Oh, oh yes, do watch this video from Claire McCaskill’s town hall yesterday. Old serial killer-ish guy just gets up from the bleachers, STEALS the black lady’s poster of Rosa Parks that she’d been showing a reporter, rips and crumples it up, cops chase ’em all out, and everyone boos the black lady. Raw Democracy! [Pam’s House Blend]

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  1. I wish that woman had a shiv on her. And I hope God and Rosa were sitting next to each other watching this, and that He gave her a knowing wink.

  2. Oh, well this should put to rest that slanderous talk that these teabaggers and deathers are just racists. How does this make sense in any way?

  3. Why is the librul media trying to make these First Amendment heroes seem crazy? Can’t you see, it’s not about race, it’s about socialism. Rosa Parks loved Marx.

  4. Shit. I’m just gonna go into an alcohol- and hydromorphone-induced stupor until, say, 2016. All this insane/retarded bullshit will be over by then, right?

  5. So is there anywhere I can pledge allegiance with the non-whites in the upcoming race war? Not only do I dislike old white people intensely (although I’m totally white), but I kind of think that inner-city gangs would be formidable opponents in urban warfare…

  6. What’s the speaker saying at the end? “I want everybody to understand what just happened here?”

    Oh, baby doll. We know EXACTLY what just happened here…

  7. [re=384646]AxmxZ[/re]: We wouldn’t want to offend her sensibilities. Missionary with a cattle prod would be more accomodating of her world view also.

  8. [re=384653]Junior[/re]: If you’re totally white you must have seen Fully Metal Jacket. Even though the whites lost that war they still killed the Kenyan girl doing the sniping before they humped down to the Perfume River for the night. The whites are nailing their names into the pages of history. Everyone else is just looking at the pictures.

  9. Interesting — TPM links to an AP article by Tom Raum suggesting this would be a good time to rethink Social Security. Nice — so now the idea is to terrify the olds by saying Nobama’s gonna take the Social Security to pay for his socialistic health care?
    geeze, the townhalls will be even crazier.

  10. [re=384652]Patty Dumpling[/re]:
    What the MSM won’t tell you is that she had previously torn up his Ed Gein David Duke poster. Fair’s fair.


  11. These Wonkette headliness are less snarky, more literal lately. The headline should read:

    Patriot grabs socialist, african, poster. Rips it up. Pees on it. Saves democracy.

    You’re welcome.

  12. Carlos Watson is right in saying that “Socialist” is just new GOP code for the N-word. They’d still be sticking with ACORN/Community Organizer, except they know they lost that one in the last election.

    The next time you hear someone spouting off about Obama being a Socialist, just politely ask them to explain the difference between Socialism and Communism. Gets ’em every time.

  13. [re=384674]Jukesgrrl[/re]: It does get them every time. I know socialists. Socialists were friends of mine. Barack Obama is no socialist. He’s more of a commie.

  14. Along the same lines right now on MSNBC that Rep.Scott who had the swastika drawn so nicely on his door the other day, just showed a crazy letter he got that said “Nigger” about 5 times…and he read it on air verbatim…Go Rep Scott for not doing the euphemism on the Cable TeeVees!

  15. If health care means assholes like these get to live long enough to see their wretched grandchildren reproduce incestually, then I’m against it.

  16. [re=384664]FredZiffel[/re]: Dude, this is like a freaking PARTY for these old white pissed-off assholes! A fucking free-for-all where they can rant about their delusional grievances AND get on the teevee all at the same time.

  17. [re=384668]qwerty42[/re]: crazy is as crazy does. check out the graph at this link:

    the olds shouldn’t be the only ones terrified. in fact, they should be the calmest of the lot of us, since they’re likely to be dead before the real shit hits the fan. there’s no fucking way we’re going to be able to afford to pay for anything with the kind of debt/gdp split we have. the fed says they won’t monetize the debt, but there is no other way out of this mess. healthcare, social security, education, massive steroidal defense department? kiss it all goodbye and get out your wheelbarrows, we’re gonna need them to haul our dollars around once the hyperinflation hits.

  18. [re=384664]FredZiffel[/re]: Can you imagine anything more boring to do with your time?

    I couldn’t disagree more strenuously. Here’s why:

    These motherfuckers are living the most exciting life, outside of The X-Files, imaginable. No, no, think about it! The President is a big furrrnerr from the mysterious and totally non-American country of either “Hawaii” or “Keenyah” but most likely “Indian-nesia”; healthcare reform is going to give everybody aborted gay old babies, then charge you for it from your private account, which just got a mandatory sex change; and he’s going to cold steal everybody’s guns in the middle of the night, personally, because he hates ‘Merka, because he is the President, and a Negra, and all of “his kind” hate ‘Merka.

    I mean, think about it! Anything is possible! Anything can happen! At any time! To any White person! What could be more exciting than that?!

  19. In the tearer-ists defense, the poster was of a nude, Rosa Parks laying spread eagle on the hood of a purple, pimped-out 74′ Lincoln Continental.

    I mean, c’mon…there were kids there, fercrissakes!

