We have no idea what’s going on behind closed doors on Capitol Hill or in the White House (just kidding, we know it all and will never tell you!), but it seems obvious that the Republican leadership has invested so much (all) of its energy into shouting “GOVERNMENT TAKEOVER OF HEALTHCARE” at the prospect of any legislation that simply removing the small, imaginary basis for this shouting — a public health insurance plan to compete with private insurers on a new health insurance exchange — would not change anything. And guess what! The RNC released a statement this afternoon saying that, indeed, co-ops are also evil socialistic government-run health care systems from the U.S.S.R. programmed to kill your white grandparents and children.

The RNC’s release, titled “Reports Of Public Option’s Demise Greatly Exaggerated: ‘PUBLIC OPTION BY ANY OTHER NAME IS STILL GOVERNMENT-RUN HEALTH CARE,'” explains what co-ops are: basically Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and Hitler and Hell, combined:


Co-Ops Would Be Funded By Federal Government. “Senator Kent Conrad, a Democrat, proposed creating nonprofit, member-operated health cooperatives to compete with insurers … The government would offer start-up money — Conrad said $6 billion would be needed — in loans and grants to help doctors, hospitals, businesses and other groups form nonprofit cooperative networks to obtain and provide healthcare.” (“Q&A – Co-Ops In Focus In U.S. Health Care Debate,” Reuters, 7/30/09)

Co-Ops Would Be Regulated By Federal Government. “Advisory board makes recommendations to HHS Secretary who makes final decisions about approvals of business plans … Business plans must meet governance standards, and eligible applicants must meet the standard for non-profit, participating mutual insurance.” (“Senate Finance Committee Draft Proposal,” 6/19/09)

Co-Ops Would Force Individuals Who Want To Join To Go Through State Governments. “Co-op membership would be offered through state insurance exchanges where small businesses and individuals without employer-sponsored plans would shop for health coverage.” (“Q&A – Co-Ops In Focus In U.S. Health Care Debate,” Reuters, 7/30/09)

Federal Government Would Use Co-Ops To Monopolize Health Insurance. “[T]hese co-ops sound a lot like a health-care Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which Congress created because there was supposedly no secondary mortgage market. The duo proceeded to use their government subsidy to dominate the market and drive out private competitors.” (Editorial, “Fannie Med,”The Wall Street Journal, 7/30/09)

Probably 37 of 40 Senate Republicans at the very least will never vote for any bill. Zero Republicans in the House will ever vote for anything. Even if the health care bill somehow turned into a wingnut-appeasing measure to simply bomb all Democratic caucuses at their next meetings, Republican rapid-responders would label this a “government takeover of the military.”

So if you’re looking for some slobs to be mad at, better to focus on Kent Conrad, Ben Nelson, Joe Lieberman, Evan Bayh, and other “centrist Democrats,” because the Co-Op Compromise is just for them.

By Any Other Name [RNC]

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  1. we true murkans will never surrender to the socialist kenyan antichrist of empanelled death. those gummint nazi commies will have to pry our healths from our cold, dead hands.

    which doesn’t look like it will be all that hard. corn syrup, anyone? goes great with couch potatoes.

  2. I have a feeling the co-ops would quickly denigrate into rival factions on large board of directors, similar to small town chamber of commerce and your typical church deacons or lay minstry committee. “No cookies after the service” “We’ve always had cookies, go to hell” that sort of lively discussion while the roof still leaks 5 years after the big hail storm.

  3. Would it be all right with the reThuglicans if we just hoard all our money in banks and then fork it over to doctors and hospitals whenever they want it?

    Oh, no, of course not, what was I thinking? We owe a fat, succulent, hookers-and-blow living to Blue Cross. How could I forget that important obligation of citizenship in this great country?

  4. We can aim our anger at Conrad, Bayh & friends or, as I’d prefer, aim it at the Democratic leadership and the president for not whipping these self-important fuckbags into toeing the party line. They’re only being assholes because the spineless party leadership is letting them. Ask ’em if they’d like to ride the president’s coattails in the next election or if they’d prefer to go it alone.

