Look at him, strutting around like he's cock of the walk. Well let me tell you, Homer Simpson is cock of nothing! You and I can run this plant ourselves...We’ve all been feeling so proud of our nation after hearing yesterday’s news about the insane, bloody war — like real-life, actual War, with guns and troops and Prussians and shit — scheduled for St. Louis today, between the unions and the people who should be in unions but aren’t and therefore hate unions. So, what was the BODY COUNT? Brave operative “Nick B.” brings us the whole, sad story: “My two friends and I were the ONLY people counter-protesting at the wingnut SEIU protest in St. Louis today, and I thought I might share what went down. The SEIU office is just a few blocks away, so we made some signs with posterboard and headed down, assuming that there would be others like us. But when we got there it was just a crowd of 150 or so with ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ signs (which fooled us at first, since they’re the same colors as SEIU has), with people on both sides of the street.” Click the clicky to see whether “Nick” survived, or e-mailed us his report from Hell.

On the way, we encountered a guy promoting the protest in an Uncle Sam outfit on stilts, who was telling a passer-by how the SEIU just beats [up] black republicans without provocation. I made sure to inform them that having seen the video, that’s not what happened, and that they were making things up to attack unions. I left when the only recourse Sam had was to yell “You’re Wrong!”

The best part was when we put up our signs, and to watch people’s faces as they realized that we weren’t with them. Somebody was speaking at the time, so there wasn’t any interaction, but a lot of pictures were taken. Then after he spoke people gravitated toward us (including the police, we thankfully never feared for our safety) and started engaging with us. The major problem was that for the one person that wanted to actually talk, there would be 10 yelling over everything. We managed to keep our cool and just make them feel silly when they started yelling, and so I think since we were such a minority they didn’t feel threatened enough to keep that up. Toward the end people were mostly nice, although some people kept yelling that we should get jobs and pay for our own healthcare. I tried to explain that I had a job, had healthcare, and felt very lucky for it, but they weren’t buying it. We stopped in a cafe at the end of the block and had lunch. We waved at the wingnuts walking by. Some waved back uncomfortably, some stared icily, one guy invited me to engage in discourse with his hand.

So much to our chagrin we’ll probably end up with our pictures on free republic labeled as supporters of race beatings.

Ha ha, America sucks at protests, probably because there are no hamburgers involved. Thank you brave “Nick B.” union thug!

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  1. Ooops…that should have been “beats up black republicans”…I can make no claim to either category, and Sam was as white as everybody else there, except that one back guy, who didn’t get beat up, but sure did yell at us a lot about how much Republicans do for black people.

  2. “…for the one person that wanted to actually talk, there would be 10 yelling over everything.”

    Yep, this is what politics has been reduced to, because mouthbreathers cannot tell the difference between being informed about politics and getting involved in the democratic process, and tribalistic rooting for sports teams.

    Seriously, though, how many guns did you see?

  3. Oh right.

    See for a minute there I thought it wasn’t THAT country, the crazy one I left about nine years ago.

    Had me going there with all that electing a non-white who seemed sane and so on.

    You know, funny story, I’ve actually been telling foreigners that it wasn’t insane there anymore. Boy is my face red!

    Now I can go back to answering questions about US politics the way I did before, by pretending to be from Ireland and shrugging.

  4. [re=381768]Jukesgrrl[/re]: I may join you. I could use some fresh air, where those loons are concerned.

    BTW, I still remember wondering, during the very first nationwide tea-bagger and hand-holding get-together, why in the hell did they hold it at 3 p.m. when everyone with a JOB was busy working to afford our own healthcare and whatnot? Must be easy to sit back and yell “socialist” when you apparently have nothing else productive to do on a weekday.

  5. [re=381765]Dadaio[/re]: So how much do republicans do for black people? Was this simply an assertion or were facts presented to support it? If the latter I’m guessing Clarence Thomas, Condi Rice & Colin Powell were mentioned, at the exclusion of all others.

  6. I am glad Nick survived and did not have to die for his country. I also bet it was one of those few moments in life when one is happy to see a cop.

  7. Being in a Union ( Yes we have them in canuckastan), i was looking forward to pictures of union thugs beating up pasty wideass tards.

  8. Thank you, Operative Nick.

    Shouldn’t we, in Normal America, start requiring that people from Reaganistan have visas and vaccinations before they cross into our country?

