Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. HEY, 1988 CALLED, IT WANTS ITS LAROUCHIES BACK. [YouTube]

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    I know now is the time for snark, but can someone in a high place PLEASE transcribe this and send to Rahmbo so he can turn it into talking points for all members of the DNC??

  2. As a matter of fact, I was just chatting with my dinner room table! It thought that some type of healthcare reform was urgently needed in the US. But we live in Toronto…

  3. I love Barney and all, but doesn’t it concern you all that he’s the first person to actually stand up to these loons?

    No wonder a Kenyan national and known monarchist is allowed to serve openly in Washington.

  4. [re=390076]dennymcden[/re]: I was just about to suggest Frank assist Rahm in finding his testicles. Not literally, unless that was what it would take to get the White House to start showing some spine.

  5. Here in France dining room tables are also covered. Not that they’re any more grateful about it than this wingnut woman was. I’m half tempted to replace mine with a simple death panel.

  6. The “oh shit, I just became a youtube celebrity for the wrong reasons” look on her face was priceless

    [re=390082]Bebe Loves You[/re]: McCaskill stood up to them and shut them up. This was the first one to show real contempt with humor.

  7. As one of Frank’s constituents, I am in the rare position of saying that my Congressman speaks for me very accurately. Can we get him in on the reconciliation process, please?

  8. What is one of the youngs doing yelling Nazi at my BF? (My Barney Frank, potty brain.) And she has a hairdo straight out of Lord of the Rings. Why isn’t she roll-playing somewhere? Our modern concerns should not trouble her.

  9. In all seriousness, that was just awesome, and a perfect antidote to the previous post.

    Now if you’ll excuse me I need a cold shower to cool down my cockles.

  10. Unless anyone has evidence that Liz Becton was somewhere else today, I am assuming the questioner is her. And she does not know who told Frank that she appreciates having her intellect compared to that of furniture, when the does NOT!

  11. Mildly curious to know how we got from “dumb as a box of rocks” to “dumb as a dining room table.” But I like it. It’s suitably ridiculous.

  12. I think “arguing with a table” originates with one of the millions of colorful Yiddish insults. And if I’m wrong, you can just go take a shit in the ocean.

  13. See, Barney can get away with this sort of shit. It’s his thing. He’s the fat gay Jewish snark machine. If anyone else tried to do this, they would be shredded for acting provocative, unstatesmanly etc. It’s the same as with Rahm and his foul mouth.

  14. Every time I get close to that dreaded realization that democrats are all total p&^^ies when contronted by the crazies, Barney Frank’s wit (and lisp) come to my rescue. Thank you, you cuddly gay jew liberal behemoth of the Hill. You are simply awesome.

  15. It’s a shame to give the Larouchites any publicity at all–they’ve been so desperately seeking it for the last 30 years or so–but it was worth it to see Barney speak truth to idiocy. I hope that young woman will snap out of it someday. But maybe she won’t. The next generation of Orly Taitzes has to come from somewhere!

  16. Vid queued up show a split second of “Feline Dr. Mengele” Bill Frist…what was his reaction to the halter-top hobbit dumb?

    Probably something like: Errr, errr, socialism, errr, granny gets premature afterlife panel consults by Kenyan Death Priests, errr errrr, eat more Hardee’s Baconators cuz theys chock full of FREEDOM, and we’ve got Lipitoriums full of Big Pharma goodies to keep you in tip condition for your 5 times a day TypeIIDiabeetusGulp habits, my roller-pig fellow Tenneseeans.

  17. Barney is the greatest. Alas, the dining room table will go on Fox and boo-hoo about how dehumanized she felt, and the MSM will ponderously announce that the debate has turned ugly on both sides.

  18. Barney….you are just every kind of awesome.
    Would that every politician worth his salt would stand up to the crazees like you do.
    Keep up the good work!!!

  19. [re=390125]WadISay[/re]:
    “Barney is the greatest. Alas, the dining room table will go on Fox and boo-hoo about how dehumanized she felt”
    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! You guys are making me piss my pants.
    Her name is Ashley Ikea Broyhill, from Woodlawn, Mass.

  20. *******

    “The economy is collapsing,” one woman told Frank, suggesting that President Obama has chosen the wrong time to pursue health care reform.