  5. What did I say? Give them an inch. AND THEY WILL STEAL A MILE.
    “Stop acting like a Senator & start acting like a President” ~Ed Schultz
    Lee Atwater is having a party in hell right now. This is nothing but rethuglican schtick. This is payback for their joke of a campaign. They are winning this time on the backs of poor sick people & children. I guess it was more important to fight in a Prez election then it is to fight for people who have no voice. Get off your high horses & get down in the pits & fight or pull the plug on health reform.

  6. So a co-op is socialised medicine but not as socialised as a public option. So it’s not as good a health care solution.

    Next, employee mandates will be said to ruin our fragile economy and shouldn’t apply to any business with less than, say, 100 employees. And the business has to be able to deduct their share from their taxes.

    And since 46 million people don’t have insurance there’s no way the insurers will want to accept pre-existing conditions, such as my gall bladder that should have come out several years ago and hurts 24/7.


  7. Joe Lieberman doesn’t want more people to be insured because that would cause fewer people to die, which would really inhibit his sex life.

  8. [re=388732]Nerdalicious[/re]: Went to my senators’ Web sites to see about pinging them on this issue and learned that you don’t even want to send them a paper letter anymore–too dangerous! takes too long! Anyway, Feinstein answered me back with a caring-sounding-but-empty statement. No word from Boxer or my congresscritter.

    Does constituent input help the cause? I don’t know. But I don’t want this to go down because I didn’t try.

    [re=388715]AbstinenceOnly Ed[/re]: Even though I knew better, I looked. Ew.

  9. [re=388735]chascates[/re]:
    Hey, I know a lot about that particular subject. When’s the last time you had a scan, if I might ask? Any stones? Did you know it might be possible to treat the condition with diet? You might want to consider the surgery (if possible). Take as much pain meds as you can I know how bad that pain is. If I can help in anyway ask away. (If you don’t want to say anything I would understand.)

  10. OT. DO NOT help out Ken ant the Wonkette by clicking on the “She makes $1638 online ” advertisement. I like to occaisionally click on an ad to help out the team, but that site will turn your browser into a bowl of cold oatmeal, on the shady side of an iceberg. I will be forwarding that domain onto the Google legal dept. though.

  11. Wow, and here I thought that if the Democrats capitulated a bit, suddenly the Republicans would be really nice and agreeable.

    I’m going to go brew a nice, big pot of coffee. When the Democratic leadership, including our illustrious President, wants to wake up, I’ll be happy to let them smell it.

  12. These are the same knuckle-draggers who lied us into Iraq and here they are, years later, using the same tactics and it appears they will scream us into another bad decision, all because the lowbrows who listen to them won’t change the goddamned tv channel.

  13. [re=388730]hobospacejunkie[/re]: Yes, “we can aim our anger at [with] Conrad.”

    “‘Exterminate all the brutes!'”
    “The horror, the health care.”

  14. [re=388737]AKAM80TheWolf[/re]:
    “When Obama was crowned muslin King”
    Dude is floundering. He’s losing his mojo. It happens to every Prez, but this is not the time to turn to mush when so many Americans are sick & poor. Again, this is not the GD beer summit. I’m starting to remember things said during the primary. He seems to be inexperienced, mired in exhaustive detail, & unrealistic about how evil & vulgar these loons & fat cats are.

  15. Knowing how they feel, how can these people even stand to be part of the government they loathe so much? They should all resign immediately, on principle.

  16. But the good news is that Wonkette warblogging works: “Walmart, Best Buy, CVS, and GMAC are among eight major advertisers have just confirmed pulling their advertising from Fox News’ “Glenn Beck” program in light of his comments that President Obama is a racist.”

    I salute those who selflessly got drunk on the weekend and “petitioned” the shit out of Glenn Beck!

  17. The fact that the Republicans had this ready says a lot about their moxy, and desperation. It also says a lot about the Democrats. That they let it get to this point. I wish Obama would say he is going to have a public option even if just he and Bo agrees with it. At least Republicans would respect him.

