All to keep these two dudes from having a wedding ....La Jolla hotel developer Doug Manchester put up $125,000 to collect signatures for Prop 8, California’s absurd anti-gay-marriage initiative intended to overturn Caifornia’s legal gay marriages just to ruin people’s lives, because why not, wingnuts is special. But now richie-rich Mr. Manchester, who previously claimed he was bankrolling the Prop 8 signature effort because of his deep love of being married to a lady, has cruelly dumped his wife of 43 years and is cold trying to ruin her lifestyle!

San Diego City Beat reports:

Elizabeth [Manchester] petitioned the court to guarantee that she have sole use of the La Jolla residence … and that he restore the $100,000 so she can meet her monthly expenses of $131,625. These include nearly $20,000 on clothing and jewelry, $7,000 in electric bills, $1,700 in groceries, $4,901 in household supplies, tuition at three private schools for some of the couple’s 10 grand children, $7,500 in salary for the full-time groundskeeper and housekeeper, $1,200 in membership dues for the La Jolla Country Club and money toward the hundreds of thousands of dollars in travel expenses the couple was accustomed to spending.

So … no sympathy for either of them! But they’re old, so they’ll be dead soon, in Hell.

Ironic divorce: Protector of traditional marriage Doug Manchester leaving wife of 43 years [SD CityBeat]

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  1. A marriage of 43 years can no longer be considered “heterosexual”- at that point, you’re both genderless bluehaired wrinklebags. It’s like two earthworms being married- shameful in the eyes of God, and rightfully terminated.

  2. >toward the hundreds of thousands of dollars in travel expenses the couple was accustomed to spending.

    Oh you poor, rich sleazebag. My heart goes out to you and your sweet little Satan horns.

  3. The salutary effects of Prop 8 came too late. The Activist Ghey Judges had already destroyed that poor man’s marriage. He deserves our pity.

  4. Sir, you are a cad and a bounder.

    If I was you, I’d at least pony up the 1200 balloons for La Jolla- These Country Clubs can get really mean.

  5. In the San Diego Union Tribune, a real estate economist is quoted on Manchester’s lack of capital for his new projects: “A bank would say, ‘You have to have more skin in the game right now.’ So where a divorce comes in, it typically takes skin out of your game.”

  6. Ok, so this guy’s a scumbag but seriously, $131,625 a month? The only person who deserves that is the doctor that killed Michael Jackson.

  7. This may be “news” in California, but it’s not “new” in human behavior. Another rich old man’s dick wants what it wants. Ho hum. I trust the IRS audit will commence on Monday.

  8. So, wait. HE builds hotels but she pays the staff at the house?

    The La Jolla CC sounds cheap in context, funny enough.

    But I can’t crit on the food bill. If I had 1700 a month to blow, that’s where it’d go. NO problem.

  9. When they die, let’s make them each into a diamond then when Proposition 8 is overturned, the first couple to get married can wear them.

  10. Oh? What have we here? $7,500 in salary for the full-time groundskeeper and housekeeper? This could only mean that Manchester was schtupping the pool boy, or keeping a coterie of Santa Monica Boulevard hustlers on retainer. Place your bets!

  11. Why do you chatty kathies think this guy’s loaned his junk to another lady? The power of the homosexual agenda is known to turn even our most natural impulses into a thirst for the sweet taste of santorum.

  12. This guy is the douchebag of all douchebags. After repeated philandering he got on his knees to beg his wife to keep him. He even legally changed his name to Papa Doug Manchester–you know, because he’s all about family values. In the next act he knocks up his wife’s secretary.

  13. $7500 covers their groundskeeper and housekeeper?! For a year?! Do you have a number for these miracle workers? My drapes and ferns are in just an awful state.

  14. Isn’t Californicate a community property state, wherein a non-employed spouse is entitled to quite a bit (half?) after some amount of time? I know someone who got un-screwed (shall we say) that way, but don’t know the details.

  15. I would like to note that she is paying full time employees the not-very-grand salary of $39K each per year, before taxes. Her annual electric bill is twice that, almost, and her annual clothing bill is $240K. These people are both worthless toads.

  16. Sleeveless tuxedos are so last year.

    Doug clearly has some sweet young thing waiting in the wings, because no one leaves a 43 year marriage, unless there’s someone else. Now, if only that someone else was named Scott or Todd…

  17. I liked the wording here: “She has requested a copy of the check to see if someone forged her name to the endorsement, as is usually required to deposit a check made out to two people.”

    It is true, when I get a check made out to two people, I usually have to forge one of the signatures. Sometimes both.

