'Natural born' means in the butt, right?It’s a good thing National Review isn’t a Real American business that need to make money or anything, because otherwise it would go broke after the outrageous decision by its libtard editors to publish a long, detailed and sane deconstruction of the Birther Conspiracy. Of course, none of the NRO cowards would dare sign their actual name to such an outrage against Ron Paul’s Constitution, so it’s just signed by “The Editors” — French for “le pussies.” Really, look at what these socialist zeroes are writing about Nobama: “Like Bruce Springsteen, he has a lot of bad political ideas; but he was born in the U.S.A.”

Jesus! Communist much, NRO? No wonder they killed off K-Lo, the only real pro-American ‘Merican at that mincing Manhattan cocktail party. A little more semen in your Kir Royale, Madame Lowry?

President Obama was born on August 4, 1961, at 7:24 p.m, in Honolulu County, Hawaii, on the island of Oahu. The serial number on his birth certificate is 010641. Baby Barack’s birth was not heralded, as some of his partisans have suggested, by a star in the east, but it was heralded by the Honolulu Star, as well as the Honolulu Advertiser, each of which published birth announcements for young Mr. Obama.


That second paragraph full of rote mockery of leftist conspiracy theory and Rosie O’Donnell (update your references, Jonah!) does not excuse your ABANDONMENT of America, the white country. Let’s go see what Free Republic has to say, yayyyy:

  • No, it is not a distraction, it is something that the cult of personality seems to have swept into the trash bin … It is called the LAW. This is just another reason why I no longer subscribe to the National Review.
  • I actually don’t care where he was born as he is not a “natural born citizen” since his father was Kenyan.
  • Gibbs said yesterday obama was a citizen; He did not say he was a ‘natural born’ citizen.
  • it is all part of the same web of lies that the POSOTUS is fabricating. This Kenyan buttwipe needs to realize he may or may not be legaly the president….but if he tries to touch the constitution with his criminal touch (he did promise to obey and protect and follow the constitution) he will be in a world of hurt….and wind up losing states to secession, and where that will follow.
  • Hey! We have all been screaming for the msm (controlled media) to get onboard on the BC story—so here it is! They all want a piece of the pie now—didja think they were going to take the Patriot side of the issue? Fat chance—they are just going to cloud the issue even further now. The state gubmint in Hawaii is going to glorify him now. At least Rush and Glenn Beck are spelling the truth out to the American people now (not We The People—the wee sheeple), on other issues that is. On the other hand, GB has not attacked the real issues lately—that I have heard anyway—y’know, the BC issue, of course, and those “camps”, ML, etc. Who knowa? perhaps he too will wake up…???
  • The National Review is a periodical that I have done without for over 30 years. I began to fall out of love with the magazine about the time William F. Buckley joined Jimmie (the Geek) Carter in pushing for the giveaway of the Panama Canal which is currently operated by interests of Communist China.
  • Once again the National Review lets down the conservative movement. Lowrey is a naive boob. Goldberg is unreadable. And when will he apologize to Ann Coulter?
  • which is why I think he was primed for this position for over 20 years and those behind the scenes have been planning on taking the country since Ayers stopped his bombing. He knew it would never work and as Marx and Hitler said or realised. We cannot further our agenda by violence it has to be done by getting into positions of power and influence. What better position than the presidency. He has no clue but they have covered his background up, they set his background up by the two books instead. There are so many questions and yet the media sit there and say , nah he is an America he had something in the paper or he had a thing on a website. All he has to do is show the damn thing. All the media have to do is go to Kenya and ask why two of his family say they saw him born there and ask why they are charging tourists to see bozo’s birth place in Kenya
  • It’s easyh to believe this editorial was written by “The Editors”. It appears that different editors wrote different paragraphs and they never got together to compare.
  • Yes, BS is an undocumented worker residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Certain groups can’t govern themselves. Look at the Bahamas – Burned out ends of Grand Bahama Island are a testament to the fervor of certain groups when they feel empowerd.
  • National Review was sinking but they have hit rock bottom. It seems like it all fell apart after Bill died. Sad. We keep hearing the “let’s move on” or “let’s forcus on…” – it takes 5 minutes to provide the long form BC. It does not distract from anything.
  • If you send a Letter to the Editor of NR, you get an Out of Office reply from them. Hmmmm?
  • I think National Review is almost out of business. The print magazine may no longer exist. Rich ?? forget his name left and Lucianne’s son was running it but he really is not up to the task. I guess they don’t get the Saudi money like Huff Po or LGF. Maybe they decided to start taking it.
  • I National Review “Editors” smarter than you, come down from on high and ask you to “please move along” nothing to see here citizen. I will not reveal to you that we expended no money or resources, hired no investigative journalist to support the band wagon conclusion that BO is your new official and certified master.
  • Coulter is a disappointment. Where is HER plan? What is SHE advocating to save our country. Just shooting her mouth off on TV is entertaining but what has she done any different from us? We make noise. She makes noise and Democrats continue to destroy our America. Anne, run for the Senate. If Franken can win, so can you…..
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  1. By this logic, The first two dozen Presidents or so can also be non ‘natural born’, as none of their fathers were born prior to 1776.

