Best philandering governor of '04BLAST YOU JIM McGREEVEY. Once upon a time the former governor of New Jersey was so funny, with his exotic “gay American” ethnicity and his alleged sexyhot TGI Friday’s Three-for-Alls with his wife and another dude. But now he is just some nice seminary student trying to help ex-cons re-enter the workforce, and you can’t really wring a lot of comedy out of that. Read the interview anyway! He seems like a nice man! Nicer than shitty old Jon Corzine. [Inside Jersey Magazine]

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  1. now he is just some nice seminary student trying to help ex-cons re-enter the workforce,

    Which would explain the name-tag that says “Hi. My name is Workforce”.

  2. Dammit. We always lose the interesting ones, but we’re stuck with Mark “Got the house to myself so I can whack off in any room I want” Sanford.

  3. Will someone please explain to me what New Jersey is for? It seems like a storage locker for people with irritating vowels and pants that don’t fit right.

  4. TGI Friday’s serves up some delicious COCKtales. You should try the “NJGuv”— it’s a cosmopolitan stirred by a man’s penis.

  5. OK, let’s fine-tune Warhol: In the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes – then not, then later famous again for just long enough for everybody to say “Who? Oh, yeah.”

    Witness the power of this fully armed and operational Regional Magazine!

  6. I hope the former Mrs. McGreevey knows that there is a certain empty governor’s mansion down south of New Jersey that could use some serious sparkin’.

  7. There’s some serious bitterness in the responses to that article. I don’t know if it’s due to McGreevey’s perfidy, anti-gay sentiment, or simply being forced to live in NJ, but it’s pretty damn toxic.

  8. 2004 = Sexy sex in three-for-alls
    2009 = Serious seminary student
    2011 = Murderous meth fueled rampage in a suburban mall or parochial school

  9. [re=386590]Min[/re]: You think that’s bad. Read the comments on the linked article about his even-lower-than-low current popularity. Scary stuff.

  10. But now he is just some nice seminary student trying to help ex-cons re-enter the workforce,

    How does sharing stories about prison blow jobs help ex-cons re-enter the workforce?

  11. I’m torn between remembering McGrievous as the ambisexual, fast-food filching, orgyist, or the Jeebus-loving spreader of The Word to his flock.

    O.K. I’m no longer torn.

  12. Look to the future, and you will see New Jersey!
    Illinois thinks it’s got some kinda lock on the shitty politician thing, but Ronnie Blago is strictly amateur by Jersey standards.
    Nice try South Carolina, but the Garden State still roolz.

    Every politician in the land of the mighty Turnpike is either under indictment, in the closet, or controlled by the mob.

  13. [re=386635]Chain Tattoo[/re]:

    And there’s good old Chris Christie of Rove Attorney Scandal fame waiting in the wings to take over as Governor.

    Good times.

  14. [re=386660]Suds McKenzie[/re]:

    They just have a looser definition of “praying” than the rest of us do. Those crazy, fun-loving Catholics.

  15. What do you mean you can’t find comedy in this story? Send it off to Red State and see what they come up with. People who are annoyed by compassion will definitely come up with something high-larious.

  16. Ah, the church, the closeted man’s best friend since about 400 a.d. Remember, you can’t spell “seminary” without “semin” (sp.)

  17. Quite possibly the most unsurprising news of the year. Gay, Irish-Catholic former gov goes to seminary. Why knock me over with a feather. Oh, shit; I’ve just double entendred all over the floor.

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