Poor Representative Mike Castle! All he wanted was to hold a simple Town Hall and instead he gets some loon shouting about birth certificates, and the audience goes wild. They do not like it so much when he suggests that our president is an American citizen. “The Republican Party has a HUGE problem with its base right now,” declares First Read, diplomatically. [YouTube, First Read]

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  1. All of these fringe people are basically assholes–really, in a professional manner! They are just crazy, mentally-disturbed people. Many are also racists. Many are morons, and many are uneducated in certain areas–and, yes, that includes some redneck moron politicians out there. And we all know there are hard-right Republicans who freak out and resort to desperate measures to do anything they can–including illegal, fringe-baiting moron tactics–to bring down liberals, free-thinkers, progressives, intellectuals, Democrats, anti-war folks and anyone else who poses a threat to their prescious religious-based, conservative-based moronic idiotic views. They went after Bill Clinton with unproven real estate allegations–regarding the Clintons that is, as others were charged and found guilty–and for lying about oral sex! Wow! They went after Jimmy Carter, and they went after Hillary Clinton, and they’ll go after Obama, too. They should all be shipped out to a desert island to live in isolation from the real world.

  2. Holy Fuck, we are so doomed as a species. Don’t these idiots even realized that even ‘if’ he was born in Kenya, his mother was an American citizen so that means he is too. Gawd, I hate this people.

  3. When the extreme Birther right becomes the mainstream right wing, the center ends up slightly left of Pat Buchanan’s perenium. Today, we are all ancient Nixonian paleocon taint.

  4. This seems pathological, completely disconnected from reality. Yet I assume that this person is not an extreme example of the republican base. So something like 15% of the US citizenry is actually insane.

  5. There’s really no way to deal with Birthers because you can’t tell them that Barack Hussein Obama is in fact an American Citizen, born in Hawaii, and the 44th President of the United States of America. Their minds can’t compute it, because if Obama is a citizen, then he is their legitimate President, and that can’t be, because he isn’t a fat dumb white sack of shit.

    Therefore, the best thing to tell a Birther is that if they really love their country and have the big wet sloppy boner for the Pledge of the Allegiance that they proclaim, then they should off themselves for the good for the Nation. It’s what’s best for America.

    Her anger makes me angry. You stupid, ignorant moran. Barack Obama’s Grandfather fought in WWII as well. He is just as much an American as your dumb fucking ass. His skin color and the race of his father does not make his any less worthy than your inbred, racist self.

  6. Clip ends before this part:

    Bat-shit Crazy Birther: AND, he’s a nigger, to boot!!!!

    (she sings) God bless America, land that I love! Stand beside her,…

  7. The lunatic morans jest wanna let their racist asshole flags fly free. The money boyz of the Gee Oh Pee use these nutty moranic tools to enhance their opportunities to rip off everyone. Hence: Feckless Glenn, Fatso Limberger, Sean Insanity & their ilk are paid lotsa munies to keep the loooonatic fringe baying at the moon. It distracts everyone whilst the morlock pirates are picking our eloi pockets.

  8. How do you get a birth certificate from “The United States”? Mine’s just from the local hospital. And I don’t keep it in a baggie with me at all times. Guess that makes me a muslin?

  9. [re=366807]MarieDeGournay[/re]: They haven’t gotten over the 14th amendment in general, so I doubt they really believe in birthright citizenship.

  10. Jebus Teabagging Christ, don’t read the comments on teh youtubes, scary shit…[re=366808]hockeymom[/re]: And Texas and I’m thinking So. Carolina now as well, that should hold all 23% of them..

  11. I suggest a Simpsons Treehouse of Horror solution to the question of the birthers:

    Dr. Hibbert: But what to do with the poor Birthers? Too crazy for regular folk, too
    normal acting otherwise for Crazy Town. The birthers were outcasts. So, we
    did the only humane thing.
    Homer: We chained the birthers up in the attic like animal and fed them each a
    bucket of fish heads once a week.

