The game show gods are unhappy.PBS newsperson Gwen Ifill: all-around class act, or milquetoast cipher who “looks like a dentist”? Opinion is hotly divided here at your Wonkette. One thing we can all agree on: do not make her your go-to source on Richard Nixon resignation trivia.

She appeared as an “expert” on Regis Philbin’s million-year-old quiz show, Fartin’ to the Oldies, and offered exceedingly poor trivia advice to some hapless woman called Jennifer.

One of game show’s contestants, Jennifer, used her first lifeline to “Ask An Expert” on the following question:

“When Richard Nixon wrote his famous letter, ‘I hereby resign the Office of the President of the United States,’ he addressed it to whom?”

[…] Ifill said that O’Neill must be the right answer. “I’m thinking that Tip O’Neill as the speaker of the House is in charge of succession, would be the guy.”

The correct answer was, of course, Richard Nixon’s longtime lover and pen pal, Henry Kissinger. Ifill was executed on the spot and fed to the hungry children of Kelly Ripa.

Gwen Ifill drops the ball on ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?’ [Politico]

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