Glenn Beck's momma is African!Vile behavior is usually rewarded by Idiot America (see “Michael Vick”), but there is finally some sort of financial penalty for being a repulsive screaming nutbag racist bag of clown shit on a national cable-news station owned by one of the world’s biggest media companies: advertisers flee!

Big companies including Geico, Proctor & Gamble and Progressive Insurance have not only quit advertising on Glenn Beck’s frothy-tard nightly dose of audio-visual excrement, they’ve told their ad buyers they won’t even tolerate a commercial accidentally slipping into Glenn Beck’s racist masturbatorium even by some cable-news accident of “fill in the empty ad slots with whatever’s sitting around, for cheap.” Hooray for Capitalism!

Another fun fact for your Friday: Fox News’ star attraction, the racist fart-sack Glenn Beck, gets all of 2 million viewers, on a good day. So, next time you’re about to weep for America again, have a refreshing iced tea or something instead, and enjoy the happy knowledge that less than 1% of Americans actually watch Glenn Beck. [MarketWatch]

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  1. Finally, I can get some decent ad rates for my side gig, distributor of Confederate Flag festooned clothing. Bead-Dazzeled crossed the stars and bars.

  2. I figure since no one gives a shit about all these elections we keep having and winning, we might as well vote with our fucking wallets. I’m talking to YOU, Whole Foods!

  3. At this point, the stench eminating from Faux News has become overpowering. Glen(n) Beck is a severe asshat. You should have seen his episode when he was on CNN and basically fellated GWB.

  4. Didn’t you hear? The advertisers are BEING FORCED to pull their ads because of NOBAMA’S thought police and bailout money. He also socialized all companies everywhere, so this is a sign that free speech, and therefore America, is dead.

    Back in the good old days of free speech, the same people good people who watch Glen Beck today wrote tons of letters to advertisers telling them to pull ads whenever someone said a dirty word, or showed that side-part of a boobie, or was a single mother, or was a friend of a gay. Now those are advertiser pullings that made sense. BECAUSE WE WILL NOT HAVE THAT SMUT IN OUR 1950s SOCIETY! For Jesus!

  5. This self-absorbed fuckhole can’t even be bothered to be consistently racist. One moment he’s calling the president a racist, the next he’s saying the president’s not a racist, he just has a deep-seated anger toward white people. All the while happily ignoring the fact that Obama’s mother and two grandparents are white. If for nothing else he should be fired for wildly shooting off his mouth with no attempt made at consistency, when just any ol’ inflammatory statement will do. In sum, Beck isn’t very intelligent, in addition to being a racist, though that probably goes without saying.

  6. Actually , Beck is Mormon and his name freely translated – this underwear is scratchy. A little known fact about the angel Moroni who gave the golden tablets to Joseph Smith and thus bringing about another shitbag religion. This single act gave rise to the expression “what a moron” or as my half wit followers like to say “moran”. Hey, what can I tell you I been around and know these things.

  7. money talks and bullshit walks


    money speaks in a clear and forceful tone which reduces bullshit to the noises made by squealing pigs.

    hey, thanks for the tea tip. i usually smoke mine without ice and had forgotten how refreshing cool tea can be. keep it coming, love.

  8. I can’t wait until ad time on Beck’s show is so cheap that the deathers and Orly Taitz and all the other nutballs can afford 30-second spots. At which point Glenn will struggle to out-crazy his advertisers, and the lunacy spiral will make his current idiocy look like a Harvard MBA thesis.

  9. I read somewhere that the commercials are only being shifted to other blocks of programming on Fox, so good ol’ Rupert still deposits the checks. So while I’m glad this ass-clown Beck sees some consequences for his actions, the fact that Fox does not lose advertising dollars makes it a mixed victory.