  2. wouldn’t that be “les pussies”? or would it be “more pussies”? hard to tell from this angle, that frenchy stuff is so confusifying.

  3. I can confirm some of this. All the water cooler buzz here at my “job” is “let’s forcus on” this and “let’s forcus on” that

  4. Ooh! “Wee Sheeple”. I like that. It’s kinda cute. Today we are all wee sheeple.

    And I fully agree: Ann Coulter should challenge Mel Martinez in Florida for the Republican nomination when the time comes. It would be like Christmas up in here, what with all the lulz and the mockery and references to her Adams’ Apple and prolapsed uterus and Charlie Christ and all.

  5. The National Review editors will regret this when Barry Sorento’s Muslin communist overlords from Kenya parachute into rural Colorado. Patrick Swayze is in no condition to protect our nation this time. Where have all the Wolverines gone?

  6. [re=372753]tehbenton[/re]: but on the plus (size) side, they are statistically more likely to be overweight and uninsured, so we can hope, right?

  7. I love how the National Review says that the birther nonsense isn’t true at all and then throws in a couple of sentences towards the end on how there are still mysterious gaps in his life so if you’re going to get all conspiratorial, get conspiratorial with that shit (and by that shit, they mean “made sweet, sweet love to William Ayers.”

    [re=372750]chascates[/re]: I think by that, they mean “he’s black.”

  8. “wind up losing states to secession, and where that will follow.”

    Oh, glory be. Hallelujah! If that miracle really does happen, Obama is truly the second coming.

    Birfers and your ilk…please, please, please seceed…and don’t let the door hit your ever expanding panniculi on the way out.

  9. [re=372758]4tehlulz[/re]: Agreed. Though I can sort of see it – I imagine the Saudis would pay good money to keep LGF arguing that we don’t need alternative energy sources. They pay everyone else, don’t they?

  10. Well now he’s got his Black Kenyan Cooties all over the White House! We TRIED TO WARN YOU but you WOULDN’T LISTEN, AMERICA!

  11. “Goldberg is unreadable. And when will he apologize to Ann Coulter?” That’s what everyone’s asking. Well, no…actually they’re asking, “Who would apologize to Ann Coulter?” Or if not that, they’re asking: “Who would want to talk to Ann Coulter?” That’s what everyone’s asking.

    And they’re also asking Jeff if he’ll let them jizz into Monica’s dress when he borrows it from Lucianne.

  12. [re=372763]Tommmcatt[/re]: weeples.

    And may I be the first to welcome out National Review Libtard bretheren to join us sucking on the teat of socialism.

  13. I want the birthers to focus their burning hate/racism on this single, inconsequential issue so that they are too distracted to cause any harm by injecting their insanity on real issues like health care reform.

  14. FREAKS, I dont even understand half their madness! But if there was a Saudi Funded, decades old mega-conspiracy wouldn’t they have a “long form” birth certificate.

    I know my secret presedential clone is 14 white and growing up in Kansas right now.. (code name Bobby) look for the blue baseball cap.