  9. [re=381778]canadians for pussy[/re]: thats why they did not go. Why have all that inevitable hassle for a punk that an 8 year old could knock over?

  10. [re=381773]hockeymom[/re]: When they said “be prepared and arm yourself” , maybe they meant armed with astroglide or coa-coa butter?

    But I gotta say Nick B is a brave mutha.

  11. Oh I feel for Nick. I put in a few hours on conservative forums today and I feel like I need a shower. But they can’t yell with a keyboard so it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

  12. Sitting here reading this in Sofia, Bulgaria, I feel gratitude for Nick B. and friends, and ashamed that those three were the ONLY counter-protesters in St. Louis.

    Wake up, America!!

  13. Fortunately the cops hung right around us…we had two cops each, so it was all good. I would not have gone if I weren’t positive the police would be there. And suffice to say the St. Louis PD deals with bigger problems than unruly wingnuts on a regular basis, so they were up to the task.

  14. [re=381786]Dadaio[/re]: Great work! I hope you’re not too covered with spittle. Austin had a town hall today with Sen. John Cornyn AND Rep. Lloyd Doggett and there was no foofarah. Did anyone yell ‘socialist’ at you? And were there any blacks besides the guy who yelled about how much Republicans do for him? I’m guessing he still has his 40 acres and a mule.

  15. Gail Collins said something this morning I agree with. Paraphrasing, it’s better to leave the screamers alone to make videos of jackasses in action.

  16. [re=381786]Dadaio[/re]: Would’ve been awesome if, right when the mob was coming for you, one of the cops revealed himself to be ALBERT PUJOLS and just started smashing heads and hitting dingers, with his bat.

  17. That is fuckin’ rich! One hundred and fuckin’ fifty! What happened to Rush’s, “Twenty million listeners?” I guess none of them has the guts to show up when the chips are down? Then, on the other hand, Rush wasn’t reported seen in that tiny little crowd of misguided wingnuts either, was he?

  18. [re=381770]Cogito Ergo Bibo[/re]: I’m pretty sure that first event was timed to conincide as well as possible with Rupert Murdoch’s news cycle; after all, he paid for everything.

  19. I don’t suppose promoting the Employee Free Choice Act was one of the rallying points at the protest. Nah…that’d make too much sense. Worse, the SEIU would probably burn their own headquarters down before they’d let that happen.

    As for beating up black GOPers — I’ll be damned if I’ll drive 1000 miles to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue just to do that. Anyway, he seems to be beating himself up pretty well on his own.

  20. [re=381795]Athar[/re]: Kind of figured that at the time. News cycles and all. But I prefer thinking of the wealthy masses at home the night before, swirling their overpriced brandy and thinking, “Hmm. No polo matches tomorrow. Perhaps I’ll attend that tea-bagging party Muffy’s been going on about. I did hear that protesting the policies of the new administration is all the rage at the club these days.”

    [re=381801]Dadaio[/re]: Well done! Good move wearing glasses. Makes them look that much worse if they’d tried to break them.

  21. [re=381803]Cogito Ergo Bibo[/re]: There is the Hilton Head crowd, and such ilk, happily living like the Nobility in Louis XVI’s France, oh yeah.

  22. More damning video of a fucked up country. We’re glad you kept your cool. I wish someone would ask those idiots why they think they’re so right when they got Iraq so wrong.

  23. [re=381805]Athar[/re]: Coming to you live from Charlottesville, VA. Horse country and the home of Thomas Jefferson. Sure, the majority here are students and aging hippies, but our baggers are truly annoying and in the top 2% on the wealth-o-meter. They live here and summer at Hilton Head (or the Hamptons, when they feel like a change). My office is right beside the place where they held their lovely party o’ tea. Just loved being hard at work while listening to their privileged asses yell “socialism.” Seriously, I feel your pain. It’s the same people, different season.

  24. [re=381786]Dadaio[/re]: Credit, bravo & and many thanks for representin’ from here a one-time St. Louisan (Denton, actually.) Way to show ’em, and good job on keeping cool with them in your face.

  25. All of the artificially inseminated who give birth to boy/girl twins today are required to name them Sonia and Nick B. And Dadaio Sotomayor would be suitable for single infants.

