Solid gold, gold, gold! (Except for the shitty local ad in the beginning — sorry!) This insane hell-woman at a town hall in Las Vegas overhears an Israeli man praising Israel’s national health care system, and says from afar, “HEIL HITLER!” Then she calls him gay for Obama and laughs like a baby when he explains that the American health care system basically bankrupted him. Does this lady have a name? Because we’d love to engrave this incident on “her Google,” permanently. UPDATE: This RUDIMENTARY video player may or may not have been destroying the beloved Wonkette Commenting System! Just go watch it at fancypants Think Progress, where nothing dies. MORE MADNESS: Tipster LUKE writes, “The evil, evil woman in the video is wearing an Israeli Defense Forces t-shirt. What the fuck?” Everyone is lying in this wretched country! [Sigh] Enough typing for the day. [Think Progress]

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  1. You have to be either really evil (Jonah Goldberg, Rush, Beck) or really stupid (lady above) to buy into the whole liberals are Nazis meme, but it pretty much hits a rock at Isreali Jews praising national healthcare.
    Let’s not forget the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, that bunch of commie Americans who fought for the losing side in the Spanish Civil War. They were reviled by the — um — right wing here for being — you might want to sit down for this, because this is the exact phrase they used — premature anti-Fascists. Premature Anti-Fascists. Let’s just let that sink in for a bit.

  2. [re=389747]SayItWithWookies[/re]: That’s exactly what I was going to say! Only I was gonig to spell his name “Sheer ‘Hot Air’ InSannity” (c) 2009, all rights reserved, domestic and international.

    So far he’s had Joe de Plumber, Miss California, the crazy lady from Arlan Spector’s townhall – just about everybody except the Red Dress Lady with her birth certificate in a Ziploc bag.

    He’s sure to have this fine spokesperson for the right wing nutz…

  3. [re=389769]ph7[/re]: No no. They’re for the pubic option.

    Also, what the hell was that noise she made at the end? Did the cat she had stuffed up her anus finally expire?

  4. This clip summarizes the whole health care/insurance debate. To summarize:

    Reformers: health care is crushingly expensive and we need to pool our resources to face the risk.

    Status quo adherents: Yaaa! Yeehahhaeee! Boogaboogbooga!

  5. “Does this lady have a name?”

    Her name is Eve Brown. Her favorite food is apple strudel, and her favorite animal is the plumbing snake. She loves the smell of barbecue in the morning.

  6. Wow. That really makes me want to puke my guts out (and still no health care program to relieve the nausea). Way to represent Vegas, bitch.

  7. I’ll gladly pay her plane fare to Berlin so this dumb cunt can shout “Heil Hitler” all day long.

    Also, gods bless our public education system. Especially the history part.

  8. These two are like the new Captain and Tennille. Every show opens with him talking politics, then she interrupts him by saying ‘Heil Hitler,’ they argue and then they laugh and sing Muskrat Love and cut to the first commercial break.


  10. how exactly is it possible to make fun of this crazy bitch, since she is the living embodiment of her own punchline?
    maybe a diaper joke? but that, too would, fall short.

  11. So much hate and ignorance. It just makes me sad. How do people end up like that? On the other hand if she got some good butt secs she’d be a happier dumb shit and maybe be open to, well, no. Probably no chance on the secs. So on second thought fuck her.

  12. I’ve met some real evil batshit people in recent times and I’ve found the best way to deal with them is like a bratty little brother. Just say in a sing-song voice “Reagan took it up the asss” Then they really lose their shit. Just make sure you are in public.
    I am totally going to start saying “Shame of you”

  13. That lady reminds me of 97% of the inhabitants of the town I live in. Some guy was using the fact that it to Obama 6 months to pick out a puppy to prove that he was incapable of implementing health care. I said “thats the stupidest thing I ever heard” then I looked around the bar and all these people are nodding in agreement with him.

  14. Electing Obama certainly has brought change. People are once again free to be openly racist, sexist, and antisemitic. Mob violence is returning, politicians are shouted down, and yellow journalism rules the day.

  15. [re=389796]Fox n Fiends[/re]: Lyrics usually get an automatic “pass” from me. But you somehow transcended the genre. Nice. However you have left me with the image of Lee Greenwood. No erection tonight.

  16. [re=389769]ph7[/re]: No….that’s the final solution. You know, the death panels.

    You can see how they’d get confused.

    On an unrelated matter, I hope she gets dropped from her insurance and gets an $8K bill like that guy. Karma, like you, is a bitch.

  17. [re=389747]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Tonight’s fill-in host?

    “Tonight – The [re=389778][/re]“Sheer ‘Hot Air’ InSannity” Show ©2009, with tonight’s Guest Host, [re=389790][/re]Eva Braun…”

  18. Hosted by Heidi Fucking Harris. The only person alive without enough room between her eyes for even one lightly salted dick. I was appalled when Ed Shultz began giving her airtime, and loudly told him of my displeasure. I haven’t seen her since.

