Oh right, “¡felicidades!” to Sonia Sotomayor, who made it official with the Supreme Court today. Chief Justice John Roberts performed the two ceremonies—let’s just say incorrectly—at the Supreme Court building this morning. Sotomayor wore a tasteful suit in a beige hue, and Roberts, as is his wont, wore a black robe. Some of her family members, other Sotomayors, were there too, also in clothes… uh… and that is… pretty much it. Yup. [New York Times]

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  1. Actually, an interesting fact is that the ceremony took place at the Supreme Court rather than the White House, breaking a 70-year tradition. Apparently, “President” Poupon (why didn’t that one catch on?), being some Constitution-hugger and law nerd, thought it would be a good idea to demonstrate that Sotomayor will be an independently racist justice instead of an Obama-controlled racist justice, so he didn’t even attend.

  2. aaron sorkin’s president bartlet appointed the first female chief justice(glenn close) and the first hispanic justice(edward james olmos).

    barry done got himself a twofer!

    [re=381804]Brendan M.[/re]: “president poupon” sounds like it would be the perfect combination of bad pun and 4th grade level doody joke… can’t believe freepers and ‘baggers never jumped on that one.

  3. Who’s the freaked out lady in the middle? Chill, sister! Wait. That’s her mother? As a similarly situated Latino woman, doesn’t she realize that the path to the future is now paved with gold and tamales?

    Actually, as a female attorney of the dreaded Caucasian persuasion, I still can’t help but be proud. About time we get some truly loud women on that court. Ginsberg is too mousey.

  4. In her kitchen today Harriet Miers is slicing and chopping the hell out of all her vegetables muttering, “Wise Latina my ass I’m a wise ass Texas girl lotta fucking good it did me…”


  6. Wow, who knew her amazing qualifications included etiquette expert? The eggshell suit was a perfect choice for an over-40 second wedding, this time marrying the Constitution.

    And I agree with [re=381808]Cogito Ergo Bibo[/re]: that we should celebrate a loud woman. I hope she dresses down every male lawyer with a Southern accent who dares to approach her bench — just in case they’re related to Jeff Sessions.

  7. What happened? I thought all the Chorizo-hating racists were going to flood the streets with their guns and start a race war rather than “allow” her to be sworn in? What a bunch of pussies. And I was so looking forward to watching the National Guard swat them down like gnats, on the TV.

  8. What? No gun fire? No tortillas being thrown in the air? What a let down.

    You’d almost think the whole thing was normal or something.

  9. [re=381827]Joshua Norton[/re]: tortillas flying through the air is a UofA graduation tradition, besides, Sotomayor is Puerto Rican, so they’d throw mojitos and pigs instead.

  10. [re=381826]Scandalabra[/re]: For real, how does this woman expect to get any ass dressed like that? Is that Chirac behind Sotomayor? He could help. In any case, wake me up when wilding is constitutional.

  11. Justice Roberts is going to be livid. You caught his bald spot in the picture. Wonkette (and the New York Times) will be ruled unconstitutional.

  12. “I like to Judge in America!
    Irritate Drudge in America!
    Make socialist law in America!
    For left-wing bourgeois in America!”

    Seriously, she should not have sung that at the ceremony. It took from her gravitas.

  13. Roberts is red
    Sonia is blue
    She showed the racists
    Who eat their own poo

    Now she’s a justice
    She’ll wear a black gown
    And torment the wingtards
    By just being brown

  14. [re=381823]Atheist Nun[/re]: It makes a world of difference to get approved before the August recess. Had the Republicans succeeded in delaying a vote, you can bet there would’ve been signs at the town halls saying “Keep Government Out of My Supreme Court!”

  15. Haha, I see that Roberts is reading the oath from a script this time, instead of trying to show off how smart his is by memorizing it, and goofing it up, as he did at Barry’s inauguration. He can limit displays of his powers of intellect to bending spoons with psychokinesis.

  16. [re=381848]wheelie[/re]:

    I sit on the bench in America
    I’m not just a wench in America
    Don’t speak no French in America
    Club Bush with a wrench in America.