    When she compared the administration’s policies to Germany under Hitler, Frank responded by asking her, “On what planet do you spend most of your time?”
    First lesson when dealing with Repug crazies: Always give better than you get. For each punch, give back two.

    PS: According to the Star Trek logs, her planet is Delta Vega.

  21. The “Heil Hitler” fucktard really had me down about, you know, humanity. Thanks for jumping on this one, Wonkette. I could watch this a million fucking times.

  22. The only unfortunate thing is that now more hapless Dems are going to try to score points using “the humor,” and will inevitably fuck it up. I mean, can you imagine John Kerry trying to deliver lines like this? “Um, ma’am, in response to your query I would ask the audience to consider the question of whether your home resident may in fact be upon a celestial object other than the earth.” [puzzled looks from audience] “What I mean is that having a discussion with you about health-related concerns is akin to having you atop the dining room table. I mean, having a discussion with you about health whilst on the dining room table. I mean, you remind me of a table. There, I’ve said it.”

  23. It was a trick question. She’s not from another planet; she’s from an alternate universe where Obama IS actually Hitler. She didn’t deface a picture, she just took one and brought it with her. Oh, and Barney Frank is Nadya Suleiman.

  24. [re=390136]irisheyesagain[/re]: “If somebody wants to go out and have wild sex, for the fun of it, then they can pay for the consequences.”

    AND a looker!

  25. [re=390085]HedonismBot[/re]: Well I am teh ghey, but I’ll stick with a hearty Bearbloke-hug for Barney….

    [re=390139]sfstewart[/re]: Mizz Jersey 1957 is a rather entertainingly feisty Congresscritter, isn’t he?

  26. It’s nice to see that Barney Frank represents the interests of his constituents. We can only not-hope, and not-rely upon the fact that there are 434 others who could give a shit about it. Isn’t that nice?

    Oh and props to the Senate! Grassley and our newly converted Specter— excellent work there (hack-fucks). 2009— meet 1994. WE ARE AWESOME AND VERY SIMILAR.

    Celebrations shall ensue. They will not? CELEBRATE ANYWAY YOU SINGLE-PAYER DEATH-PANEL SOCIALISTS.

  27. Couldn’t these people just have a 10-15 minute explanation of what the public option actually IS before they take questions from people who don’t know anything?

  28. Wow, ’bout bloody time. We may have finally have an answer to the question: how many times you need to get punched in the mouth before you punch back?

    The answer…two weeks. (Give or take every day since 1/20/09).

    Now, ifs it not too much trouble, would you mind spending a little bit of that political capital.

  29. Just when I’m ready to flush the Dems down the toilet of my mind Barney reminds me that they once all stood for something. Now it’s just Barney Frank, but he’s doing a hell of a job all by his lonesome. Now get with his program, Obama. Stop being a spineless republican fluffer & go punch Max Baucus in the face.

  30. Hey Barack and Rahm! Remember the “Chicago Way?”
    (Doesn’t it have something to do with knives and guns?)
    C’mon, guys, we’re dying here!!

    I hope the Hitler gals enjoy their shark-jumping 15 minutes.

  31. [re=390152]GreatOldOnesParty[/re]: Dude the guy has had about 3,500,000,283 separate 15 minutes of fame. He should at least get that much. GIVE HIM THAT MUCH— slowly and lovingly.

  32. God Bless You, Barney Frank. And if there isn’t a benevolent God, I’m sure you will try to create one before we all die telling fairy tales of Paul Wellstone and Queen Pelosi to our little grand kids. Through the magic of ignorace they will recreate OUR GODS and peace will reign.

  33. That was so satisfying, and necessary, and overdue, that it made my nuts tingle. Note to brown Jesus – it is time to stop catchin’ and start pitchin’. You can’t avoid offending some people if you are going to lead. You have some lieutenants out there with sharp elbows. Let’s go. Time to put these fucking Nazis in their place. Saddle up. Lead, motherfucker.

  34. Greatest moment in the whole thing:

    Frank has already set to steamrolling her, and it’s clear that paddle is about to meet ass, yet when he begins to admonish her for possessing the sheer temerity necessary to brandish a picture of the president as Hitler as a way of framing her side of the debate, she holds it up for a moment as if proud to acknowledge its presence, thus affirming with a dull nod that she is in fact the tard he dares call her.

