty sure if you are linking to the spectator in all seriousness, you are not a Canadian. Blow me, gently, like a pitchpipe.

  60. [re=394923]on2u[/re]: Hey, choad… did you READ that or just the headline?

    “The board said 10 to 15 per cent of [b][i]elective surgeries[/b][/i] will be cut in the latter part of the 2009-10 fiscal year, with slowdowns already scheduled for the Olympic period”

    And “senior services” that are being cut are programs like this RECREATIONAL program (, you fucking dolt. Not services like health care. Yeah, it sucks that there’s a budget shortfall, but they are NOT denying anyone life-saving services. Asshole. Also.

  61. I spent several years in University having leftist crap shoved down my throat. 4.0 GPA btw – Social Work. I know what social engineering is and I know how to be an agent of social control – the National Service Corp is a blatant social control agency as is socialized health care – your weakness is you think “It can’t happen in America” it is – right before your eyes. Simply can not afford these things. But a generation who thinks money just comes out of an ATM – have huge overdrafts and several credit cards wouldn’t understand that – how many who voted for BHO had even left the nest?

    Oldskool – I am blogging – not writing a thesis. I suppose you’ve never made a typo – of course not.

  62. Why get an education, when you can just turn on Beck or Limbaugh or something, and hear what you want to hear, what makes you feel like you’ve been right all along, that you’re their fellow victim. If I could stand to listen to that stuff for more than about 2.5 minutes at a time, I’d probably be pretty pissed, too.

    How’d you like to spend time in the presence of Michelle Malkin,btw? Isn’t she nice? And mentally healthy? The end.

  63. Yeah, “on2u”, all liberals are just like you envision – we all have Marxist fantasies and think free money comes out of an ATM, just like GB and Rush say. I know they’re telling the truth because I am one, and I’d love to move out of my Mom and Dad’s house, except they’ve been dead for 20 years, and I’m 63 and have kids in college, and moved out of ma & pa’s house 45 years ago. How could you so accurately stereotype the left? You must be a God-damned genius – who owns a radio.

  64. [re=394952]on2u[/re]: Yes you pwned us. Now we will never realize our dreams of government euthanization programs. Your method of privatized euthanasia is much better. Cry that America is too poor, rescind socialist programs like Medicare and Soc. Sec., and let the worst off duke it out for rice and chicory leaves (coffee wars will see to that). That will leave tens of thousands of sick elderly with no access to care and getting tazed if they attempt to venture into an emergency room. Then they can simply go to the beaches and the forests to die and be eaten by animals. A fate which would be far, far preferable to euthanasia, I must admit.

  65. [re=394952]on2u[/re]: What is this? You resent the younger generations? You think they are selfish? Why, that sounds like something an old person would say!

  66. When is it going to dawn on the masstards that “Social Security,” is the devil’s tool to idle their hands while sucking on that juicy gummint teat? I mean, WTF? “Social,” asshats, like in “socialism.” What? Whadda ya mean you “don’t get it?” People this old couldn’t all have been home-schooled. Let’s rename it “Socialist Security” and give them all heart attacks. Like I had when the reptards invented “Homeland (retch…oops, I mean ‘heil’} Security” and renamed Washington National Airport after the patron saint of senile wingnutz and sworn enemy of unions everywhere — except that commie one in Poland. I despair.

  67. When the death panels are put in place, I modestly propose the form of euthanasia be hunting, a la “The Most Dangerous Game.” Island, rifles with scopes, perky dogs. I would pay good money to bag some of -no, all of- the old farts pictured above. From a helicopter. Also.

  68. [re=394952]on2u[/re]: “The Fraser Health Authority confirmed Thursday it intends to cut surgeries, seniors’ programs and services for the mentally ill…”

    Here in America, you know which president cut shitloads of services for the mentally ill? That would be Reagan; his budgets were responsible for more than a few mental patients being turned out into the streets.

    And while it sure sucks for the one old woman quoted in the article about the Time Out program being cut, I don’t think the end of a program that organizes social activities for old people is quite up to the level of the “Obama is Hitler” meme that healthcare opponents in this country have been screaming at the top of their lungs.