  17. When did Roberts get Boehnerized? Dude’s looking pretty orange.
    How am I supposed to be scared of Sonia when the Republicans keep trying to make themselves darker than her?

  18. [re=381866]SayItWithWookies[/re]:

    to get approved before the August recess.

    It just occurs to me that never has the word “recess” been more appropriate.

    I can’t wait for September: “Okay children, you’ve screamed and thrown food at each other long enough, now come back and inside and let’s hope you’ve gotten some of that out of your system”.

  19. You’re kidding, aren’t you? Some Scrotal Mayor has been confirmed to the US Supreme Court, for more than a few days? I mean who could that be? Only the shithead from Detroit, who was convicted of lolling around with his secretary. Even Rahm Emmanuel wouldn’t tell Obama to make such a stupid appointment.

  20. Where are the pictures of crying eagles? First an illegal immigrant muslin president, and now this. It’s a goddamn disgrace.

    Barack H. Obama does not like white people, also.

  21. Wouldn’t it be great if her first Supreme Court case is the detainee photos and she rules against the givernment, That will cement her status as an activist judge in the eyes of the wingers.

  22. Why is Rush so against this woman? If anything, it might be easier for him now to go to South America and have 8 year old boys slather eucalyptus oil on his beached whale carcass.

  23. What I want to know: If K Bailey H makes it past little Rickey in the primary, might her vote against Sonia actually cost her enough at the polls(Tejas has 36% and growing hispanic residents) to cost her the general election? Is it more likely to hurt the Repukes as they try to hold on to the Senate seat?

  24. [re=381900]ExecutorElassus[/re]: Exactly! What’s the incentive to work if you have health care provided for you, so you have nothing to work for? You could stay at home or drive around on public roads and highways like a good socialist and count on the public safety fire crew and cops to bail you out if you get in trouble doing it like a good socialist, or go to the public beach or the state park and eat your socialist granola because what incentive to work do you have if you can just let the state provide you with recreation and transportation and law enforcement? You see the problems with this future, where you get lazy Mexicans on the Supreme Court deciding God’s laws and health care for everyone? Watch this important video on where America’s going with this south of the border experiment:

  25. Only questions now are, how long until the first immigration / welfare case, and how big the explosion inside Hannity’s head will be.

  26. [re=381942]facehead[/re]: According to Mitch McChinless, the GOP is winning. Winning what? Who the fuck the knows what that ugly shit toad is talking about

    [re=381949]Foolitics[/re]: What a life! It must suck to be loser unemployed Jesse Malkin’s olive skin meat puppet. She’s Philippino Clayton Bigsby, the blind & black white supremist.

  27. Start studying the Scripture, too. THE HORSES OF REVELATION ARE OUT OF THE BARN! ALL OF THEM!

    First that fake ‘Moon Landing’ – then n0Bama’s forged ‘Hawaiian’ BIRTH CERTIFICATE

    btw – the “Start studying the Scripture” line – that’s a direct quote from an email my Senior-Bear got from one of his Jeebus-tard friends on Sunday, asking him to “Please do not let Obama sign senior death warrants!”….. geez, and some oldz have difficulty understanding why their kids don’t visit all that often…

  28. O.K., guys, I know it’s still early where you are, but couldn’t you rerun a Peggy Noonan column or something? Sotomayor’s already been a Supreme Court Justice for, like, forever already. Also.

  29. Buddhists can’t be sworn in. They don’t believe in swearing in. They don’t believe in anything. Or is that socialism? I’m so confused.

  30. “What I want to know: If K Bailey H makes it past little Rickey in the primary, might her vote against Sonia actually cost her enough at the polls(Tejas has 36% and growing hispanic residents) to cost her the general election? Is it more likely to hurt the Repukes as they try to hold on to the Senate seat?”

    Short answer: No. The proportion of registered Hispanic voters is much lower than their share of the total state population (I think it’s like 21 percent, but that may be the figure for California), and most wouldn’t vote for KBH anyway. Not that it’ll help.

    Of course, in 20 years, Tejas will be bluer than New York on Pride Weekend. Hahah – the browns are WINNING, fucktards! La Reconquista viene!

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