When liberal health care death-form passes, 90-year-old World War II veterans will DIE! If they’d known about this at the time, they could’ve just let Hitler kill them then and there. [TPM]

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  1. No disrespect meant, but aren’t they already dying off at an alarming rate? Sort of one of those self fullfilling prophesies, isn’t it?

  2. We need to invent one word that means “partisan f***-tard fact-twister with a not-so-secret agenda.” I mean a new word, other than “Republican,” “Palinesque,” or “Gingrichian.”

  3. A friend once met an 86 year old retired autoworker, touring the brothels of Shanghai with a bottle of Viagra. That’s my idea of a healthcare plan!

  4. If they were truly the “Greatest Generation” they would have killed themselves already so that their children wouldn’t have to become socialist.

  5. It’s tough to follow a president who respected the military so much that he tried to cut their pay, instituted stop-loss, dragged retired soldiers back into service and sent them to Iraq, used the National Guard like the Army’s minimum-wage temp agency, put our soldiers in jeopardy by authorizing them to torture and kill innocent civilians, and exemplified his attitude towards health care for veterans with the Walter Reed scandal and thousands of soldiers with undiagnosed PTSD and traumatic brain injuries.

    How anyone lets these greedy astroturf bastards get away with saying that increasing healthcare availability is going to cause more people to die is beyond me.

  6. More from Planet Wingnuttia: “Politics of hope: Call citizens Nazis” (

    “Furthermore, a bit of advice: when you lead a Democratic Party whose own platform frighteningly mirrors the Nazi Party platform (rabid environmentalism, abortion and euthanasia rights, nationalized healthcare, government works projects, anti-profits, anti-big business, animal rights, etc.), it would probably be a wise move to limit any references to swastikas.”


  7. Fuck old people. No really, fuck ’em. On average, they’re more sexist, racist, and homophobic than the rest of the population. They drive well past the point where their reflexes start to fail. They suck up Social Security and Medicare, making them bigger welfare queens than Mark Sanford. They smell like diapers and armpit and they’re always dropping food out of their denture-ridden mouths.

    Ice floes.
    That is all.

  8. So government run health care is a good thing for the olds, veterans and government employees, but it will KILL everyone else. Am I understanding this right?

  9. [re=382582]Barrett808[/re]: The Nazis were environmentalists? Since when? Did they plant pot seeds in swastikas on the edges of the hundreds of industrial factories they were building?

  10. Those wrinkled old vets need a health plan like that loud-mouth (who has no health insurance) who got roughed up by some union types the other day: Go to an emergency room on your own two feet, come out in a wheelchair, and then hire a wingnut lawyer to take up a collection for your medical bill.

  11. This is part of Obama’s Nigerian Nazi hidden agenda: Kill of the people that defeated Nazi Germany. Next, his Nigerian Communist hidden agenda will be to kill off Mexicans, as mexico harbored that traitor Trotsky.

    Gotta love a President that can be both a Nazi and Communist! Maybe he can divide Poland amongst himself.

  12. Picking up the thread from yesterday regarding Palin’s exaggerated comments regarding her “son” Trig and how Obama’s healthcare would “kill” him, if the story SHE told about his labor and delivery is true — and I don’t believe it for a minute — but if true it sure seems like she tried to do that herself!!

    How else do you explain a woman whose water has broken and has had contraction not seeing a doctor immediately? No. Instead, without a medical exam or clearance, she:

    1) Gave a speech in Dallas, finishing about eight hours after thinking her water broke
    2) Drove to the airport in Dallas
    3) Boarded a plane to Seattle for a 4-hour flight (plus any possible delays)
    4) Boarded a plane to Ancourage for a 4-hour flight (plus any possible delays)
    5) Waited for her luggage (I presume)
    6) Got in a car for an hour-plus drive to remote Palmer, Alaska
    7) Went straight to the hospital there, which does not have neo-natal ICU
    8) Supposedly had labor INDUCED a few hours later by her non-Ob/Gyn family physician

    If these aren’t the actions of a person with little interest in the welfare of her unborn child when at grave risk, I don’t know what is. But that’s why I don’t believe it’s true, even though this is exactly the story then-Governor Sarah Palin told. She’s lying.