  35. Rock on Barney. Jesus Christ, finally someone with the cujones to stand up to these right wing, CATO Institute supported, brain dead morons.

  36. [re=390169]Mike Steele[/re]: It’s actually a blessing/coincidence that Pamela “Heil Hitler!” Pilger and this elvish tart both made it into the national spotlight in the same day.
    We just need to spread it all over everything so we can say to the wingnutz: “This? This is what you want to associate yourself with?”

  37. [re=390176]GreatOldOnesParty[/re]: Don’t forget the gun rally held outside Obama’s town hall in Arizona. The gun nuts are probably all jazzed up about it but most people gotta be thinking that’s a little fucked up. Unless most people aren’t. In which case we’re fucked anyways.

  38. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

    Watching Barney Frank eviscerate that simpleton was like getting handed an ice-cold beer after being locked in an outhouse on a sweltering hot August day.

    A sweltering hot August day, in a revolting, germ-filled 3 x 3 x 6 shitshack, that lasted for 8 whole years.

  39. [re=390172]S.Luggo[/re]: I know there is a way around this but it is only letting me do one submission at a time. I just wanted Beck to know how great I thought the “Mellow Gold” album was.

  40. More notable comments from

    Karen Rickard, Watertown, NY
    I thought we had freedom of speech, appaently only when your Black (he’s really a mulatto but that is not mentioned) do you have it. Keep it up, we will stand behind you.

    [Um, thanks lady, that’s really helpful…]

    Vivian& Richard Blink, Bowling Green, KY
    Glenn, We have been 9/12 members since “We The People” was launched. Thanks to you we serve on a Tea Party Committe and work hard at the grassroots level. Hang in there, Glenn. You will be surprised at what your supporters can do!

    [After today? Maybe not.]

    Patrick Lewis, Cleveland, Ohio
    The First Amendment has nothing to do with private companies who choose not to spend their hard earned dollars on a racist nut.

    Herman & Rose Bauer, Jacksonville, FL
    Glenn, You are like the “special” child we never had. And we will support you no matter what you say or do. It’s just too bad that you will be going to the same corner of hell as bankers, credit card execs and Moonies. We still love you!

    Trig! You can be a talk show host!

  41. [re=390107]AnnieGetYourFun[/re]: How’s about this local election? Bogus mayoral picks. I actually put your name in for City Mayor.

    The girl in that video reminded me of a Manson Family chick. Don’t get me wrong… I’d do her. but only if I could put a paper bag over her soul.

  42. [re=390138]Dave J.[/re]: Dude, there are few things in the world funnier than Kerry’s bizarro speak. Poor guy.

    Now excuse me while I get myself stuck in Iraq for farm bureaucrats before I vote against Vietnam.

  43. [re=390183]facehead[/re]: meh, the other one is the fun one; with the poor dipshit who has to delete them manually, and still hasn’t figured out that there is no “Markfoley FL”

  44. I guess I’m just not down with the kids today, ’cause until recently, I’d no idea there’s a resurgence of Larouchie-ismusism among the college set.

  45. [re=390209]lesleyjf[/re]: Really? I was sure he meant “idiot whore.”

    [re=390197]Cory Paul[/re]: Wasn’t it a perfect balance between outrage and constraint? Frank and the bald Israeli guy in Vegas showed amazing restraint. Being a jew and being called a ‘nazi’ ? Personally, I think I’d lose it and start punchin pieholes.

  46. There’s variations on the theme in this thread but I’ll throw in my 2am snark at the risk of repeating someone else:


  47. [re=390215]american mutt[/re]: “BARNEY FRANK DOESN’T CARE ABOUT LIVING ROOM FURNITURE.”

    You’re not paying attention, Mutt. Frank was is-railing at Dining Room, not Living Room, furniture. I yell at mine all the time: “Walnuts! You Asshole” “Walnuts, your chosen mates, for POTUS and in real life, are indescribably whorish twat-knobs”. “Walnuts, you are sooooo garage sale.” And etc.

    Barney secretly argues with his living room stuff all the time. That’s where he has his TV.

  48. [re=390215]american mutt[/re]: [re=390221]villageatrois[/re]: whatever, Mutt, out of the 200 or so that’s definitely my favorite. I’m not elitist when it comes to rooms.