  12. I can actually see the Birthers splintering from the GOP because they’re not telling ‘the truth’ about Obama. We may be watching the Right commit political suicide.

  13. [re=366836]freakishlystrong[/re]: I glanced the YouTube comments and decided against spamming. Mouth breathers can get real crazy, and I don’t know if I’m up for poking a hornets nest. That’s where Shorts and Gopherit come in. In fact, I’m surprised they haven’t seen the Spam symbol in the sky and come running to this post yet…

  14. You have to hand it to them, their batshit “we must pledge to the flag compulsively, like muslin religious fanatics pray, lest we be secret muzlin turrists, who jesus disintegrates if they pretend to pledge allegiance when they really hate america” creed isn’t an act, they really are just that stupid.

  15. [re=366835]4tehlulz[/re]: DOMA means they don’t have to recognize gay married gay people in gay married marriages or citizenship of brown skinned types.

  16. That does it. Never in my life have I ever wanted with such urgency for someone’s grandkids to develop sickle cell anemia. These abhorrent consumers of my precious oxygen won’t be satisfied until Congress reinstates the “one drop of Negro blood” laws.

  17. Peebo Bryson? I can’t wait until they start marching with guns and the National Guard has to mow them all down…

    Die, die, all of you die!

  18. [re=366816]x111e7thst[/re]: Thats not so shocking, really, when you think about it, that maybe 10% of the population is insane, I mean, sanity is like a continuum, and even if they are not all technically certifiable, its certainly true that there are a lot of really fucked up people out there. And there is the stupid, too; 50% of the population are below average in intelligence, and 10% of the population are in the bottom 10%.

    No, stupid, insane, thats not too suprising, or even too scary, after all, they are stupid and insane, they should be easy to control and are more likely to hurt themselves than anyone else.

    No, whats scary is the homicidal Nazi factor; I would not have thought that 15% of the population are homicidal nazis. These people are barbarians, they want blood, they want to bring back the great old traditions, lynchings, pograms, stonings, they want to grab their pitchforks and pickaxes and torches and chase after the monsters that bedevil their dim and delirious minds, they are filled with angry blood lust and they want to kill, someone, anyone, anyone who is not like them, evil libruls, evil immigrant messicans, evil New York Financiers (“Jews,” in pigfucker-speak), and of course the evil negroes who are just waiting to rape their daughters and break in their house and steal their stuff and thats why thank God for the 2nd Amendment.

  19. [re=366844]Scarab[/re]: If you peel the far-right paranoiacs and the religious fanatics away from the GOP, you’ve taken away their numbers. The Republicans are small, green, and split three ways: the military nationalist crypto-fascist crew, the religious fanatics, and Capital (which has little to do with the others except manipulate them). Reagan found a way to appeal to all three. Bush got all three on his side eventually. Romney couldn’t get more than one (Capital), nor McCain (military fairies), nor Huckabee (fanatics).

    What does this mean? If you peel away the nutters, where does Capital go? Wherever they can. Who knows where that is, but Capital needs to hold those other two close by in order to do its thing (see Cheney, Dick).

  20. [re=366817]NoWireHangers[/re]: Forget Obama’s WWII vet grandfather. Forget that under the Constitution, even if Barry WAS born in Kenya, he was born a US citizen by virtue of his mom’s status as a citizen who lived in US America for the requisite number of years prior to his birth. You know the rule: just one drop of African blood is enough to make ignorant racist morans completely lose their shit.

    You know what, crazy lady? I wanted my country back for the last 8 years. And now I’ve got it! HAHAHAHAHA fucking HA.

  21. [re=366834]Noodle Salad[/re]: You don’t?- YOU Socialist American hating MUSLIN! we had a neighborhood meeting with my congressperson the other day and the birth certificate never came up but then I live in a heavily democratic(or as we are known to the GOP- commie socialist american hating muslins) area

  22. (Also) So she saw Obama’s Kenya birth certificate?