    But Obama already knows that this is his presidential fate — screaming Palin supporters outside the White House with their nasty signs (for four years at least. The second four may be quieter.) He knows no bipartisanship is possible. Republicans will never help Obama kill their party, discredit their ideas. Now I think he will play the reconciliation card. The day after healthcare is passed with the public option, he should repeal DADT. A ruthless eight years in the right direction is what America needs.

  18. [re=388745]Nerdalicious[/re]: My doc prescribed Aciphex but I’m taking Prilosec since it’s cheaper. If I watch my diet there’s no much pain. Not nearly as much pain as seeing what Congress is up to.

  19. I salute those who selflessly got drunk on the weekend

    Were we supposed to stop drinking this morning? Because the news makes me not want to.

  20. Christ, my cats have better health care than most Americans. But I can only afford cats because my own medicine is “socialized”. And if my cats could vote and pay taxes (ha, get a job, you lazy animal), theirs would be, too, I’m pretty sure.

  21. I’m sure Repubes would settle for nothing less than to follow the lead of the most dynamic capitalist areas of the world: Shanghai, Qatar and Dubai.
    We’ll have nuttin’ to do with the likes of them commie places like Sweden, England and France!

  22. If President Obama discovered a cure for cancer that also produced millions of megawatts of electricity, while still costing next to nothing, the Republicans would not let us have it. The cure would have to wait until a Republican becomes President (to take credit) and some multi-national corporation can steal the rights and charge everyone an arm and a leg for the treatment.

  23. “Senator Kent Conrad, a Democrat, proposed creating nonprofit, member-operated health cooperatives…”

    Conrad thinks we co-op members should be able to perform random surgeries at will out of the backs of our pickup trucks? Yay Senator Superman Clark Kent!! This is a much better idea than that pubic thingie!

  24. [re=388730]hobospacejunkie[/re]: Hear, hear. Most political parties in this world strive to maximize, even abuse their power. But the Democrats — and especially the President — seem almost to hate the burden of electoral success. Lord knows that next time the Republicans get majority power (as opposed to hyperinflated obstructionist power), they will not have this dysfunction.

  25. I’m still wanting to believe that Hopey’s just playin’ along, all the while thinking, “chill bitches, I got this”, but I’m starting to think Obamacare is going to make Hillarycare look like an improvement. What. the. fuck? Is there a decent politician left?

  26. Fuck bipartisanship.

    Republicans are nice to have; they are not necessary to have.

    One day, the Democrats in power will stop capitulating to the Republicans out of power on this sort of horseshit.

  27. [re=388781]chascates[/re]: A few shares of preferred stock passed under the table can have that effect on most any already corrupt politician.

  28. [re=388765]the problem child[/re]: Yeah, you know, the other day my mom was bitching about the cost of taking care of a 16 year old dog. The vet visits and meds add fast for an arthritic dog with allergies and glaucoma. My mom had worked herself up into quite a tizzy.
    So I said, hey ma, maybe they should include pets in the proposed healthcare reform. It’ll help both you and Skooter out…you’ll save thousands!
    She has been ignoring me since then.

  29. [re=388763]chascates[/re]:
    I’m glad you found something to help. Here is a gb diet site
    And a message board with a lot of info
    There is a book for general health that is wonderful: “Prescription for Nutritional Health” by Phyllis & Dr. Balch
    My friend had to have her gb out, had no insurance, & she made small payments to her surgeon. I hope I helped.

  30. [re=388783]Scandalabra[/re]: Not too forward at all. Which post did it — the one about being a loyal citizen pinging my elected reps, or the one about hoarding money in the basement?

  31. All I wish for any of these people is that they lose their own government funded health care and are then promptly diagnosed with a chronic disease or terminal illness.

  32. Ohmigosh, what surprising news that the Republicans are getting everything they want, yet are still cranky about it! I never could’ve forseen that!