  19. When people start squealing like pigs from “Deliverance”, I think they’ve lost their argument.
    Town Hall Squealers:
    What bothers me is that the administration is starting to blame the media for showing the negatives not the positives. I believe they arrested NH townhall gun thigh dude today. I hope AK 47 dude is next. Didn’t Squeaky Fromme get thrown in supermax for 30 years for this behavior? Her gun wasn’t even loaded. One ex secret service guy said: “if you bring a can of gasoline & a match to a town hall meeting or Prez town hall, that wouldn’t be safe”. I think the administration is afraid of pissing off the already ginned up crazies that already hate him. Damn nabbit grow some b**s already with these loons.

  20. It has nothing to do with health care. I hope this video backfires on this stupid racist and she loses her job and ends up with no health care.

  21. We’re probably going to find out that she’s, like, the Israeli speaker’s girlfriend, and they both read Wonkette, and thought that ribbing each other in public would be hilarious.

    My head, it might xplodin.

  22. Liberty, FUCK YEAH!
    White Slips, FUCK YEAH!
    The Alamo, FUCK YEAH!
    Band-aids, FUCK YEAH!
    Las Vegas, FUCK YEAH!
    Christmas, FUCK YEAH!
    Immigrants, FUCK YEAH!
    Popeye, FUCK YEAH!
    Democrats, FUCK YEAH!
    Republicans (republicans)
    (fuck yeah, fuck yeah)

  23. [re=389784]Gun-toting Progressive[/re]:
    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! between above and “death panel form” comment guy i’ve been laughing for 2 days. Thanks!

  24. Ed Gein lovin’, Rosa Parks hatin’, Hitler worshipin’, “Deliverance” pig squealin’, Type II Diabetic Insulin dependent, gun/Ak47 strapped on, medicare suckin’ loons

  25. [re=389775]SayItWithWookies[/re]: I met Milton Wolff. He spoke at my college. He talked about his U.S. military dossier from WWII being labeled Prematurely Anti-Fascist.

  26. Sure, these cretins are a dime a dozen these days, but the IsraeliJew-SeigHeil-StateHealthCare combo just hits such an unexpected sweet spot—I can hardly wait to see how the Foxsters can possibly go about criticizing us for mocking THIS scumbag: it’d be tantamount to defending her “performance”. Sean? Rush? Go for it!

  27. Well that pretty much sums it up, doesn’t it?
    This lady is probably one of those “Obama is an anti-semite because he supports a two-state solution” whackos. Hence the Israeli Defense Forces T-shirt. But then we have an actual Israeli Jew who supports national health care, just like that protoHitler Obama. So obviously this Israeli looooves Hitler. Makes perfect sense in nutso land.

    We have officially gone through the looking glass, people.

  28. [re=389835]TedTheLightBulbSalesman[/re]: Personally, I just prefer that Jesus rapture every Wingnut to heaven where Jesus heals for free, no Jews are to be found, and where God’s F250 has TuckNutz.

    Then, I’m walking over to your house for a scotch on the rocks. And maybe a big blunt. And cranking up the tunes.

  29. You do see what’s going on here, don’t you, peeps? The Rabid Reich is using all the nasty adjectives and associations that apply to themselves and aiming them at us, spreading the most outrageous “Big lie”-type lies that short-circuit the brain of any thinking person, then behaving like treasonous mobs so we’ll have no choice but to get all police-statey on their asses so they can scream, “See! We told you! Fascists!” This is how civil wars start. No kidding.

  30. [re=389788]V572625694[/re]: But the debate’s not about healthcare reform and we all should know that. Healthcare reform is just a stalking horse. This debate is a visceral struggle by a minority of the American population to vent its rage and frustration. Who are they and what are they so pissed off about? They are the white bigots, many of them literalist Christians who understand nothing of the Bible they pound upon. The nation they believe they live in or want to live in has not existed in many years, if it even ever did. They’re not in Pleasantville anymore (they never were) and their infantile rage is driving them mad. If I may be so crude (and I believe I may — we are all here in Wonkettia), they don’t give a rat’s ass about healthcare, what they want is to crush the uppity nigger and his allies, the limp-wristed overeducated liberals and cocksucking buttfucking faggots and ball-busting butch dykes and all the women and greasers and coons and gooks and slopes and turban-heads and people who speak more than one language and all the others who are not white-skinned and maybe even blonde or blue-eyed and who won’t bow down before their psychotic idols. It’s the Civil War and it never ended.

    (yes, i am slappypaddy, a cat in a cardboard box, and often i’m a doofus and a fool and a half-assed snarker, but sometimes words that come from real close to the real me, the man behind the curtain, insist on coming out.)

  31. [re=389849]glamourdammerung[/re]:
    “I am looking forward to the discovery of this clown’s identity.”
    Here’s the worst most hypocritical part of all this: they won’t cozy up to squealing hitler lady, but they will cozy up to strapped on assault weapon dudes, because they don’t want the Beck factor throwing them off the air. They all fall under 1 umbrella as far as I’m concerned.