  49. Like many Americans, I had to sell my dining room table to afford the life-saving colonoscopy that the benevolent Insurance company finally agreed to let me have after 17 years of haggling and severe colon deterioration. As fate would have it, Barney Frank, per Wing-nut talking points, performed the surgery. As such, this video is both poignant AND bittersweet.

  50. This is not about healthcare. Douchborough this AM kept asking, all wide-eyed and bewildered, “where is all this hateful speech, (on BOTH sides of course), coming from?” I emailed the show because I’m hoarse from yelling. Look at a wingnuts schedule;
    Fox N’ Friends-3 hours of anti-Obama, and “Democrat” Party ranting.
    Glenn Beck’s Radio show-Obama is a Racist and hates white people.
    Sean Hannity’s Radio show-Obama is a racist and a facist.
    Rush Limbaugh’s Radio show-Obama is a racist and a Nazi
    Glenn Back’s TV show-Obama is a racist and a Nazi.
    Emiling and organizing for the next disruption of a Democratic reps townhall with your 9/12ers.
    Yelling non-sensical, racist, Nazi bullshit at someone you didn’t or would never vote for at the townhall.

    Yeah Joe, where does all this hateful rhetoric come from? (on BOTH sides).

  51. Turns out Barney Frank doesn’t answer phone calls from non-constituents, and his email address is buried deep; I can’t find it. I want to tell him YGG anyway. Anyone have the email address?

  52. Why is it that the most openly Gay Congressman is the only one with the cojones to put these nutjobs in their place?

    Hey, the rest of you Dems, stop being nice to these whackos – it just makes you look weak and they aren’t going to support you anyway!

  53. Next health care ad should feature a dining room table with each of the shadow constituencies pictured as legs holding that crickety table up (insurance companies, Grasssley/Pallin et al, Deek Armee & his lobby parties, etc.). T’will happen.

    Someone among the Dems beside Frank simply must counter all these Nazi references on a visible platform. Where is Eli Weisel when you need him? JDL? Hello? How about that Christian evangelical who delivered the prayer at the inauguration? Time to call that chit in.

  54. How sad this country has become. If any John Bircher went to a congressional town hall in 1959 and told their congressman that Eisenhower was a secret commie he’s get a bipartisan punch in the face. Now we have give people who claim Barack Obama is muslim, nazi terrorist equal time.

  55. First we had Reagan wingnutters, paultard teabaggers, then ladouchies.

    Next: Tsongasites comparing Obama as Idi Amin.

    Keep em coming, bitches, keep em coming.

  56. [re=390236]PineyWoodster[/re]: Exactly! Although I am pretty sure I could have a pretty good conversation with my dining room table(it came from Demark)

  57. [re=390233]Liz Becton[/re]:

    Suck job of the month: Glenn Beck support wall admin.

    Perl and sed scripts can only do so much, you still have to sift through all the ANTI-BECK, ANTI-AMERICA, ANTI-GOD comments by the likes of you WONKETEERS.

  58. [re=390172]S.Luggo[/re]:

    I was the *original* Mike Hunt on the iPetition yesterday :boasting:

    But then, the system filter started dropping all of my comments about Glenn Beck’s poo and such.


  59. This was beautiful.
    Later in the same town hall, Barney said that the bill does not provide healthcare to illegal aliens, but in fact excludes them from it specifically.
    When the birth-baggers screamed “READ THE BILL!!!” he said, “Ok,” and took out a copy of the bill, and read them the part that excludes illegals from coverage.

  60. Word to all –

    The iPetitions site is now screening by IP addy so you can’t grace the Glenn Beck petition without deleting cookies.

    While I do that, would someone please post this in my stead?






  61. Courtesy of my late great Jewish mother-in-law:

    Q: Why does a Jew always answer a question with a question?

    A: [accompanied by huge shrug and palms-up gesture] And why *shouldn’t* a Jew answer a question with a question?

  62. The look on her face is classic. She’s probably fighting back tears. The only way this could have been better is if he said “Now sit down, DraculaCunt!” at the end.

    The best part about this is this woman is going to have to watch this every time she turns on the t.v. or goes to an internet news site.