  18. Ken Layne, your farmer-like work ethic (TWO posts before 9 a.m.!) frightens me. Who are you trying to impress? Are you bucking for a promotion, like that pederast Hanrahan?

    Explain yourself.

  19. He spent $125,000 to fight gay marriage?
    If my sig other did that we would be in splitsville too.

    [re=385241]Doglessliberal[/re]: I cant believe the electric bill either…they need to invest in some solar panels right away-then he would get even more money back from the IRS

  20. Hey that woman is a hero! If she gets all his money he wont be able to fund stupid crap that wastes the state’s **limited** money, like prop 8 and parental notification, that keep coming back… Every. Damn. Election. They either just barely fail or just barely pass and then waste more money getting overturned. ENOUGH.

    Poor Mrs. Manchester, you can’t possibly live on a mere $131,625- you obviously need twice that amount, if not more! Feed your pets Beluga caviar- fish oil is so healthy! Buy a fleet of ponies to take your grandchildren to school! Replace your toilet paper with gold plated hundred dollar bills! Go woman go! WOOT! WOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!

  21. from today’s San Diego Union-Tribune:

    “In court papers, Elizabeth Manchester said her husband has $56.9 million in bank accounts but has “secretly transferred” at least $9.3 million from their joint accounts to his own. She also alleged that he kept her half of an $8.2 million tax refund, potentially cashing it without her signature.

    She said that after the couple’s separation last fall, he stole her mail while she was away from the La Jolla home.”

    Can’t blame Doug for hijacking the mail–you never know when another tax refund check for 8.2 million might show up.

  22. I truly believe that a gay couple would not spend $20,000 per month on jewels and cloths… so if Doug Manchester had married a gay guy, he would, over the last 5 years, be richer by about $500,000. That is a guess, any gay couples who can verify that they do not spend $20,000 per month on cloths and jewelry please chime in.
    This puts the traditional value of thrift squarely in teh gays column of virtues.

  23. [re=385108]finallyhappy[/re]: I’ll have to disagree. Clearly she’s not using her Poise Pads for their intended purpose since she has to shell out 20 grand for new undies and Levi’s Bendover Slacks every month. Grannypannies ain’t cheap, you know!

  24. Elizabeth Manchester should get some ironic revenge by marrying Melissa Etheridge, who can then take Liz (can I call her Liz?)’s name and become an entirely different sort of lady singer.

  25. [re=385108]finallyhappy[/re]: Not $5,000 — $4,901. I haz to know what the $1 is for!

    OFF TOPIC but I could use Wonkett advice. My conservative Christian black karate instructor (I am on month 5 of a 6 month free certificate) sent me and others on his mail list a link to an incendiary youtube that featured a Muslim street fair in Deerborn, MI. I think a quick “fuck you” would be too easy. Suggestions on how I might impart to him that I think he’s trying to start a religious war, and that’s not a good thing?

  26. [re=385530]Sick Puppy[/re]: Ramadan is August 22 to September 20 this year, so send him some nice Ramadan greeting e-cards, invitations from local mosques to partake in the observations, etc… that way you look like a friendly good-guy multi-culti-type and he gets to feel and act like an intolerant douchebag… enjoy!

  27. [re=385355]Failed 2 Menace[/re]: Sorry, but you must call her “Betsy” if you want her to do her tricks. She and Doug, resplendent in a tartan jacket that any South Central pimp would covet, are pictured at — do a Google Image for him and you’ll find it (the URL is too immense to include here). Rich white people partying are so friggin’ weird, it always frightens me — and it’s pretty much all they do.

  28. [re=385582]lawrenceofthedesert[/re]: I was technically doing another joke entirely, but I like what you’ve done here. As a wise man once said, Betsy must have been something before electricity.

    And that Jeanne Jones lady is a crazy-eyez killah.

  29. [re=385574]Bearbloke[/re]: Thank you Bearbloke, that has way more grace than anything I could think of. And given that my instructor is rated something like 11th in the world, it’s extra nice to be able to institute the plan from a distance! I will send him information, with a P.S. I quit…

  30. He must be a member of that ultra-Christian, Right Wing Movement known as “The Family.” It’s members include both Senator Ensign and Governor Sanford, and it is based in Washington D.C. The Family maintains that if you are a member in good standing (in other words a rich and powerful conservative) you are among the chosen of God and, therefore, are above the moral restraints which apply to normal men (I don’t think rich and powerful conservative women qualify).

    In short then, as a member of the family, he can screw the hell out of anybody he want, if he also does God’s work (help combat queers, that is) you are completely fine with Jesus and every right-thinking American.

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