Plain-spoken adult human Claire McCaskill is setting the right tone here, about two notches down from, “Listen to me, clowns: those of you who are shouting about health care are *retarded.*” They are so scared of a single-payer health care system, like Medicare. IT TERRIFIES THEM! They cannot deal with the very thought of it! [TPM]

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  1. Watched this live, and liked it. She actually squared off with these fruits, didn’t back down, didn’t stammer. Made them look like a bunch of ADD third graders.

    Maybe their health plans don’t cover Ritalin

  2. [re=383507]Foolitics[/re]: You are a blogwhore, and your comments are herpes sores.

    Please, Wonkette Editors, take some BanValtrex® before this virus spreads any further.

  3. Fuck yeah, Missourah–Claire McCaskill for President!

    You don’t fuck with a former prosecutor from Kansas City (the bad parts), she will drop you like a bad habit.

    …seriously, though, can she be the VP in 2012? As much as I love America’s Favorite Crazy Uncle, I’ve got a feeling Biden may have been put out to pasture by then.

  4. Female Blue Dog Claire McCaskill confused even me with that amiable “take the bet” analogy on the Congressional vote on a single-payer system; the shared brain of the nigger-haters in the audience must have pooped itself. (Wait, Jethro, is she a for or agin us?)

  5. [re=383517]Bearbloke[/re]: Coincidentally enough Wonkette also has run ads that seem counter to their known way of thinking. But they accept them to pay for their known way of drinking.

  6. Srsly, Claire’s reaction after the mouthbreather said he didn’t trust her was priceless. I can imagine her thinking, “GodDAMN but what I wouldn’t give to serve these idiots a shot of vodka with a cyanide chaser.”

  7. Really? I think McCaskill is sort of a hack who wouldn’t have won were it not 2006. And as a hack, she should use that not-above-the-fray attitude to really cut down on these guys by belittling them further. Remind them Obama’s black, or that they’re part of a teeny tiny small minority who are politically obsolete, twist the knife more.

  8. This stuff really gets me. I watched the Spector town hall cluster-fuck and my brain almost imploded. People are afraid of the government going into your bank account and stealing shit? Do they realize that they print all of the money?

    Also, someone stood up and said something like the following, “I like wind and solar, but I don’t think they’ll power the country.”

    Who the fuck are you and why should we care what you intuit about the domestic energy production mix?

    This is why I remain an elitist. Death panels for all!

  9. There’s a great link in the comments on that TPM link from HuffPo saying the teabaggers admit their goal is to derail any type of health care reform.

  10. What we need is something in that bill that roots out the morans, the mouthbreathers, the wingnuts, the birthers, and the freepers, and grinds them into valuable soylent green with which to feed the poor.

  11. If I were a US Congressman, here’s how I’d run my Town Hall meeting:

    I’d find a good-sized room with a single door and no windows, on an upper floor of a courthouse of similar public building with metal detectors. The doors to this room would be behind another set of doors, and I would have local law enforcement stationed at each door.

    I would invite local newspaper & telly (NOT radio and NOTHING Murdock-related) inside first, then:

    1) Read to them the “Astroturf playbook” memo that’s been around the past week or so, to let them know that we know that this is the script the Teabaggers are following;
    2) Show them film-clips of the Nazi Brownshirts doing their thing back them, matched with film clips of similar thuggish behaviour over the past week at other Town Halls and make explicit comparisons in case the point hadn’t sunk in yet;
    3) Show them a live feed of the thuggishness going on outside my Town Hall at the very moment. 4) Invite the media to stay so they can get an up-close look at the thuggishness to come.

    Then I’d let the circus in (via the metal detectors), so they can bray like jackasses before a local media that can ID these arses and who just saw other jackasses following the same script, making the same noises.

  12. McCaskill is a DINO Blue Dog and I don’t even want her in the Senate, let alone as vice president. But until something better comes along, I’m perfectly happy to assign her bitch-slapping duty. I even give her permission to Twitter about it afterwards.

    And the first one who tells an old lame-brain, “Oh, I understand you don’t want government-run healthcare. So may I assume you’re willing to forego your Medicaid?” gets a campaign contribution from me.

  13. [re=383551]Bearbloke[/re]:

    Yeah but as soon as you said “telly” they’d all be calling you names and not listening to any of the rest.

    Not saying this is a good thing, bear in mind. I just report the facts.

  14. [re=383551]Bearbloke[/re]: By the way, on a more serious note Rush Limbaugh just spent a week using the Nazi Brownshirt analogy to describe Barack Obama. In detail, talking about “this is what they did, the SAME thing!” It’s a staple of the right these days, and of course makes no sense whatsoever which was the style in those, er, these days.

  15. [re=383556]Vacation Without Hats[/re]: Presume that I’d be “speekin’ Merikin” if I were a Congressman… I also forgot to add that 5) My team would video the entire event, and take photos of everyone who spoke, to share with others who are tracking the Deather-bus-circus & its minions.

  16. [re=383517]Bearbloke[/re]: Does the NIH think they can get anyone sane over there?

    Fairly high GS level to expect to find someone at a very political site like that.

