Sigh.Man, what kind of a free speech country do we even have anymore when a man holding an innocuous “Death to Obama” sign outside a contentious town hall meeting, one that goes about as poorly as the other meetings that featured GUNS AND KNIVES and lots of shouting, is detained by police? No wonder everybody wants their America back! This America blows.

The holder of the sign has not been identified, except as a 51-year-old male. Apparently he was taken into police custody and questioned by the Secret Service.

It’s unclear if he was holding one sign or two, but some other words he had on display included “Death to Obama, Michelle and his two stupid kids,” or something like that. But ha ha, the joke’s on him! Thanks to the lead-poisoned White House garden, all of the Obamas will shortly turn into insane babbling wrecks and then perish on their own.

Man with ‘Death to Obama’ signs detained at HCC forum [Herald-Mail]
‘Death to Obama’ sign holder in Md. detained [AP]

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  1. Someone needs to make lifelike dummies of Ted Kennedy for these people to take out their anger on. Actually the real Ted Kennedy is probably medicated up enough to stand it in person but there are too many town halls for him to handle by himself.

    Step right up and belt a pinko, yell in his face and win a kewpie doll.

  2. What kind of socialist, autocratic, dictatorial dystopia are we crafting here that a man can no longer openly call for the assassination of our nation’s leaders without having the secret service all over his ass?!

  3. I wish Barry Sargento would just hurry up and “disappear” these people already. What’s the point of having a fascist-socialist-communist tyranny if you have to put up with this shit?

  4. Shittiest written story in a while.

    The captain didn’t see the signs himself, he said.

    Captain, you have the dude, but not the evidence?!

    [Barbara] Golden said she believed that was the correct wording of the signs.

    Ask the Captain, fer crissa… oh, wait, he can’t find ’em either.

    The Secret Service did not take the man into custody, Golden said.

    Goddamn signs are missing. What’s the fucking point?

  5. The nutcase arm of the wingnut party is revving up for some action. Remember Waco? Ruby Ridge? HENGGH? They will be no more successful this time but will feel all the more justified also since ZOMG HES BLAAAAAACK!!!!!111!

    [re=385367]queeraselvis v 2.0[/re]: The element that is showing now includes the paranoid and borderline types that are just dumb enough to attract this kind of attention. Then there are actual operator type people in the background (like McVeigh) who are willing and able to do bad stuff.

  6. [re=385360]Serolf Divad[/re]: Next thing you know, they’ll be telling us we can’t joke with the TSA screener about the bomb in our carry-on luggage. Sheesh.

  7. When is someone going to pose as a right-wing blog nut, make up some ludicrous Obama nonsense, make their way to Glenn Beck’s show to promote it, then walk off the set and hold a press conference to make a point about how gullible and willing to espouse utter bunk that wack job is.

  8. This is not nearly as bad, though, as when the Dixie Chicks said that George W. embarrassed them. That was overseas WHICH MAKES IT TREASON EXECUTE THE DIXIE CHICKS!!!!!!!1

  9. [re=385365]Voyou Charmant[/re]: no, charming hoodlum, I don’t think you are the only one. I am kinda hoping that they start shooting, and then someone else starts shooting back. Since I have no health insurance and probably never will, I’d be more than happy to take a bullet for democracy, but then again no one would raise any money for me…the best I could hope for is a well-rec’d diary on the daily kos and maybe a petition. OK so it’s not a great idea, but I still want to see these fuckers get the firehose, or some pepper spray, or both.

  10. Let’s not be hasty. Maybe the sign said, “Dearth to Obama”, parsing the holder’s broader argument that the apparent paucity of public support for the President’s reforms may be cause for reflection and thoughtful modification.

    Right? It could be that, couldn’t it?

  11. [re=385376]J05H[/re]: A perennial problem with any terrorist group is that they always attract the nut cases. They don’t understand the actual issues, they’re just attracted to the blood and gore. Same thing happening here.

  12. [re=385381]nbawriter[/re]: wasn’t that exactly the plot of last night’s episode of Leverage?

    I say we send them all to Guantanamo. Or whatever secret bunker prison can hold them.

