can't they just renounce medicare and stfu?

Oh Yeah, There Was Also Somebody With a Gun Hiding In This High School, Waiting For Obama

Eh, looks innocent.Here’s a police department mugshot of the guy found at the New Hampshire high school where Obama did his wingnut-free health-care Logan’s Run talky talk. Richard Terry Young, age 62, was reportedly grabbed by the cops and/or Secret Service at Portsmouth High School on Tuesday morning before Obama arrived. Dude had a knife, and the cops reportedly found his car nearby, with an unregistered loaded gun inside.

This is not the same guy seen here with his strap on at the Gun Sale at the Church. Totally different!

So, there you go, one old guy sneaking around the high school — allegedly! — with a knife and an illegal and loaded gun, and another dude with a gun strapped on his leg, at the church. All for Obama! You know what we’re going to do in late January of 2017? Let out a big-ass sigh of relief, that’s what.

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  1. El Pinche

    What a “patriot.”
    Where’s the LOVE in reEVOLution?? The libtards turned into murderous fucking psychopaths when our president became black.

  2. DoctorCulturae

    I wish someone with better photoshop skills than I have would make the next version of Obama/Socialist/Joker posters with anonymous wingnuts like this dizzy doofus as the subject. Perhaps with a two word designation: Asshattery Embodied.

  3. widget09

    It’s bad enough that humans only use about 15-20% of our brains in the first place. This guy is only using a fraction of 1%, it may even be exponential, say: 1 X 10-6, dim bulb indeed!

  4. gurukalehuru

    Here’s an idea for future Obama town halls. Hold them in the White House, which would be really cool and a big honor for anbody who showed up, plus it would be pretty easy to control security.
    So that the right wingers can’t complain that you are only calling on people who are wearing purple (which, by the way, does seem kind of suspicious), make sure you invite some leading right wing journalists – Rush, Bill, Ann, Michelle, Glenn – and let them ask questions. Let them ask all the retarded questions they like.

    Comedy gold.

  5. gurukalehuru

    The scary thing is, he looks like somebody I know. I don’t mean anybody specific. He just looks like somebody I would know.

  6. dum librul

    He looks like that typical creepy old loner everyone works their first entry level job with.

  7. Cape Clod

    Can they catapault him into a brick wall on national television? Just as an example to the other asshats out there who might be considering doing something equally stupid?

  8. ph7

    Kinda ironic that the town hall meetings are exposing the enormous mental healthcare gap in our current healthcare system.

  9. Suds McKenzie

    [re=383823]Cape Clod[/re]: Can they do it “for the troops”? Seriously, I think they would really enjoy that.I saw the WWE from the Iraq on the teevee.

  10. Susan B.

    Don’t get too excited, we might be holding our breath ’till 2017. (And even if Obama loses, President Jindal will probably face similar threats.)

  11. dum librul

    I bet a search of each one of these Randian lunatics’ houses would consistently yield identical survival kits that don’t stick to the basics of canned food, water, and some flashlights. These are the guys with crates of ammo, night vision goggles, and a harness they can use to hang upside down from their surveillance tree while monitoring for any encroachment by government agents or socialists onto their property/perimeter.

    And while I’m not particularly against being prepared for the worst, living day-to-day with the level of fear and paranoia needed to take this level of preparation must be devastating to one’s mental health.

  12. freakishlystrong

    Can you imagine W. having some wackjob with an insulting, threatning sign and a fucking GUN casually dangling off his leg anywhere near him? He would’ve been tased and removed. These people are as terrifying as clowns.

  13. Suds McKenzie

    Off topic, Poster Child freeper from Spector’s “happy time crazy pants theater”, just had his thirteenth nervous stroke on “Morning Meeting” with Dylan Coke Dealer. He is making Trig proud.

  14. Athar

    If there is not a federal law prohibiting private firearms at political rallies (it is hard to believe, but it appears there is currently none) then passing of such a law should be the first item on the schedule for Congress when they get back into town.

    If the NRA doesn’t like the idea (and, of course, they won’t) just let them make their stand in favor of armed crowds at political events. Let people see the stupid bastards for out of control gun-nuts they really are.