  26. [re=381801]Dadaio[/re]: Not to bag on your friend if he is so, but can we establish an award for the “most ill-advised choice of slogan for a skinny white kid to write on a protest placard.”
    I mean come on, it’s not like there weren’t any other good conversation starting slogans.
    Here’s a few to consider next time that may be easier for you to defend:
    “A dingo took my baby!”
    “I did not have sex with that woman.”
    “Of course I’ll call you tomorrow, baby.”
    “The moon landing was staged!”

    Just a thought. Suggestions on the name of the award are welcome.

  27. Sadly, the enduring part of all the recent fuckwittery here in STL is that Sen McCaskill has canceled her town hall scheduled for next week, which incidentally was the forum was that supposed to be about public health care reform.

    Rep. Carnahan’s forum disrupted by tea baggers this week was actually intended to be about health care for the elderly, not general health care reform, but it was hi-jacked by attention-seeking nogoodniks (our preferred term here in STL is “hoosier,” and not in the humorous, self-deprecating sense).

    So, Brought Tha Noize to the wrong event, check, made Missouri look like a cesspool of gun-packing mouthbreathers, check, and dislocated the shoulder of an SEIU member who is also a Baptist minister, check.

    At what point do they decide the Missouri Compromise may now be reinterpeted the exclude the state any health care form? I gather it would seem pretty reasonable to other 49.

  28. [re=381840]Marlowe[/re]: I think one of them is brought along as an example of the horrors of Governmental forced sex change operations.

  29. There is clearly too little to do in St. Louis.

    It was galling I’ll admit to hear college-educated African American men ask what Democrats had ever done for African Americans. In Brooklyn, we refer to such a tactic as “frontin’.”

  30. While the DNC and the Obama administration sit on their nonproductive ass, I have a few pieces of information we can all chew on.

    If the government were to run the numbers, to investigate my claim, I do believe they will find this to be true. On a percentage basis, the are more right wing lunatics on the loose in this country than there are terrorists in the middle east. This is a per capita claim. There is probably twenty five percent of Americans would drag this country into total civil unrest. An amazing claim that one in four Americans would want their country to fail. If you don’t believe these crazies are not capable of this, then you are not watching close enough. I don’t believe for a minute that one in four Iraqi citizens want their country to fail. That hold true for Russians, Chinese, Iranian, and all other countries. Is it any wonder that much of the world is afraid of the Unites States? These questions are not meant to be rhetorical at all. I would like an explanation from our leaders how long they are going to wait while this country disintegrates. Maybe I’m as crazy as the wingnuts, but I really do believe our country and Constitution are in danger of elimination.

  31. All kidding aside, don’t black Republicans deserve a good beating? The only thing more pitiful than a black Republican is a homosexual Republican. Same as Jewish Nazis. There actually were Jewish Nazis in Germany in the 30’s. The only difference is that Republicans don’t actually kill their blacks and queers, because they are politically useful. (“See, look here, niggers & faggots LOVE us!”)

  32. [re=381793]Jim Newell[/re]: Jim, as a “union thug”, I have to tell you that I appreciate your support of working people. I know Wonkette does not purport to be a ‘serious’ source of ‘news’ per se, but your good work is much appreciated.

    Some people are dumb and the demonization of union folks in the past week has intermittenly made me laugh and made me pissed.

    I’ll give you credit for making light of all the goofiness.

    All of what I’ve written so far is pretty sappy, so I’ll say this: I challenge you to Mario Kart. I promise I hit the jump on Koopa every lap.

    Loser buys beers. Intern Justin says I’ll win.

  33. Jukesgrrl: I may join you. I could use some fresh air, where those loons are concerned.

    BTW, I still remember wondering, during the very first nationwide tea-bagger and hand-holding get-together, why in the hell did they hold it at 3 p.m. when everyone with a JOB was busy working to afford our own healthcare and whatnot? Must be easy to sit back and yell “socialist” when you apparently have nothing else productive to do on a weekd

    They all called in using FMLA.You know,a government program.Dam bunch of socialists.

  34. [re=381887]villageatrois[/re]: The only goons I’m worried about are the ones who would take shakey footage of blobby figures seen at a distance through a gaggle of bystanders as some sort of evidence for something or another.

    …actaully, I lie. It has become my new Zapruder. And while I still can’t quite make out what the flying feck is going on there, I can conclusively state that Mr. “Too weak to speak after his beating on Thursday” looked pretty hale and hearty for a guy who supposedly got seven kinds of shit beat out of him.