    Tell you what: if we ever want to understand hockey, we’ll call you. Otherwise STFU and stay out of this debate.

  69. Want to hear something funny, but true? When English physician Edward Jenner was pioneering the field of vaccines and eradicating the threat of smallpox, Conservatives of his day feared that the vaccine would cause one to grow bovine appendages. Eventually vaccination was accepted, and in 1840 the British government provided vaccination – free of charge. That’s 1840. With an 8.

  70. I forgot the rules – only conservatives can be stereotyped. Where is the money going to come from to pay for the new health care system? I do not like anyone being denied health care as much as the next guy – expand services for non insured that are already available. Oregon is not happy with their state insurance. Not fair to leave a bill for the next seven generations. I wish everything was free too – reality sucks.

    THE PRESIDENT: So that’s where I think you just get into some very difficult moral issues. But that’s also a huge driver of cost, right?
    I mean, the chronically ill and those toward the end of their lives are accounting for potentially 80 percent of the total health care bill out here.

    LEONHARDT: So how do you – how do we deal with it?

    THE PRESIDENT: Well, I think that there is going to have to be a conversation that is guided by doctors, scientists, ethicists. And then there is going to have to be a very difficult democratic conversation that takes place. It is very difficult to imagine the country making those decisions just through the normal political channels. And that’s part of why you have to have some independent group that can give you guidance. It’s not determinative, but I think has to be able to give you some guidance. And that’s part of what I suspect you’ll see emerging out of the various health care conversations that are taking place on the Hill right now.

  71. [re=395027]on2u[/re]: Nothing wrong with fear, per se, but the only people I see nowadays letting fear rule their lives are Conservatives (big ‘C’.) Fear always stifles progress and innovation. Change is scary, but life IS change.

    Health care already costs a fortune. No industrialized country on Earth spends as much, per person, on health care as we do. We lag other countries in life expectancy and infant mortality. To say that shifting the costs of health care from profit driven to single payer would necessarily bankrupt the country is a fallacy. Many of the cost factos are within our control. Early detection and treatment, which is not typically utilized by the poor and uninsured, costs way less than treating a serious illness in it’s final stages.

    As for the interview you quote, besides lacking context and source citation, every word is fact. How can anyone deny that the elderly and chronically ill account for the bulk of our health care costs? That’s just a statement of fact. But I see nothing in this slice of conversation that indicates we are heading toward euthanasia. Why are you letting fear and misinformation color your view of the world?

  72. [re=395027]on2u[/re]: who fucking cares about your goddamned trolling? Fuck you and the horse you rode in on. If you were a man, I would kick your ass.

    and before you spout that tired old saw about liberals and tolerance, and violence, go fuck yourself. I’m not your daddy’s liberal.

    Again, fuck you troll.

  73. “If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels.”

    — Prince Phillip – Duke of Edinburgh, leader of the World Wildlife Fund – quoted in ‘Are You Ready For Our New Age Future?’, Insiders Report, American Policy Center, December ’95

    Death Panel Wagon – I’m here to stay. Besides, the Olsen twins are hot.

  74. [re=395027]on2u[/re]: Thanks for sharing the voices in your head. Now hurry up and die, you fucking cyst.

    Some olds should be spared forced abortions and death panels. The following lovely lady puts Walnuts on the spot:

    McCain can’t spit it out. It’s like pissing with prostate issues. And of course he talks around the good question. The republicans did nothing about healthcare all those years in power. Chuck “I am not a non-partisan fact checker” Todd should learn from this lady.

  75. The olds — Keith Richard, Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney, Stephen Tyler, Rod Stewart, Stevie Nicks, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, B.B. King, Etta James, Tina Turner, Willie Nelson, Don Henley, Joe Walsh, Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, Carole King, Linda Ronstadt, Dollie Parton, Merle Haggard, Tony Bennett, Grace Slick, Tommy Emanuel, Pete Seeger, James Galway, Itzhak Perlman, Arlo Guthrie, Michael Smith, Dave Brubeck, Barbara Streisand, Kris Kristofferson, Little Richard, Taj Mahal, Ravi Shankar, Neil Young, Stephen Stills, Judy Collins, Carlos Santana, Leon Redbone, Garrison Keillor, Hank Williams Jr, Keb Mo, Ralph Stanley —

    You youngsters better learn to sing, play, and write music PDQ.

