I think he was on C.H.I.P.S. maybe?Who is this Serento fellow, anyway? The Honduran coup leader? Thanks to intrepid Shaker Heights photojournalist “Pamela” for the picture.

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  1. Is the idiot with the socialism sign wearing some type of dreadful denim pants/shorts hybrid with a kneesock? Cornholios all.

  2. Like I pointed out in the other thread, the lowest 1% of the population.

    To be blunt, I am surprised they managed to put clothes on and letter the sign. Though someone might have helped them with both tasks.

    Also, the one of the right delighting in being obnoxious to the non-whites is adorable.

  3. Serento—sounds Italian to me. I have a sworn affidavit from his mother’s sister’s dog groomer’s chimneysweep’s brother that he was born in Florence. MUSLIN!

  4. They’re upset by all of the taxes they have to pay as unemployed persons on Medicare and disability. Were it not for Obama, they would probably be extremely wealthy business owners on account of their incredible business acumen and sign-making skills.

  5. The funniest part is, those fuckers spelled “Serento” wrong. It’s supposed to be “Sorento” if you follow the right-wing crazy, like I do.

  6. “barack hussein obama or barry sorento of indonesia born in kenya refuses to produce his real birth certificate blah blah spittle spray…”

    So the assclown in the cowboy hat can’t even spell his conspiracy fantasies correctly.

  7. How do they keep themselves from self-combusting from the incendiary force of all that brain power so close together? Good thing its drizzling outside.

  8. That guy realizes that Barry’s home is the White House, right? Maybe he just wants the president to make it home in time to catch the Office and 30 Rock.

  9. [re=369859]freakishlystrong[/re]: kneepad. necessary when you spend a lot of time on your knees with limbaughs dick in your mouth

  10. Note to the Three Musk-tards. According to Barry “Serento”, you DON’T HAVE TO take the public option if you DON’T WANT THE PUBLIC option.

    Just cause you’re stupid, doesn’t mean anyone else has to be.

  11. They misspelled their signs!
    #1 “NO Commie S**t”
    #2 “All Ni**ers Go Back To Africa”
    #3 “I’m Sick and Tired of Obama’s Muslin”

  12. [re=369874]x111e7thst[/re]: The wingnut can’t misspell the word correctly.

    If the correct spelling is Soetoro and the correct misspelling is Sorento, I still don’t get it. This means Barry’s stepdad is his real dad, even though Barry doesn’t look Indonesian? And isn’t Sorento Korean rather than Kenyan?

  13. I suppose we ought to give them credit. They only misspelled one word. They managed to prepare the signs without scribbling all over themselves or nailing their hand to the sign. The signs are not upside-down. They managed to put clothes on BEFORE they went outside. I wonder how they found the White House?

  14. I love how redneck #2 looks totally embarrassed.

    “Aw man, this is the third time I’ve used this sign. How come none of y’all told me before? Ima just hide my face behind this here hat fer a while.”

  15. Yep. No Socialized Medicine Cletus, just keep clogging up the ER every time Lureen knocks you out with a frying pan in the tralier…

  16. I’m guessing Barry Sorento is to return to Kenya for the “Go Home” portion of this sign? These fucktards are so embarrassing…

  17. Barry Serento??? You mean the President is an I-talian? That’s even worse than having a black!

    He’s probably going to build a secret tunnel to the Vatican next!

  18. I cannot keep up with all of this rightwing misspelling- Serento, muslin, nirth. Sorento is Italian- don’t they mass produce cheese? And the guy with his hand on his hip in the photo- totally hot for his cowboy friend.

  19. Three rubes on unemployment and some nymphets dressed as “Santa’s Helpers” – what the hell goes on in Shaker Heights, anyways???

  20. Ironically, the man on the right is unable to get insurance to treat his sickness and insomnia. “Obama’s Socialism” was deemed to be a pre-existing condition.

  21. Those guys each have “I beat my wife and don’t flush the toilet and wadduya gonna do about it?!?–gunz, gunz, gunz!” written all over them.

  22. These hillrods wouldnt know socialism if it smacked them in the face with Lenin’s formaldehyde corpse. I wonder if these cocknuggets enjoy sending their kids to public school, or if they are happy that they have a police force, y’know, all those SOCIAL PROGRAMS…

  23. All you have to do is ask these guys what socialism. Then buckle your seatbelt ‘cos the circular definition train will leave the station shortly thereafter.

    What’s socialism?
    Obama’s programs.
    What are Obama’s programs?
    What’s socialism?
    Obama’s programs.
    (ad infinitum)

  24. [re=369912]WadISay[/re]: Hey, no raggin’ on Butte. Last time I was through there I could choose from multiple rock stations playing the good ol’ 60’s and 70’s stuff. Oh yeah, there’s a big water-filled hole in the center of town. Could be a great swimming hole if it weren’t for a few poisons mixed in. Maybe our boys went swimming there as kids.

  25. Hmmmm… conspiracy theorist dumb-tards or underage cheerleaders… conspiracy theorist dumb-tards or underage cheerleaders – see, it’s so hard to decide what’s more interesting here…

  26. [re=369989]snideinplainsight[/re]: go with the cheerleaders–at the very least their coach is probably still hot and you can try to convince her to show you she can still do splits.
    Just a thought.

  27. Why is it always the people who are obviously NOT WORKING that are protesting “SOCIALISM”. It’s friday morning. ARE YOU EVEN PAYING TAXES ON ANYTHING?

    Besides, if the guy on the right is really SICK AND TIRED he’s going to LOVE a public healthcare option.

  28. I love the way it’s always the old, sick bitters who are protesting the “socialized medicine.” Of those 3 guys, I’m guessing that at least one has diabetes, one has had a heart attack, and the one guy obviously has a brace or prosthetic on his leg. Really, how fucking tarded do you have to be to not only oppose, but abhor, your one chance to have medical care in your old age? I’m sure none of these guys could afford it on their own.

  29. Hey, a friend of mine went to treatment (drugs) at a place called Serento Gardens in PA. So Barry is a junkie, too? I hate what Socialists are doing to real America!

  30. [re=369886]Big Daddy Tom[/re]: “I suppose we ought to give them credit. They only misspelled one word.”

    They have learned from their moran brethren.

  31. Wow, I could swear these I’ve seen these same fucktards in Tucson. You’d think the inbreeding would eventually render them sterile.

    Also, Barry Serento could be a good porn star name. If hopey gets deported, he could still have that as a career fallback.

  32. These guys. Too old to be Federal Air Marshals, too young to be a-greetin’ folks at Wal-Mart. Nuttin’ left to do but go stand around outside holding signs.

  33. Whoa, like what is happening with the red skirts on the left of the picture? Maybe they would like to go camping with a hillbilly, or something.

  34. I wonder if they ever get a good night’s sleep? How can they, doing and saying the things that they do and say. They must toss and turn in their craziness at night.

    Ha! Let’s hope so!

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