  35. [re=381891]foog[/re]: [re=381891]foog[/re]: Yeah, they only beat and kicked him a little bit. My bad.

    In St. Louis, this is a big deal.

  36. [re=381893]villageatrois[/re]: I’m sure it is a big deal. I mean, it’s not every day that you get the everlovin crap beat out of you on video so fast that not only is it impossible to see, you yourself don’t even notice it until your attorney drives you to his pal the “doctor” some hours later. not only vicious, but fast, man. Fast! That’s dangerous!

  37. [re=381895]foog[/re]: He was not even the person on the ground at the start of the video. Between that, his amazing debilitation after being on television a few times between the incident and Saturday, he loses points for not marking himself with a backwards “B”.

    This videotaped “savage beating within an inch of the poor fellow’s life” is just another Whitey tape.

  38. That was a beating?! It looked to me like the SEIU folks were pushing people away from their guy on the ground and Glatney was pushed away and fell down and go boom. How much do you think he’ll try to sue for?

  39. [re=381896]glamourdammerung[/re]: Oh sure, it might LOOK like the video starts off with some SEIU guy down and on his back, but if you play the video backwards and in fast motion you can clearly see that he is delivering a flying elbow (favourite finishing move of the no. 3 wreslter from the 1980s, Randy “Macho Man” Savage) to poor Mssr. Gladney. The bastard!

    (with apologies to Bill Hicks)

  40. [re=381815]itgetter[/re]: Thanks for the link to those St. Louis “tea party” pictures. After a quick perusal of them, I have to say that, with the exception of the lovely brunette (in sunglasses and brown sleeveless top) in the first image, I’ve never viewed a more representative example of a “White Trash Spill” in my life.

    Talk about dragging a six pack through a trailer court to see what you come up with! Jah-Hee-Sus!

  41. Y’all are getting all hyperventilated about this nonsense, but think about this. I’m visiting in a town of 1,500 people, and there were more people on the town common for a soccer tournament yesterday than were at that St. Louis thing. And a good deal more shouting. The significance of both events, as far as I’m concerned, is pretty much equivalent.

  42. Until you live, or stay for a while, in a “red state” you have no way of really getting a feel for the insanity. These people would vote against their own interests in a heart beat, if Fox News said it was a good idea, and damn near kill you if you said different. It’s the craziest “What’s the Matter With Kansas” shit you ever saw…but for real!

  43. [re=381926]masterdebater[/re]: The town I’m visiting is in Tennessee. They don’t come redder than that. Just turn off the TV, et voila! this crap goes away. It’s not very many people, even here.

  44. [re=381926]masterdebater[/re]: Yeah, it was like that when I lived in Dallas when I had to deal with the birthers at work. But haha Dallas County was a blue county, so eat it, Texico.

  45. “Ha ha, America sucks at protests, probably because there are no hamburgers involved.”

    No shit. Americans are the biggest dumbass weenies on the planet. They need to turn off the TV some French lessons.

  46. Seems like the take-away lesson here is that a small, loud, potentially violent crowd of wingtards can be scared up pretty much anywhere there are people in this vast empire. The media loves itself some screamers, some criers and some punch-throwers (and -receivers.) I learned this lesson way back in ’91 protesting the 1st gulf massacre, finding my pretty picture on page 1 throwing a punch at a wingtard. Not my finest hour. The wingtards know all they need do is act like unruly children and they are guaranteed coverage. How do you fight that?

  47. [re=381934]coastingdownhill[/re]: I meant to say turn off the TV and get some French lessons in protesting. I was watching CNN TV news, drinking a tall boy, and trying to type at the same time, sorry.

  48. Jim, you should be ashamed of yourself, encouraging innocent civilians to involve themselves potentially brain-damaging situations just so you can up your page view counts.

    Next time, send Riley, preferably wearing that pink shirt that scared the bejesus out of Boehner at the baseball game. Wonkette readers are priceless – interns are expendable.

  49. [re=381936]hobospacejunkie[/re]: Yeah, the Right Wingers especially like to use the tried and true, Ken Star strategy of accusing your opponent of what you have actually been doing. Then when the Right Wingers are caught at it, they just say:

    “We told you already, the Liberals started doing it first.”

  50. They should hold these town meetings at about 4 in the afternoon. The oldsters will be loading up at the ‘early bird special’ with all-you-can-eat butterscotch pudding, the rednecks will be at happy hour slamming back PBRs, the GOP organizers will still be plotting on their Blackberrys, and the news media will be stuck in traffic. And the 1 or 2 black wingnuts will still be talking to the cops about why they’re in that neighborhood.