  32. [re=389848]slowuncle[/re]: Fox already has a nice spin on this: Obama is fomenting chaos in America. This woman, and the AR-15 guy, are chaos personified. Chaos is the natural, expected consequence when a government attempts to find a way to provide healthcare to those for whom healthcare is unavailable.

  33. Thanks to the prompting of this video, I will have hours of fun simply pointing out to Christard wingers that Israel has SOCIALIZED health care–like rubbin’ a puppy’s nose in its own crap to house-break it—-but loads funner!!

  34. She’s one of those extreme pro-Israel right wing nut jobs because Israel and the IDF kick ass but, like all of her ilk, doesn’t know that Israel is socialist by and large. Kibbutz anyone?

  35. [re=389850]Cicada[/re]: Exactly. I’m inferring, of course, but it appears that she’s momentarily stunned when she discovers that the man that she was suggesting was a Nazi is in fact Israeli (did she assume his accent was German?). Props to her, she saved her position by telling him that his Israeli background should be even more cause for being against Obama. When faced with the contention that the man was not making a pro- or anti-Obama case but was sharing his experience with health care, she pulls out the “Scream like a Scooby-Doo villain [i]coup de grace[/i].


  36. She loves Israel, except for the Jews. Really. You know how they are, and how during World War II, the Israelites parted the Blue Danube and defeated Tom Cruise and the other Scientologist Nazis in only six days and made up nasty things about Hitler and Volkswagens. Joe the Plumber needs to do this one while she’s still hot and bothered.

  37. [re=389805]whiskey tango foxtrot[/re]: If you don’t, the Terrorists win.

    I think we should have a Wonkette Day where we all call into his show and let me know what Great Americans really think.

  38. [re=389861]slappypaddy[/re]: They also hate Methodists and Catholics (just the priests) and women who wear red shoes and families with too many children and people with too many dogs…

  39. Aside from not knowing anything about European history, this woman doesn’t know much about the history of her own city either. How much of the investment that raised Las Vegas up from a mess of shacks huddled around an artesian well was provided by Jews? How about if the Jews stop paying taxes in Clark County until some of these home-schooled numbskulls learn to appreciate what the likes of Steve Wynn, Sheldon Adelson, Lyle Berman, and many, many others contribute to their city. You don’t have to love them — many of these Jews were gangsters — but you can’t deny that Las Vegas wouldn’t be what it is today (America’s 28th largest city in a state where people don’t pay state income tax) without them.

  40. [re=389747]SayItWithWookies[/re]: [re=389811]mdotsota[/re]: Maybe she’s trying to out-manoeuvre Oily Titz for that new Fox News weekend gig, eh? Here’s her audition tape!

  41. [re=389869]Carson[/re]: This is not exposure. This is framing the dialogue of a nation in a way that allows people to think it is okay to do a number of things that are, to anyone at all in the general vicinity of Kohlberg’s first stage of moral development, wrong.
    It is not right to equate healthcare with fascism. It is not right to carry a firearm at a political rally, regardless of philosophy.
    Chekhov said that a good playwright will not put a loaded gun on stage if no one is willing to use it. Sadly, I think there are more and more people willing to use the guns (to quote KRS1 “Literally! Symbollically!”) that have been placed on the national stage.
    Yugomerica, I hardly knew ye.

  42. [re=389866]ph7[/re]: I believe you meant to say when the government attempts to socialize our guns to make us kill our own grandmothers in front of a panel of Kenyan Nazi’s.

  43. [re=389861]slappypaddy[/re]: Well stated. But you forgot the dinks. I hate them dinks, cuz they won the war in Vietnam. We woulda won, but we had our hands tied by the people on your list.

  44. “wearing an Israeli Defense Forces t-shirt. What the fuck?”

    No it’s:


    Real? Staged? Video? Photoshopped?

    Sorry, but I must have took the RED pill. I’m color blind.

  45. [re=389861]slappypaddy[/re]: Go raibh maith agat, my good man. You have distilled this behavior to its wretched, rancid essence. I’m only hoping that the more extreme these terribly worrisome people are, the closer the entire country, especially the electorate, is to the lightbulb/head-slap realization of what is driving this. Hatred.

    We have one of the smartest, most rational and patient presidents in memory in The White House, and a vocal minority cannot comprehend the value of this time-sensitive resource. I’m shaking my head here, and it’s not for the first time.

  46. [re=389882]InsidiousTuna[/re]: [re=389895]V572625694[/re]: yeah, i ran out of time. my boss was comin aroun, figurin to get me to do the work he pays me to do. what is it with these boss people, anyway?

  47. [re=389891]god.was.stingy[/re]: You’re so right that I want to bury my head in a bucket of gin until I’m eligible for my death panel conversation. But seriously, is this *really* the kind of country these people want?

  48. [re=389906]slappypaddy[/re]: I was just making a reference to Sunday’s episode of True Blood, which no one evidently caught. But yeah, bosses are dicks, always making you work and stuff.