    I’m starting to think Rahm’s brain was in that part of his finger that got cut off. Where are the angry tirades against those “Democratic” Senators who are content to screw over….you know, the ones you’re currently using at your own base, Rahmbo?

    Oh, and by the way, old people have Medicare—it’s us young(ish) people who are all going to be dead soon. Good luck winning in 2010 and see y’all in Hell!

  33. [re=388735]chascates[/re]: “there’s no way the insurers will want to accept pre-existing conditions.”
    But the Blew Dawg solution (yes they have one) calls for abolition of that practice: denying coverage for pre-existing conditions. And since the BD’s are all bought and paid-for by our corporate overlords, this platform had to have been made with their blessing.
    They CAN cover for pre-existings, they just don’t want to. They’ll still make a profit, just not as much as they like.

  34. I could have told you co-ops are socialist/communist: back in Orange County Calif in the ’80’s my parents belonged to a co-op for locally grown organic produce, and in the good ol’ Reagan era in OC that was all it took to garner the attention of the O.C.Sheriff’s anti-commie squad I KID YOU NOT. The Mayberry Spy Unit was bored of staking out the local Pacifica radio station and writing down the same 5 or 6 license numbers, so the John Birch Society (I’m not making this up!!!) put them onto our co-op. They got onto us just in time: we were doing advance recon for the Sandinista beach landing which was scheduled for later that month, and Supreme Dictator-for-Life Ortega had to scuttle the whole operation at the last minute. Co-ops are the gateway to Stalinism…

  35. Alright, let’s play contrarian for a bit….for all this gnashing of the teeth and cursing and angry bloggy spitballs aimed at Obama’s way, we still don’t really have a bill to talk about. All we’re doing is speculating about a sentence here said by this person or a sentence there said by that person. Four committees have already passed decent legislation with a public option and the only one left, finance, is the one that’s holding everything up but the truth is nobody knows what the hell Baucus is doing– for all we know, he could have told Grassley off a few weeks ago which could explain why he’s acting like such an ass lately– and over the weekend somebody quoted an Administration source as saying they had already written the Republicans off. And even if Finance passes a weak bill, it’s still competing with the four other, better bills and then there’s reconciliation after that. Yes, the Senate is putzing around and useless but nobody knows the numbers of who supports what or what the numbers will even need to be as there was talk earlier about voting to stop a filibuster. We just don’t know.

    In other words, it’s still way early, we still don’t really know what’s going on, and we still haven’t seen Obama’s big move. So in other words, I’m trying to chill out about all over this and not get riled up until there’s an actual bill that’s going to be voted on. And if DiFi is seen as chicken out, I am personally going to walk to her house and toilet paper it each and every night until she shapes up.

  36. [re=388764]Naked Bunny with a Whip[/re]: News, what news? I have been busy grabbing my ankles as the junior Senator from Indiana rams a co-op up my arseho. Wow, no lube in sight! QUARTERS!

  37. [re=388804]slowuncle[/re]: Unc, you brought back memories. Ah, I miss my Stalinist potato salad, with my Mao meatballs that the co-op would ration out. mmmmmm

  38. [re=388811]Edywin[/re]: This is actually pretty unusual for Wonkette. It’s just that this issue has been so drawn out it’s hard to find anything to snark at anymore.

  39. As a kid I used to listen to shortwave stations on an old floor model radio made in the 40’s.
    Sometimes I would listen to the CBC news from Canada. I wrote to them for some free literature
    about Canada they had offered. I was surprised to learn that they were encouraging immigration from the US.
    Canada didn’t have enough people up there to suit them in those days. They actually wanted us up there!
    I gave it some serious thought. The idea had an adventurous appeal.
    Sheesh! If I had only gone! Imagine! Real health care!

  40. [re=388813]kapish[/re]: What pisses me off is that Canada will accept a lot of Eastern Europeans, Asians, and Africans. We Americans, I suppose, are rightly seen as a possible problem.

    Sorry about the acid rain as well.

