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We’re in a weird time, folks, a very weird time. Here, psychotic near-dead Watergate burglar G. Gordon Liddy rasps and mumbles as a pretty pissed-off Chris Matthews tries to drag this particular racist night worm of pathetic American thought into the light. Good fucking god, we are really on a cliff here.

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  1. In Gordon’s defense, it is hard to prove a virgin birth, especially when the baby descended from heaven surrounded by troops of angels and unicorns and trumpeters playing Stevie Wonder tunes.

  2. “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free..the wretched refuse of your teeming shore…but don’t give me no black Arab African Kenyan Muslin wanna-be American president!” However, if Condi Rice or Colin Powell would run for POTUS, I would vote for them in a minute.

  3. Jesus fucking Christ. Liddy is an embarrassment, and every single “journalist” covering this “story,” with the exception of those utterly disemboweling birthers, like Matthews, should probably be sold to China to pay off our debt. That way, everyone wins.

  4. Gigi (can I call him that?) is trying his best, but unfortunately for him shit like Tammany Hall, thigh-caressing J. Edgar Hoover, actual Plumbers and Hoboken don’t exist anymore.

  5. G. Gordon Liddy deserves nothing better than to be batted around in his senile dotage about every single stupid statement he made all his life. I’d like to see him hooked up to a pole and Chris Matthews and Katie Couric play tetherball with his sagging paranoid schizo ass. If those lightweights can beat his idiocy to a bloody pulp, even though it won’t prove a thing to the faith-based community, it would still be worth selling tickets to. I mean buying. Buying tickets to. Right.

  6. His eyebrows ‘stache and bald head should be indoctrinated as ‘whiteface’ or ‘death’. Latex Halloween masks, please.

  7. He reminds me of my Great Aunt at Christmas Dinner. We wold pick her up in “the home”, wheel her out into the dinning room, let her have two Brandy Manhattans, sit back and experience the rambling crazy.

    Liddy\Bachman 2012

  8. I can’t believe this idiocy.

    I just looked at my own (duplicate I received several years ago) “birth certificate”: It doesn’t say “birth certificate” – or any variation like “certificate of live birth” – anywhere on it.

    It’s from the 1950s and is effectively a photocopy of a much smaller piece of paper which is the record kept by the state, which is handwritten (script, no less). In fact, most of it was filled out by my father (everything up to the doctor and registrar parts).

  9. What the fuck, man. Step grandmothers, G. Gordon Liddy’s, certificates of live birth…and Obama thinks he can save the U.S. from this epic fuckery that is the right-wing? He literally has a few million crazy-fucks running around the country saying treasonous shit about him, and who quite literally don’t accept him as the winner of a valid presidential election, and he thinks he can do something with this shitpile of a nation? Really? Game over, folks.

  10. Not that there’s any point in arguing this craziness with anybody, but. Most of my life, I carried around with me (not in a ziplock bag everywhere, obviously) what I thought was my birth certificate. It was yellow, it had a raised seal, it had come out of a typewriter — it was pretty clearly a document that had been issued from the hospital when I was born in 1974. In other words, it’s exactly the sort of thing that the crazy birthers want Barack Obama to cough up. This was my main form of ur-ID that I used to get other forms of ID (i.e., the drivers licences in the first two states I lived in, my passport). It got kind of tattered, but it served me well.

    In late 2002, I moved to Maryland, and when I went to the MVA to get my new driver’s license, I took (what I thought was) my birth certificate with me. BUT, when I got to the front of the interminably long line, I was told that what I had was NOT, in fact, the right document. Since I was an idiot and hadn’t brought my passport, I had to make a second trip to the DMV, but I also decided I wanted to get my real, actual birth certificate.

    It turns out that you can now order the thing from the State of New York on the Internet, which is ridiculous, as anyone who knew my name (and social security number? can’t remember what exactly I had to supply but it wasn’t much) could have it mailed to whatever address they wanted. And when it arrived, it had clearly just been spat out of a laser printer. In other words, it looked like exactly Obama’s “Certificate of Live Birth” that all the birthers are foaming about.

