The Senate voted YES PLZ for Sonia Sotomayor today, 68 to 31, and now abortion is legal all over again! Congratulations Miss Lady, “give ’em hell” out there, as a judge, of the Law. Meanwhile, nine Republicans voted for her, so they will be in trouble with Rush Limbaugh for some time. [NYT]

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  • chascates

    All right, Wise Latina! Start activistin’!

  • Gorillionaire

    How did Fred Thompson vote?

  • Mild Midwesterner

    Where’s her birth certificate?

  • hockeymom

    She would have gotten more votes if her name was Sonia Soto Magog.

  • Just a wanker

    [re=380146]Gorillionaire[/re]: He didn’t show up, he just tweeted “nay”.

  • Carrie_Okie

    *shoots pistols off in the air*
    It’s time to hit the Patron’ Bitchez!
    VIVA SO-SO!!!!

  • PlanetWingnuta

    Bring on the Fema Death Camps !hurrah

  • CrunchyKnee

    Where do I sign up for my on demand abortions?

  • Fox n Fiends

    another win for the racists!!

  • 4tehlulz

    Lou Dobbs is going to explode on TV today. The dude from Scanners is going have nothing on Lou.

  • SayItWithWookies

    Woohoo! Congratulations, Justice Sotomayor!

  • Humpback

    I, for one, welcome our new So-So overlord.

  • groove

    Is it too much to ask for a hottie female Supreme Court Justice for once? This here’s America, goddammit. What’s the point of being the greatest country on earth if we can’t have MILFs on the bench?

  • V572625694

    What will the media talk about now that the suspense is over? I was so worried that she might not win, being as how the Dems only have a 60-seat majority and not all the Repubs are crazy-ass racists.

  • user-of-owls

    Meanwhile, nine Republicans voted for her, so they will be in trouble with Rush Limbaugh for some time.

    I think they are safe for now, since the noisy dirigible is supposedly on a diet so he can’t eat them.

  • Lionel Hutz Esq.

    Take that Whitey!

  • user-of-owls

    [re=380167]groove[/re]: I think you meant JILFs.

  • Terry

    Yay, Sonia! You go, girl! woooohoooooo! The Supreme Court is a long, long way from the projects.

  • Rev. Peter Lemonjello
  • Lionel Hutz Esq.

    [re=380173]user-of-owls[/re]: Then again, maybe he is on a diet so he can eat them.

  • queeraselvis v 2.0

    And Jeff Sessions will hatefuck the daylights out of Lindsey Graham to commemorate the occasion.

  • Lionel Hutz Esq.

    But now, who will protect the interest of White Men against the rampaging, uppity, Brown horde?

  • Gorillionaire

    [re=380154]Just a wanker[/re]: Just got a confirmation: was gonna tweet, forgot he had no senate seat, then fell asleep.

  • slappypaddy

    so only 31% of the senate is racist or sexist or both? or just stupid? well, i guess that’s something. and who didn’t vote? i know, i could look it up, but i’m hanging fire, a lazy slob.

  • V572625694

    [re=380180]Rev. Peter Lemonjello[/re]: Very nicely done. The low-rider Chevy is particularly poignant.

  • queeraselvis v 2.0

    [re=380178]Terry[/re]: Yea, but she’s still Sonia from the block. NEVER FORGET!!!11!!!1

  • user-of-owls

    [re=380181]Lionel Hutz Esq.[/re]: Good point, but nine full Republicans is still a lot to wolf down. Though I suppose the two Maine ladies qualify as Lite.

  • ManchuCandidate

    Sexto d’agosto! Ole!

  • finallyhappy

    Will the forced sex change operations be part of her responsibility or just the requirement that we all gay marry? I know she is in charge of forced abortions but I am way,way too old for that.

    Go, Sonia!!!!

  • El Pinche

    A toast! To quotas, affirmative action, free abortions, and mandatory siestas for everyone.

    And bag of brown mescan dicks to the following:
    * McCain
    * Hatch
    * Cornyr
    * Kyl
    * FoxNews
    * Rushannity
    ….the whole republitard party. chinga tu madre!!

  • PlanetWingnuta

    queeraselvis v 2.0: i swear ill pay you back for that image in my head!!!!

  • El Pinche

    [re=380180]Rev. Peter Lemonjello[/re]: yes, very good, but i was offended…ok aroused by the adam lambert beastfucking tigger blingee.

  • McDuff

    [re=380189]slappypaddy[/re]: Interesting how consistant that ‘conservative’ number is — 25% to 35% of U.S. persons hate Obama and his works depending on the poll and the exact question. Seems the Senate is actually being representative — Democracy Works!

  • Cherry Garcia

    You, of course, knows what this means. Pretty soon millions of Mexicans will be spilling across the border illegally so, they, too, can become a Supreme Court Justice.

  • Vacation Without Hats

    Woo eee. Retroactive abortions on demand, starting with the rest of the Clarence Thomas.

  • Suds McKenzie

    [re=380167]groove[/re]: yeah, she is kind of the Candy Crowley of the Sups.

  • PlanetWingnuta

    oh noez i just realized….pat buchanan may commit suicide over this oh noez!