  15. Never mind. I want the president’s BEER thertificate.
    And happy (soon) BEERthday, Mr. Obama! And Hawaii!

    [re=372767]Naked Bunny with a Whip[/re]: In a while, Astroped-o-phile.

  16. See the movie Obama doesn’t want you to see!


    “WND Editor Joseph Farah has produced the first major DVD documentary on the critical issues surrounding the constitutional eligibility of Barack Obama to serve as president – but it wasn’t easy.”

    Due to release on August 4, Barack Obama’s birthday! Pre-order your very own copy TODAY!

  17. So Wonkette is on the Birthers’ bandwagon and National Review is calling them out as idiots.

    I guess it’s opposites day, Patrick.

  18. What’s funny is they’re more than willing to acknowledge and believe his Kenyan relatives who say they saw him born there. In that instance, pro-Kenyans.

  19. The National Review is a periodical that I have done without for over 160 years. I began to fall out of love with the magazine about the time William F. Buckley joined James (Cocks) Polk in pushing for the giveaway of occupied Mexico City, which is currently operated by interests of known Mexicans.

  20. awwww my posts privledges were revoked…i guess one can’t call themselves Batshitcrazybirther and be allowed to post one comment. I haz the sads now.

  21. Wait! “natural born” citizen – so, if you’re born with a Cesarean section, you can’t be a president? Haw! That would rule my sister out!! I’m going to tell her!

  22. Every day the evidence accumulates. Look, National Review quotes Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” but when did that song comes out, huh? 1984, that’s when. It’s true, you can look it up at Wikipedia’s “Born in the USA” page. And 1984 is one of those kindle things about politics or something. The National Review knows what’s going on. That’s why they’re talking in Wikipedia code. Why doesn’t Obama just resign? I mean Barry. Why doesn’t Barry just resign? Merde. Egalement.

  23. [re=372754]choinski[/re]: Even more than that, Chester A. Arthur, our twenty-first president wasn’t legally president either by that standard, as his father was Irish by way of Canada. Even more funny, his political opponents similarly tried to similarly discredit him and call into question his legitimacy as president, by first starting rumors that he was born in Ireland, and then, when that failed to pan out, that he was a secret Canadian. So, this particular sort of smear isn’t anything new. What *is* new is that one can’t really make this claim today without suggesting that historical presidencies were also illegal.

    And, not to draw any sort of eqivalancy between the way various racial groups have been treated in this country, but I think it’s definitely fair to say that there was a pretty signficant element of racism and xenophobia in both cases.

  24. “….but if he tries to touch the constitution with his criminal touch (he did promise to obey and protect and follow the constitution) he will be in a world of hurt….and wind up losing states to secession, and where that will follow.” blah be-blah blah blah. Look, unreformed Confederates, I’ll give your forefathers credit for one thing–at a certain point they shut their okra-holes and put up their dukes. How ’bout y’all do the same, ‘K? This time, we won’t even try to stop you. Just go.

  25. [re=372762]Crow T. Robot[/re]: I love that they think LGF is in on the vast liberal conspiracy…
    that is a fantastic plot. And LGF is in it with Huff Po and the Saudis. And ACORN and Ayres? This is clearly a vast conspiracy.
    But this:
    —y’know, the BC issue, of course, and those “camps”, ML, etc. Who knowa? perhaps he too will wake up…???
    can anyone translate? the “BC issue”?? Is this like the “Zig-Zag Papers” or something? Maybe a secret code — any enigma experts?

  26. You’ll notice NRO didn’t even once (ONCE!) mention the tElePrompTorZ or the Lizard People. Coincidence? I think not!

    It’s because they have been pRomPtiD not to.

  27. It always goes back to the goddamned Panama Canal, doesn’t it? When Commie Carter returned the canal to Mexico, it hurt America’s sense of “empowerdment.”

  28. I think I have it figured out. The only real natural born Mericans are those born vaginally and, who, 9 months prior were conceived while mother was in the missionary position holding a Bible and father was saying, “Lord, I‘m coming.”

  29. [re=372835]mumblyjoe[/re]: Chester A. Arthur was a self-hating racist who initiated those smears because he was Black Irish.