    But if she isn’t, she’s perhaps the biggest hypocrite ever, along with being the most reckless woman ever to go into labor with a quadruple high-risk pregnancy.

    Shame on YOU, Sarah Palin, either way. I’m calling you out.

  13. [re=382592]FunkyPalmettoBug[/re]: Of course they were, they fertilized fields in Western Russia with hundreds of bodies. Nothing like a rotting, decaying Russian to get crops going, not to mention ashes of cremated Jews for that added touch. With 6 million Jews to dispose of, who need fishmeal?

  14. I’m halfway convinced that the conservatives plan to kill health care reform isn’t to scare everybody with what they say or intimidate everyone at town halls, but to say so many ridiculous and stupid things that the rest of us have so many apoplectic fits that we say “uncle” just to save whatever is left of our sanity. I’m almost there.

  15. Man, Palin is awesome at spreading lies.

    The media laps it up and regurgitates into our little beaks. Now we know what this “higher calling” meant.

  16. [re=382585]Cicada[/re]: “Fuck old people. No really, fuck ‘em.”

    really fuck old people? is this like babble spass’s world being literally her oyster? because i know old people, and i wouldn’t fuck ’em.

    i paused here a moment to make sure i was sure, and i am sure — i literally would really not fuck ’em. also.

    but if the mighty obamatron 7 is going to kill off the dubya-dubya-dose generation, he better get a move on, they’re dropping like flies. there goes one right now.

  17. [re=382598]Dangerous[/re]: The flight attendants didn’t notice anything particularly pregnant about her…

    The Palin Deception blog is onto something there. This is the one issue that Palin has not threatened to sue anyone over. Why? She can’t sue for libel or slander over it because if she did, whomever she went after could subpoena the “doctor,” the flight attendants, and anyone else.

  18. 90-year-old World War II veterans will DIE!

    So they’re not dying now?

    90 year old anybodys tend to be in the “might die” demographic.

  19. [re=382616]slappypaddy[/re]: exactly! why do i have to fuck the olds? just because they are old and wrinkly does not mean i have to play hide the rotten salami with them.

  20. How can I hire on at one of those death panels? I’m still out of work, want to save the government money, and not very fond of old people. Or deformed children or people who are really loud and/or overweight.

    $15 an hour and insurance and I’m in. I figure reviewing a case should take 5 minutes MAXIMUM.

  21. [re=382583]mattbolt[/re]: Hey, that’s no fair. Would you make fun of the retarded kid in school right in front of his face?

    [re=382592]FunkyPalmettoBug[/re]: The Nazi’s especially built their gas chambers to emit low emissions. That sound you hear is my grandmother yelling a shandeh from her grave.

    [re=382615]chascates[/re]: It’s clever, but would ACORN really agree to giving up all those parts of the health care reform bill?


    Now all of a sudden they’re rallying to it to oppose putting a tiny bit of that money into another program that does the exact same thing, more efficiently?

    God, these people are so dishonest. If there were a hell…

  23. [re=382616]slappypaddy[/re]: [re=382626]ShamWow[/re]: I can’t believe how selfish you are. Old people have so little to look forward to. I mean, Matlock is only on one hour a day.

  24. So if I get this right, will I have to face the firing squad before I’m allowed to see my doctor? Or is that just for the 90 year olds? And wouldn’t facing a firing squad at 90 pretty much cause them to have a heart attack and keel over anyway?

    I mean I assume, as a 20-something employed person, I wouldn’t be considered invaluable to the government. But now I’m not so sure. According to this video, ONLY people 60+ have ever sacrificed to defend the country “from a dangerous world.” Wouldn’t that make the last 4 generations or so fairly worthless, and therefore likely to be euthanized along with Trig and Grampa Walnuts and the rest of the worthless people?