  13. [re=385381]nbawriter[/re]: Never, at least in terms of the press conference. It’s the “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you” principle. I mean, do you really want to forfeit the royalties to your upcoming blockbuster “Executive Order 1132: Obama’s Plot to Blow Up AM Radio Towers”?

  14. [re=385360]Serolf Divad[/re]: This is where the First Amendment comes up against the Second Amendment. Or to put it another way: these scary shitheads have a lot of guns.

  15. It’s too bad America can’t sell anger and stupidity, because our economic problems would be solved by now. But man — I remember when Clinton was president and that asshole Jesse Helms said something about how Bill better not come visit North Carolina, implying he’d be risking his life. And at that point I thought the crazed violent fantasies were at their peak. Little did I imagine what would happen when a smart, liberal black man got elected president. These people really need to fucking calm down.

  16. Let the NYC police handle this. From what I’ve read, they have a unique and effective way of dealing with suspected subversives. Like either riddling the body with bullets or sodomizing it with a baton.

  17. [re=385402]SayItWithWookies[/re]: “It’s too bad America can’t sell anger and stupidity.”

    wait, i’m confused. isn’t that all we’ve been selling for the past, oh, i dunno, sixty years?

  18. It’s the ones who don’t stand on street corners with threatening signs or scream crazy with their threatening crazy or crazy the crazy on their crazy book page or crazy the email to their crazies or mutter the crazies to my cantalope crazies

    that worry.

    Man, Secret Service must be workin’ overtime. Work out.

  19. [re=385415]desertwind[/re]: Years ago in Germany when I was a very small boy, zere was a lot of people standing around on ze corners asking questions: “Why are you standing on ze corner, acting ze way you act, looking like you look? WHY DO YOU LOOK THAT WAY?” And they ask me and I only would say: “I don’t . . . I don’t know, I’m just standing ’round ze corner waiting here . . . just in . . . in ze evening, and . . . and it’s so nice outside . . . the night is so nice . . . why . . . are you just asking these questions . . . “

  20. [re=385356]chascates[/re]: I’m just about as pink as it gets in US AMURRICA. Nevertheless if someone yells in my face I will punch them in the throat. For socialism and Muslin who is my god.

  21. The Wonkiverse seems like it could use a triple meth-spresso this morning. Or a visit from The Most Interesting Man in the World: “He has been known to cure narcolepsy, just by walking into the room.”

  22. [re=385376]J05H[/re]: Cruising (Manchester, NH) on a story about the news that the state passed a “Dark Sky” bill (intended to reduce light pollution, enhance star-gazing, etc.), I found this wingnut comment:

    “Gambling and Lights Out is the Democratic Party solution to the economic downfall of the USA. See Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and any other high powered liberal, Republican or Democrat, for detail. They authorized all of it, signed it into “law” and now you are going to pay for it, dearly.

    If any of them had a brain housing group that functioned properly, then they would not know how to use it, properly.

    Infantry Advice, Free of charge: Clean your pistols, rifles, shotguns and keep a large store of ammunition nearby, ladies and gentlemen. You will need it all.

    By the time the knuckleheads running the government are done with their stupidity, there will be a lot of blood on the streets, You and yours will most likely spill the most.
    – John Krats, Manchester, New Hampshire

    It’s barely decipherable, but the part about wanting to kill anyone associated with the government is quite clear.

  23. Hagerstown is one of those places – like Aberdeen or most of Route 40 in MD- in Maryland where you don’t want to stop to use the bathroom at Walmart(or any place). I don’t fit in-my car has Obama and other Democrat stickers plus I weigh under 140, have all my teeth and I don’t wear stretch pants or an American flag pin.

  24. What? No fine tazer action?

    jeez, at least under Bush those contrary people were put into free speech zones circled with razor wire and tazed for good measure.

  25. [re=385412]slappypaddy[/re]: Well, while we manufacture plenty of it, there’s probably not much of an export market, as people tend to prefer the local stuff.

  26. [re=385420]x111e7thst[/re]: Yesterday the pervert-and-the-young-child taught us the correct modern spelling of quid pro quo is: If someone jams it down my throat I will stick it up their ass.