  63. There are similarities between Barney Frank and my congressman, Mike Rodgers of the Alabama 3rd. Both are carbon-based life forms. In Mike’s case, that carbon base is buzzard guano.

  64. [re=390143]ALIVE![/re]: I also love what Barack said: “We don’t throw the first punch, we throw the last one.”

    Geez though, Barney is the man! A teachable lesson indeed. It just shows that these assholes are a just bunch of bullies, and just like any bully, you just need to push back at them a little and they’ll fold like a cheap camera.

  65. I love Barney Frank!

    That person asking the question looked as if (said person)suffered years of electroshock therapy. That person probably collects hair.

  66. [re=390214]facehead[/re]: I’m certain my late father would have started swinging, even when he was 78 and in failing health. You don’t call a Jew a Nazi, or say, “Heil Hitler” to a Jew. Is that really so hard, or something that needed to be clarified?
    I’ve never actually been called anything anti-Semitic, but I’ve had odd encounters where when people learn I’m Jewish, they then share a Holocaust “joke” if I’m not quick enough to stop them. This was always at work, so punching was out.

  67. Now if only Obama would say that. With that fabu smile, and in a mellow voice, while pacing with his microphone in his fabu slinky shirt and trousers. He would be buried in progressive panties within seconds.

  68. [re=390191]Suds McKenzie[/re]: last I looked, they left up my comment supporting Glenn because he was supporting our 2nd amendment right to free speach (sic), and the spelling went down from there. My comment from Mrs. Beck didn’t last long, not surprisingly.

  69. [re=390223]Not2Sure[/re]: So, you quote Barney to prove he’s correct? Everything he said is true. Fannie and Freddie didn’t make the housing market go was your Wall Street ass lords.

  70. I asked what my 90 year old dining room table (from my great grandmother) what she thought about all of this. She told me that if she had had health coverage over the years she wouldn’t have saggy wings, burnt finish and shaky legs. As it stands, she knows that she is about the face the death panel.

  71. I think Obama looks more like Chaplin than Hitler.

    Barney Frank compares hot (crazy wingnut probably paid off) babe to dining room table and says he has no interest in doing it. ROFL BTW, I think Frank needs a queer eye intervention.

  72. [re=390425]Paul Tardy[/re]: I think Obama looks more like Nancy Kulp than Chaplin. Every time I see him in a polo shirt I see a lesbian trying to break out.

  73. Having spent the evening with a wholly catered-to 2 year old, I can see where we and the wingnuts are right now. Unrestrained, the kid ratchets it up and ratchets it up until all the games are messed up, the drinks are spilled and everyone’s ears are bleeding from the dog whistle frequency screaming, until one of the doting parents FINALLY snaps and tells the kid off.

    That’s where we are now.

    Last night, suddenly the kid magically knows how to behave. Let’s cross our fingers here that the wingnuts are at least as socially fit as a 2-year-old. If not, I saw we bring back the ancient Greek concept of “exposure” and save ourselves.

  74. my dining room table was hand made by my immigrant grandfather. we conversate in swedish. we are also nazis. papa is with jeebus who is also a nazi. also.

  75. [re=390425]Paul Tardy[/re]: hot? she’s disgusting. do you not hear her wavering “crazy voice”? she’s probably alone in her bathroom right now slicing her feet with razor blades while singing the theme from “oklahoma”.

  76. Poor little whiny dingbat. She lives in Dartmouth, MA and didn’t know that Barney wouldn’t pull any punches? – even if she is an elfin little scrub-runt who looks like her chin is about to tremble when he basically calls her a dumb shit-bag. This was 2 tons of awesome. Thank you Wonkette! I realize this is viral all over the intertubes now, but YOU were the one who popped my cherry on this one, so you get all the credit! Not to mention a special g-spot in my libido. Forever, also.

    There are wingnut heads exploding all over the country as we speak. I hope each and every mothering one of them has a stroke and joins that evil fuck-troll Robert Novak in Hell.

  77. Barney owes that poor woman an apology. He has no proof Obama is not actually Hitler! I mean, there’s no birth certificate or witnesses.

    Obama and Hitler could have been *swapped at birth*!

    Mister Frank is also racist against furniture. He of all people — it breaks my heart.

  78. Let’s take away these morons’ Medicaid and Medicaid. Let’s see them yell and rant and rave in a psycho manner about their health care THEN.