    I’m guessing at some point in the late ’90s or early ’00s, state governments switched over to a system where instead of valuing the actual physical documents, they instead wanted certified copies of data that they held in their computers. This may have had something to do with “modernizing” ID records after 9/11, or it might just be that during this period the states finally got with the program and got electronic. At any rate, I realize that the G. Gordon Liddy’s of the world will not be convinced by this data, but if you talk to someone who is genuinely confused by all this cross-talk, you might encourage them to order a copy of their birth certificate from their birth state. They might be surprised by what they get.

  11. Well if they fancy themselves to be all logical, why don’t the birthers just cough up Stanley Ann’s passport record? I mean, how could Barry be born in Kenya if his mommy wasn’t there?

  12. [re=369758]LoweredPeninsula[/re]: Seriously, if you believe World Net Daily (which would make you really gullible), they claim 400,000 birthers. That is about 1% of the population. For comparison, about 20% do not realise the Earth revolves around the Sun, and about 24-25% do not know who we fought the American War of Independence to be independent of.

    I think it is a pretty huge indictment of the “liberal mainstream media” that they run this foolishness for tiny minority of “people” that make the Flat Earth Society seem bright.

  13. [re=369744]MMS[/re]: “Wait, why is G. Gordon wearing pilots’ wings?”

    So he can be patriotic when he is telling his nutter fringe pals where to aim on them.

  14. glamourdammerung, I’m glad you brought up the Flat Earthers. First, they’re based in Alaska–who’d have thought? Second, I like to fling them in the face of the Birthers, who always get INSULTED. It’s like being a mental ward nurse, and introducing Jesus Christ to Jesus Christ.

  15. [re=369757]Uncle Glenny[/re]: FWIW, my wallet was stolen a million years ago in 1995 when I unfortunately moved to Arizona. When I went to the DMV to get a license and presented my ‘actual birth certificate‘–(nicely handwritten from the actual hospital in which I was born, including dated font and raised stamp), I was told it wasn’t accepted and I’d have to contact Vital Statistics in PA to get a new (I guess) acceptable one.


  16. [re=369759]Josh Fruhlinger[/re]: Jeez, Fruh, why don’t you write a fuckin’ novel? Sounds to me like you weren’t really born here at all. Getting your back story on record in preparation for a run at high office? Hell, I’ll vote for you. And I haven’t voted since ’92 (back off, I live in Texas, like it fucking matters.)

    [re=369761]Don Juanquete[/re]: I thought the latest twist was Barry Sotomayor was born in Indonesia, a more thoroughly Muslin country slash madrassa. And Wing Nut Daily published their own refutation of the birfers last fall (?) yet now they’re playing along like it never happened. Like wingtard governors now going out to all their shithole towns and villages handing out game show-sized stimulus checks as if they personally lobbied for the money. Like Miss Meltyface McConnell stuffing biils full of pork for Kenfucky, then going out to the capital steps to decry wasteful deficit spending on FOX News.

    It’s hard to battle an opponent with no shame, and with the media always bending over backwards to show they’re not liberal, chucking out false equivalences like candy in Bizarro World Halloween.

  17. [re=369767]snarkopolitan[/re]: snarkopolitan, just click on the “reply” thing. People are going to think you have straw in your hair.

  18. [re=369771]hobospacejunkie[/re]: “It’s hard to battle an opponent with no shame, and with the media always bending over backwards to show they’re not liberal”


  19. Lest anyone forget, Ol’ G cold sired both Joe the Plumber and Magnum the P.I. Is it really any surprise, then, that he’s up to his ear-lei in ongoing investigations of B-Rock “The Islamic Shock” Hussein Superallah Obama’s specious assertions of United States citizenship?