  20. This, sadly, is a great example of how American’s maturity has sunk to the level of a retarded, temper-tantrum-throwing, incontinent 2-year-old with a full diaper and a scorching case of diaper rash.

  21. [re=384692]slappypaddy[/re]: Hyperinflation is some very, very bad juju. Have spoken with lots of colleagues/friends who lived through bouts in Argentina (3000+%), Bolivia (23,000%) and Brazil (30,400%) and they shiver when they talk about it. Heard stories that in grocery stores, they stopped putting up labels with prices and instead had someone (usually a young girl who was less likely to be assaulted) at a microphone announcing prices as they rose by the hour. Everyone described it as a mass psychosis, where because currency has no value, people buy whatever tangible thing they can lay their hands on: toilet paper, lug nuts, communion dresses, whatever. This happened in countries where every third mouth-breather was NOT armed to the teeth. Slappy, I do not even want to contemplate the apocalypse that would happen here.

  22. [re=384708]queeraselvis v 2.0[/re]: This, sadly, is a great example of how American’s maturity has sunk to the level of a retarded, temper-tantrum-throwing, incontinent 2-year-old with a full diaper and a scorching case of diaper rash With guns. Lots and lots of guns.

  23. [re=384700]The Station Manager[/re]: …What could be more exciting than that?!
    well, seen that way …
    and you didn’t even get to the Death Panels, the FEMA Camps, the rationed toilet paper or — best of all — the Nazis, who will be running all of this. Yes, exciting times.

  24. [re=384723]qwerty42[/re]: Or even the secret Muslim (with an anti-‘Merkin pastor) thing! There are so many crazy conspiracies to be excited by, I’m surprised they don’t need a nap by now. I know I would.

  25. McCaskill Ugh. I’m sick of this bipartisan blue dog lettin’ the crazies take over BS. Let’s start acting like the people in charge. Because we are.

  26. [re=384664]FredZiffel[/re]: “..can’t imagine anything more boring to do with your time.” Yeah, unless you were, say for example, uh paid.

  27. I think Michelle may want to rethink that “I’m proud of my country” thing. I’m good and Goddammed ashamed of it at the moment.

  28. [re=384700]The Station Manager[/re]: anything can happen or someone can make something up and that could happen. then if it is on tv it is REAL!

    brilliant analysis SM

  29. If I were as anywhere near as uncivilized as the proud, angry mob, I’d march right over and tear up one of their Hitler posters.

  30. [re=384700]The Station Manager[/re]: Good point, life was a lot more exciting, epiphanal, and purposeful when I was addicted to dextromethorphan. I had the universe figured out. Now I see that these bastards are just like me, living the dream, riding high on waves of distorted emotions, psychotic illusions, and circular logic that seem as real as the concrete, wood, and plaster that holds buildings together.
    These fuckers are so lucky they don’t have to take any chemicals to get to this state…just comes naturally to them from their diet of corn, nicotine, alcohol, and lipitor

  31. Hey, Kids, remember when we thought that if we could just manage to survive the Cheney years and regroup and maybe get somebody SANE elected that we could reclaim our civilization, and we could make some progress and life would be better for everyone and we could all live the 3 muskateers creed of “one for all, and all for one” and wouldn’t that be just some really nice shit? I am a self-loathing bleeding heart librul, and I deserve a death panel.

  32. In a way it’s kind of good, because now it’s perfectly clear to even though the most dense that this is really just about mouthbreathers’ freaking out because a black man’s president, and how DARE anyone mess with their Medicare, which they still think they get out of the goodness of the free market’s heart.

    Pretty mean though what that douche did though.

  33. [re=384720]BadKitty[/re]: A little Gilbert and Sullivan might be apropos:

    If someday it may happen that a victim must be found,
    I’ve got a little list, I’ve got a little list.
    Of society’s offenders who may well be underground
    And who never would be missed, they never would be missed.

  34. Dems need to play the hell out of the civility issue. Every time some Palinesque conspiracy theory gets some play, dismiss it quickly and contemptuously and follow up with references to insane and angry wingnut behaviour like in the video. The civil rights movement succeeded, in part, because cameras showed the meannest of its opponents, costing them support. Do the same here. There’s the potential to bury the Repugs forever if we do this right.

  35. Am I too nice? I find it hard to believe that the white guy was that much of a racist asshole. I’m thinking he just got pissed because the reporter and the black lady were talking and he was trying to listen. Blah blah blah that doesn’t justify his actions, of course, but it isn’t obvious it was a racial thing.

    Why everyone is applauding is a mystery (Hurrah! Violence!).

  36. [re=384802]facehead[/re]: I would say you are either a Freeper plant or just dumb. ” it isn’t obvious it was a racial thing”- What would be obvious to you- if they lynched the lady?

  37. [re=384794]Accordion-o-rama[/re]: In my better moments I hope this is true, that each time one of these fools gets themselves on the teevee, the polls for their party and point of view drop another notch. But then sometimes I get the fear.

  38. [re=384825]finallyhappy[/re]: ur a big meanie.

    How can u rule out the possibility that the guy was just pissed because he was trying to listen and they were talking? Oldz people can have teh hearing problem.

