As if herpes was his only problem.And thank you to the millions of Drudge readers who sent us this terrible screen shot. You have the minds of reptiles.

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  1. Later today, according to Drudge, the CDC will make a announcement that Bill Clinton is the number one herpes vector for brunette rubenesque women aged 25-35.

  2. But since Bill gets his health care from the government, this means we get to euthanize him anyway, right? Wouldn’t want Governor Palin to be proven wrong.

  3. [re=383343]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Herpes? Luxury! Had 17 there once and ended up with the plague AND leprosy! Hit 21 at the blackjack table once and the whole thing fell off. Oh we used to DREAM of gettin only herpes…

  4. [re=383332]naveed[/re]: Look, the idea of death panels is already just tired and worn out, but only because any death panel will be laden with red tape. Do you realize how busy we’d stay, just to kill 1/5 of our population?!

    cottage industry, actually…

  5. I’m sure Hillary will be taking questions about this at her next African town hall meeting. Some Birthers, Teabaggers and Death Panelists will probably fly in too just to join in the fun, if any of them actually have passposts…

  6. Bill Clinton is lucky he is an American citizen like Stephen Hawkings. In the UK, there is only one treatment for herpes: Death Panel.

  7. why did I have to “clickity click” on that, it took me to the home page, not the article. Isn’t Drudge like the Howard Hughes of “The Drudge Report” now??

  8. Wait, isn’t there a good chance this is some sort of super-commie-herpes that Bill was infected with by a well trained SMERSH agent when he went to Moscow in college to become the Ruskies President?

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