    What have YOU done to protect the country from a dangerous world, huh? Nothing? That’s what I thought. Now face the firing squad, you lazy under-60 worthless hobos!

  25. Fortunately our current generation of veterans won’t have to worry about the government taking their medicare. By the time our group reaches their golden years, the US will be celebrating it’s 10th anniversary as a wholly owned subsidiary of a Chinese-Dubai banking conglomerate.

  26. “The sacrificed enough.”

    Couldn’t you just do one more thing and die? It’ll save us the trouble (and costs) of euthanizing you.

  27. [re=382585]Cicada[/re]: My Senior-Bear is an Old, and he’s none of these things, least of all homophobic, if you get the picture…

    As for the stoopid Yanks who rail against “Socialised Medicine”, perhaps they would be willing to give up their Veteran’s Hospitals?

  28. Hey these guy’s are locals…and shills for Big Phrama…

    60 Plus Association
    1600 Wilson Blvd.
    Suite 960
    Arlington, Virginia 22209

    Phone: (888) 560-7587
    Fax: (703) 807-2073

    Email: info AT

    “a 2006 report in the AARP Bulletin called 60 Plus a front group for the pharmaceutical industry. 60 Plus, along with Senior Coalition and United Seniors Association, “claim to speak for millions of older Americans, although as recently as 2001 none of the three listed any revenue from membership dues on their tax returns.” The article added: “virtually all of their largest contributions in recent years have come from the same source — the nation’s pharmaceutical industry.”

  29. OK, so I went to this and guess what – not one mention of the forced sex change operations or the plan to replace every doctor in the US with Kenyan medicine men. So you’ve got to figure these are for real?

    Not only that, but as I’m on the website, my computer starts trying to test my fingers for traces of gunpowder and asks me where I keep the guns. Three hours later I’m still getting pop-up ads for cash for clunkers and PETA videos keep playing.


  30. [re=382639]Bearbloke[/re]: I’m sorry. I don’t really hate the olds. I spent the weekend playing cards with my 80 year old grandma-in-law (for real) and I would drop kick anyone who would take her Medicare away. She would probably drop kick them first. She kicks my ass all the time at canasta. And she’s not afraid to use her cane.

  31. [re=382635]Carl Spakler[/re]: The good news is that both of those countries have good health care plans so we wouldn’t have to worry about no death panels.

  32. Not to be logical or anything… but my parents are “senior citizens” and were born during WWII. I don’t think that they suffered much as infants…

  33. [re=382633]Redhead[/re]: To protect this country from a dangerous world I have voluntarily not worked for the past 9 years so as to guard my home and neighborhood hyper-vigilantly from our avowed enemies. I believe this entitles me to both health coverage (though I already have it through my wife) and a spot on a Death Panel.

  34. [re=382627]chascates[/re]: I would prefer to be on a goon squad. Tasked with rouding up the people and putting them in those FEMA camps. Being able to hit them with some kind of club or baton would be great. If I could force them to have abortions while their children got gay married to black and brown people I would be so happy I would practically do it for free.

  35. I just finished watching the CBS evening news. A bit depressing in that the US Military is losing the war over in Afghanistan. Generals are calling for many thousands of troops, desperately needing more boots on the ground. In watching the GOP wingnuts astro-turfing all over America, I come to a simple single conclusion.

    Just like the Taliban terrorists wanting American soldiers to lose, to fail, to be defeated and removed, so goes the GOP and their twisted little collection of domestic terrorists. Why would they want their country to fail? Of what good would it be? America would ultimately become another Mexico.

    As soon as one group gained a little bit of power, they would be overthrown, and the next group of thugs would rule. This is the America the GOP has planned for our country. Nothing less than an overthrow of the elected government. The United States Of America, governed by a group of thugs that differ very little from past despots of history.

