This “mini-Katrina” of a Fox News gem is a few days old, but we want to ensure that everyone on the Internet sees it. What’s more interesting is how Iran, Israel, Syria, and Jordan hover as parallel planes 10,000 miles above the Earth’s surface. Also, there is no country named “Jordan,” come on, that can’t be real. [Washington Independent]

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  1. We here in Canada City joke that we don’t need an Army to defeat US America. We just take Canada City off the maps (that many of your slower brethren can’t read anyway) and you’d never find us.

  2. Also–on the left, it looks suspiciously like the Western U.S. Did they superimpose IRAN and the rest of the Middle East over Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and California?

    Or are THEY really THAT CLOSE? Augggghhhhh!!! It’s THEM!

    Pardon me, I have to go shout down my congressman about this.

  3. That’s what happens when you use Murdoch’s houseboys as unpaid interns.

    They also misspelled sexy and spelled it secy instead. Dummies.

  4. Alexander the Great discovered Nebraska there right next to Saudi Arabia, which was awesome because then he founded the Huskers and they became world champions 5,000 years ago right after Adam and Eve started Eden, so all Middle Easterners are really Midwesterners.

  5. Hopefully, following this miniKatrina, there was a nanoHolocaust in the Fox News graphics department, when the tech who made this map was thrown into the cage where they keep Glenn Back.

  6. It was one year ago today that Russia attacked the sovereign U.S. domain. We are all still Georgians. And Iraqis are now Egyptians; Never say this war wasn’t worth it.

  7. Today we are all Huskers. That’s why our stadium on a football Saturday is the third largest city in the state. Hy-uk, hy-uk, hy-uk.

    Jordan is a far sight better than Jazmyne.

  8. I just showed this to my 8 year old twin nephew and niece and they said in unison: Egypt is in Africa and it is south of SA! Their parents are nerds but it is a wonder that Fox was not bombarded with calls about the “error”. The miseducation of American wingnuts continues.

  9. Sure you hate them for not knowing enuffabout geography or science, but damn it, they knowz relijun and intelligent design better than all of us. So please, give credit where credit’s due.

  10. Phew! We’ve dodged a bullet. If Dubya were still President, he’d be on TV right about now gloating about we’ve finally destroyed Iraq’s pyramids.

  11. oooooh ooooh oooohhhh… on the trooopical island of egypt…. they do a little hula dance… and the african swamis make brazilian origamis and sing booga booga mau mau and don’t wear any pants.

    everybody sing!

  12. So wait, they can’t possibly create geographic maps from scratch for every graphic, right? They don’t have like a stock set of maps that they can use as the basis for new graphics? That’s the kind of mistake I expect the local 4th place affiliate’s nightly news team to make (maybe, on the weekend). How hard is it to find a map of the middle east? Ooh, look, in .31 seconds google images returns 19 million CORRECT maps.

  13. You’re right, Jim: there is no Jordan. The correct name for that piece of terrain is “The East Bank,” and it will be a province of Israel in the not-too-distant future.

  14. [re=378775]Humpback[/re]: Looks more like Missouri.

    [re=378778]Fox n Fiends[/re]: We stole Iraq’s name when we invaded and moved it to South America

  15. I mean I know the Bush administration would like to forget about what a mess we made in Iraq, but this seems a bit extreme.


    Fox News: we report, you decide… where to put Egypt.

    Eh, I need more coffee before I can come up with something better.

  16. When the head of the graphics department was asked about this gaffe he replied:
    “But I do know one and one is two,
    and if this one could be with you,
    What wonderful, wonderful, wonderful world this would be.’

  17. Sure, there’s a country named “Jordan.” Next, you’ll be trying to tell us there’s a country call “Chad.” What you think we are? Morans?

  18. [re=378820]aflurry[/re]: I was going to make some little joke about towelheads and fez, but I can’t top that. Alright, I’m signing along – win!

  19. I feel bad for the person responsible for creating those tiny little graphic boxes with the tails, for added accuracy. Their life must seem meaningless now.

  20. So, the Fox News research department is manned by former Bush Intelligence Officers. Is this really a surprise?

    [re=378792]The Station Manager[/re]: I thought that Michael simply had Nike buy him a country and named it after himself.

    [re=378875]FMA[/re]: Don’t be silly, everyone knows the proper name of the country is “Charles.”

  21. Does anyone else think that these mistakes are some technician at Fox News trying to troll Media Matters and all those other places that TiVo cable news 24/7?

    I mean, it’s being charitable on intelligence but…oh, who am I kidding. They probably really think Mark Foley’s a Democrat and that Egypt == Iraq.

  22. Did they take the pyramids down and rebuild them one stone at a time like they did Ramses monument when they built Aswan High Dam?? Maybe they will find all of the gold the Pharoahs left behind. (Oil, fuck dat shit, we goin there for the GOLD IDOLS mo’fos!)

    Talk about MESS’O’Potamia…. Jon Stewart will have a field day with this!

  23. [re=378823]rev_matt_y[/re]: And you know those 19 million maps linked to by Google Images are accurate how exactly? Don’t say you’re not of an alien race sent here to destroy us. The jig is up. Put your hands behind your head and slide the keys to your spaceship, slowly, across the floor.

  24. Given Fox’s Miss Teen South Carolina gone bitter and fat PUMA viewership, all’s they need to do is label the whole place “BlackNappyHoGayMuslinistan” to avoid further typos all will be forever shiny happy.

  25. [re=378896]Simba B[/re]: No. It’s a clever marketing campaign. Fuck enough shit up and suddenly EVERYONE will be watching them for the next retarded mistake.

  26. Surely at least a couple of you know that Jordan is a Hashemite Kingdom in the Middle East — a constitutional monarchy with representative government. The reigning monarch, King Abdullah II, is the head of state, the chief executive and the commander-in-chief of the armed forces. The king exercises his executive authority through the prime ministers and the Council of Ministers, or cabinet.

    Furthermore, Fox had it in the right place, regardless of losing Egypt.

  27. If they are going to put Egypt where Iraq was, shouldn’t they put Iraq where Egypt was? That would be fair and balanced. In any event put Iraq somewhere or how can we ever be between Iraq and a hard place.

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