    By the way lady, maybe your father would be a little more proud of you if you weren’t such a pussy and went to war yourself! You’re really proud of OTHER people fighting, get a buzzcut, donate that hair to “Cancer Victims of Republican Deregulation that Increased Air/Water Pollution” and go bring that anger to Allah! Aww, too lazy to do that? Well, standing up and putting your hand over your “heart” is close enough to a contribution to society, if you believe vague meaningless symbolic platitudes make a bigger difference than actual service (The Alaskan Beast Without A Name exemplifies this of course, but let’s not lose focus on the big Republican Base picture here).

  23. [re=366852]Prommie[/re]: Naw. This ain’t surprising. I used to teach at Red State Collidge, where you can minor in homicidal nazi studies.

  24. Cuba Gooding, Jr.: Excuse me, miss…

    Bartender: (turns around)

    GDJ: Oh – I’m sorry, I thought you were a woman.

    Bartender: I am a woman.

  25. [re=366854]ZARF[/re]:
    ‘Moran’ is in reference to the classic Internet photo of a Redneck protester holding a sign stating, ‘Get a Brain Morans’.

  26. Seriously, why didn’t Castle just ask a security officer to throw the bat shit loon out of the room? Its time these people were treated like the psychopathic buffoons they really are.

  27. [re=366852]Prommie[/re]: They are dangerous to themselves as their rates of obesity / diabetes /heart disease and v d show.
    But they breed. And are provided with enough medical care to keep them from killing themselves off.

  28. [re=366872]JSDC007[/re]: From the sound of the crowd it seemed like she was more popular than him, and he’s going to need these people to get elected next year.

  29. [re=366868]Harold_Ignoramis[/re]: Speaking of Sarah, someone really needs to ask her, in front of cameras and on the record of course, whether Barry is a citizen. I really want to see how she handles that little nuclear bomb.

  30. [re=366872]JSDC007[/re]: That’ll only rile up the crazy more. I could see them storming the podium and tearing Castle limb-from-limb.

  31. Birth certificate – Free

    Zip lock baggy – .50 cents

    Little American flag – $2

    Making an ass of yourself in front of a U.S House Representative and the entire world? Priceless.

  32. [re=366858]CorkPopper[/re] is correct regarding President Obama being a U.S. citizen even if he was born in Kenya. Here’s the pertinent law, courtesy of the U.S. State Department:

    Bottom line: even if Obama was born abroad, the fact that his mother, a U.S. citizen, was physically present in the United States for ten years, five after the age of fourteen, would be enough to transmit citizenship to her son.

    For the wingnut losers reading this, I’ll put it in clearer terms: STFU. Thank you.

  33. Then there are the Afterbirthers, who say that the president’s placenta has transformed into a murderous monster which is living in the sewers beneath D.C., waiting to drag innocent children to their doom. We have to take back the sewers!

  34. Someone (I think it was on Rachel Maddows a few days ago) was talking about how often crazy people choose the color red to wear when going bat-shit in public. I’m not ready to give it a name as a psychological condition, but here is yet another a great example.

  35. [re=366887]Sinfonian[/re]:

    I mean, that’s it really. You nailed it. These skidmarks clearly adore their country, so much so that they adhere with a Gorilla Glue-like strength to all of the lessons learned in a 5th grade civics class. Or not.

    Everyone who has already said that the subtext for all such outbursts is “get your spear-chucker ass out of the white house” thanks for keeping the shit real.

    I’m gonna go pick out my afro and make some molotov cocktails.

  36. The only people still voting Republican are doddering blue-hairs, crank grandpa TV shouters, and hillbilly retards. So yeah, the GOP – along with the rest of the country – has a huge problem with their “base”.

  37. Birthers love to ask, “Why doesn’t he just clear all this up by releasing his birth certificate? That would be so easy, and would clear all this up! That’s proof that he DOEZNT HAZ a birth certificate! CHECK AND MATE, SIR!”