  76. Bob Dylan, Peter Yarrow, Paul Stookey, Mary Travers, Billie Grammer, Quincy Jones, Bruce Springsteen, Jay Ungar, John Sebastian, George Benson — The Olds, people! The Soylent Majority!

  77. El Pinche – actually – one semester I had a 4.07 GPA – seriously …. However, what I really believe is any correlation between education and intelligence is purely coincidental; especially if the educatiom has been acquired in the past 15 years.

  78. Are these lists of people you want us on the Death Panels to spare because, uh, they have contributed positively to the culture or something? We’ll take it under consideration. As for you, on2u, we’re moving you up to the front of the line for taking up our time with way too many Fox News talking points crammed sequentially with NO redeeming entertainment value interspersed among them:Thumbs down to you. You will be escorted presently to the Terry Schiavo chamber where you can listen to one last Bob Seger song-or maybe the Pretenders song from the Rush Limbaugh Comedy Hour; your choice. Nice knowin’ ya, ol’ Yeller.

  79. [re=395096]on2u[/re]: Oh I get it! Sorry, it’s early and I’m not quite awake–you’re the guy holding the “Yobama” sign in the photo!! Well that’s different, I’m so sorry if we’ve been rude to you. Wow, it’s not every day we get a real celebrity here at Wonkette—this is exciting.

  80. [re=395027]on2u[/re]: Gosh, expanding services for the uninsured would be a great alternative if that option were magically cost-free. Every time a sick poor person winds up in the ER, we all pay for it. The idea is to (1) reduce the number of sick poor people and (2) reduce the costs of treating sick people generally. We already spend more than other first-world countries and get less in return, despite the fact that other countries use a variety of means to make sure their poor sick people get treated. That means that the system we have now doesn’t work, and some form of universal health care (which the other countries who kick our ass, in the context of keeping our citizens healthy, all share) does work.

    The market doesn’t work for the delivery of health care. When the market fails, the government needs to step in to fix things. We’ve given lots of time and God knows how many lives to the private health insurance industry to get it right, and they can’t do it.

  81. [re=395096]on2u[/re]: Please come out and play, on2u! I want to talk about your claim to have battled your way through our commie university system, braving the leftist indoctrination AND emerging unscathed with a “4.0”. Wow, you know what that story reminds me of? The fat Army supply clerk who spent his military duty during the Vietnam era having never left Fort Bragg, but claims to have been a combat vet who returned home from the war only to be spat upon and called ‘baby killer’ by dirty longhaired leftists before he could even get out of the airport. I have encountered this delusional character dozens of times in the last 25 years–different faces, same urban myth. It never happened. Not once. on2u, your spiel is of the same category of bullshit. You are a fraud and the only charitable thing I can think of to say to you is that, like Ronald Reagan “remembering” that he helped liberate the jews from concentration camps in 1945, you may actually believe the sorryass fiction you’re spewing.

  82. I am entering this conversation quite late I know but I feel I must point out to all above that according to the latest poll of older than God walking dead, the vast majority of them including a huge chunk of Republicans support the health care reform bill and the expansion of Medicare to include the younger generations(that would be Public Option, idiots). Why might you ask? They know that private insurance is designed to pay out as little as possible and have lived long enough to see the result for their kids and grand kids and they know that the emergency rooms are now filled with masses of people waiting for days to see a doctor. For an older woman who is having a heart attack, and the symptom for that is indigestion and dizziness, a nice long wait in an emergency room is skipping the Death Panel entirely. And then of course they can remember how in 1992 the private insurers were going to fix everything up real nice if they only could do some cost cutting and managed care etc.
    As for the Death Panels, hahaha. Old people want the Public Death Panels more than anybody. Old people are going to be begging to get on these Death Panels. The most fun you can have as an old is to outlive that old bitch and her drooling dick-less husband who pissed you off for years.
    The olds showing up at the town halls just want some attention and have nothing else to do all day because they lived lives filled with hate and selfishness.

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