    The GOP needs to go take a long hard look in the mirror and ask themselves if they truly wish to destroy this country in such a cowardly manner. Over two hundred years of the greatest test of democracy, now to be forsaken for nothing more than hatred. Hatred is destroying our great county? It’s Happening now at this very moment.

  36. [re=382598]Dangerous[/re]: If there is truth to this time-line, would it be absurd to suggest she maybe didn’t want this birth to come to fruition. Would she then not be her own “Death Panel”? Would this surprise any of us at this point?

  37. [re=382580]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Man, you said a mouthful. I have a couple of relatives in the guard who were called up for a long term. Nothing like throwing your family in total upheaval. Wish it could have been different. Wish we had a real leader then, but thugs prevailed.

  38. [re=382665]bullship[/re]: I’ve said before and I’m sure I’m not the only one who fears and/or believes that Obama’s presidency will wash ashore dead, having been battered to death on the rocks of the Afghan War. No empire has ever won there, and there’s nothing special about US America that makes it immune to this truth. If they don’t begin working toward negotiated settlement there soon, all may be lost, like Johnson in Vietnam.

  39. [re=382648]memzilla[/re]: Werd. I love the “Make up your mind” one.

    [re=382675]Carl Spakler[/re]: Oh yes it was. He ripped Palin to shreds.

  40. [re=382685]El Pinche[/re]: Indeed, about bloody time someone called it what it is…the back-to-back lynching photos were powerful stuff

  41. [re=382682]Suds McKenzie[/re]:

    My MIL keeps sending me these awful, corny forwards with with flowery animated .gifs and .wav files of old Lawrence Welk hits, mostly bemoaning the fact that it isn’t 1950 anymore. Always thought they were worthless wastes of bandwidth. But I was wrong. Every forward is a treasure trove of email addresses of oldz and dimz (you’ve got to figure out where I fit in on that list). And all will be getting a link to tonight’s KO Special Comment as soon as it appears on the youtube.

  42. It just hit me: the woeful wizard of Wasilla has became what she beheld. I wonder if she’s posting on Facebook from her parents basement?

  43. Fuck it. I’m dangerously close to being an old myself, and I have no particular appetite for the killing. Let others do the dirty work; I’ll invest in funeral homes. Looks like a real growth industry.

  44. I’d rather see the baby boomers die first. WTF did they ever do but whine and stick us w/Joe Cocker for the rest of time? Any chance they can switch places with the Greatest But Rapidly Disappearing Generation? Also.

  45. [re=382696]chascates[/re]:
    Honestly, on the Death Puppet show tonight. Did you all see the nonreader Levi Johnson? Can anyone in Alaska READ? He could not read an infantile Miley Cyrus tween fan letter! Texas & Alaska please succeed! Or just be first in line for the death panels.
    I think the Death Puppet is retiring soon. 2 redheads will take over Joy Behar & Kathy Griffin.

  46. From Kathy Griffin’s Twitter:

    # Spooning with Levi (my new very serious lover/boyfriend) now. “D List” season finale is tonight. Coincidence? Of course not.about 20 hours ago from web
    There’s a new love in my life. Age is just a number people. PM Aug 9th from TwitterFon

  47. [re=382585]Cicada[/re]: I *am* one of those old people, and I agree with you. I stay fit and not *too* hideous, and I feel pretty good right now, at almost-60.

    But if I start feeling like crap in 5, 10, 15 years, sure, lead me to the ice floe. Just leave me with plenty of good drugs, OK?

  48. [re=382665]bullship[/re]: You’re even more earnest than I am! But yes. Exactly. They are shitcanning this fascinating experiment because it’s more important that their team win, than that the game continue.

  49. [re=382712]iolanthe[/re]: some conservatard sent me an article from the Wash Po about saome 90 year old who was denied a lung transplant. boo hoo
    for the love of god-when I am 90 with major organ failure just drop me off in the wilderness with a bottle of Powers and a bag o’ drugs.