  10. That 2 million viewers of Beck’s, btw, also roughly equals Limbaugh’s actual, devoted, true-believing, KKK-redux, mentally-challenged, hypernutsoid, phallically-deficient radio audience (which he has been allowed for years to exaggerate by a factor of ten because wow, reporters are so friggin easy to fool, and 20 million just sounds way more impressive). There aren’t that many of them out there; they all listen to talk radio then switch over to Fox, or if they can figure out how to do it they watch the TV and listen to the talk radio at the very same time, although this is complicated for them–the ones at the top of the right-wing gene pool have actually figured out how to scope out Free Republic and the National Review Online on the computer machine at the very same time they’re listening to Rush and watching Fox. This is called multi-tasking. It’s quite the challenge, but it fills those empty hours while they’re waiting for their government checks from the Social Security and the Medicare. So few, so crazy: which is what makes it all the more depressing that they pretty much run the damn country half the time….

  11. 2 million viewers? Those must be the nursing home olds waiting for a visit from the death panel. After watching Glenn Beck for a few days, death doesn’t seem like a bad alternative.

  12. [re=386499]mad mom[/re]: I’m fairly certain doing these four activities at once within the Large Hadron Collider would initiate the Big Crunch.

  13. I gave my 76 yr old dad a gift card for Fathers Day and what did he do with it, he bought Glenn Fucking Beck’s book with it. Gak. And yes, he repeats the crap he hears on Fox too.

  14. Voltaire is usually my fallback position on these kinds of issues. Beck is entitled to spout his idiocy, and those companies are entitled to withold their commericals from an idiot’s show.

  15. [re=386461]norbizness[/re]: Free? This is the guy who wants to start charging teh moneyz for intraweb nooz!
    King Murdoch is a capitalist first and conservative second. Giving away things for free = socialism.

  16. [re=386494]Filthy Crapcan[/re]: I agree completely. Obfuscator, you have made a me a convert to capitalism. The Invisble Hand Knows (menacing laugh).

  17. [re=386468]Death Panel Wagon[/re]: Maybe Glenn Beck can get on the phone to John Mackey and work out full sponsorship for “The Glenn Beck Whole Foods Flour Power Hour”…

  18. [re=386483]The Names Jesus[/re]: I think he converted. That’s right: he converted to a religion that includes magic underwear. Put’s ol’ Beck in perspective doesn’t it?

  19. Since hating on hate can only lead to love, let me add: I predict his cerebral palsy daughter will conceive a child with Palin’s Down Syndrome son to create the next Republican President and first President elected for the fun of it.

  20. [re=386521]Gallowglass[/re]: And why did he convert? “God kept putting Mormons in my path,” Mr Beck says.

    I’d like it if God started putting Marxists in his path.

  21. [re=386498]imissopus[/re]: yea, but it makes them do something. like, oh shit, we have to do something to make sure none of these corporate sponsors are on Glen Beck. Gave me some optimism at least.

  22. [re=386535]Gallowglass[/re]: No I don’t remember him; I, like a forever-growing percentage of the electorate am too young to remember this dumbass conservative actor Republicans fawn over, so their minutes masturbating to him are meaningless. Also, the current guy most similar to that guy is Schwarzenegger, and he doesn’t seem like a particularly good model of governing. Ohh and, the base is (rightly) freaking out about the debt and deficits, and Reagan tripled ours, so he seems like a pretty bad President, so anyone who mentions him is probably less likely to get my vote. But uhh, keep bringing that guy up, every Republican at all times!

  23. The best Beck sponsor is an ex-sponsor.

    So I’ll put my little money where my big mouth is: I’ll need a new car insurance company when I move back to Montgomery County. What’ll it be, Wonketeers? GEICO or Progressive?

  24. [re=386549]ella[/re]: I got hit by someone with Progressive and they were all over it. Assessed the damage in hours, fixed my car in like five days, set me up with a rental. Good stuff.

    [re=386548]OReillysVibrator[/re]: Yeah I only have vague memories of the befuddled fellow on TV, who was much less entertaining than Thundercats.

  25. [re=386495]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Well, this is more or less how Short Wave radio shows work in the US. Advertizing is largely one con after another.

  26. What’s with all the masturbatoriums springing up? First in South Carolina governor’s mansion, now a racist one at Fox. Is this the way out of the recession?