  • Crazybroad

    I’m not so sure about her take on choice, but whatevs, I don’t need any on-demand abortions this week.

    Heck, I’m over the ethnic slant. I’m blissed out to see two women on the SCOA at the same time! Now we’re one step closer to being represented in proportion to the population at-large and in the law.

    Congrats, Ms. Justice Sotomayor!

  • Bearbloke



  • slappypaddy

    [re=380208]McDuff[/re]: yeah, i thought that, too, and thought how oddly harmonious it all works out. though maybe harmonious is not the right word.

  • FMA

    [re=380203]El Pinche[/re]: My thoughts exactly. I would add, though, Chinga tu madres, putas.

  • elcid66

    Valedictorian at Princeton, Yale Law Review editor and 17 years on the federal bench? We need some real standards, godammit! Being brown is getting too damns easy! Also!

  • Rev. Peter Lemonjello

    [re=380207]El Pinche[/re]: if my employer only knew how overpaid i was.

    [re=380192]V572625694[/re]: today, we are all MS-13ers.

  • El Pinche

    [re=380203]El Pinche[/re]: My apologies. I ment “a bag of brown latino dicks..”

  • trickyrick

    I cannot wait for the day she gives Roberts & Alito the wise latina smack down. sweet!

  • NoWireHangers

    What a proud, fine day. :)

  • Joshua Norton

    I saw a blurry picture of her in judicial robes and I could have sworn it was Professor Snape. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  • Bronkers

    [re=380233]Rev. Peter Lemonjello[/re]: That low-rider made me laugh out loud. Bravo.

    And a big, You go, Girl! to Madame Justice Sotomayor. Your sister Portias are deeply, profoundly proud.

  • HipHopOpotamus

    [re=380167]groove[/re]: Generally MILFs are Repubs, aren’t they? Nobama’s politics as usual and only going to appoint Dems.

  • twowheeljunkie


  • El Pinche

    [re=380233]Rev. Peter Lemonjello[/re]: Yeah, I’m glad my company doesn’t monitor web traffic.

  • finallyhappy

    [re=380268]El Pinche[/re]: mine does but considering our porn scandal- possibly on-going- I think Wonkette is low on their list.

  • TGY

    Sotomayor confirmed and Twitter downed by a DOS attack. A double victory.

  • Extemporanus

    Does this mean that she gets to keep her saucy robe and gavel-shaped maraca?

    ¡Muy caliente!

  • Godot

    [re=380167]groove[/re]: Sonia-Maria isn’t enough of an Argentine Firecracker for you? I know she’s a lady of a certain age but I wouldn’t hesitate to stick my burrito in her taco.

  • desertwind

    I pray Obama’s next nominee is a black transgendered lesbian muslim atheist so we can really go to town.

  • orange

    There goes the neighborhood.

  • Gopherit

    I just want to thank the senate republicans for alienating yet another voting bloc in this country. And to my good friends Kyl and McCain? Hahahahaha. You guys are so gone.

  • Holding Out for a Hero

    Via con Dios nice Messican lady Maria from the TVs, ju are going to be on de el Supremo Court.

  • hobospacejunkie

    Oh beautiful for spaciou skies, let’s hope the right wing assholes on the court somehow find themselves resigning or otherwise unable to serve (without wishing outright for their sweet embrace of death) so Obama can appoint a whole slew of milquetoast, middle-of-the-roaders.

  • slappypaddy

    [re=380243]NoWireHangers[/re]: es verdad, mi hija

  • lionboy

    [re=380305]Gopherit[/re]: ….and don’t let the puerta hit you in the asno on the way out.

  • June Cleaver 2.0

    Happy days for America.

  • Lazy Media

    Meh. Another god-damned Papist. That’s SIX out of nine.

  • Jukesgrrl

    Brava, Suprema!!! What time is the parade?

    And when can I expect the extension on my unemployment checks?

  • widget09

    I see that Obama’s head is cut short in the Blingee, is that so his horns don’t show?

  • Tommmcatt

    Best part? Al Frankin announced the confirmation.

    Brave new world, muthafuckkas!

  • MarSF

    Yes! Ruth is going to have some help slapping Clarence around this fall. Give ’em hell, Sonia.

  • widget09

    Also, are those dual Micheal Jacksons moonwalking in Barrack’s hand (AKA: Micheal Jaxi.

  • Athar

    [re=380413]Tommmcatt[/re]: Well put! You get a big knuckle rub behind the ears for that one.

  • jesus_is_my_cosigner

    R.I.P., Supreme Court Taco Tuesdays, 1951-2009

  • nightshift

    This was so dull I went back to watching my stories. I say bring back Katherine Harris to decide all things voted upon. At least then we’ll get some decent drama and a train wreck makeup job to mock.

  • Uncle Bubba

    dull dull dull….yaeyaeyae….que es su muy macho…Sotomayor or Corinthian leather??

  • Uncle Bubba

    And she’s ugly…..

  • WickedWitch

    [re=380421]widget09[/re]: I believe they are!!!!

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  • widget09

    [re=380660]prasadsales30[/re]: Stuff it up your kiester.

  • Sick Puppy

    prasadsales30: Where is the banhammer button?

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