  41. [re=388795]populucious[/re]:
    “they lose their own government funded health care and are then promptly diagnosed with a chronic disease or terminal illness.”
    My sentiments exactly. Karma. That’s all I could think of watching Lee Atwaters a*****e Dickidpedia Armey on Meet the Press yesterday talking about the evils of Medicare/Social Security. You know that fat a*s gets a huge pension & the best health care in the universe. Honestly, his head is so red I thought he was morphing into Satan right there. Rachel Maddow really gave it to him. Instant Karma’s gonna get you, knock you right in the head” ~John Lennon
    Rise up sheeples! Get pissed!

  42. “Who the hell do you think you are? Laughing in the face of love?” ~John Lennon
    Isn’t the definition of love to these people Jesus Christ? Who spent his life healing the sick & poor? And no one is calling out these frauds publically on that one point alone? The Jesus people? The haters of all time? That was Jesus’s definition of Satan = frauds like them. They don’t really read the Bible, so of course they wouldn’t even know that.

  43. I’m so tired of these Reputtanos (yes, I’m half Italian). Why in the hell can’t they all just move to the South so we can fucking kick them out of the Union once and for all?

  44. This just in:

    In what can only be described as an amazing coincidence, the Birthers and the Deathers have all turned out to be the same people!

    Go figure.

  45. [re=388838]Mumbletypeg[/re]: I won’t believe it until Dave (Never Been Wrong!) Broder gums his stamp of approval onto the prediction.

  46. [re=388735]chascates[/re]: 46 million don’t have health insurance (per 2005 US Census figures). Meh. That’s the price of doing business, smarty pants Marxist.
    — Senator Miss McConnell (also known as Trixie)

  47. [re=388836]Joshua Norton[/re]: It just goes to show you don’t have to fool all of the people all of the time. If you can fool the loudest 23% half the time, you’re set.

  48. ifthethunderdontgetya- Broder’s already working on the story as we speak as I’m sure he’s disheartened by Obama’s lack of bipartisanship and moves to appease his base in lieu of taking a more centrist position on health care.

  49. [re=388781]chascates[/re]: I always thought UnitedHealth/MN legislature/US congressional delegation for MN were run by or are gigantic hypocrites. UH is based in Minnesota, where for-profit medical insurance is not allowed only large pools of nonprofit medical insurance exist. Consequently, UH insures no one in MN and UH based itself in Minnesota because there is no legal definition for a for-profit medical insurance company so UH has no special legal requirements to follow. UH ends up being treated just like any other company based in Minnesota, like Target or Best Buy. Meanwhile, Minnesota residents get above average, decent health care and UH can screw all the people out of state that it wants to with an ice auger.

  50. Sing it loud and proud

    No ObamaCare, No Afghanistan.

    No Commie Medicine, No killing Muslims.

    That’ll get their attention. You have to threaten something they want.

  51. [re=388842]S.Luggo[/re]:

    “Income, Poverty, and Insurance Coverage in the United States. US Census Bureau 2007”

    What? So the uninsured have increased both in number and as a percentage of the population? And? 90% are Mexican and Colombian drug lords, lettuce-pickers, “non-producers”, Islamos, Acorns and Haitians. Serve them not lest we lose our heathcare freedoms.
    — Senator John Cornyn (aka Truckstop Dixie).

  52. Sluggo WE ARE A NATION OF PEEPULL. You pull, it pees, it must be 14, and probably with a Republican. Paul Harvey says goodnight. This pair of shorts will not, but still continue to enjoy Glenn Beck’s mission of finding advertisers.

  53. [re=388857]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: from the site “NOTE TO BECK HATERS:We are actually TRYING to keep your comments on this wall, so Beck fans may try and refute them. Unfotunately, out of the 1,275 posts by Beck-haters, only 5 did NOTcontain obscenities, death threats, crude descriptions of genitalia, or sick pedophilic fantasies. It is remarkable how immature you liberals are in a public forum. I wish I could show people just HOW childish, but this is a family site!