    Gordo is, by definition, mad phat y’all! The capital he be packin’ is golden, yo! Don’t believe me? Whatevs. But how you gonna beef with Crockett & Tubbs?

    Playa was born in muthafuckin’ Hoboken. He’s not in the pokey. I rest my damn case.

  20. Holy macaroly, and people think I’m nuts because I believe that two airplanes lack the capacity to knock down 3 (three), count ’em, 3 steel frame buildings.

  21. [re=369771]hobospacejunkie[/re]: Still, Stanley Ann didn’t go to Indonesia until 1966, which would make Barry pretty young.

  22. [re=369759]Josh Fruhlinger[/re]: [re=369769]Smoke Filled Roommate[/re]: I can believe that, with different states having different systems and over time, some of them wouldn’t be recognized elsewhere even though they were technically valid. Unfortunately I don’t remember what my “original” one looked like (typed up? hand written? photo copy like this?) other than it was letter size and had similar appearance with all the decorative stuff.

  23. Let’s see, the Republican Party a while ago promoted Joe the Plumber to be The Voice of the Republican Party. And now they’re bringing a back-from-the-dead Watergate Plumber.

    You cannot make this shit up.

  24. [re=369781]get real[/re]: Good point. Next thing ya know, they’ll bring in a Piper. At least she knows how to handle baggage.

  25. If only Obama could PROVE he were American. By killing people in other countries at the behest of his evil overlord, for example.

    BTW this guy has a radio show??? I listened to that voice for exactly 30 seconds before compulsively pulling out my eyelashes in loathing and terror.

  26. Watching Gordo like that makes me look forward to 2039, when I can watch Steve Doocy poop on himself after being wheeled onto the set of MSNBC’s Luke Russert Show. Dooce will be arguing that Pres. Chelsea Clinton, as a fourteen-year-old, killed Vince Foster and Ron Brown.

  27. Gee! Gordon Liddy “almost dies”, on tv, yesterday. So, is he totally completely dead today?

    I wanna see a real Death Certificate, not just a “certificate of live death”, nor a newspaper obit clipping, nor a Munchkin song*. The real thing, and NOW! We can’t let an undocumented carcass be buried in the USA.

    And also — a raised seal, with a picture of the Emerald City, and the signature of a certified Wizard, attested by Glenda and Brenda, and witnessed by a shitload of blue flying monkeys. For starters.

    * As Coroner I do aver, I thoroughly examined her
    She isn’t only merely dead
    She’s really most sincerely dead.

  28. I’d say dementia, y’all. This guy’s brain was pretty much fried. My grandmother reached that stage. She was 95 and she had her good or “Great” moments once in a while.

  29. [re=369780]Uncle Glenny[/re]: My birf certificate is nothing more than a tattered scrap of hand-tanned placenta covered in glitter and meconium-based dick doodles.

    Can I be president now?

  30. I dunno… I am I the only one who thinks quote “Certificate of Live Birth” sounds pretty dang close to “Birth Certificate”? They both contain most of the same words after all.

  31. When you have an old dog that foams at the mouth, staggers around in a circle, bangs into walls and falls over in seizures you know it’s time to do the humane thing and put it out of its misery.

    When will someone put Gordon Liddy out of our misery?

    “Birthers”…too stupid to breed or vote.

  32. My favorite part? When G. Gordon said Obama’s momma sent out birth announcements so her boy could run for president and steal the WH from some whitey one day.

  33. [re=369789]mollymcguire[/re]: Watching Gordo like that makes me look forward to 2039, when I can watch Steve Doocy poop on himself after being wheeled onto the set of MSNBC’s Luke Russert Show. Dooce will be arguing that Pres. Chelsea Clinton, as a fourteen-year-old, killed Vince Foster and Ron Brown.