  49. Thank god I read this post. What you said!

    [re=389850]Cicada[/re]: That was my thought reading about the Obama-Poster-Palestinian guy who voted for Denniis Kucinich because Rahmn Emanueal is a Zionist.

    WTF? Does or doesn’t Obama hate Jews? Is he a Black guy with deep-seated anger towards white people or a “magic negro” that charmed the blind faith of Blacks? Did he sell out gay rights or is he gay? Is he lascivious liberal or a raving fascist? Is he from Australia or Kenya? What the fuck do these retards believe? [re=389861]Slappypaddy[/re]: is of course right. They only know that they are “agi’n the uppity nigger.” Everything else they say is just to pass the time between Matlock and In the Heat of the Night.

  50. This very special bag of dicks is brought to you by Boniva and the LifeStyle Lift, and hand delivered by Hadassah International.

  51. [re=389898]SayItWithWookies[/re]: I didn’t, that’s why I mentioned gangsters. I don’t think Steve Wynn is a gangster. Weird, maybe, but not a gangster.

  52. My cat said my last post was really vague. Here;s the thing. These end-o’-the-worlders with the rapture and the second coming and Armageddon ‘n’ shit, believe that all the goodies they’re chomping at the bit to get at won’t come about until the Jewish people get their promised land back. Which means, presumably all us “left behind” types have been living on borrowed time since 1947. Which is, ironically, the year I was born. This makes me so contemplative.

  53. It’s all giggles while the brain dead Hitler Lady rants, right up to the point where the two skinheads move in and tell her “We are here for you.” Then, of course the video ends.

  54. [re=389916]problemwithcaring[/re]: I think they’re watching Matlock and Murder She Wrote. In the Heat of the Night had one of those uppity people in it. I know that because My-Father-the-Racist declared it wasn’t “as good as Archie’s other show.” Which he clearly didn’t understand.

  55. [re=389861]slappypaddy[/re]: Precisely. Slavery and all it’s carcinogenic offspring still infest us. Happy drinking to all this eve.

  56. [re=389895]V572625694[/re]: Double income no kids? I had no idea those damn yuppies won in Vietnam. Although now you mention it, it all starts to make sense…

  57. This is REALLY why I voted for the black guy… to see all the crazies come out of the wood work. Not a single day has gone by where I have been disappointed. It’s a good time to be alive.

  58. They are not allowing “political statements” at the Barney Frank town hall or they will take the microphone away from them. Questions only. Why hasn’t anyone else done this?

  59. For one wonderful moment, I thought the Jewish guy was going to impale her on a fire hydrant, rip her head off and shit down her neck. Unfortunately, the guy was brought up right. Maybe if he had said, “My relatives were killed by Hitler,” and she’d have gone, “Oh, boo hoo,” which totally could have happened.

  60. [re=389924]Jukesgrrl[/re]: Limpwristed liberal in me assumed that racist Archie Bunker canceled out the Black. But you are right, of course.

  61. On another note, it turns out that I do not, in fact, have vericose veins. The ad at the beginning of the video has taught me that much.

  62. Crazy old scare tactic lady who believes all the bs asks: I paraphrase: “Why should we give health care to all those wicked 50 million with no health care (including children), then I will be inconvenienced? What did I say. the grey panthers want to shuffle off this earth very soon and leave us all with molton lava and methane. What a bunch of cornface selfish idjets. This is the perfect town hall. They should have a training film for those other pussies with this Barney Frank town hall. It’s just like 2nd grade when you tell the kids you won’t put up with any bs and it’s over.

  63. Sane lady who just told the Palinites Death Panelists off just got booed out of the hall. Holy Crap I thought Mass was the big liberal state in the US.

  64. [re=389929]Nerdalicious[/re]:

    Racist lady in the audience: Answer the Question! Answer the question! Why do you support Obama’s Nazi agenda?

    Frank: Well, I am going to revert to my cultural heritage and answer you with a question. On what planet do you spend most of your time?

  65. Another Hitler lady!!!!!!!! And Barney Frank is Jewish! Barney Frank just asked Hitler lady. “On what planet do you spend most of your time on???????? He called the Hitler lady a “dining room table!” I hope the white house and the other town hall speakers are gettin’ schooled right now!

  66. [re=389962]problemwithcaring[/re]:
    The Hitler contingent is being sent out with obama nazi poster to these town halls. Ok, Barney Frank new spokesperson for this administrations reaction to insanity. The guy is unflappable, brilliant and hilarious.

  67. [re=389954]Neilist[/re]:




  68. [re=389823]El Pinche[/re]: If SHE has a job and I DON’T then I’m seriously going to have to reconsider my interviewing technique. Hon, what goes better with this dress – the Glock or S&W?

  69. [re=389963]Nerdalicious[/re],[re=389962]problemwithcaring[/re]: He really said that? I might have to go gay for Barney Frank.

    Perhaps Obama has been TOO Professorial … maybe if the dems stop trying to be polite and just start calling dumb people “dumb” we might just get somewhere.