  27. [re=386548]OReillysVibrator[/re]: Yeah. If Republicans gave a shit about their country and their party, they’d look to the example of a Republican who looks more and more reasonable every day (although he was out there at the time): Oregon governor Tom McCall.

    If he hadn’t come down with the cancer, he could have saved America from Reagan in the primary in 1980. Coulda been, shoulda been.

  28. “Fox News’ star attraction, the racist fart-sack Glenn Beck, gets all of 2 million viewers, on a good day.”

    He could’ve got more ratings by televising live the death panels when they line up the elderly and send them to their death — like Saudi Arabia. But he had to appose it. What a moran.

  29. [re=386543]ForTheTurnstiles[/re]: “God kept putting Mormons in my path”

    I thought god was putting dicks in his mouth. Or maybe it comes to the same thing?

  30. Oh, don’t go get me wrong. They’re fine people, they’re good Americans. But they’re content to sit back, maybe watch a little Mork and Mindy on channel 57, maybe kick back a cool, Coors 16-ouncer. They’re good, fine people, Stuart. But they don’t know WHAT THE QUEERS ARE DOING TO THE SOIL!!!

  31. Yeah, why the hell is it every time I go to the gym, his pudgy ass is on the tv? Maybe he should be at the gym, and I should be on the teevee!

    Is masturbatorium the new Wonkette meme?

  32. [re=386468]Death Panel Wagon[/re]: Dude – what can you possible get at Whole Foods that isn’t cheaper, fresher, locally grown and available at your nearby farmers market?

    …other than that special elitist feeling we all enjoy with our arugula?

  33. [re=386526]freakishlystrong[/re]: slippery slope. ‘sides, you can just tear the pages out and use ’em for toilet paper (times is gettin’ tough).

  34. [re=386543]ForTheTurnstiles[/re]: “God kept putting Mormons in my path,”

    You’re shitting me. If anyone else used logic this illogical, we’d all be Mormons or Jehovah’s Witnesses.

  35. [re=386531]OReillysVibrator[/re]: World’s best ticket for the currant age of idiocy, or world’s best ticket EVER. They loved Saint Ronald, and he was barely sentient the whole 8 years.

  36. Thats ok let them flee and the millions who watch Beck will just ignore their products, want to guess who will give in first. Money will over rule the fact they are supporting Americas first openly racist president.

  37. [re=386607]Notalib[/re]: Unless Kleenex pulls their ads, I don’t think they have too much to worry about if Glenn ignores their products.

  38. [re=386568]ForTheTurnstiles[/re]: “Oregon governor Tom McCall.”

    They never recall his name and, if I remember correctly, he is the one responsible for the fact Oregon beaches are more beautiful than Washington’s. Liberal Republicans were pro-choice and pro-environment. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? Like a left wing Democrat.

  39. Advertisers ought to be pulling their commercials from not just the shows of tasteless fools like Beck and that other ‘worst person in the world,’ but also from tasteless reality-based shows. Then the shows run after 2 am and then next thing you know, the I.Q. of the country increases by a point or two.

  40. [re=386543]ForTheTurnstiles[/re]: God keeps putting Mormons in my path. Really fucks up the suspension. And now, I have to get a new insurance company.

  41. [re=386604]DustBowlBlues[/re]: current. I feel like shit today. BTW–If anyone knows how to improve the quantity of currants on my bushes, please provide answers.

  42. [re=386588]WIDTAP[/re]: um pont l’évêque cheese, for one thing. But yeah, we have a great farmers’ market and no whole foods, so I should be ok. Every place I’ve lived that had one, well it was too expensive to make a habit of it except for the few times I craved the frog cheeses that they didn’t stock at trader joes.

    But really, the point isn’t about whole foods at all–it is just a perfect opportunity to demonstrate to the corporate world that we spend money and are done spending money at places that support the right-wing agenda, one way or another. I know it may be hard to negotiate through life since most corporations are interested in fucking us, but again, whole foods is a great opportunity. I mean, how many other companies thrive off libtard dollars and then are stupid enough to attack us like that?

    another interesting note–mackey dumped 50,000 shares of whole foods stock last week. he knew there would be a backlash, and he sacrificed his company for his principles.