  15. dum librul

    [re=383837]Suds McKenzie[/re]: Was that the guy with the pseudo charismatic minister’s intonation? “One day god will stand beforeeeeya yoooouoyaoua.” I couldn’t tell whether Spector was being chastised or having a blessing of protection from withcraft being placed upon him.

  16. Monsieur Grumpe

    That’s Uncle Massacre. He changed his name after he got back from Vietnam. My Mom said never let him hug you, take candy from him, look him directly in the eye or get near his food while he’s eating. Other than those minor quirks, he’s totally normal.

  17. Suds McKenzie

    [re=383841]dum librul[/re]: yep it was, and Spector should obviously take advice like that on this plane or the next.

  18. joezoo

    Is that Fred Armisen’s dad? Perhaps embarrassed by his son’s poor impression of the president and trying to stop it at the source?

  19. nappyduggs

    I’m sure that the wingturds will come at this with the typical “I got the right to protect m’self with my Leatherman and my unregistered 8-point buck popper” but this type of shit is the least worrisome regarding the armed and brain-fucked who don’t get caught, cause they’re still in the planning/organizing stages, see?

    I think the real reason they got this poor, misunderstood janitor-type is because when they searched his truck they found a pelt that suspiciously resembled dead hooker, and he was wearing L’Eggs Sheer Energy knee-highs under his Wranglers.


    That is all.

  20. Limeylizzie

    [re=383837]Suds McKenzie[/re]: That was the strangest and most awkward interview I have ever seen on the Teevees, that man was clearly unhinged and just hates him the new Negro Overlord.

  21. Studge

    [re=383828]norbizness[/re]: “Get Neidermeyer to do it. He’s a sneaky little shit, just like you, Greg.”

  22. Moosensquirrel

    “You know what we’re going to do in late January of 2013? Let out a big-ass sigh of relief, that’s what.”
    I assume you mean right after President Santorum is sworn in. Because if that Nigerian fella is re-elected, any sigh of relief will have to wait till 2017.

  23. norbizness

    [re=383851]Studge[/re]: It still cracks me up that Niedermeyer (Mark Metcalfe) had the range both to play both the uptight teacher in the Twisted Sister video AND The Maestro in Seinfeld.

  24. PlanetWingnuta

    take his ass to the fema death camps! …after he’s been seen by the Death panel for his choice of execution!

  25. Mr_Deadite

    [re=383837]Suds McKenzie[/re]: Wasn’t that some damn compelling television? I was hanging on his every word, even if I had to check the clock in between each one.

  26. finallyhappy

    [re=383852]Moosensquirrel[/re]: I’ll let out my sign of relief because I will have finished another freezing cold long day as a volunteer at Obama’s second inauguration. Ha, ha, you said Santorum- buttsecks!

  27. Tundra Grifter

    When he was found, was this gentleman hiding in his old locker? Or the girl’s gym?

    And did he honestly think that before the President of the United States came to this high school that it wouldn’t be searched? The Secret Sevice has been protecting Mr. Obama for almost two years. And they’ve been in this business for a while…

  28. Mr_Deadite


  29. ivenson

    In fairness, the article says he had a “pocket knife” on him and the gun was in his car.

    Full disclosure….If pocket knives count, I am never not armed. And who hasn’t occasionally forgotten about the loaded gun they stuffed under the car seat that night you drove to the 9:30 club to see Vampire Weekend?

  30. ivenson

    [re=383872]ivenson[/re]: True story…I once showed up for a pre-hire drug test with a forgotten dime bag in me pocket. AND PASSED.

    I am like the Doug Henning of uninalysis.

  31. magic titty

    “You know what we’re going to do in late January of 2013? Let out a big-ass sigh of relief, that’s what.”

    Fuck that. These deranged crackers are going to lose, and they are going to lose hard.

  32. Barrelhse

    I’m sure absolutely nothing will happen to this guy. He’ll be back on the street with another illegal gun, being an ass-hole, within 24 hrs.

  33. jbd

    [re=383819]gurukalehuru[/re]: He looks like anyone from New Hampshire of a certain age.