  70. Hitler Crazy people say Barney Frank being for single payor is a big white house “secret”
    Frank goes: “Sir, I haven’t had a secret for 20 years!”. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    The crazies are booing Frank being against all the death in Iraq. How crazy are these sadists. They are FOR death.
    They are shutting up the crazies telling them to STFU.
    Crazy contingent laughs at him and he says: Since when does laughter substitute for logic?
    Hitler crazies are FOR rich overseas TAX EVADERS. Who are these cretans?

  71. Hitler crazies all think there are “secret amendments” being signed behind their backs in the middle of the night in the white house? examples please? They are the most paranoid people on that other planet Frank speaks of that they all SHOULD BE sent to.

  72. [re=389975]problemwithcaring[/re]: You wouldn’t think, “Mass was the big liberal state,” if you had been in Boston during the bussing riots.

  73. [re=389972]Sick Puppy[/re]: It really depends on the cut of the dress. If you are going with a little black dress with a modern a-line skirt, the Glock is a pretty obvious choice. Plus, it’s nice and light.

  74. [re=389971]facehead[/re]: Face, old trout, I am perfectly capable of coming up with my own insane ravings, thank you very much. But I appreciate the thought.

    Anyway, we all know that Hitler was 1/8th Jewish. Which of course explains both The Holocaust and the current opposition to Health Care INSURANCE Reform.

    :::Pausing to hit self on head with large mallet. Repeatedly:::

    Now, where was I?

  75. [re=389976]facehead[/re]: What do you mean, “perhaps”? The Dems should have put the smack down at the beginning of last week. All we should have heard was “Death panels, dontcha know, such as…” followed by a chorus of liberal “Shut the fuck up, you ignorant cuntrag. No. Shut up. SHUT IT.”

  76. Hitler crazy “secret” paranoid guy says they are “shoving” socialist heath reform down our throats. This whole process is molasses slow and insane. the administration should have signed medicare for all the day after the inauguration. period. Hitler crazies are pissed cause they called the Hitler lady a “dining room table”. Frank is Jewish, she’s lucky all she got is “you are a stupid table” remark. They are screaming Frank down he can’t talk but he’s screaming them back down. These people are locusts and need to be sprayed. Hitler crazies are saying medicare is “unconstitutional”. Then they need to take it away from all the olds and pension hogs like Dickipedia Armey and the rest of them.

  77. Hitler crazy: “give us empircal data the medicare works: Frank: “40 years of it working dumb a**, that’s my empircal data” Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  78. The support Glenn Beck site is supposed to be back up at the top of the hour. The site has been thoroughly scrubbed … except this gem;

    K.Y. Jell, Markfoley, FL
    Stay Firm! Never flag.

  79. Some guy telling his life story AND his future story on what evil muslin health/socialism WILL do to him zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Frank talking about old crazy hitler lady that wants to take away health care from the 50 million who don’t have it: “she looks pretty good to me, from all her medicare she’s received all these years (she’s 89 yrs!)” Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    Uhoh crazy Hitler 20 year old speech maker. Who won’t get sick FOREVER: “how dare you do this to a 20 year old?” Ugh. Oh now hitler 20 yr old speechmaker pissed off at the people making 250 million and more getting taxed. Who is this? Little Lord Fauntleroy? I want to do the squealing lady cry right now.

  80. [re=389986]Nerdalicious[/re]: Nerdy, thanks for the commentary. Did he really say “dumb ass?” Whatever, ignore me and keep live blogging you magnification bastard.

    Though someone must tell me what the hell it means to call someone a dinning room table.

  81. [re=389994]jetjaguar[/re]: He said arguing with her was as pointless as arguing with the dining room table. Less non-nonsensical. Admittedly, his pejoratives need work.

  82. >“she looks pretty good to me, from all her medicare she’s received all these years (she’s 89 yrs!)”

    Oh fuck seriously? Shit I wished I lived in his district so I can VOTE FOR HIM SO HARD

  83. I’m seriously at a loss. It’s like that old cartoon “Animaniacs”. Whenever something borderline inappropriate would happen, Yacko would break the fourth wall and go “Good night folks.” but the scene just continued.
    We are all cartoon cats today.

    [re=389866]ph7[/re]: Tha Brotha wit da AR-15 was a fucking Zen Master compared to this heinous cunt.

  84. [re=389941]Nerdalicious[/re]: Actually the shark is somewhat jumped in terms of town halls…I think it’s needle and the damage done.

    However, I wish one of these reps would break out all four copies of various the committe bills and before starting any meeting read them in their entity.

    It’d be as thrilling as C-SPAN and weed out the weak-minded ones.

  85. I’m pretty certain the viral media purgatory that folks would like to see befall this woman (“find out her name!”) would unfortunately be rather futile. It’s no secret there are plenty of folks in this country who proudly wear their shocking ignorance on their sleeves; always have been and always will. She would likely continue to spout further nonsense into any camera pointed her way, and the only person not rendered dumber by watching the coverage would be her. Ignorance really has this amazing Teflon-like quality.