    Only 5 …. god bless us all!

  54. [re=388870]Suds McKenzie[/re]: That’s a lie Suds. GENITALIA IS NATURAL. Death threats do not exist over there— and Glenn Beck happens to be a pedophile fantasy of mine when I was underage, that such an alleged pedophile as Glenn Beck (THESE RUMORS ARE FALSE) would rage all over my 16 year-old innocence, as he does to so many everyday on the Tee Vee (DISCLAIMER: APOLLO MADE HIM SAY THAT).

  55. [re=388720]Bearbloke[/re]: Remember when some public-spirited person brought a kalashnikov to a joint session of the Indian Congress and blasted them all?

  56. Somewhat OT report from Wingnut America: And a small flock of Utahrds did gather our sharpies and cardboard about us, and ventured out of the red desert into the heathen lands of Colorado. We went to see the Chosen One, who would lead us out of poverty and achey knees into a Land Of Plenty, with x-rays and free drugs for all the People. And Lo, though the One did not display his holy visage to us, we did get a pretty decent view of Air Force One roaring over Mt. Garfield, and we fell to our knees with and cried with awe. And after the great shouts of the sign-wielding flock of wingnut retards had ceased, we travelers did make our way back to our sandy home, stopping east of the border to fill the jeep with the Forbidden Beer. May Heavenly Father bless Cottonwood Liquors, amen.

    Anyway, the signs and costumes at the Colorado Obama rally/protest were pretty classic. I have come out of lurkerdom to make this offering to the Wonketteers:

  57. [re=388870]Suds McKenzie[/re]: None of my comments contained profanity! NONE! I was Jesus telling him Mormons are a joke. I was John. Q. Billionaire thanking him on behalf of CorporateCare, I was Joe Doakes asking abut getting my printer driver to work, I worked hard! So since I didn’t swear there I will here:


  58. [re=388879]chascates[/re]: Thank you, thank you.

    And I swear, on the way into the protest some dude got up a Braveheart-style yell of FRRREEEDOMMM, and I almost wet myself with excitement, hoping for the full reenactment. But alas, no public disembowelings in front of Central High School that day.

  59. [re=388775]blinky_twinkie[/re]: Probably. I’ve seen peasant dentists in China removing teeth at the farmers’ market with a nail and a needlenose pliers. In the USA, it’ll be faith healers for most, you can be sure.

  60. [re=388769]Don Juanquete[/re]: I don’t know about Qatar or Dubai, but the PRC is re-instituting national health care, after a couple decades imitating the US system. Unlike US politicians, Chinese leaders are genuinely afraid of their ordinary people.

  61. [re=388893]zhubajie[/re]:
    “Seriously, surgery in Thailand is cheap and good.”
    David Carradine didn’t trust it, operated on himself & look what happened to him.

  62. [re=388894]irisheyesagain[/re]:
    “filthy commentary, the Defend Glenn Beck site has been SHUT DOWN!!!!!”
    Yeaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhh! Be proud!

  63. I like to think this was Hopey’s plan all along: compromise and compromise and compromise even though he knew no Republicans would ever ever vote for any sort of reform plan while at the same time letting all their crazies off the leash to scream about socialism and threaten to kill any congressperson who votes for a public option, thus making the American people realize what a bunch of dimwitted fucktards inhabit the Republican Party these days and scaring them onto the Dems’ side for the next thirty years.

    THEN he tells the Dems in Congress fuck it, they are not serious about reform, they have shown that over and over, so pass some liberal plan that’s one step from single-payer and lays the groundwork for us to move to it down the road, and we’ll spin it as we tried to compromise but the opposition was completely irrational and unhelpful, we’re sure they could have come up with some good ideas but they were too busy whipping their tiny base into a frenzy with all that scare-mongering. Now they are stuck with a bill they think is too liberal? Tough shit.

    Sure, the Dems might take some short-term losses in 2010 because the Repubs’ base will be particularly motivated to get out and vote, but it won’t be enough to retake either house of Congress. By the time 2012 and then 2014 rolls around, universal health care will be taking hold and people will realize it can work and was a great idea and they will vote Dem for the next four generations.