    [re=383872]ivenson[/re]: Funny story. I had to spend all night in an ER about a month ago. Dropped off the patient, stayed through most of the night, went out for a toothbrush, came back — and had my leatherman confiscated. Despite the fact that I’d had it in secure areas. For almost ten hours. And was told (by a very nice security guard) that whoever had let me in there in the first place might be fired if the powers that be found out and so hush hush no?


    None of us are going to kill anyone with a 2.5 inch blade mostly used on duct tape.

    But then, I also didn’t have a loaded gun in the car. But see many previous comments that basically sum to “Dude. New Hampshire.”


  34. jbd

    [re=383840]Athar[/re]: There’s this scene in some Neal Stephenson book that I’m trying to remember….

  35. JMRsOMA

    The mob mentality and fervor of the 2008 Presidential campaign is playing out in Angry Tea Mobster Parties all over America. The fervor resulting from misinformation and hate are reminiscent of a time in my own life after Dr. Martin Luther King was murdered and I recall laying in my bed fearful of a Molitoff Cocktail zooming through my window. There is a familiar tone in the air as there was during my youth on the Seldom Rest Plantation in the Panhandle of Florida, the place ChilinKraut was socialized, and the person who writes this now.

    Each of us bleeds red yet we insist on distrusting another child of God. Perpetuating extremist ideologies makes Americans no better than the very people many want to hate and kill, due to their ideology (Taliban). President Obama is on the money when he recently made the statement it’s time for cooler heads to prevail. In my life, I have never believed in any one politician more than I do President Obama and our family prays for him and his family every night.

    The horrendous seeds of hate Sarah Palin and John McCain planted during that campaign for me seems to legitimize pure hate currently and the swastika movement many media Anchors claim is “new” is actually old news. Each of us would be well served to tune in on this once underground movement of so-called Patriots. Pill-popper Limbaugh enables Anchors like Glenn Beck and InSanity/Hannity to fuel this movement of welfare recipients like Joe the Plumber “‘regular’ good folk” who I believe are incensed a Black man actually won the election and is now “their” leader. From my vantage point it appears the latter is the basis for the dissent we are witnessing.

  36. Cape Clod

    [re=383857]norbizness[/re]: I met Mark Metcalfe a couple of times. Really smart guy with a great personality.

  37. travellabyrinth

    [re=383878]magic titty[/re]: Yes. At this rate they are headed toward nominating Orly Taitz. So I fully expect an FDR-like 2nd-term landslide.

  38. Studge

    [re=383857]norbizness[/re]: “I saw him in a bar once, and someone walked up to him and said, “Hey, Maestro, how about a beer?” OK? So that’s a FACT!”

  39. Post author
    Ken Layne

    [re=383852]Moosensquirrel[/re]: Yeah, 2017 is what I *typed.* Someone apparently “corrected” my post.

  40. Pop Socket

    [re=383836]freakishlystrong[/re]: W used to have people with threatening tee-shirts sent to Gitmo.

  41. DrMerkwurdgeliebe

    [re=383831]Suds McKenzie[/re]: “Can they do it for the troops?”

    Let the line soldiers have this guy. Ship him off to Abu Graib. There’s plenty of military who don’t like sick fucks trying to subvert what they’re [i]dying[/i] for, I think.

  42. DrMerkwurdgeliebe

    [re=383882]jbd[/re]: “Dude. New Hampshire.”

    Obsolete: “Live free or die.”
    New translation: “Let me live tax free or I’ll kill you.”

    “They’re trying to tell you that not paying taxes is unpatriotic.” — Palien the Alien

  43. Cylon Model 6

    Yay cops and Secret Service!!! I am so unhappy when I see the president outside of anything short of a popemobile. The bullet and bomb proof model please- oh and make it amphibious too, just in case…

  44. Jokyr

    Ok, first of all, last time I checked, it was ok to carry a pocket knife. Sure, this guy exercised poor judgement by not removing his from his pocket before entering the meeting, but that doesn’t sound like someone who intends any harm.

    Secondly, he had an unlicensed, loaded weapon IN HIS CAR. Not on his person. He left it in his car because he had no intention of using it.

    Again, poor judgement, but this guy doesn’t sound like a “wingnut,” or any sort of nut at all. He’s just someone who didn’t think to empty his pockets of anything that might be considered a weapon before going to a policed event.

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