    Seeing this ignorance performed on live teevee doesn’t amount to any sort of epiphany, just a distracting spectacle.

  86. [re=389941]Nerdalicious[/re]: “They are not allowing “political statements” at the Barney Frank town hall or they will take the microphone away from them. Questions only. Why hasn’t anyone else done this?”

    Probably because Mass. has actual town halls where citizens actually can vote on issues, and they therefore know how to do it right.

  87. @ Jukesgrrl @ 6:35 pm,
    Tru ‘dat. The bitch is prolly one of our very own Ensign lovin’ Mormons. Damn… Our Vegas Valley is chock full ‘o the crazies.

  88. Frank going after overseas tax evaders example: UBS (we can get a lot of money back from these theives). Right. The audience is overwhelmingly full of haters. They are FOR death in Iraq. US deaths. They are FOR overseas tax evaders Madoffs. Uhoh. Crazy: “The federal reserve is unconstitutional” and tells Frank to resign! Ha Ha. Hospital lady nutbag wants all the citizens to get together and FORCE pay cuts for hospital employees privately. She wants no government intervention. Yeah right on what planet? I’m going to knock on my neighbors door right now. Hey, dude take a pay cut. Someone in the audience yells, I feel sorry for the patients you’re going to take care of tonight (on her way to work at the hospital). Ha Ha Again Frank brings up on medicare working for 40 years. Frank: ” Hey, lady you came here believing what you want to believe so why should I even talk STFU. Frank says we are paying for health reform by raising taxes on people making more than $325,000 per year and recouping monies from big corporate overseas tax evaders. Crazies go nuts booing him. How can any sane people be against that? Death Panel Crazy Questioner: How sick are we of these questions??? He just says the same: it’s only counselling for end of life blah blah blah. Crazy rethuglican TAX nut questioner crowd goes nuts clapping for him.They all think they’re at the Boston Tea Party. Ugh. Frank: Shut up! “Anger and Rationality shouldn’t be opposite!” Ha. Where are the sane people for health reform? This administration should be filling the halls up with sane people. Big mistake. Frank for foreign drug exports: Frank: “I haven’t seen all the dead Canadians from these drugs. Last snark. Brilliant, Brilliant guy.

  89. [re=389976]facehead[/re]:
    Obama has mastered the “You stupid fuck!” face. It’s like he took body language lessons from Keith David. No words are ever necessary.

  90. [re=389994]jetjaguar[/re]:
    Hi from the dumb ass :). Oh, any bad words I put in and he didn’t say, but honestly, his face said dumb ass. I have been a big fan of Barney’s for years. I knew he would be oh so entertaining and snarky as hell. He didn’t disappoint.

  91. [re=390007]Scorpiogal[/re]: Vegas is an ocean of Normal compared to Reno, where I had the good fortune of living for four consecutive fucking years that I’ll never get back. Reno people voted for Ensign on purpose…

  92. [re=390008]Nerdalicious[/re]: All Barney Frank’s responses are, when needed, deliciously flavored with stfu. No Dem wants to go postal on these wingnuts, but sadly few have the debating chops to make this kind of smackdown.

  93. Remember: Jews are the Nazis of Liberalist Fascismocracy!

    Now for some TL;DR goodness via someplace called “Newsvine”:


    The massive movement throughout Europe to abandon public systems in favor of an American model is all the proof anyone needs that US health-insurance MUST remain as-is, no matter how many go broke or die in the process … after all, the very survival of the Invisible Hand “Free” Market Magic Pony itself is at stake!

    Indeed, Obama & his party must be evil incarnate if they actually entertain the idea of taking away the freedom of Americans to be bankrupted by medical & insurance bills, or to die of some preventable condition while they HOPE in vain that they can make it to 65 when their coverage will CHANGE over to public-funded Medicare! What sort of a depraved monster would advocate life-long automatic medical coverage for ALL citizens? Lower infant-mortality rates are for pussies! More insolvencies will make the economy STRONGER via the wondrous magic of Social Darwinism! Elevated absenteeism will serve to create more potential job-openings, somehow! Besides, I’m sure Aetna, Blue Cross, et al, have a VERY SPECIAL REWARD in store for Americans who help to reject Obama’s fiendish crypto-Marxist plot to make health-care either universal or affordable … oh yes … very very special indeed.

    Of COURSE Medicare is a total sham (please disregard the overwhelming majority of its recipients when they say over & over again that they prefer their current plan to their previous experience with the bureaucratic nightmare of privately-run health-care – they must ALL be secretly working for the ACORN-Illuminati!), let alone that god-awful (completely nationalized, ergo socialist) VA that has constantly led to the needless deaths of entire divisions’ worth of American troops … yes, the status quo is what’s giving America “The Greatest HealthCare System In The World” (copyright 1984) – well, at least for those it has yet to render bankrupt &/ or dead.

    The world is watching, America … & I’m sure all that pointing & laughter is just jealousy.