    Of course I never believed in the single-bullet theory, the Tooth Fairy, or Santa Claus, so why I would believe this is beyond me. But it could happen, right?

  64. [re=388896]desertwind[/re]: I know, and believe me, I am suitably ashamed.

    Also pissed that the site got shut down before Merkin Muffley, Major Kong, Dr. Merkwürdigliebe, Gen. Turgidson and BrigGen Ripper got to join Capt. Mandrake in showing Glenn their support. Dammit.

  65. I’m proud to see this post from T. Bagger is still up on the defendglenn site:

    I haz a confused abut this you call ACORN. Is this not nut squirrel likes? and stores in hes cheeks for winter? how can nut count? nut not self-aware like Skynet. which will kill us all. Judgment day!

  66. And dear god in whom I don’t believe, I hope this is one of you nutjobs and not a genuine nutjob:

    Hi Glen, I like how you use SMOKE and MIRRORS to show us the dastardly plots against our welfare and wellbeing. I hope you know that you have caused us to take up arms again. The militia movement is growing! We will take back this nation for its superior founding facets. We will not allow ourselves to be polluted. We are pure and beautiful, just like you. Thank you for the stunning truths.

  67. Tex Walker, New Orleans, LA
    Dear Glenn, I canceled my truck insurances yesterday like you said. I was just backing out to go to the track and this greenie on a bike whacks into the back of my truck right in my blind spot! And he’s yelling I have to pay his medical bills. What do I do now? Please email me:

  68. [re=388904]the prophet of Deseret[/re]: It’s OK, just tell Merkin Muffley, Major Kong, Dr. Merkwürdigliebe, Gen. Turgidson and BrigGen Ripper that the Sun as well as the Page will come up tomorrow. I’ll pass it on to Chad Sexington as well.

  69. Just sent this to the White House:

    This is not so much about policy, as body parts.

    Where I come from, the one Washington politican we always thought was inadequately endowed, was Harry Reid. In fact, we routinely refer to him as Harry Grow-A-Pair Reid – all spoken as one word.

    Now, we see that Reid-itis has spread across town. In fact, it appears that the ENTIRE West Wing – not to mention the inhabitant of the Oval Office – needs to, in the vernacular – GROW A PAIR!

    Apparently, the One political leader in that town who HAS a pair is Nancy Pelosi! And isn’t THAT ironic? Perhaps you can send the White House Photographer over to the Hill to take a picture and show the rest of you what they look like? Or maybe there is a pair hidden someone deep in the bowels of the EOB that you just forgot you have? Because right now, we can’t see a shred of courage or determination in this Administration – although there are lots and lots of you who know how to “walk back” a position better than a Michael Jackson moonwalk!

    Show us you have some! Take the HELP Committee bill and use the dam’ reconciliation rules to get it done! How HARD is that?? Shall we come down there and show you?

    What an incredible disappointment you are to the millions of us who donated to your campaign. Don’t expect THAT to happen again – but I guess your outreach to PhRMA and the Insurance Lobby signifies that you aren’t expecting that, are you? How many more campaign promises are you planning to break? Let’s see – transparency, GTMO, out of Iraq in 18 months, military tribunals, public option, DOMA… I’m too disgusted to go on.

    So. Public Option. You got game, or not? You got a pair? I’m doubtin’ it seriously – the political “operatives” have got yours locked up.

  70. Just because it’s August doesn’t give you commenter people and your right wing agenda a reason to back down. You should be strong. We don’t want the liberals to win the War on Savings, dammit.

  71. [re=388926]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: “We don’t want the liberals to win the War on Savings, dammit.”

    I can’t begin to ponder how many GameStop libertarians have posted online about how they don’t need health insurance because they (claim to) have 8,000$ in savings.

  72. [re=388929]Maus[/re]: I wouldn’t think $8 grand would go that far if someone had to spend a few days in the hospital with an MRI or two.