    This Thursday, Gates and Crowley will each down an Arthur’s Pale Ale® in his honor, and Obama will pour one out for his White House homie.

  30. [re=372800]Extemporanus[/re]: I cry for our country. I truly do. What’s it going to take for them to realize HE IS A U.S. CITIZEN?? Don’t mean to yell, but I can’t take it anymore. It’s not funny….not at all.

  31. [re=372754]choinski[/re]:

    And the first 6 or 7 presidents are not teh legitimate because they weren’t born in the United States of America, but rather subjects of Britain (crown worshippers!).

    Martin Van Buren was the real first President, and he was a commie anti-slavery fascist who didn’t even want Texas to be part of America!

    Seinfeld was right!

  32. I’ve stopped being amused by the birthers and now I’m just plain frightened. If their own people can’t get them to calm down, who knows what they’ll do next. Obviously one or more of these “patriots” will think it’s their duty to “liberate” the US from “Kenyan hegemony,” lest all our foreign and domestic policy be controlled by some madrassa in Mombassa.

  33. C’mon, really — it’s a “conspiracy.” By definition it cannot be disproved, no matter the evidence. That’s what makes it a conspiracy.

    And yes, they’re ALL in on it!

  34. [re=372750]chascates[/re]: Kenyans don’t produce children “naturally”. They lay eggs. Kenyan Eggs.

    Also Keynesian Economics? Moar like Kenyanianian economics, amirite????

  35. Golly. Soon, the only publication courageous, rational, and patriotic enough to endorse the Birthers will be the Prussian Blue Fanzine Special Emergency Collectible Issue.

  36. I think allowing the racists to focus their deep anxiety on President Obama is a lesser evil than allowing them to rampage in the streets as they did in bygone Klan days. The NR has awakened from its decades-long coma enough to realize that racism doesn’t work in elections any more the way it did for Nixon, Reagan (whose entire political career can be seen as a backlash against the Sixties, civil rights and hippies), and both shrubs. They are trying to nudge their fellow Fascists in new directions. The irony is that when you successfully nudge a Fascist in a new direction, he’s no longer a Fascist. Ooops!

  37. Wow, that last comment. I can’t believe there are actually people sitting around asking, “Where’s Anne Coulter? If only she were here to help.”

  38. [re=372800]Extemporanus[/re]: That’s quite a list of high I.Q. figureheads they have assembled for that documentary. Corsi, Tates, and Keyes, good Lord. Why not throw in the guy who shot up the Holocaust Museum while you’re at it? Or Trig? Either of them would probably be just as coherent.

  39. Like Bruce Springsteen, he has a lot of bad political ideas; but he was born in the U.S.A., and he was used in a Ronald Reagan reelection campaign anyway?

  40. Didn’t we always know it would be sound reasoned reporting that would finally ruin the NRO? Just didn’t know it would be their own…

  41. Certain groups can’t govern themselves. Look at the Bahamas – Burned out ends of Grand Bahama Island are a testament to the fervor of certain groups when they feel empowerd.</i<

    Translation: Them darkies are savages who need to be controlled by decent, Christian white folk. Once you let them have some power they go around rapin’ all the white women. See also: Drapetomania

  42. I used to read LGF(know thy nuts)- the guy who runs it told his audience of minbred crazies that Obama is a citizen and forget the birth certificate crap- therefore, he must be in the pay of Muslins- such as the Muslins of Saudi Arabia. Although considering the sort of vicious hatred of all Muslims on LGF- I’m seriously doubting it.

    And of course BHO is not natural born- he is the product of generations of planned breeding – he is the Kwisatz Haderech but without the creepy urine recycling suit(yes, I hear the astronauts are doing it- just another of the 20,000 reasons I couldn’t be an astronaut).

  43. [re=372918]imissopus[/re]: Oops, that should be “Taitz.” All this wingnut stupid is making me stupid. A dumbening down, I believe the Simpsons called it.

    [re=372953]Lets Go Vertigo[/re]: Ha, win.


  45. Today was not just the day that NRO said something reasonable; it was also the day that a FREEPER said something reasonable, i.e., “Jonah Goldberg is unreadable”.

    Horsemen, indeed.