    **shudders** @ the idea of the Luke Russert Show and a senile, old Doocy decked out in a designed colostomy bag…

  34. let’s see….you got all the appropriate officials (some republican) stating that Obama was born in Hawaii and an old lady saying he was born in Kenya. me….i’m going with the old lady. the best part of that “interview” with g-man was when Mathews asked him if Barry was an illegal and should be deported. liddy mumbled something under his breath. g-man should be put to sleep, it’s the only humane thing to do.

  35. [re=369776]gurukalehuru[/re]: Not nuts. Ignorant and gullible, but not necessarily nuts. Just because you don’t know the difference between steel frame/steel truss and knocked down/burned down doesn’t mean you’re mentally ill. But we can still make fun of you.

  36. [re=369757]Uncle Glenny[/re]: Yeah, our kids “birth certificates” turn out to be phony as well – they both say “Certificate of Live Birth”. And of course our do-nothing state department issued both of them supposedly valid passports!

    This finally answers the nagging question we’ve had for years… where the hell did we get these kids from?

  37. You’ve got me on the steel frame/steel truss issue, not being either engineer or architect, but that building did not burn down.

    Larry Silverstein, September 12th, 2001: “As for building 7, we’d already decided to pull it.”

  38. [re=369780]Uncle Glenny[/re]: I had something that was a “birth certificate,” but was actually a document from the hospital I was born in. I recall finding out that it was no good for a passport application and had to order the “Certificate of Live Birth” from the state’s records.

  39. [re=369809]gurukalehuru[/re]: I’m not an engineer or an architect, either, but I know the difference. OK, I was an engineering student a long time ago, but not a good one. If you peruse this website, which debunks all the conspiracy idiocy, you may form a more educated opinion about such things as the meaning of “pull” in that context (hint, it does not mean demolish).

    Building 7 wasn’t knocked down by planes. It was damaged by the two gigantic buildings that collapsed near it, and fell down by itself (trusses do that; they’re kinda like zippers). Try looking it at it from the other end. If someone were going to do a controlled demolition, which would be INSANELY difficult (actually, impossible) to arrange in a covert way, why would they bother with Building 7, which no one had ever heard of? If I were the Evil Genius behind 9/11, I think I’d have planned a false-flag casus belli that was a little less expensive. Just toss a plane at the Statue of Liberty. People would be WAY more pissed off, and you wouldn’t wreck your financial sector.

  40. Every time I see this Liddy person I want to set his ‘stache on fire. For some reason this strikes me as immensely amusing. I guess I need therapy. Or medication. Maybe both.

  41. I know when I’m looking for sworn witnesses who are beyond a shadow of a doubt, I ignore elected officials and public servants, and head straight for the step-grandmothers of the world.

  42. [re=369809]gurukalehuru[/re]: Keep fear alive boo….. they said the same thing about the Reichstag fire. THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE

  43. [re=369827]Autochthon[/re]: Those officials are not black, thus your question is redundant. Laborious fact checking of the legitimacy of a person’s citizenship is only applicable if their skin tone is almond or darker.

  44. Oh, Christ, we have a truther here??? I hate you people. And don’t ever try to give me a copy of your Rock Creek paper-I will give you the same answer I give Jews for jesus- “no, thank you- you fucking moron.”

    Cheney’s birth certificate is not available as he sprung full formed from the fires of hell.

  45. Let’s remind people that Liddy’s major claim to fame is getting caught for breaking and entering. That’s why he’s a “pundit”

  46. There are a million things wrong with the birthers “arguments” like… logical inconsistancies, lack of evidence etc. Fine, they are nutballs. But the anti-birthers aren’t giving good return fire.

    First of all, what is a step-grandmother anyway? And she is credible why? And where is the copy of this statement anyway if these birthers are so interested in tangible pieces of paper?

    Second, a certificate of live birth is a birth certificate! Can we please get a lawyer or a public health official on the record to say this please.

    Third, John McCain was not born in the United States (Panama Canal Zone).

    What’s really going on, our president is black with a funny name (to our friends in the heartland) so he’s got to be a foreigner, probably French.