  43. [re=386498]imissopus[/re]: Faux Noise can’t count on that. The last thing they want right now is for advertisers to take a hard look at the programs. There will be a “spill over” from this.

    Some years ago I worked at a bank and driving home I heard one of our radio commercials on The Silly Savage’s show. The next day I spoke with the lady in charge of PR and asked her if she had actually ever listened to him.

    The day after that she told me she’d tuned in on the way home – and we were done advertising on that show!

    It works!

  44. [re=386502]PrairiePossum[/re]: I’m actually looking forward to when I get to be an oldz and live in a nursing home and I can kick and scream and yell about the only tv in the place being tuned to those batshits Beck and O’Reilly and Limbaugh and Hannity (of course they will all be dead by then except maybe Hannity and he will have probably quit Fox by then and moved to Miami to open a gay night club with his lover Juan)…and then maybe they will give me my own tv so that I can watch it in my room by myself. I don’t want much.

  45. [re=386607]Notalib[/re]: Let me be the first, and I’m sure I won’t be the last, to say that a)Obama is not a racist and b)Ronnie Raygun sure made a nice go of it when he began his openly racist campaign for the White House by extolling states’ rights in Philadelphia, Mississippi.

    Then you’ve got your Dicks Nixon, all-racist, alla time. Ever listen to any of the White House tapes? They’re delightful!

    Also, I notice you qualified racist with “openly.” Does that mean you prefer your racists to be closeted?

  46. [re=386607]Notalib[/re]: what, are you boycotting apostrophes? And let’s see, two million viewers is less than one percent of the US population. So go back to mainlining lipitor and chugging corn syrup and STFU.

  47. So ummm, who’s still advertising on his show? Ultimate Workout tapes for men? Mystic Tan? Jeep Wrangler? Manufacturers of white baseball caps? Christian singles?

  48. But don’t you see, this is all because Obama is a fascist, socialist, and NAZI. I mean, Hitler’s most dangerous weapon was getting private business to pull their adds whenever someone on German TV said something really, really, really, really, really, really stupid, and then wouldn’t apologize for it.

    [re=386558]zhubajie[/re]: It’s basically the same, except without the intelligence and wit of pro wrestling.

  49. [re=386624]Katydid[/re]: Also, I notice you qualified racist with “openly.” Does that mean you prefer your racists to be closeted?

    I believe notalib prefers the 100% white “I want my ‘murica back” type racist.

  50. [re=386548]OReillysVibrator[/re]: In the interest in getting down history for the youth-folk, off the top of my head, Reagan:

    -took the entire human race to the brink of nuclear armageddon with the Soviets
    -forged an alliance with Fallwell and the Fundamentalists, which led to endless bullshit since
    -supported Apartheid
    -ignored Aids
    -negotiated a shady arms deal with Iran
    -mined the harbors of Nicaragua, a tiny poor third world country
    -supported the death squads of El Salvador & Honduras who did things like rape and murder nuns
    -scheduled meetings with Gorbachev based on what his creepy wife’s astrologer said
    -conducted secret evil foreign policy behind the backs of congress and then lied about it
    -race-baited in the south with highly symbolic campaign stop locations
    -ran up the deficit massively
    -lowered taxes for the wealthy and corporations while blaming people the poor

    and still found time to nap, forget anything bad, and smile and wave alot. /rant

  51. [re=386607]Notalib[/re]: Usually the corporation who is losing money hand over fist gives first, haha. Beck may be history if this thing snowballs. He is definitely being taken to the woodshed over this and spanked enough to make him tone it down a bit.

    which is a good thing. He already had one of his loyal followers staking out a National Guard unit because she thought it was one of Becks dreaded FEMA camps. Lets see if Beck is smart enought to fly under the radar from now on.

  52. [re=386642]Norbert[/re]: Amen! a don’t forget that wonderful thing called trickle down economics. and the words he left which Bush/Cheney apparently took to heart: “Facts are stupid things.”