    Nope, it’s proof that the President of the United States is playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers. Birthers are like the bull in the Bugs Bunny cartoon, the birth certificate is the red cape, and Obama wants to let these guys charge headlong into the electoral disaster that happens when normal people see the pure racist NEED to believe that Obama isn’t really the President (this is the anvil in this strained extended analogy).

  38. [re=366844]Scarab[/re]: This may look like the Death of the GOP, but I assure you it is “The Birth of a Nation” we are witnessing.
    A Nation of idiots.

  39. Eventually, the smart republicans (yes, I know, a bit of an oxymoran) will have to address these idiots head on and tell them that they are in fact idiots.
    That will be a fun day.

  40. Delaware Wonketteer reporting in. Mike Castle is our kindly, grandfather-like at-large Congresscreature. Before he was elected to the House over 9000 years ago, he was our Governor for 8 years and then our Lt. Gov for 4 years before that. His campaign song, a bouncy country tune, runs on local radio almost 24/7 every two years and it’s a major earworm:

    From Claymont to Rehoboth
    From Dover to the Bay
    We’re gonna support Mike Castle, Castle all the way!
    Everybody sing!
    Delllll-a-warrree! Delll-aaa-wareee!
    There’s no place I’d rather be than here in…
    Delllll-a-warrree! Delll-aaa-wareee!
    You’re such a special place to me!

    In other words, it’s the Delaware equivalent of the I Like Ike campaign song, insipid but catchy.

    Anyway, Castle is probably the most moderate Republican in the country, which is why this Encounter with Wingnuttia is so amusing to me. He now has a serious Democratic opponent for the first time evar, our former Lt. Gov, and he has been toying with the idea of running for Joe Biden’s old seat. He’s also toying with the idea of retiring.

    Frankly, I hope that after encountering the lunatic dregs of the Republican Party, Mike decides to pack it in and get the hell out. Otherwise he’ll be bombarded with weird-ass Citizen Grand Jury Indictments and other shit like that from the likes of Dr. Oily Taints, Esquire for the rest of his career…

  41. I’ve just been going through postings over at

    A lot of stuff (including discussion of scientific studies) of nutcases like this, although more oriented towards troofers and creationists. I find (and did even before the election) this stuff pretty scary.

    [re=366855]ForTheTurnstiles[/re]: I kind of like your distinctions but don’t think they can be made that cleanly. (All assuming I understand them correctly.) I think you have to pull them out along a number of axes, including money, power, and desire for theocratic rule; the more innocent (sheep-like, even) religious nutjobs; and the more conservative-minded, shall we say lower-analysis-capacity types.

    Lots of conservative religious or quasi-religious could easily be led along into a reconstructionist [don’t ask me to use these terms always exactly correctly] organization of the government (& military & education), and the propaganda to convince them the country should be that way is out there now (c.f. Sally Kern).

    Lots of what I think you call Capital won’t really care. They’ll use each other. So it gets complicated and I haven’t even gotten into the military aspect because I’m going to stop because I shouldn’t be writing an essay that would take me months while sitting here.

    There’s apparently an article by Jeff Sharlet up at Salon that I haven’t seen yet, too.

  42. [re=366855]ForTheTurnstiles[/re]: Dude, if you take a look at Berry’s finance team I think you can see where Capital has gone. Or to quote Josh Lyman (from West Wing): “We have ended up with two corporate sponsored parties, one pro-life and one pro-choice.” Hallibuton had its turn, now Goldman Sachs is up to bat. The question is will GS take on big Pharma/healthcare and allow government sponsored health care, which is essential for an industrial based economy, i.e. a middle class.

    On topic: This is racism derangement syndrome at its best. So how is that Southern Strategy (TM) thing working out for you, Repugs?