  47. [re=369831]finallyhappy[/re]: I prefer to explain to them why there is no such thing as a “Jew for Jesus” thusly: shit or get off the pot. You can’t have it both ways.
    In SC, my Pentecostal neighbor used to leave a “Jews for Jesus” book lying on the table when I’d babysit her adult daughter, who had Down Syndrome. It pissed me off, but she was older and actually very kind, just very ignorant and gullible.

  48. McCain was not born in the Panama canal zone, he was born in a hosital in Panama proper. Not that it matters. One parent or more is a citizen=you’re a natural born citizen.

  49. [re=369759]Josh Fruhlinger[/re]: Some years back I’d managed to (again) lose my birth certificate. So I called up the folks in Ohio and was told yes, they still had a record of my birth from 1951. Actually, the lady on the phone sounded rather surprised and I asked her about that. She told me I was, indeed, quite fortunate they still had my record!

    You can be damn sure I’ve held onto this copy!

    BTW: We have “Birth Certificates” for our kids born in the 1990’s and they look remarkably like Mr. Obama’s. You don’t suppose there is some sort of public records software sold to municipalities across the US that actually stores, processes, and reproduces this information, do you? And they have “forms” to provide that information to the public?

    As you so astutely point out, could “computers” have something to do with all this?

    You betcha!

  50. Okay. Enough of this bullshit. How many of us have had to order birth certificates for one reason or another? That’s right–millions, including most of these fuckwitted birthers.

    Most of us couldn’t produce an ‘original’ document if we tried.

    That’s not what this is about. This is about bitterness, disappointment and racism.

    What did the crazy woman say–“I want my country back!!!!”? Yep. They want it all back, just like it was in the ‘good ole days’….

    Stupid, crazy and lazy. PLEASE don’t tax their Mountain Dew–they’ll die quicker and move on to meet their maker Godjesusanta, a kindly, tan and buff old white man with a beard who let’s them sit in his lap.

  51. [re=369871]dave666[/re]: Actually, there was what amounts to a “private bill” passed by Congress stating that John McCain is eligible to be President of the United States. Apparently Mr. Obama didn’t have friends in high places greasing the chute for him.

    But then, since he’s Black, he’s got to work twice as hard to get half as much…

  52. This asshole’s claim to fame is that he got caught burglarizing the Watergate offices of the Democratic party. How he has any credibility to comment on anything speaks volumes about the MSM and the repunklican party.

  53. [re=369830]Clamps[/re]: That sounds about right – I kinda suspected as much…

    It’s kind of amusing to see the wingnuts feeling so threatened that they’re forced to desperately cling to this kind of arrant nonsense. What was that phrase they kept using when BushCo stole the presidential election in 2004? Wasn’t it “Get over it”?


  55. I love teh birthers. I hope they stick around through the 2010 primary season so that only the most retarded GrOPers will get nominated.

  56. I just pulled out my – and my wife’s – so-called “Birth Certificates.”

    Mine is a nice white-on-black photostat of the original CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH from the Wisconsin Board of Health (I’ve gotten several passports over the years with it); my wife’s is a handsomely embossed handwritten card from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, signed by the town clerk herself certifying that she (my wife, not the town clerk) “was born…” (Curiously issued almost 3 years after the blessed event – probably couldn’t slip into the country before then…) (Actually, I suspect she was born in a different galaxy, but that’s another story…)

    Today we, too, are half-breed socialist illegal muslins from Kenya. YAAAAAAAA.

  57. In my previous job, as a hospital IT sort of person, I watched as my trainer made practice documents on the computer supplied by the State of Colorado. So now, I have a State issued document that says Pithaughn was born 1999 at 11:59 pm and 59 seconds. Pithaughn was one of the last people born in that memorable happy times century. Well, I don’t actually have it, I lost it during a move. But it was a good joke for awhile.