    Reply#41 – Tue Aug 18, 2009 5:18 PM PDT”

    You should listen to what Mr. 617583 is saying, America … do you want your empire to last for a thousand years, or do you want the terrorists to win?!?!?!?!?!?


  94. [re=390008]Nerdalicious[/re]: [re=389976]facehead[/re]: I think [re=390008]Nerdalicious[/re] has already beat you to it… and it’s Wicked FABulous!

  95. Thanks everyone! It was wicked fun! Let’s all write Barney tomorrow and thank him for the best smart ass smackdown of town hall loons ever! Could you imagine him and Big Dawg up there at the same time?

  96. [re=390020]Robert Zimmerframe[/re]: You’re the first person I’ve seen on this site to bring that up. I thought it was just as accepted as Gravity and Conservation of Energy but, meh.

  97. [re=390005]give us a bob[/re]: I agree: These slimeballs know NO shame; the paradigm which governs the uptick in these recent Cretin Eruptions dictates that they have no cerebral cortex, yet they are still capable of vanity. These means that when you shine the light on them, they won’t scurry away like the intellectually- and morally-superior cockroach, they’ll actually bask & preen in the glow of their titanic and all-encompassing outrage. They are the Modern Republican/Libertard, and I’m sincerely beginning to believe that, ultimately, it’s gonna be either us or them.

  98. The only reason I did that is because some lady stood up and held up an Obama poster with a Hitler mustache and flat out accused Frank and Obama of being like Hitler, she was quoting “Mein Kampf” & Frank went medieval on her because he’s Jewish & had every right to tear her a new one. They were all clapping for her. So they are the Hitlers as far as I’m concerned. They were also FOR US deaths in Iraq, so they really are Deathers aren’t they?

  99. [re=389870]The Cold Sea[/re]: She’s one of these conspiratorial Jews who thinks that Obama is most definitely a Kenyan Muslin and Palestinean sympathizer and hates the Jews, especially Jews like Axelrod and Emanuel and the rest of the goddamn administration and Senate. There’s very little you do to talk these people down from the crazy. If you think that the Christian preaching from the pulpit is bad enough try going to some orthodox synagogues. It’s the same level of crazy.

    As for the “heil hitler,” well, that’s sort of going to a Michele Bachmann level of dingbattedness, but not terribly surprising.

  100. [re=390029]GreatOldOnesParty[/re]:
    Oh, ok, the town hall ended about 8:45p est. I know it took forever to log on. Frank said something like: I am so sad about all the deaths of soldiers in Iraq & I was against the war when everyone was for it. He also said he was against the Patriot Act when everyone was for it. They booed him like crazy. He couldn’t believe they were booing him when he said he was SAD ABOUT THE DEATHS IN IRAQ OF OUR SOLDIERS. His mouth dropped open. Total shock. This is the type of cretan Dickipedia Armey and the Lee Atwater creep rethug contingent are sending out to these town halls. ( not to mention Mein Kampf quoting Obama hitler poster lady, to a Jewish person!)

  101. [re=390016]Bearbloke[/re]:
    Thanks! I hope they cover the master Frank as much as they’ve covered the pussies. Although Spector, was great. ( I feel sorry for Spector because he has cancer and has battled it over and over again. I don’t think he should be subjected to all this vitrol in his condition, I’m afraid he might relapse.) Remember Spector really gave in to cornface assley on twitter and the net roots convention too. And he joined our side and was honest that it was political.

  102. Here’s the kicker:
    It’s the white trash Repugnants that are over-burdening the healthcare system because Jeebus said that abortion is the murder of Christian soldiers. So they create at least six of these obese privates on a single income at minimum wage, feed them a steady diet of gubmint-subsidized beef, cheese, and corn syrup, and house them with their smoking and drinking parents and grandparents.
    They need to take a good, long look at the enemy in the mirror.

  103. [re=390014]DoctorCulturae[/re]:
    I know gotta love him. He is a real hero for this. No one else has been able to give it to these set ups. That’s all they are, set up by snake rethugs who are pissed they blew the ’08 election.

  104. And the fReichtards will claim she was a LIEBERUL ACORN PLANT in 5…4…3…

    [re=389799]tednugentslover[/re]: Wetsuits and buttplugs … Nah, you’re right. Attempting to add parody to this giant wobbling pile of disaster would be like flicking bread pellets down a black hole.

  105. My Bellagio Fountain penny-wish is for her to be crushed by a aisle of 5-cent Poker Slots falling on top of her fucking head…Buona fortuna, è cazzo di vacca!

  106. [re=389942]Opie Curious[/re]: OMG the place is CRAWLING with them. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. It’s like they think they OWN the place.;-)

  107. [re=389861]slappypaddy[/re]: I agree with what this person says. I think there are two people that voted for McCain: those that voted for W -twice- and racist dems (usually the baby boomers and the bitters). You either have to be monumentally fucking stupid to vote for the guy that enabled Bush for eight years, or you don’t care, because you hate black people THAT much.

