Every Medicaid recipient also gets a free unicorn.Here is your daily White House Healthcare Messaging Update! Having failed at the whole “talk to insured voters about what’s in it for them” approach, various strategists and advisors are now telling the Obama administration to talk about “morals” instead. Good luck with that!

This is the angle that all the bleeding hearts have embraced forever, because it hurts their Souls to see a first world nation treating its citizens like Dickensian chimney sweeps, perishing in the streets from Miner’s Lung because they signed up for the Whole Foods high deductible plan.

But presumably some early and persuasive polling told the White House message-bots to target insured voters with a detail-oriented, list-the-material-benefits sort of approach, right? Is a lofty moral appeal really going to work on a whole voting bloc of paranoid dinguses who sincerely believe that the government is going to execute their grandmother and provide gold-plated Congressional health plans to illegal immigrants?

Hell, it couldn’t work out any worse than it already has, right? So why not. In September, expect a lot more “this is a moral imperative” and a lot less “subsection 436 clearly states your deductible will remain within one standard deviation of the mean rate of inflation for all meniscus-relatd procedures.”

White House Rethinks How It Sells Health Overhaul [Wall Street Journal]

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  1. I really hope they aren’t going to rely on the generosity of spirit of people who shout “Heil Hitler” at Jews in public and wear sustitute penises in holsters around their waist or leg.

  2. Wait, we’ve got ‘Murkins screaming Heil Hitler at one another and we’re going to appeal to a MORAL argument? Fuck don’t that beat all.

  3. So with no actual definitive plan, they finally figure out they should be talking about nebulous ideals and morals instead of defending the unspecified? What the hell happened to the razor sharp campaign team who were always one step ahead of the attack lines of the opposition? Did somebody miss and give David Souter’s late Summer lobotomy to Obama’s entire administration?

  4. Mel Brooks and his gang of writers from Blazing Saddles are a bunch of Nostradamuses because Obama’s Admin is getting the same damn reaction as Black Bart did. I’m sure that Barry was told the same thing by Axelrod:

    What did you expect? “Welcome, sonny”? “Make yourself at home”? “Marry my daughter”? You’ve got to remember that these are just simple farmers. These are people of the land. The common clay of the new West. You know… morons.

  5. Just cancel medicare,veteran health benefits, and all hospital subsidizes for one year. Obama should go on TV and say “Here! You want private health care? Have at it! Talk to you same time next year, or maybe not!”

  6. So when do we get to the “the other side is fascists” stage in this debate? Because I really am just waiting to see Dems lose their goddamn shit in public appearances. Barney Frank was just the start:

    Citizen: “I’m concerned about how the reimbursement sceme will affect small practices, due to rising malpractice-insurance costs-”

    Either that or make make Paris Hilton the new spokesperson, also.

  7. [re=390319]ManchuCandidate[/re]: That means we get to see Obama dress up in a sewn-on Candygram suit? Oh, that’s just too hot for words to describe!

  8. Ok, some help here. LaRouchies show up here in Arlington from time to time. usually I just ignore them or scowl or hiss(yes, i do hiss very well)- if they try to speak to me, I say ” when hell freezes over”. So if they show up now- any suggestions what to say? I won’t say “FU” in public but I am volatile(that is how us olds are) and thinking that if one of them is holding an OBama as Hitler poster, I may try to take it and rip it up(is that assault?). I could claim senior rage syndrome.

  9. [re=390332]finallyhappy[/re]: If you do this, now that the White House has changed its message discipline, you’ll be pretty far off the talking points.

    However, as far as delivering your BeatDown Points, you’ll probably be saying the right things… as long as you use an iron pipe.

  10. [re=390322]ph7[/re]: Just cancel medicare,veteran health benefits, and all hospital subsidizes for one year.

    If you canceled every public program in the red southern states, stopped sending them a cent, removed all regulations and and let them secede from the union, they’d blame the chaos and poverty of the ensuing plunge into medieval third world anarchy on “too much big government”.

    It’s not a logic and evidence-based mindset. It’s the other kind.

  11. Coming September 1, the realization that, after all this, sex is what sells. The Hooters girls will be doing TV spots about why they need public option mammograms, with the tagline, “You wouldn’t want anything to happen to these, would you?”

  12. Personally, I think a tire iron to the head and a little AC (alternating current for those non-techies out there) to the balls would be more persuasive. Sigh. These idiots are bringing the Dick Cheney out of me.

  13. If you are going to provide a unicorn, the least you can do is make it the famous Naked Obama Unicorn pic. The only reason I read Wonkette is to see if that pic comes up.

  14. The White House and the Democrats in Congress shock everyone by shifting gears to the ground-breaking and risky strategy of passing legislation that the voters who put them there made clear they wanted.

    Crazy idea! Who would have thought of THAT?

  15. [re=390371]freakishlystrong[/re]: [re=390357]hobospacejunkie[/re]: /snark At the risk of stating the obvious, I don’t think the WH is planning to appeal to our “lite-brownshirts” morally; they are trying to motivate the folks currently watching from the sidelines. Classic Schattschneider.