  27. “The holder of the sign has not been identified, except as a 51-year-old male.”

    Have 51-yr-old white males become the new 18-20 yr old minority male…must they all be watched at all times?

  28. [re=385426]bitchincamaro[/re]: “You and yours will most likely spill the most.”

    Even the most lackluster National Guard unit would go through these assclowns like a hot knife thru butter. In my more depressed moments I sort of wish they would all pour into the streets waving their AR-15s so we could have a bloodbath and be done with it. If they all came out at once it might last as long as 3 or 4 days.

  29. [re=385360]Serolf Divad[/re]: What kind of socialist, autocratic, dictatorial dystopia are we crafting here …
    after he spends time in GITMO, do he go to Kansas or Michigan or Bermuda?

  30. [re=385407]hobospacejunkie[/re]: I live in the precinct where that went down, and I gotta tell ya, it wasn’t the cop’s fault, the baton was clearly gay.

  31. What I want to know is when are the Repugs gonna apologize to Janet N. for boohooing her for that HS memo that came out a few months ago about the right-wing crazies? Rachel Maddow had a good show last night about all the right-wing nuttery that has gone down the past few months….its crazy shit. Much scarier to me then a roomful of one-nut al queda agents.

  32. We’ve always had wingnutz. Give ’em a reason and they’ll start the dyin.
    ie. taxing their whiskey = totalitarian dictatorship = DEAPH @ teh GUBMINT!

  33. [re=385428]finallyhappy[/re]: …my car has Obama and other Democrat stickers plus I weigh under 140, have all my teeth and I don’t wear stretch pants or an American flag pin.

    So just how long have you hated America and Freedom™?

  34. [re=385442]populucious[/re]: “Have 51-yr-old white males become the new 18-20 yr old minority male…must they all be watched at all times?”

    You have no idea. On the forums I frequent, some sound like The Man has been keeping them down since forever. I keep telling them they’re ignorant but they don’t believe me.

  35. Just a reminder: “Death to Obama, Michelle and his two stupid kids.”

    No joke. His sign really said that. He wants Sasha & Malia dead.

    I’m going to go destroy something now before I find myself departing for Maryland in a murdered out, fertilizer-laden El Camino on a suicide mission straight up that fucking guy’s motherfucking ass. Threatening those girls should result in a zero-tolerance automatic Death Panel disembowlment by flaming badgers, if not worse.

    I’m sorry. I like them kids, and this story makes me very angry.

  36. [re=385490]Extemporanus[/re]: Agreed. “Death to [current prez]” is an older than dirt slogan.
    But when you start calling for the death of his wife and kids…?
    Something is seriously fucking wrong with these people.

  37. [re=385490]Extemporanus[/re]: Obama legalized empathy, so it is ok for me to say:

    This whole thing bummed me out too. UGH.

    UGH. UGH.


  38. [re=385467]GreatOldOnesParty[/re]: The most disturbing part of your link:

    “Tom the Tinker” assumed the leadership of the Whiskey Rebellion in the early 1790s.

    Just when thought it was safe to hire a plumber again….

  39. This was all just a simple misunderstanding. He meant Barack SEAMUS O’Bama, the special envoy to the White House from Ireland. Get a grip, Sheeple!

  40. [re=385526]WIDTAP[/re]: And the great irony of it all is one of our infallible found fathers, some guy named George Washington, decided to institute MARTIAL LAW and use Pensylvannia as a testing ground for a federally-funded smack-down of whacky wingut hijinks.

  41. “The men were imprisoned, where one died, while two, including Philip Vigol (later spelled Philip Wigal), were convicted of treason and sentenced to death by hanging. Washington, however, pardoned them on the grounds that one was a “simpleton,” and the other, “insane.”

  42. I had hoped that the male menopausal craze for Harleys would completely eliminate those boomers long on testosterone and short on brains, and the accident rate for hogs did skyrocket — but a few always seem to skate by, darn.

  43. Hey, remember that time when that slovenly looking black guy showed up on the grass in front of a church in front of W’s motorcade, and he had a gun strapped to his thigh in plain sight, and was holding a sign with “By any means necessary” written on it, and everybody around him was like, “No biggie, he’s within the law,” and nobody did anything except invite the guy to be on Chris Matthews’ show?