  53. I come to Wonkette mainly for the insults which are both terrifying and wonderful in their exuberance. That said, “repulsive screaming nutbag racist bag of clown shit” is a little hard to get a good mental image of. How can a nutbag also be a shitbag? Are you saying his nuts are made of [clown] shit? ‘Cause it’s cool if you are.

  54. “…less than 1% of Americans actually watch Glenn Beck.”
    That’s sad.

    Also sad:
    …less than 1% of borderline retarded Americans are showing up at Town Halls screeching like lunatics at the other end of the leash carried by organized Corporate™©® Astroturf campaigns, and our elected representatives are allowing them to drive the conversation on Health Care.

    I guess the only way to get anything done is this country is to knock out your own teeth, stop bathing, and bring some torches, pitchforks and a misspelled sign with a swastika on it to any political meeting in your area and yell louder than anyone else about your paranoid delusions brought on by your severe mental illness. Damn, it’s so deceptively easy! I can’t believe how much time I’ve wasted politely calling my congresspeople like an adult, when I could have bought a “Fat Hillbilly Dumbass” costume from WalMart and instantly delighted in senators bending over to lick my redneck asshole.

  55. [re=386679]sezme[/re]: The shit is full of nuts, like a Payday bar.

    [re=386642]Norbert[/re]: This one is less his fault, but his people concealed the full extent of his senility from congress and the public, because they thought the American public might be a touch uncomfortable with an man who could not remember what day it was having his finger on the trigger of our nuclear arsenal.

    [re=386607]Notalib[/re]: Yeah, I’m sure Geico and Progressive are really concerned that Beck’s audience won’t choose them to insure the Trans-Am up on blocks in the front yard.

  56. According to Business Insider, Beck makes $2 million a year for his laughfest. But he’d probably do it for free because it leads to the rest of his approximately $18 million a year in TOTAL salary (20% of which he claims to tithe to the Mormons, as if you weren’t scared enough). The TV program provides free advertising for his books, Website, and live show. (Yes, I said LIVE SHOW, just imagine!) To me, the most scary people in his audience are the 35,000 who pay $6.95 per month for “exclusive content” from his Website. Oops. I think I gave Ken an idea.

    [re=386549]ella[/re]: “What’ll it be, Wonketeers? GEICO or Progressive?” You could add State Farm, too, because according to Daily Kos, they pulled out this week. GEICO supposedly told Glenn adios back in April, so maybe they win.

    [re=386579]Red Zeppelin[/re]: FOX plays continually in many public places. Most of them claim it’s because the signal is best. But if you demand they change the channel, they usually do. You are, after all, a customer. You go to a gym, you have muscles. Flex them!

  57. [re=386614]DustBowlBlues[/re]: By today’s standards McCall was a socialist: public beaches, public responsibility for utilities, all of that. And Vortex?!

    Oregon’s beaches are accessible but they’re damned cold. Nice if you like to watch whales burp at each other though.

  58. Does anyone have a list of companies that continue to advertise on his show? I’m not willing to watch it to find out, but I’d like to know who to boycott.

  59. How many of Beck’s audience are aware that he’s Mormon? I think more of them need to informed of this. It’s not exactly a “lifestyle choice” that most of his typically fundamentalist-ish christian types would sit still for.

  60. Fox News was on in the barber shop the other day, but I decided not to ask people who would be holding sharp, pointy objects near my head to change the channel.

  61. [re=386792]Downtheroadapiece[/re]: ”

    How many of Beck’s audience are aware that he’s Mormon? I think more of them need to informed of this. It’s not exactly a “lifestyle choice” that most of his typically fundamentalist-ish christian types would sit still for.”

    …but it explains alot.

  62. [re=386526]freakishlystrong[/re]: [re=386766]Pithaughn[/re]: [re=386780]AnnieGetYourFun[/re]:
    I feel like I should be charged with contributing to the deliquency of an Olds.

