The game show gods are unhappy.PBS newsperson Gwen Ifill: all-around class act, or milquetoast cipher who “looks like a dentist”? Opinion is hotly divided here at your Wonkette. One thing we can all agree on: do not make her your go-to source on Richard Nixon resignation trivia.

She appeared as an “expert” on Regis Philbin’s million-year-old quiz show, Fartin’ to the Oldies, and offered exceedingly poor trivia advice to some hapless woman called Jennifer.

One of game show’s contestants, Jennifer, used her first lifeline to “Ask An Expert” on the following question:

“When Richard Nixon wrote his famous letter, ‘I hereby resign the Office of the President of the United States,’ he addressed it to whom?”

[…] Ifill said that O’Neill must be the right answer. “I’m thinking that Tip O’Neill as the speaker of the House is in charge of succession, would be the guy.”

The correct answer was, of course, Richard Nixon’s longtime lover and pen pal, Henry Kissinger. Ifill was executed on the spot and fed to the hungry children of Kelly Ripa.

Gwen Ifill drops the ball on ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?’ [Politico]

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  1. She correctly answered the next question. Although, even in that case she said she was only 50% sure so the guy had to burn another lifeline.

  2. Of course he gave the keys to dear ol’ Henry. He knew where all the skeletons were (are). All that succession stuff is so, well, constitutional and stuff. Ew.

  3. It’s never easy to keep from speaking that wonderful name, Tip O’Neill, given half a chance. And the question was kind of tough. But her judgement is in question for agreeing to go on that horrible show anyway. Why, Gwen? Anything would be better. Guest shots on Colombian soap operas, ShamWow infomercials, *anything*!

  4. Everybody knows that if you want to resign the presidential office, you’ll have to get through “Tip O’Neill” and “Bobby Sands” first.

  5. [re=390280]Todd Mecklem[/re]: “It’s never easy to keep from speaking that wonderful name, Tip O’Neill, given half a chance.”

    Agreed. You may recall SCTV making such great mileage out of it with “The Brooke Shields Show,” where Brooke appears with Tip O’Neill and keeps calling him “Tip Toe Nail.”

  6. Jesus Gwen, it’s only like the most notorious story in presidential history, the two of them praying, crying, jacking each other off. Read your goddamn Woodward & Bernstein already, you big fat failure.

  7. @widget09 – Ha! Haig’s famous power grab (televised, no less) was during Reagan’s first term. He was just an innocent military tyke when Nixon resigned.

  8. oh, sure that is still on but why can’t I find “Gilligan’s Island”? When I sold my soul to the Devil and got FIOS last year, I expected to be able to compare Gilligan to Lost- but no luck.

  9. Why can’t wonkette get any photos of Gwen and Condi’s late-nite pillow fights, and cookie dough ice cream pig-outs.

    Furthermore, how did she manage to rehabilitate her image from somebody who wouldn’t piss on our flaming hearts to what I see here today?

    Fuck Gwen Ifill and the bare-back Condi pony she rode in on.

  10. Who said that she looks like a dentist? Because omigod, she really does! Some overly efficient type with a soothing Jamaican lilt who’s really a resentful closet sadist thinking about how she’s going to send her seven children to college. Actually, she looks like MY dentist.

  11. All those phone a friend experts go all Cindy Brady unless they ask them really easy questions. I was not surprised to see that Jodi Piccoult was as stupid as her books. Sorry Jodi, but teenagers READ those books, and you are respnsible. Stephananopoulos got his right, but it was something really easy.

  12. I was a Bike Courier in Manhattan in the mid 1980s and one of our main clients, an Entertainment Accounting firm, on West 57th Street had the original hanging right over the Receptionist’s Desk, so maybe she should have called on one of us instead of one of those hi’ falutin’ PBS ‘Expertzes’.

    It would be Gwen over Katy because the rule is to never go to bed with anyone crazier than you.

  13. Actually, they asked former Governor Palin first:

    Philbin: Governor Palin, who did Nixon address his letter to.

    Palin: All of them.

    Philbin: All of them?

    Palin: All of them, Regis.

    Philbin: All of who?

    Palin: I know our troops who are fighting for our first amendment rights wish you would just not make stuff like this up, Regis.

    Philbin: What?

    Palin: Stop making fun of my special needs baby, Regis. That does it, I quit.

  14. Is it wrong to politely ask what, exactly, the attraction is for this Awfill person on the televisions? She doesn’t necessarily project any clear presence, style, personality, charm, charisma, aura, star qualities, entertainment value, news judgement, personna or anything else that’s remotely endearing. What on earth is she doing on the televisions?

    By the way, the same question could be put to about 548 other people on the televisions and internets.

    We did get one good answer recently for two people: those boneheads at the Post who were trying to do something on video, but failed miserably. That question was answered: They don’t belong on the televisions, the videos or the internets.

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