    Hmmm… I wonder who the right person to tell that they are seeking employees from a hate site. I’ll look into it.

    We don’t have any red hater types in my group. And only one looneytarian in the NCBI I know of.

  17. She seemed so happy that there was terribly little support for a single-payer system. I swear she sounds like a Republican … oh wait ..

  18. The Deatherz are just like teh Birferz. They won’t believe anything unless it comes from someone as equally batshit insane as they are.
    I just want one of these town-hall leaders to just go:
    “Yes, yes we are coming to kill your grandmother. I already did my American duty and killed mine right before I came here. And all of you here who currently recieve Medicaid…YOU HAVE BLINDLY WALKED INTO YOUR OWN EXECUTION! BWAHHHAHAHAARRRRRGGGHH!!1 Guards! OPEN FIRE!”
    Then watch as they all drop dead of heart-attacks while saying: “Just kidding!”

  19. [re=383564]Bearbloke[/re]: presume that I’d be “speekin’ Merikin” if I were a Congressman…
    I know, just teasing. Er, taking the piss, that would be in your fine and noble tongue.

  20. Yeah, here’s the deal. I present training sessions to adults all the time. Educated adults. And some of them are rude and immature. And life is too short to deal with that shit, so I don’t. I address it directly and get them to shape up or leave.

    If I were trying to conduct a goddamned Town Hall meeting and answer citizen’s questions about health care reform and some assholes decided to shout down everyone and try to create chaos, they would be escorted OUT.

    I don’t give a shit what they cry about freedom of speech, we DON’T LET CHILDREN ACT LIKE THAT. If a 13 year old in my classroom (also a former teacher) started shouting like that, oh no. His or her ass would be OUT of there.

    If you can’t be civil and TAKE TURNS TALKING, you get taken to the nearest exit. PERIOD. This is just bullshit. Why do people even tolerate this shit? Speak in a normal voice and wait your turn or get the fuck out, asswipe.

  21. [re=383598]Bearbloke[/re]: [re=383598]Bearbloke[/re]: [re=383598]Bearbloke[/re]:

    Hey, I live in the rest of the world and I’ve never wondered about that for a moment.

  22. OK, I am a Canadian with up-close experience with both systems.

    I just got figuratively ass-fucked by both a health clinic that insisted I needed all sorts of tests I did not need, charged me $3,000 for them, and now the insurance company is balking at paying despite the clinic having called them beforehand — allegedly — and being assured I was covered.

    Do Americans honestly believe a public system is going to fuck them over worse than the greedy dickheads hoping to line their pockets in the private system?

    Never in my life did I experience in the Canadian public system the sheer fraud and bullshit that I have in the U.S.

  23. I think we need to corner all of these people in a room and set off a few bug bombs.

    If i were that lady I’d have slammed those fuckers on all their BS. “It’s Socialism!! Obama’s a Nazi!” “Excuse me, Jim Bob, do you even know what socialism is? Nazis and socialists are on the opposite end of the spectrum politically. Please go and learn something in one of those places you despise so much, schools I think they’re called.”

  24. I took a bus to visit family in Upstate NY. There were 2 groups of pickets for and against ObamaCare. The two groups were Soccer moms vs The National Guard.

  25. Ack! I like her, but

    What’s so great about single-payer not being on the table? Why are people so afraid of it?

    Gah. So so so stoopid.

  26. [re=383518]assistant/atlas[/re]: Word. She’s my hero of the week. The only way that she could have done better is if she tased those assholes while screaming at them to just shut the fuck up, already.

  27. Katy Abram (or woman in blue top at Specter Town Hall): “what are you going to do to restore this country back to what our founders created according to the constitution”

    In my parallel universe: Well Ms. Abram, you’re right. First, we’ll take away you’re right to vote, then we’ll bring back slavery. Happy now.

    KA: OK. Tee-hee. Thanks!

    (Crowd breaks into thunderous applause, storms into streets)

  28. [re=383615]karen[/re]: Preach it. There’s nothing that shows the sheer stupidity of the birthers/deathers than their sheer inability to understand that fascism and socialism are two completely different things and are very often in conflict with each other. I mean, if you’re going to call him a socialist, fine. Just don’t then turn around a fascist too.

  29. Mouthbreathers think everyone SHOUTS when they talk, just like they think everyone TYPES IN ALL CAPS. When speaking to someone who doesn’t speak English, they probably think SHOUTING AT THEM IN ENGLISH will somehow make themselves understood.

  30. My solution: Make ALL of congress have the same health care package the rest of the country gets.
    Pull the plug on Cadillac policy for you & dregs for the rest.

    We’d be seeing a lot of bumper stickers in DC– I HEART SOCIALIZED HEALTH CARE

  31. I wish one of the Dem Representative would tell the whiny Teatoddlers to run outside and play a nice , long game of “Go Fuck Yourself”.

  32. I watched the live blog of her town hall and I found that she agreed way to much with the lunatics in the crowd. What struck me the most is when she said that the Republicans have over 130 amendments added on the Senate health bill compared to only 30 amendments added by the Democrats. WTF!!!! How is this in any shape or form a Democrat health care bill (like the Republicans say all the time) when they have less amendments?