  43. [re=366883]El Pinche[/re]: I actually felt sorry for Rep. Castle. Joining along in the pledge of allegiance was his only way out of the situation. When they started booing him for stating that Obama was a united states citizen, he looked quite shocked. I don’t think a lot of Rs realize how racist their base really is.

  44. [re=366919]Uncle Glenny[/re]: I wish the moran birfers would just be honest about and admit that they think Obama should be disqualified to be President because he’s – gasp – a Nigger, and everyone knows we can’t have uppity Negro Preznits in US Murrika.

    Somehow, I think that if Obama’s father was a white student from, say, Germany visiting Hawai’i under circumstances to his actual father’s, we wouldn’t have frothy-mouthed birfers and enablers like Oily Taints, Esquire concocting bizarre and seditious legal theories based on false factual premises.

  45. Couldn’t agree more with the opinions expressed here. This is what we get when we continue to have an ever expanding uneducated populous. As the nation underfunds on education… so goes the culture and its ability to reason and be civil. We have droves of people who because of lack of education are unable to think and listen they can only react. It is dangerous to have these folks who are so ignorant and now ever increasingly unemployed running around justifying their beliefs while waving bibles and guns! When the president spoke about those who clinging to guns, god and religion he really wasn’t off base. The GOP is so fully of FEAR based people that it is frightening. Makes you wonder as certain groups of people evolve and are open to new ideas and social change on the other hand large volumes of people are apparently heading in the exact opposite direction. We must be hopeful that wisdom, love and peace will eventually touch the hearts and minds of these souls.

  46. [re=366806]thefrontpage[/re]: We can’t ship them to a desert island, but would Alabama, Texas, Louisiana and all the other red-state elements of Dumbfuckistan be okay? Because they’re mostly there already.

  47. [re=366873]x111e7thst[/re]: Best argument against health care reform I’ve heard yet.

    Can you imagine a world where these unemployable, mouthbreathing, racist, redneck birther morans have 100% coverage of health care, thereby guaranteeing their longevity and *shudder* fertility at little or no cost to them?

  48. [re=366894]Todd Mecklem[/re]: Oh, that’s just great! Now I will have the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle song going through my head all day long.

  49. [re=366934]President Beeblebrox[/re]: I agree. The race issue, which Obama exemplifies, clearly causes an additional amount of insecurity.

  50. [re=366946]Sadieword[/re]: We must be hopeful that wisdom, love and peace will eventually touch the hearts and minds of these souls.

    Allow me to quote Mr. Kurt Vonnegut, from Cat’s Cradle:

    I remembered The Fourteenth Book of Bokonon, which I had read in its entirety the night before. The Fourteenth Book is entitled, “What Can a Thoughtful Man Hope for Mankind on Earth, Given the Experience of the Past Million Years?” It doesn’t take long to read The Fourteenth Book. It consists of one word and a period. This is it: “Nothing.”

    There is no hope for these crazy birther bastards. All I’m asking for is the people I like not to be part of the collateral damage when the crazies start getting violent.

  51. [re=366872]JSDC007[/re]: Because he needs the lunatic fringe vote to win next time (aka, has no shame).

    [re=366925]riverside68[/re]: Agree re swapping GS for Halliburton, but if you listen to even educated Repubs (yes, they do exist), you would think that Barry Sotero had wiped the constitution on his butt & was a complete utter ignoramus, not unlike what his precessor actually did & is. What’s sauce for the Repbulican goose is certainly not sauce for the Dimocrat gander (aka, conservatard double standard as per usual). Not that I’m thrilled about the GS situation.

    [re=366911]Advocatus_Diaboli[/re]: agree that there are actually smart Republicans out there, and some are not all that old. But they will never “deal” w/this rabble, bc secretly, they agree w/them & cheer them on, just as they did when Bible Spice was campaignin’ ‘n such & stirred up massive racist attacks every day. Even the edumacated conservatives love ’em some racism big time (aka the majority of conservatives these days are just plain ole racists, albeit some may not be lunatics).