  51. [re=381786]Dadaio[/re]: I salute your bravery. Shouldn’t Andy Stern have been there himself? Of course, our kid is an AFSCME organizer, so we aren’t allowed to say nice things about SEIU.

    Someone needs to figure out a way to deal with these wingnuts before they hijack our republic.

  52. [re=381948]DustBowlBlues[/re]: Just ignore them. They didn’t get Sarah Palin elected, they didn’t stop people from paying their income tax, they didn’t stop Sonia Sotomayor, and they ain’t gonna have the slightest influence on the health care bill. If you’re not a congresscritter having to hold town halls in your district, they have absolutely no effect on your life whatsoever. We’re talking 10k people nationally, tops. They’re about as numerous and effective as anti-capitalism protesters.

  53. Here’s the answer we’ve been looking for as to what’s up with old people on Medicare and black republicans at these teabagging events.
    For those who don’t wish to click. It says their brains have potholes which sounds about right to me.
    I agree with Lazy Media and think they should be largely ignored but then I also feel they should be rounded up by the cops and left for two days in a parking garage to sit in puddles of toxic waste and then set free with no further explanation. It’s kinda of crazy but it just might work.
    [re=381801]Dadaio[/re]: Bravo and thank you.

  54. AbstinenceOnly Ed says at 12:47 pm, August 9th, 2009
    – ReplyI have a dream that one day black and white Republicans will be beaten equally.

    Don’t beat a man for the color of his skin but for the content of his character?

  55. Goddammit. I meant to say yeah, fuck capitalism, especially the capital part. Just not the “human capital” US News &WR is so fond of. Humans are not commodities!

    And Democrats are so clothed in the Snuggie of corruption we’ll be fortunate if even a semblance of a public option survives the bill’s mouth-raping by Max “Anvil Head” Baucus.

  56. Hey, so guess which Black Republican Martyr for the Cause (who is apparently now in a wheelchair due to the severity of his beating by Obama’s thugs) is asking fellow Tea Baggers for donations because he just recently got laid off and HAS NO HEALTH INSURANCE.

    Which means that not only is he a black Republican, but a health care protester without health care, thus maybe making him the dumbest person in the country. I’m also pretty sure that this guy will be on every damn news show over the next few days/weeks and FOX will host a telethon/tribute in his honor co-hosted by Glenn Beck and Chuck Norris.

  57. [re=381863]Mr Blifil[/re]: Frontin’? Maybe it’s time we bring back a term from the olden days: Uncle Tom.

    Really, a member of the wonkeratti solved this: We should all start insisting and writing on our signs ” Republicans will kill Medicare.” Because it’s socialist. The rationale for the claim has far more truth than the Republican rants about the prez’s Death Squads.

  58. [re=381967]hobospacejunkie[/re]: It is a sad, sad spectacle. I would never vote for another Democrat if it weren’t for the Republicans who would take over and completely ruin our country.

  59. [re=381872]bullship[/re]: Throw into your nightmare scenario the fact that the evangelicals have been front-loading the military chaplains with their own kind, J. Scahill (sp) the “Nation” writer who wrote the book about Blackwater says GIs are handing out bibles in Iraq and the whole The Family infiltration of the government and the military at the deepest levels, and we’re looking at– Coup d’etat?

    I know, it makes me sound as crazy as the teabaggers. But just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean we’re not in deep shit.

  60. [re=381971]Hooray For Anything[/re]: Also, note that the SEIU replied and posted labeled pictures of the incident. I think some people are getting confused at the black guy on the ground and are making the mistaken assumption it is this Kenneth Gladney clown.

  61. [re=381874]Mike Steele[/re]: “All kidding aside, don’t black Republicans deserve a good beating?”

    They’re too lame to be of any significance in the same party that includes Corey Booker, Duval Patrick, Jesse Jackson Jr, et. al. If these clowns were Democrats, they’d be volunteering to clean the toilets, as close to power as they’d be likely to get. really, what would Michael “Hip Hop” Steele be in our party? A Democratic county vice-chairman in a rural OK county?

  62. [re=381887]villageatrois[/re]: This thing loaded too slowly so I blew it off. I take a Tom claims some labor goons beat him up? Right–neither kneecap had beeen cracked by a tire tool, so this story has to be completely bogus.