    Democrats are letting the Republicans over run them in the Senate and taking over the health care fight underneath our noses.


    Also isn’t Claire McCaskill the same lady that went on Fake News recently and said she believes that these opponents to health care reform are a REAL GRASS MOVEMENT!?

    Is this woman really on the Democrats side?

  33. I don’t want someone messing with my health insurance.

    I also realize that we can do better, and I also believe that one of the reasons why health care is so expensive is because there are a lot of uncovered people who can not adequately take care of their health (preventative medicine)or must use emergency services to fix problems that accumulate until they are in too much trouble. They are a drain on the system and we have to find a way to help them without destroying a system that, while not perfect, does get the job done for the majority and gives incentives to find new medicines and treatments.

    That being said, I am really pissed off at these “Red – Assed” people that are making this debate into some sort of Kabuki theatre.

    This is a very important question. Can we take care of people who are less fortunate/smart/lucky/connected than 75% of us? It needs to be fixed.

  34. [re=383660]Carl Spakler[/re]: Also remember to mention to KA that women were not allowed to participate in anything resembling a political process and she will be required to STFU, return to the kitchen, and churn her own butter in between taking care of her seven or eight kids and fending of Indian attacks.

  35. Yeah, Thank JEEBUS that the US is in no peril of joining the modern civilized world with that vile socialist-fascist single-payer, what with its infamous mandatory granny-skinning, pederasty & human-sacrifice provisions.


    I think personally, I’d feel a tad weird applauding the unilateral removal of the best dish available from my healthcare menu while being told how much I’m gonna LOVE my deep-fried Spamburger.

  36. [re=383535]widget09[/re]:
    “Who is John Gault?” He is every incompetent loafing silver-spoon trust-fund-baby frat boy who grew to adulthood and slipped into management to offer nothing to society but his monumental, insatiable, conscienceless greed.
    (I’m a little Norwegian)

  37. Does anyone think that S. Hannity and the Toe Sucking Dick Morris really give two shits about healthcare? They haven’t mentioned it in 10 years of mutual masturbation, until it gained traction as inflammatory propaganda. What with your Death Panels and all. Sean Of The Dead is only interested in free HIV meds for all so he can go on sucking off 12 year old boys in the Port Authority mens room.

  38. [re=383727]imissopus[/re]: I guess I should have added that the aforementioned crowd drops dead six months later from smallpox, gout, gangrene, and/or typhus.

    There were lots of fun-filled ways to croak in colonial, pre-Medicaid America.

  39. I’m sorry, while I love winger slap-downs, in general, to do it at the expense of essentially bashing single-payer advocates and lying about the strength of the single-payer movement (i.e. “there is no support” and then something to the extent that there is barely support for it) is not something I condone or respect.

    THIS is what happens when you straddle the fence. Sorry, McCackle; when you try and ride this bull, your DINO ass is gonna’ get thrown. You give those Wingy fucker even an inch, and baby, abd they’ll take a mile. If there is not support for single-payer in Congress, they sure as hell better find it, quickly, and get on board with where the American people are.

  40. [re=383735]Trigvhe from Texas[/re]: Trust me here, the world is chalk full of incompeteant loafing silver spoon managers, I happen to know, I work for a prime example. Most of these type of managers were born without balls (or female equivalent) and will almost never speak truth to power as they are terrified of superiors, but manage to be potentates to subordinates. I call them “Suck-up, Kick-downs”.

  41. [re=383772]desertwind[/re]: My kid gets medicine he needs. I get medicine I need. Sometimes it is a pain in the ass dealing with our Provider… but essentially anyone in my family can go to a Doctor’s office and get help for $25.
    My child is prone to MRSA infections. We do not have to worry about waiting for an appointment or whether we have money to go have skin infections checked out. He can get antibiotics immediately. We do not have to worry about things escalating into critical situations. I do think primary care is very important and that is why I mentioned it in talking about what people without insurance need the most.
    I have a great level of confidence in the Doctors he sees (and I see). If that isn’t enough for you I could go on at length.

  42. [re=383798]Jumping Jim[/re]: Good point. But too simple: we could discuss the scale of your premiums and how much more than that and your copays are paid by your employer and tax-subsidized. It’s fine to take the aint-broke analysis if you have the political power to maintain your privileges, but that form of payment and delivery still crushing us collectively, and still not giving you an ideal outcome. I want my baby to have good care now, and later, to not have to live to fund insurance company dividends.

    But leaving that aside, Clare is right, there is no serious support for single payer and for good reason. At risk of heresy, or worse, a little wonkiry, note that many major democracies including Japan, Netherlands, France, and Germany have multi-payer universal systems of various forms, with varying forms of delivery. The WHO scores these all in the top tier of outcomes and service. Only the UK has a “socialized” single-payer national health system with both government payment and government provision. It works for them, but its not the only thing that works. And its not the gold standard.

  43. sweetcandy: “I watched the live blog of her town hall and I found that she agreed way to much with the lunatics in the crowd.”

    This is the “politics” part of politics. Welcome to the jungle.

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