  58. One day I saw Norbizness, and he was watching an interminable G. Gordon Liddy video. I asked him how that was possible, and he said “The trick is… not MINDING.”


    Liddy looks a sad sack of dick-eating meatballs in this video. Maybe he’s a little too “old” to be leading this debate.

  60. [re=369871]dave666[/re]:

    Yup. As long as residency requirements are met.

    “For birth on or after November 14, 1986, a period of five years physical presence, two after the age of fourteen is required. For birth between December 24, 1952 and November 13, 1986, a period of ten years, five after the age of fourteen are required for physical presence in the U.S. to transmit U.S. citizenship to the child.”

    No one disputes who is mother is so it really doesn’t matter where he was born. Silly wing nuts.

    Since his mother was in the US from birth through at least age 19 he could have been born on the moon.

    Would the moon explain his ears?

    [re=369891]smartypants[/re]: No state EVER gives anyone the original document. It is a document filed with the state. You only ever get a copy. Silly wingnuts.

  61. I had to talk to G. Gordon Liddy once. I was forced to drop the telephone because it started freezing the blood in my ear, and I didn’t want my brain turning into a solid block of ice.

    [re=369789]mollymcguire[/re]: Aw, that’s so cute, that you think there will be republicans in 2039! They will be mostly extinct by then, nobody will be letting them on the holographic TeeVee… but you will be able to see a few in a tent, at the country fair.

  62. Oh fer crissake. Even if he were born in a hospital in Mombasa (or a Kenyan slum, whatever), he was born a US citizen because his mama was a US citien, living in the US for the required period of tie prior to his birth. Why does Matthews ignore that to reinforce the idea that if Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii, but in Kenya, that he’s an “illegal alien”? I know he was baiting Liddy, but in so doing, he was misleading Joe and Matha Sixpack, watching from the comfort of their comfy couches.

  63. [re=369813]Lazy Media[/re]: It’s true that Cheney/CIA rigged Building 7 with explosives. That WAS there only target. But unfortunately – and coincidentally, the Mosad/TriLateral Commission/Masons had picked the same day to ram airplanes into Tower 1 and 2. After the collapse of the trade center buildings, Cheney – despondant that his plan had fallen apart, gave the order to “pull it” – or just go ahead, what the fuck, blow up building 7.

  64. I, too, was curious about those “wings.” (I knew that Gordo was an artillery officer in the US Army in the 50s, rather than Airborne.) So I did some research. This is from Liddy’s “official” website:

    “In 1992, Mr. Liddy enrolled with the Israeli Defense Force Paratroop School at Tel Nov, qualified for, and was awarded his wings. In October 2001, he re-qualified, and has made three additional jumps with the elite IDF parachute regiment. In January 2003 he was bestowed the honor of leading the stick out of the aircraft.”

    Technically, he may be qualified to wear them, depending on what the IDF requires. But in the American Army, it usually is a bad idea to wear Jump Wings unless you actually served with a Airborne unit, e.g., Airbone, Special Forces, SEAL, Paramedic.

    Wearing “Tourist Wings” around people who won their wings “for real” is a good way to get The Living Sh*&t Beatened Out Of You” . . . which in Gordon’s case, might be educational.

  65. Why does every wingnut birther think that President Obama has to PERSONALLY PROVE TO THEM that he is a natural born citizen? Please cite the clause in the US Constitution that mandates this! I’m certain that if Mr. Peabody could get his Wayback Machine up and running and transported them back to the delivery room, they would still have “grave” reservations.

  66. Chris Matthews is an age-ist. What a terrible human being. how dare he challenge America’s greatest shitty cat-burglar hero.

  67. When I saw this yesterday, I couldn’t figure out if GGord was having a stroke on live teevee or contemplating the right moment to kill Tweety by shoving a pencil thru his ear. (Didn’t he claim that possibility – in general – in his book “Will” along with claiming he used to hold his hand over flames to prove his macho/crazy bona fides?) Dude’s really gone over the edge.
    I also dug out my white on black photostat of my Cert of Live Birth with raised seal. I had obtained it in 2002 to apply for a job.
    I put it in a baggie for larfs.