  73. Cry ‘Havoc,’ and let slip the dogs of war;
    That this foul deed shall smell above the earth
    With carrion men, groaning for burial.

    Nothing to do with this topic, just felt like posting some 17th Century writing about 1st Century violence. Seems to fit the mood.

  74. [re=388715]AbstinenceOnly Ed[/re]: Obama should offer to sign a release for his Long Form Raised Stamp Birf Certificate the day the public option passes.

  75. From the resurrected Glenn Beck site:

    Henry H Holmes, Gilmanton, NH
    There was a time when america respected a man like Glenn, now liberals just want the USA to be a “murder castle”

    Yes. A murder castle. And you’re next on the chopping block, Hank! We libs are out to get you and your braindead brethren and *force* all of them to… have decent, affordable health insurance. Be afraid!

  76. Late to the party on this one, but I went to the site only to find it seemingly “clean” of our liberal-commie-immature-etc-etc filth. Except this one curiously didn’t seem to raise anyconcern:

    Ernst Rohm, Braunes Hemd, TX
    We will rid this country of Communists, leftists, and athiests and preserve our cherished way of life

    What with all the Hitler (History) Channel these fat, middle-aged white guys watch, you’d think they’d catch this one.

  77. I am so sick of the same fucking bastards that are covered by government operated health insurance tell me just how evil government operated health care is. Sorry for the lack of snark, it seems the Repugs and Blew Dems are providing that.

  78. [re=388997]disgustedcitizen[/re]:
    “I am so sick of the same fucking bastards that are covered by government operated health insurance tell me just how evil government operated health care is.”
    And no one except Olbermann & Schultz are calling these f*****s out on this & every other loon hypocritical bs they spew. It’s like I said upstream about Dickipedia Armey on Meet the Press. Watch the clip! He has a fat pension & the best health care in the universe & he was actually laughing at the camera as he harpooned medicare & social security. LAUGHING HIS ASS OFF AS HE SPOKE! WATCH! They are beating our tails with this nonsense and they know it. This is old timey Lee Atwater/Rove/Willie Horton rethuglican schtick. Find a few fear mongering phrases & run wild with them: “kill grandma”, “government takeover”, “tyranny”, repeat 8 million times then send arsenals to town halls to feign some kind of grey panther revolution of some sort. It’s comedy to them, death to 18,000 Americans who die every year from lack of health care & payback for their f****d up ’08 campaign & now we’re f*****g this up. I don’t believe there is some big strategy up this administrations sleeves. This adminstration has lost it’s mojo big time. That’s what happens when you deal with the devil (insurance/pharmaceutical companies/blow dogs/DC moth ridden hacks that are so enslaved to insurance/pharma they’ll never give in ON ANY BILL.

  79. Who are these assholes claiming health care “socialism?”

    We guess that Medicare and Medicaid–which provide health insurance money for tens of millions of Americans, including conservatives, far-right-wingers and Republicanas–is not socialism? Even though it is government-sponsored, taxpayer-sponsored, tax-money-sponsored health care? Of course it’s not “socialism,” and neither is the Obama administration’s health reform plan.

    Nothing done by the Obama administration is in any way “socialism.” If ignorant people think that the government providing money to help certain institutiions is “socialism,” then, fine, we’ll take out all of the government money that goes to Medicaid, Medicaid, Social Security, education, the military, police departments, fire departments, public works agencies, transportation, planning and zoning, code enforcements, consumer affairs regulations, commerce rules, trade laws, import and export laws, existing health care, social services, corrections, jails, prisons, buses, subways, trains, the postal service, drivers’ license agencies, environmental agencies, fish and wildlife agencies, natural resources, pollution controls, and about 5,000 other government functions.

    Is government sponsoring all of these areas “socialism?”

    Maybe we shouldn’t have any government, and we’ll just live in some crazy, psycho, lawless society. Yes, that would be better.

    These protesters need to shut the hell up, get a life, and stop acting like assholes.

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