    I didn’t think so.

  44. [re=385570]AbstinenceOnly Ed[/re]: Sure, say there’s a town hall meeting in Gitmo and that the preznit will be there. Then when they all get there, they’ll be locked outside…in Cuba.

  45. [re=385524]facehead[/re]: Yea, even in foreign countries amidst all the “Hang the War Criminal Bush” signs, I never saw much mention of Laura and the twins, let only their worthiness of death.

  46. [re=385373]american mutt[/re]: Sorry, but I don’t think Jesus wanted socialized health care. If you read your bible, you will clearly see that the Jewish/Roman Government’s bureaucrats and their “Leper Squads” were unable to do anything for those poor lepers and were only cured of their leprosy by Jesus. The lesson of this– government intervention in health care– lepers everywhere. Health care given by a health care provider/alleged Son of God– no lepers.

  47. [re=385535]Barrelhse[/re]: [re=385571]BobTheBuilder[/re]: Accusing a Wonkette commenter of being tasteless? You must be new around here. Come back when you’ve tuned your irony and snark detector to the appropriate channel.

  48. You have to admit there’s something troubling about a country where a man with a sign is detained, but a man with a gun is allowed to hang out within shooting distance of the president. I guess there’s no money in a National Sign Association.

  49. Hey American Mutt sure I was for socialized health care – in fact I invented it. Do you think if one of the boys came down with so much as a hang nail or the clap for that matter they had to worry. Why do you think they kept hanging around – it was all about the health program. Now that I think about it we had some fine looking camp followers so there was that. Oh yea I should mention none of us put in what you might call a real hard work day so that too. Wine we had plenty of wine. Except for that one rough patch at the end those were pretty good days.

  50. [re=385413]norbizness[/re]: Remember one-to-six years ago, when it was *Lefties* who were scared of the FEMA camps?? Didn’t seem like much of a stretch, given the kinds of things they were arresting the RNC protesters for. I had permaculturist/ecofreako friends in the St Paul/Minneapolis area who were picked up for supposedly making Molotov cocktails, just for having cans of gasoline and paint thinner, some old newspapers and rags, and some old glass bottles in their garages.

    For Christ’s sake, doesn’t *everybody’s* garage have that shit in it, especially if you mow the lawn, or paint the hallway, or recycle?

    The Right keeps trying to ape Lefty protest tactics, seeing it as somehow appropriate, without realizing that … well … Obama really *hasn’t* yet done anything that’s killed another 4000 Americans for no goddamned good reason. I especially lose my shit when they talk about Obama disregarding the Constitution.

    Were those fuckers in a *COMA* during the past 8 years? WTF? They don’t remember the PATRIOT Act, the warrantless searches and wiretaps? Or they’re fine with that as long as the machinery of the State is doing that shit to the Left, and not to the Real (aka Fat White Stupid) Americans?

    The “He’ll take our guns!” is just unsubstantiated rumor.
    The “He’s listening to our phone calls!” was actually happening. Where was their fucking outrage *THEN*?

  51. [re=385519]GreatOldOnesParty[/re]: Malcolm got himself an M1 Carbine with taped hi-cap clips.

    Barack has the Secret Service, the FBI, BATF…feel lucky, punks?

  52. I’m mad as hell and I want my America back!!!
    That’s the America before I had a wife & kids & mortgage and I used to sleep in late & watch tv all day while playing my guitar and drink coffee until it was time to drink beer & get my laundry done when I felt like it & no lawn to mow & if I didn’t want to shave for a while it was cool & we had lps back then & the cover art was a whole other thing & I had a ’72 Impala which I could tune up myself & gas was real cheap & so was beer and—–oh wait, what was I pissed off about?

  53. Some nut just had an opinion and put it on a sign. Happens everyday, on pretty much every corner in America. People say this crap all the time in conversation, debates and in forums. Have they found YOU yet? Just sayin’

  54. Lou Dobbs just got called out by Karen Finney on his own show about stake thru the heart comment about poor little H. Dean. I thought he was gonna call her a black bitch or somethin. Classic!

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