  39. All of this has officially depressed me to the point of needing medication*. I can’t watch this shit anymore. But as someone said far upthread, I’m another whitey joining up with the non-whites in the coming wars. Fuck the man. The non-whites’ll win.

    *Vodka and cranberry juice.

  40. seriously no one remembers the whitey thing? with the tape? but like, here, “WHY’D HE tear up my poster?” and the white dudes haul her off?

    that is the funniest comment i’ve ever commented or ever will comment

    fuck it i’m going to buy beer

  41. This has reached the point where it could be starting to give Missouri a bad name. It could be starting to give Missouri a bad name, that is, if it wasn’t already “Missouri.”

  42. Athar: This could also be the point where the Missouri Compromise is reinterpreted to exclude the state from any type of health care reform. What’s good enough for Grandpa Simpson should be good enough for the remaining 49.

  43. Video would be better with Hulk Hugan’s “Real American” playing in the background. The songs builds for the first bit, then the chorus plays as Mean Old Man rips the poster out of the nice lady’s hand.

  44. [re=384653]Junior[/re]: I’m an old white broad. I live in downtown LA. I know the neighbors; I know the homeless folks; I get along with everybody in this maybe 25% white neighborhood (just hand out free home-grown tomatoes and cut flowers to everybody walking home from the store, and you can make buddies in the hardest of neighborhoods!) If it ever goes down the way we’re afraid it will, that’s *my* plan. I will *not* be aligning with my racemates, come the revolution.

  45. slappypaddy: Henry died of dysentery a few years later and within a generation everything all those Englishmen and Frenchmen died in the mud for had been lost, and was never regained. So the stupid thug responded to an infantile insult and thousands died for it. Great outcome. Up there with Georgie taking the Americans back to Iraq.

  46. Signs are not allowed in the hall which might explain the crowd’s initial round of boos, she should have been packing heat if it was respect she was after. Still, you have to be embarrassed for these diabetic mouth breathing olds.

  47. That’s some clever video editing. The video starts just so you hear the end of McCaskill apologizing about something to do with signs, probably that signs aren’t allowed. Then it cuts out before McCaskill can explain what happened. And you can hear the crowd yelling “no signs”. But with clever editing it gets made to look like it was about something else. That lady was obviously doing something to draw attention to herself. Even the speaker noticed her. Not that the actions of the guy was warranted. But still, by the comments here, people are making this into something without having all the facts and being lead in a direction by video editing.

  48. Whitey, whitey, whitey…
    Boy, it’s all fair to insult people of other races as long as it’s not your race, right?
    The whole whitey thing is so funny…
    Here are some other good epithets for you bunch of bigots…
    These words are all on the table now…
    We’ll leave nigger out, since that is a now a word used primarily by blacks as a compliment…
    It just doesn’t apply as a slur when it’s a standard greeting.
    Hope you all choke on your ignorance!

  49. First off, This whole thing was not about white versus blacks. Leave it to stupid black people to turn it into a racial case. Dumbs Nigs.

    Second, Posters were banned at the townhall meeting in the first place. Banned by the people that own the building. The lady should not have had the poster in the first place. They probably let her take it in, only so they could avoid being called racist by a racist black lady.

    The man was pissed (like EVERYONE ELSE THERE), and took the sign away from the woman. To call him “whitey” and “serial killerish” is fucking pathetic.

    FUCK the following people/things: This site, That lady with the sign (Go call Al Sharpten), The reporter that wanted to see the picture, the guy that ripped it up, And all of you that didnt bother to watch the ACTUAL FUCKING NEWS ABOUT THIS STORY!!!

    I AM SICK OF WATCHING A WHITE PERSON AND A BLACK PERSON HAVE A FALLING OUT, AND WATCHING THE BLACK PERSON THROW DOWN THE RACE CARD AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. Do you guys get a new card every week or something?! Get a life and a job and a new country you pathetic pieces of shit! Should have shipped you back.

  50. [re=385617]PhucthisSite[/re]: It really sucks when the white person thinks he’s got the game won, having all just thrown down his boss Air Elemental card, and then the black person is all “no you didn’t” and shit and totally busts out the race card. That shit sucks hardcore.

  51. [re=385617]PhucthisSite[/re]: The poster was the woman’s property and most likely cost her several dollars. The weird old white guy destroyed her private property.

    I thought your kind was all about the sanctity of private property?

  52. This is why niggers shouldn’t be allowed anywhere. They wave their black bull shit in everybody’s faces and expect them to take it. She had it coming because there is no dout she was stepping the line and FORCING her nigger bullshit on everybody around. You’re so quick to jump on “whiteys” case. If it had been male nigger that did that it’d be no problem. Freedom of speech my ass these piece of shit niggers don’t deserve anything

  53. Why in the world are people actually applauding this guy? This is what is wrong with America. Too many people full of hate towards things they don’t understand. It’s different than us, let’s hate it. It looked like that lady was just holding that poster at a reasonable height, it wasn’t like she was bothering anyone. What the hell gave that guy the right to rip up something that meant something to her? To her, that represents her heritage and civil rights. Way to show your support for fellow man, ass hat.

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