    Pick my dog up later and give him a good home is all I ask.

  50. [re=382624]BlueStateLibtard[/re]: I have a better plan. Give them busloads of viagra. It will kill them but they will love it. And it’s a nice extra profit for the pharmaceutical industry.

  51. [re=382726]trickyrick[/re]: Boodles and Ketamine for me, thanks! That’s Io’s end-of-life party-on-the-icefloe plan … unless I decide to toss some heroin into the mix, too. Lord, I hope I know enough young people then to hook me up with the serious opiates and dissociatives. I’ve managed to stay away from opiates for six decades, but I’ll make an exception for Impending Death.

    Why bankrupt my son and leave him nothing, just so I can hang on to this life by my crabbit claws for an extra five years or so? Why spend a minute more than I have to, feeling like shit and knowing I will never feel any better than that, no matter *how* many years it grinds on?

    Yes, for all those “Christians” who seem to be so fucking terrified of dying (does that makes sense when you’re just about to go meet your Lord and hear “well done, thou good and faithful servant!”??) well … sure, go ahead and cling, cling, cling.

    But that’s not what I’ll be doing, thanks.

    However, as you say, arrangements will need to be made for the cats … ;->

  52. [re=382589]Extemporanus[/re]: The 60 Plus Association? But anyone aged 60 in 2009 wasn’t even born until five years after D-Day…

  53. So at the townhalls- when they bus people in -are they paying them, giving them meals, letting them sightsee- like showing them the Arch in St. Louis? I think it was Iran during the hostage time(I know some of you weren’t born then- Iran is that other I country that isn’t Iraq) but there were people bussed in from the countryside, given meals and some time to enjoy the big city- after they marched in the street. See the Wingnuts are stealing ideas from the Muslins!

  54. Why does nobody seem to notice that the “Death Panels” are here already, and they aren’t being run by anyone from President Obama’s administration either:

    Of course, those “Death Panels” are part of the “Capitalist System” and serve to protect the profits of Private Insurance Companies, so getting rid of them would be un-Ameican. How else would such companies be able to pay CEO salaries in excess of twenty million a year?

    The Democrats had better keep their hands off those for-profit “Death Panels.” The kind of bloody-minded greed and fraud they represent is what has made this nation great!

  55. [re=382668]Suds McKenzie[/re]: There’s truth to the time line, all right. That part isn’t even in dispute, and the flights were commercial, so there is an official passenger list.

  56. I think my favorite part of this commercial is how it runs on CNN at least once an hour, often right after the anchor is talking about some of the fun misinformation being spread about health care reform, as if it is legitimate news.

  57. Anderson Baldwin Carter Choate Clemente Gonzalez Gravel Kaptur Kucinich McKinney Nader Paul Perot Sheehan Ventura

    Future of a Nation that can not trust the Government & Propaganda Media?
    DNC & RNC have sold out the country in order to enrich themselves
    Chronic lying as career path, intellectual prostitution for paycheck
    Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me
    Does the Government & Propaganda Media lie to you?
    Wall Street Bailout Bill: Bush McCain Obama et al.
    AIPAC 9/11 Bankers Extortion Blackmail Bribery
    Independents agree on more than we disagree
    Elite Ruling Class Greed or public servants?
    Speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil
    Honesty compassion conscience guts
    Both parties are corrupt to the core
    Beware the divide and conquer
    Whistle-Blower leaks multiply
    A very RawStory on PressTV
    InfoWars on a PrisonPlanet
    Israel-first dual-nationals
    Gung-ho Chickenhawks
    JFK RFK MLK Malcolm
    Anthrax Intimidation

    Left and rights of passage
    Black and whites of youth
    Who can face the knowledge
    That the truth is not the truth?

    Single payer?
    Medicare for all?
    Off the table?
    Just like Impeachment was…

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