    At the end of the day, I agree that the corporate sponsored dumbing down of the public education system has led to some of this nonsense, but the bottom line is that conservatives love this stuff. They are not sad or afraid or dumbfounded by the bugfucking stooopidity on display w/the likes of not-Joe the not-Plumber, Caribou Barbie or this idiot in the video. Rather, they clap, cheer and celebrate it for all of it’s wingnutty glory bc they believe that they are RIGHT! And that Barry Sotero is: stupid, ignorant, not up to the job, should be impeached (yes, I am already hearing that whispered), not a “real” citizen, etc etc etc ad nauseum.

  52. Michael [re=366876]4tehlulz[/re]: Steele’s response to the “question” about President Obama’s citizenship would also be a hoot.

    Fo’ shizzle we should demand his birth certifickizzle.

  53. B Blatantly
    I Ignorant
    R Re
    T Tarded
    H Huge
    E Ego
    R Republican
    S Sycopants

    one of my contributions to the cause on the youtube site..

    and one more

    Birthers are born on the planet Wingnuttia revolving backwards around the sun of Moran!

  54. [re=366832]norbizness[/re]: He’s pro choice, pro-stem cell research and part of (maybe the only member of) republicans for environmental protection, which would make him one of the more liberal members of the democratic party.

  55. As a res of LSD (lower slower DE), this isn’t as aberrant as it may seem. Had to listen to this birther crap all last summer, they are NOT interested in discussion or facts. And a lot of the birthers are under 30. Those of you who vacation in RB and Dewey have no idea. DE – no sales taxes + low property taxes = lousy education.

  56. [re=366959]Lascauxcaveman[/re]: This is why it is so important that abortion be included in the public funded heathcare program. Gotta stop this gene pool!

    [re=366982]paintitblack[/re]: I hang with CT $ manager repugs, they be cool w/ Berry.

    [re=366933]bureaucrap[/re]: I have wasted the best years of my life (40 of them) waiting for the Southern Strategy(TM) to bite them in the ass. No mercy here, Live by the race card, die by the race card, Eat Sh*t and Die MoFo.

  57. [re=367008]MOG[/re]: Don’t forget the other part of the equation:

    No sales tax + low property taxes + legally segregated school system until Brown v. Board of Education + rich and/or Christian whites = lousy public school system.

    Two of the cases in Brown v. Board came from Delaware, which was the only state to hold that segregation was illegal. When Brown was decided, a shitload of Exclusive Private Schools opened up in Delaware where all the Rich White Kids went because no one wanted their kids going to school with Negroes. That is still the case today, except LSD’s version of those private schools is small, poorly funded “Christian schools” where the Bible-thumpers send their kids, if they don’t choose to homeschool them.

    There used to be a Baptist church on Route 113 on the way to the beach that had a huge billboard on it with a gigantic 10′ tall bleeding Christ that said something like this: CHRIST DIED FOR SIN – SINS – SINNERS. It freaked the hell out of me every time I saw it. But that pretty much sums up things south of the canal.

    LSD is also full of gen-u-wine, real, live Dixiecrats. The downstate Dems are more conservative than the Republicans in many ways.

  58. by the way Ken can we have a MORAN awards for the best MORAN reported on throught the year and have a vote on it. please pretty please…we can have the award shaped in the form of a Giant Dildo or a Bag of Dicks.

  59. [re=366887]Sinfonian[/re]: Well, the birther is getting it slightly wrong, what she means to say is that he is not a “natural born” citizen, which is what the Constitution requires, which means only those born here in ther US of A, and not those deriving citizenship under said statute or otherwise.

    Still batshit, of course.

    McCain was having similar problems, on account of he was born in Panama.

  60. Yep, am I the only one that thinks a townhall like that is electoral gold for the GOP? The GOP should be back in no time. Now if they could only get the Beer Drinking Mom Jeans Muslim to lie about being a natural born US citizen in a deposition… Ken Starr and Bachmann can then bathe in the blood of our comrades.