  46. [re=372805]Simba B[/re]: I decided to look it up, and found this line in an obit for Buckley: Mr. Buckley’s first great achievement was to purge the American right of its kooks.
    Doesn’t look like it stuck.

  47. Not to defend NR in any way, shape or form, but an ed board opinion is never signed. It’s an intentionally faceless consensus opinion of a publication.

  48. [re=372945]Fox n Fiends[/re]: why does everything that sucks have the word Republic in it?

    Because “Republican” is an anagram for “Nubile crap.”

  49. Also don’t miss the FR thread about Ann Coulter calling birthers ‘cranks’, because hoo boy watch that cognitive dissonance fly.

  50. If the lava flowing out of the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii was sculpted and shaped just right, it would create a HopeyBust(TM) about a zillionteen times bigger than Mt. Rushmore.

    I would support a $1 check-off on the tax form to fund that.

  51. What is worst the people who pick their nose or the people who ogle it ?Every time a birther makes it on TV or gets any attention the collective american IQ lowers. It is painful to look south and see you guys devolving…

  52. These people spouting off conspiracy theories about detention camps and taking away liberties really pisses me off…it’s like that pathetic girl in high school who totally kept trying to dress like me but did it inelegantly and when everything had gone out of style. I HATE YOU, SARAH!!

  53. [re=372838]qwerty42[/re]: “—y’know, the BC issue, of course, and those “camps”, ML, etc. Who knowa? perhaps he too will wake up…???”
    can anyone translate? the “BC issue”?? Is this like the “Zig-Zag Papers” or something? Maybe a secret code — any enigma experts?”

    Well, “BC” is sometimes used to abbreviate birth control. “ML” looks like Major Leagues… which I guess would make “those ‘camps'” training camps. So we need to be trying to convince major league baseball players to take birth control at training camps before their baseball spawn take over the US! Ahhh, run, it’s the invasion of the mini Manny Ramirezes!

  54. The phrase “interests of Communist China” makes me laugh, and has me wondering…. Are the words “communist” and “socialist” meaningful insults to people who came of age after the fall of the Berlin Wall, like they were to those of us who came of age during the Cold War? If they are no longer insults like they used to be, I wish us old fuckers would up and die already so that the rest of the world could move on. Seriously. Is that really all the right wingers have to cling onto? They are still fighting the cold war?

  55. [re=372770]jodyleek[/re]: Don’t secede as states; flee as individuals to, say, Honduras or Colombia, and be illegal immigrants. We could give the empty states to hard-working immigrants via the Homestead Act. It worked 150 years ago.

    Zhu Bajie

  56. Fear the sheeple. I got butted in the butt by a ram on Sunday; made me spill my Sierra Nevada summer lager, and it hurt. So, don’t be ashamed to be a sheeple, because, also, that fucker got out of the pasture on Monday and it took 3 sherrifs, 1 animal control officer, the ag teacher from the high school and serveral neighbors to catch him ( I was at work in another county ).
    In conclusion, sheeple are to be feared because while you are quaffing a delicious cold beverage on a lovely sunday morning they will head butt you and cause you to have one of the epiphamys or some such.

  57. [re=373431]sezme[/re]: I know, right? They seem like such nice folks, surely they would be open to come sort of discussion, perhaps an exchange of evidence.

  58. Presuming the birthers are also pro-life, and allegedly having a father of foreign descent means you are not a “natural born citizen,” I’m wondering if this quest of theirs means they think a child of rape could never be president. You couldn’t prove the rapist wasn’t KENYAN! So if you get raped, you might as well have an abortion, because who wants a kid that could never be president?

  59. I wish…truly wish one of those birther bastards would have the balls to just be honest…their issue has nothing to do with a birth certificate, their only beef with Obama is that he is a black man running the white house! DOWN WITH THE BIRTHERS!!!

  60. Hmmph. I didn’t see any of these people calling foul when shrub-for-brains got to play preznit, even though Gore actually won the election.

  61. One definition of the word “natural” denotes a person born without the usual powers of reason and understanding, in other words, an idiot.

    Employing this definition I can agree with the birthers that Obama is not an American “natural” but apparently they are.

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