  63. [re=386549]ella[/re]: If you are a woman, Progressive is probably cheapest, but it you have a good driving record, it’s probably Geico. That, or either the opposite.

    Oh, hell, just research it on your state insurance agency website. (Personally, they could be funding the Taliban, but I’d go with Farmer’s if they are available in my neck of the woods.)

  64. [re=386620]Death Panel Wagon[/re]: I was so impressed that you even included the accent marks and that little hat thingy on your fruity frenchy cheese. You’ve got Klass.

    But I am especially appreciative of your thoughts about using our spending to influence the “powers that be”, as you and another poster(s) pointed out, our votes don’t seem to be doing the trick, so let’s try and influence with the only thing they listen to: our spending. Where and how we spend our money is key, but also letting the corporations know what we are doing (as with the Beck/Fox advertisers) is also important. I have made it my goal to try to email, write, or call one “entity” (end-titty for those who only speak Wonkette) to inform them of my decision to take my business elsewhere, or to politicians to remind them that some of us are watching. It isn’t much, but it is about all I can do without donning a furry costume and going to the town hall.

    Also, I try to pay attention to who is doing what. There is a wonderful little book by a socialist/activist named Ellis Jones – “the better world Shopping Guide” published by New Society Publishers ( 2008 that gives a lot of info about who is doing what to whom.

  65. [re=386642]Norbert[/re]: Did you mention the dim-witted old sockpuppet actually joked about, “Outlawing the Soviet Union,” and added that, “The bombers are on their way,” into a live microphone?

  66. “Another fun fact for your Friday: Fox News’ star attraction, the racist fart-sack Glenn Beck, gets all of 2 million viewers, on a good day.”

    Just to put this in perspective that’s LESS viewers than episodes of Jon & Kate Plus 8.

  67. [re=386468]Death Panel Wagon[/re]:
    John Mackey is a weird guy, and the most pissed off segment of the population over his Wall Street Journal op-ed is his own employees who are overwhelmingly progressive types, DFHs.

    It is well known that Mackey is an organic flavor of libertardian, but he fights off unionization by offering superior benefits to Union Shops. It’s hard to bitch about your boss being a nutter when he gives you better than a square deal, and WFM really does support all kinds of international aid programs and engages in Fair Trade whenever possible. But you could hear the sound of Management eyeballs rolling upward and heads shaking throughout the company today when this shit hit the fan.

    It’s like having a weird kindly uncle who never knows when to shut the fuck up, and stumbles like a fool into the traps of people who he mistakes for being like himself. He’s just not safe in wolf packs, even though he’s a rich guy and very corporate, he doesn’t brawl well and has no idea how to watch his back, or that he operates in an arena where most players are evil skum.

    This is case in point, he just cost the company millions because he believes he can give offer his honest opinion in a free market of ideas and not get fucking hammered… That is not very bright, to say the least.

    He’s got some real world myopic autistic savant shit going on.

  68. [re=386560]AbstinenceOnly Ed[/re]:
    I scooped Stewart on that no-brainer a month ago:
    Comfortably Dumb: The Glen Beck Health Care Saga and other stuff

    Lately I’ve noticed that The Daily Show steals as many, if not more jokes from Wonkette as I do.

    Here’s some more Beck, I’m gonna miss that guy if he gets sacked. He’s a fountain of evil stupid and excellent for bludgeoning wingnutz here’s some more:
    The Bedwetting 9-12 panic attack from GlenBeckistan

  69. I’ve been writing to the companies who run ads on fox/newscorp, regardless of who they are. Or, on who’s show these companies are spending money. The point I am making is that I will no longer do business with ANY Company that will spend money on ads on ANY newscorp enterprise.

    The best thing about this boycott is that THOUSANDS of other people are only too happy to join me.

    I cannot think of anyone who is in favor of the right wing’s propaganda machine as they spread lie after lie in place of putting out real news.

    If you are against this, head over to and get the list of foxnews advertisers. From there, you can write to whomever you wish. The more letters to as many advertisers as possible, the better it will be for EVERYONE!

    Thank you all!!

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