  68. My old boss, a retired FBI agent, used to make it a point that Liddy was to be referred to as a “former FBI agent” not a retired one…”former” means they made you leave, retired means you left on your own accord.

  69. Just a math note: If 400,000 Americans claim to be “birthers” in a country of roughly 300 million people, that is not 1%. One percent of 300 million is 3 million. 400,000 is actually less than 1/6 of a percent. So we’re talking about the fringe of the fringe here. I hope the GOP really bets on these loons. Quite a wide base to build from.

  70. this is my first post on this site and i’m not sure how to quote but:
    [re=369764]glamourdammerung[/re]: glamourdammerung says at 3:54 am, July 24th, 2009
    LoweredPeninsula: Seriously, if you believe World Net Daily (which would make you really gullible), they claim 400,000 birthers. That is about 1% of the population.

    actually 400,000 is one-thousandth of the population, not one-hundredth (actually closer to 1.3/1000). so even if there were 400k they are still pretty rare.

  71. I’m a regular watcher of Tweety and I thought he (Matthews) actually treated him with kid gloves, starting out with introducing Gordon as ‘my friend’. I got the feeling matthews was holding himself back.

    OTOH, if I wouldn’t have heard the introduction I would have wondered who this kindly and senile old gentlemen was.

  72. My daughter was born in Soviet Canukistan, she is a natural US citizen, said it once will say it again, birthers and other repubs don’t even READ THE CONSTITUTION BEFORE THEY WHIPE THERE ASS WITH IT.

  73. [re=369929]mookworthjwilson[/re]: Because he is white. You know if he was some black teenager selling crack, his ass would still be rotting in jail.

  74. I’ve got a theory that the birthers partially influenced Obama’s comment the other night that the cops acted “stupidly” in arresting Professor Gates. Gates had shown the cops his ID and established that he was in fact who he said he was, and in the end they still arrested him. So Obama’s talking about it at his press conference and in the back of his mind thinking about how he’s shown the birthers all the evidence that he was in fact born in the US and they still want to figure out how to throw him out of the White House, and he lost it for a second. What he probably wanted to say was “What the fuck does a brother have to do to get you white people to accept reality and not be such huge dicks about it?”

  75. Someone else probably said this, but G.Gordon was put in jail for being a lying sack of shit, right?(that seems to be my saying for the day, sack of shit!)so way does anyone want to hear anything that he has to say? ever?

  76. Because he lied for a great cause – saving the American way – and he can hold his hand over his cigarette lighter. HE’S A WAY GREAT AMERICAN. With the force of his irresistible will he can crush godless muslin logic and socialist rationality. He’s a gol’dang HERO.

  77. [re=370097]Maxfretless[/re]: I’m really tired of this concerted effort to downplay these stupid fucks. If anyone thinks only 400,000 folks are birthers in this nation, they are crazy. It reminds me of the downplay of the KKK. These self-professed birthers are only the tip of the iceberg. There real strength are with their apologists and sympathizers as with any hate group or fringe organization, and they rank in the millions.

  78. Obama could learn alot from G-Man about life in prison. After all, when the facts are out Barry will spend time in jail for defrauding the American people.
    If Evil Eye Obama and that monkey in his pants comes clean with his kindergarten records, his Punahou school records, his Occidental College records, his Columbia University records, his Columbia thesis, his Harvard Law School records, his Harvard Law Review articles, his scholarly articles from the University of Chicago, his passport, his medical records, his files from his years as an Illinois state senator, his Illinois State Bar Association records, any baptism records, and his adoption records – conservatives everywhere will accept the evidence if it falls in his favor. I suspect it will not as Barry has spent alot of money to keep it all hidden.

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