  63. [re=381975]DustBowlBlues[/re]: I’ve been a paranoid (and a coward) my whole life and I prefer my nightmares to remain as such. Combine McCarthyism with Evangelicalism and life under Reagan/Bush would seem like a cakewalk.

  64. [re=381926]masterdebater[/re]: “What’s the Matter With Kansas”

    Looking through my daughter (the union organizer–in Kansas and MO–brave girl) I saw one of a church sign in Kansas and said, “Hey. You got the picture we took in Fairfax, OK.” She said no, look, this is the Assembly of God in Dickward, Kansas. It was almost the exact phrase I sat the First Baptist Church in Fairfax in 2008. “Vote Your Values, Not Your Pocketbook.” In Kansas, faith was exchanged for values. Dobson must have sent out the message from the mother ship in Colorado Springs. Do these people ever think?

  65. I demand that Kenneth “Tawana” Gladney release the full record of his hospital examination. What is he hiding? For that matter, I also want to know whether Mr. Gladney believes that he is receiving radio transmissions inside his head, and on what band or channel. In other words, “WHAT IS THE FREQUENCY, KENNETH?”

  66. Some true madness from an authentic oldz (a willfully-deluded American friend of my sensible Senior-Bear):


    In England anyone over 59 cannot receive heart repairs or stents or bypass because it is not covered as being too expensive and not needed.

    Obama wants to have a healthcare system just like Canada ‘s and England ‘s.

    I got this today and am sending it on. If Obama’s plans in other areas don’t scare you, this should. Please do not let Obama sign senior death warrants. Everybody that is on this mailing list is either a senior citizen, is getting close or knows somebody that is.

    Most of you know by now that the Senate version (at least) of the “stimulus” Bill includes provisions for extensive rationing of health care for senior citizens. The author of this part of the bill, former senator and tax evader, Tom Daschle, was credited today by Bloomberg with the following statement:

    Bloomberg: Daschle says “health-care reform will not be pain free. Seniors should be more accepting of the conditions that come with age instead of treating them.”

    If this does not sufficiently raise your ire, just remember that our esteemed Senators and Congressmen have their own healthcare plan that is first dollar or very low co-pay which they are guaranteed the remainder of their lives and are not subject to this new law if it passes.

    Please use the power of the Internet to get this message out. Talk it up at the grassroots level. We have an election coming up in one year and nine months. And we have the ability to address and reverse the dangerous direction the Obama administration and its allies have begun and in the interim, we can make their lives miserable. Let’s do this!

    Are your oldz acting this crazy, believing and spreading such rubbish? Perhaps it is time to break out the sherry and the smothering-pillows…

  67. [re=381994]Bearbloke[/re]: Dear friend, your information is thoroughly mistaken, especially what you claim to be the case in regard to health care in the U.K. You must be completely deluded or you are a shameless fear-monger. Either way, “Everything you know is wrong.”

  68. Single payer
    Premium free
    Medicare for all
    Big Pharma on diet
    Zero insurance profit
    No deductible & no co-pay

    Off the table?
    Just like Impeachment was?!

    DNC & RNC have BOTH sold out the country in order to enrich themselves.
    Independents agree on more than we disagree.
    Beware the divide and conquer.
    (intellectual prostitution)

  69. [re=381955]Athar[/re]: It’s retarded. The anti-capitalism proponents have no viable alternative economic system to propose; they just don’t like teh corporationz. Capitalism (more accurately, free-enterprise economics) is the goose that lays the golden eggs; the trick is to HARVEST the eggs, and not just allow the geese to sit on them.

  70. [re=381998]desertwind[/re]: “Yeah, it’s confusin’ ’cause they’re both wearing navy blue t-shirts.”

    I am unsure if you are being snarky or just are confused. Gladney was wearing a tan shirt.

  71. [re=381893]villageatrois[/re]: Gladney is the douche in the brown shirt right? A brown shirt? There were other guys dressed just like him. They couldn’t pick any other color than brown?

    Its funny talking with Nobama douches calling liberals nazis. But they don’t understand when I call them brown shirts in response. I had one actually say “AKA Patriots” in response.

    [re=381985]DoktorZoom[/re]: I’d love to see an accounting for the donations he’s asking for being unemployed and with out insurance.

    Gladney: the douchiest douche of the the week.

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