  16. It’s so simple: Market healthcare as expensive because ‘Big Health’ has a MONOPOLY that allows them to charge 85 dollars for a cotton swab and thus stifle the FREE MARKET. By allowing a public option to compete, it will drive prices down by use of the FREE MARKET.

    I know, I know, ALLCAPS makes me look crazy, but I’m trying to drive home the point, we are way off message. It’s not socialism to want some competition to drive down prices. How did we let shitbag neo-cons drive the message? I thought when we thew a bucket of water on them in the last election they all melted.

  17. Look, Mr. Fancy Pants, you already sold us on the idea of reform and a public option last year, that’s we f’ing voted for you. So stop the marketing, stop the town halls, and just do it already. Christ… The death panels can’t come soon enough IMO.

  18. Well, can we just scrap this healthcare reform business and have the govmint just stick to the undertaking business.
    Or is that still too socialist an exit for your typical Mericun?

  19. Is Bob Schrum – architect of the winning strategies of such great Democratic presidents as Mike Dukakis, Walter Mondale and John Kerry – now working his magic for Obama?

  20. I’m probably alone in thinking this, but it seems amazingly coincidental that this new strategy was implemented immediately after Grassley and Kyl hung themselves. What kind of fucking morons actually tell everyone they never intended to be bipartisan when they were hip deep in bipartisan negotiations? No voters will like that, and now the republicans have nowhere to go when the Dems steamroll them. Well played, Rahm. And bonus points for making Baucus look like a complete fucktard.

  21. Did Bob Shrum crawl out of his hole? Mark Penn? Exactly which genius con$ultant is telling Obama to appeal to the nobler nature of chip-gorging, teevee-watching Americans?

  22. [re=390357]hobospacejunkie[/re]: Wasn’t he the guy in Vivid Video’s less-than-successful Premature Ejaculation series?

    Sorry, I didn’t sleep well so I’m off my game.

  23. I’m not exactly sure this is going to work considering American’s lack of interest in helping other Americans in general. Especially those with funny names or differently-colored skin.


  25. Holy crap. Cater to their morals? And who thinks that’s gonna work?

    I swear the most incompetent staffers in the Bush years are still working at the White House.

  26. think the libtards will take to the streets for once?

    Obama said: look at Roosevelt, the people FORCED him to act.

    We gonna have to force these godamned Dems to do the right thing.

  27. [re=390321]Chickensmack[/re]: Well, Bush got one of the largest surpluses in the past century to destroy like a nice fresh jar of Play-Doh, and then all Obama got to play with was the snot, crayon, and glue-covered dirty Play-Doh.

  28. Heaven forbid we expand care for people. What’s important is that I am covered, why should I care if you are? It matters not to me.

  29. [re=390332]finallyhappy[/re]: Olds can get away with most anything. Try the middle finger. It seems to go with graying hair as long as you smile at the same time. Trust me on this one.

  30. My husband was involved in a serious motorcycle accident on July 21, 2009. Three young kids, with no car insurance turned left in front of my husband, causing him to strike their car and flew off his bike approximately 100 feet before hitting the pavement. The three tried to leave the scene but for whatever reason they turned around, however, they did not render aid nor did they call 911 as my husband laid there close to death.

    Furthermore, we cannot afford health insurance. Yes we both work, very hard. My husband has survived thus far, thanks to incredible doctors, however, our hospital bill could be around 1 mill due to the severity of his condition at the time of the accident. Hell, the Life Flight bill has already arrived and it’s $12,800.

    Currently my husband is not able to swallow, therefore he cannot eat or drink anything, and has a feeding tube contraption in his stomach. Yesterday, the doctors told us that as soon as his blood is thin to a point that he may not have another PE (blood clot in the lung – lethal), he will be released from the hospital and I get to shoot food from a large syringe into his feeding tube three times per day until, if ever, he is able to swallow again.

    My point is this……..nobody, especially the Healthcare system gives a shit about human life, really, just dollar signs, and we owe them big, so they are kicking him to the curb. Live, die, they do not give a shit. Not to mention the surgeries that are certain down the road to repair his broken neck and back that an insurance company will not cover because of pre-existing conditions, blah, blah, blah!

    I am angry……I am hurt….but mostly I am just plain disgusted that I live in such a disgraceful nation.

    Send me to the next town hall, I’ll kick some major ass!!

  31. Why can’t we be more like South Korea, with a full scale brawl on the floor of their legislature. Maybe that’s how we could settle this health care issue…joint session, steel cage match. Winner take all.

  32. [re=390913]sitonmyface[/re]: Wow. Thanks for sharing your incredible story. I’m sorry your husband is such bad shape. I agree, as a nation we are a disgrace. Hardly surprising considering this continent was settled, and our nation built, by people who just took what they wanted and killed anyone who got in their way, and these people are celebrated for it. I hope your future is brighter than it looks from here.

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