  108. [re=390012]ForTheTurnstiles[/re]: Neither Reno nor Vegas has the wrap on teh crazies. Here in West Pahrumpistan I’m surrounded; many still sport their W stickers. If not for Clark County, Washoe County and Carson City, Nevada wouldn’t have trended blue at all last year–every other county voted for McCain. Scares the hell outta me.

  109. Evil woman, walking down the street,
    Evil woman, a kind don’t want to meet,
    Evil woman,
    I don’t believe you, you’re not the truth,
    No one could look as crazed as you,
    …. Mercy

  110. [re=390044]Hunger Tallest Palin[/re]: {i}”And the fReichtards will claim she was a LIEBERUL ACORN PLANT in 5…4…3… “{/i}

    Already being done, though I notice they never address why so many on their side cheer the assholes on.

  111. [re=390068]Bearbloke[/re]: I dunno. According to Urban Dictionary “TO PILGER is an act, undertaken by a lesbian, of causing a predominantly straight girl to question her heterosexuality. Usually involves excessive charm and schmoozing. Mostly applies to college-age females.” Wow. Who knew? Sounded like a verb to me.

    [re=390071]Jim89048[/re]: This is true. Though I do like to visit my friends over the hump in Pahrump,I make sure my socialist-commie-pinko-fascist-ass is back in the valley before the street lights are on.

  112. Sheesh, that was fast. Not more than an hour ago I was betting Gawker could find her identity like they did that paparazzi flower kid and here they’ve got her name and phone number.

    Oh, look, some clever soul on HuffPost found her address!

  113. 2 hours @ a hospitcal cost $8000?

    And this cuntish bitch is…FOR THAT?
    She thinks it’s a reasonable price?!

    At $4K an hour I better be sodomizing Venus/Aphrodite Herself in the lavatory of AirForce One.

    Sorry to be so damn graphic but WTF?!

  114. This just confirms that my instincts were spot on about the rise of the Brown Shirts in Amerika and that I did the right thing to escape from them by fleeing to… Germany.

    No snark, I’m actually in Munich, living within walking distance of Hitler’s old Krib, and I showed this to some locals here and they’re appalled.

  115. [re=390190]Herman the German[/re]: Which is why I’d gladly pay her airfare to Deutschland, so she can spend some time in jail for being an ignorant cunt.

    Also, Scheiss Bayern!

  116. I like how the two Viagra addicts flank her. Jewish dude’s tone changes quickly. “Hey, don’t you be yelling at this nice Nazi lady, we’re here to defend her freedom of speech and pound your socialist Jewboy ass back to Keyna”.

    Fuck America…

    I’m glad the Dems now are talking about going it alone now. These Teabagging Beckerheads are fuckstick idiots, there’s no catering to them. If *only* we were euthanizing these racist Jesus ass kisses. They’d get to suckle on Jbirds toes and we could stop having to listen to their fucktarded Sun revolves around Earth bullshit.

  117. [re=389861]slappypaddy[/re]: well said. brilliant.
    hey overlords, slappy deserves a wonkette t-shirt ! or at least, ‘comment win of the day’….

  118. [re=390198]Herman The German[/re]: I can totally attest to that.

    Still we fixed our Nazi Problem here and Amerika is just now starting down that path.

    Good luck with that.

    BTW, you can keep her, Vielen Dank!

  119. [re=390359]Bobbiella[/re]: I just picked up my very first ever Reich Wing Google Stalker that didn’t like a comment I left on his website that defended somebody that he was attacking by publishing their Personal Info on.

    I can handle that sort of thing, I posted my Google Talk number and dared him to call me, which of course, he didn’t.

    His real victim, the woman whose Personal Info he published, had to go into hiding out of fear for her physical safety and also had to quit her job over this.

    I’m all for turning tables and using their tactics against them, but I question the wisdom of stooping this low.

    Especially if it gives these assholes another chance to play the Victim Card.

  120. Her number came from her PUBLIC online profile, I didn’t have to dig, it’s there for the world to see.

    If your willing to scream Hiel Hitler while you’re being filmed by a news crew, i guess you’re not worried about privacy.

    If wonkette see’s fit to take it down, i will understand.

  121. I just sent her a Facebook message.

    Subject: You ignorant cunt

    I hope you lose whatever healthcare you have and die of a prolonged, horrible, painful, disfiguring (not that you’re anything to look at now) pre-existing condition.

    Have a good life. Loser.

  122. She’s wearing the IDF shirt because she perceives them as having something in common with her – being anti-Arab (or Muslim)- not because of any affinity for Israel. That’s all – I doubt she’s even particularly anti-Semitic. She’s just very good at finding ways to make people she disagrees with tick (clearly it worked on us). Nothing will piss off a Palestinian (or just Muslim, as far as she is concerned) then an IDF shirt, and nothing will get an Israeli thrown off a pro-health reform argument faster than shouting “Heil Hitler”. That said, it’s probably more reprehensible to shout “Heil Hitler” to invoke a reaction than it is to actually believe the words “Heil Hitler”.

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