    Anyone who compares Barack Obama to Hitler should have a brain operation, or be jailed. What a bunhc of complete idiots these people.

    Beyond that, it’s just offensive, and anti-Semitic.

    Idiots, all.

  80. [re=390211]Naked Bunny with a Whip[/re]: “Microsoft surface” + “what planet do you spend most of your time” = “ET phone home”

  81. [re=390223]Not2Sure[/re]: Not sure if you are buying into the Republican talking points, my friend. The financial crisis of Fannie and Freddie came long after 2003/2004 and was a result – like the entire housing bubble – of the dramatic weakening of mortgage underwriting standards.

    While the GSE’s were/are guilty of that, that movement was not led by them but by the private market. In fact, the unregulated private investment banking/lenders became more powerful and were influential in lowering those lending standards to basically nil in part due to the fact that the politically-weakened Fannie and Freddie was less able to enforce those once strong standards.

    So Frank was right. Again.

  82. Can we replace the entire Democratic caucus with witty gay Jews? The Senate can be all sassy ladies like McCaskill.

    [re=390425]Paul Tardy[/re]: If there’s one thing I’ve learned that you should never, EVER tell a gay person it’s that he doesn’t look enough like the Queer Eye guys. Supposedly, that’s “stereotyping”….meh, whatever fags….

  83. I wish more politicians would have the guts to be openly rude to people who spout hate. Also, to hear the wingnuts bleating, I had expected Frank’s voice to be much sillier and less understandable than it actually was. Another example of wingnut overreaction.

  84. Barney franks a huge part of the problem, not the solution. this guys the reason where in the economic recession…i dont think i could ever give that guy credit

  85. Hello everybody!

    My first time on this site … All I’ve gotta say is: Too bad I just had lunch, it’s very difficult to keep it down watching you all support this reprobate degenerate illuminist insider from the Neo-Conservative camp of scumbags who brought us Bush and Cheney. Other thoughts: Very tasteless and unfair to invoke judaism to avoid the scrutiny of this woman who, frankly, has a very good point. I believe there were a few Jews in Nazi Germany who sold out there people for cash, so you’re just another backstabber of your own race, buck. Not unlike Zbigniew Brzezinksi during the beginning of World War II to his own people, even though he’s a jew. Or how about Kuhn Loeb and Co.’s financing Hitler’s military build-up. Sound like a New York Jewish investment bank to you? Well, that’s exactly what it was. Look it up, people. What a weak pretense to hide behind. I’m jewish, so I’d never snuff out your Granny to shave a bit off the national budget. Sure! Think i’ve heard that one before, but I’m gonna have to call bullshit on that one. Also, he never engages her in true discussion or argument, but tells her he’d rather argue with a table … Proceeding to argue with neither her nor a table, come to that. Never mind she’s right, the bill, also known as the Kevorkian Health-Care Bill and the Nazi Health Care Bill, pisses all over the Hippcratic Oath, looking to save money by snuffing grandma and grandpa, along with your retarded cousin, because, well, they’re just a drain on the system. You people had best wake up, start here:

    Hitler was addressing folks just like yourself when he said this in Mein Kempf:

    “The size of the lie is a definite factor in causing it to be believed,
    for the vast masses of a nation are in the depths of their hearts more
    easily deceived than they are consciously and intentionally bad. The
    primitive simplicity of their minds renders them a more easy prey to a
    big lie than a small one, for they themselves often tell little lies,
    but would be ashamed to tell big lie.”

    Ooh, and here’s one, my fellow slaves, from everybody’s favorite Nazi Propaganda Minster:

    “The bigger the lie, the more it will be believed.” – Joseph Goebbels

    And from our friend Lenin who helped pave the way for 40 or so million deaths sad:

    “A lie told often enough becomes truth.”

    And remember:

    “Only the small secrets need to be protected. The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity.”
    -Marshall McCluhan.

    This health care bill will be a disaster, mark my words … Just as any health-care bill that does not deem all life as precious will end in serious human suffering. On top of that, it’ll be more expensive, that’s why they’ll have to euthenize your granny. But hey, why not, Barney, they shoot horses, don’t they, you degenerate scumbag. And you people have your work cut out for you, so get to googling and researching because ya’ll don’t know shit from Shinola.


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