  61. [re=366971]Car Ramrod[/re]: I am sadly inclined to a agree with you. I’m no gun nut, but I’m sure not going to discourage anyone from going the Black Panther, Brown Panther, or Progressive Panther route. Ultimately, the smartest thing to do is probably to stay out of the way and let them commit suicide by cop.

  62. [re=367106]digibal235[/re]: was that you? Awesome. You get one complimentary bag of petrified dicks! Now remember these are NOT for eating, these are for throwing. May your aim be true and your throwing arm be strong.

  63. First, we dug a trench across the state. The we filled it with water. Then we built 2 bridges over it, one that’s falling down, one you have to pay to ride over. Then we shipped the wingnuts down their by telling them we were all going to the beach. The wingers are too chicken shit to ride back over 13 (the falling down bridge) and they wont drive route 1 ’cause they charge you a buck for the privilege (that’s how the rest of us get to the beach).
    It was a lot of work but the rest of us considered it well worth the effort.
    So what is this retard congressman doing down in Hellscape Delaware stirring up the wingers like that? For the love of God, man. Nobody asks them people what they think for fear they’ll tell you.

  64. Here’s a quote from a birther Buddist,

    BeastObrahma (3 minutes ago)
    they ALL work for the antichrist
    let’s talk about the reasons for saying he’s truely the antichrist
    no shit
    he’s the antichrist for this reason
    he got the marks of the beast drawn on his election night
    1. you can’t debunk it
    2. the marks are awesome I’ll explain that

    (yet she’s buddist..not to mention batshit crazy)

  65. Wow, this is almost cinematic with the Freudian slip by Mike Castle at the end, it really captures the mood of the room and the Republicans: “You’ve gotta be brief, ’cause we’re beyond our time.” You sure are.

  66. Sarah said the world needs more Trigs. Considering how many Trigs are shouting for birf certz these days, I’d say the world has enough.

  67. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: if Obama actually had the power to coerce the State of Hawaii and the Kenyan government to go along with his story about being born in Hawaii, why would he bother with the headache of being President?

  68. [re=366879]NoWireHangers[/re]: Probably right. But still, couldn’t a single Republican politician for ONCE show the decency and responsibility to stand up and put a sock in this dangerous craziness?

  69. [re=366880]Gorillionaire[/re]: An lovely Republican gentleman came into my workplace the other day and proceeded to scream that he’s looking into moving to Canada to escape Obama’s socialized healthcare. Priceless!!

  70. [re=366806]thefrontpage[/re]: Many is a word, that only leaves you guessing, guessing about a thing, that you really ought to know.

  71. [re=367203]Violenza[/re]: If he sets up a PayPal link and an ironclad agreement to get the fuck out, I’ll donate to his moving expenses. Although I may need to reroute him to Somalia, as I think it’s health care system will be more to his liking.

  72. [re=366852]Prommie[/re]: That’s the Will Self, zero sum “Quantity Theory of Insanity”. There is, after all, only so much sanity to go around, so as the population increases, more and more will be insane.

  73. Genius. I stood to recite the pledge myself, only for “the United States of America” I substituted the word “Satan.” Thirsty now. Guess I’ll see if there’s any more of that cord blood lying around anywhere.

  74. LOUD NOISES!!! “with liberty and justice for all… except the gays, coloreds, mooselimbs, nonbelievers, and Socialist Kenyan Presidents. Also, people who don’t stand up during the National Anthem, people who eat salads with anything other than iceberg, people who drive Japanese cars, and people who hate German potato salad.”

  75. [re=366817]NoWireHangers[/re]:

    I don’t think I could agree more.
    The irony of a forced sing-a-long to the Pledge of the Allegiance was lost upon them all.

    i kan haz liberty adn jusiec foar awl nao?

  76. [re=367070]Prommie[/re]:

    But of course, whether or not McCain’s citizenship were in question, this is one claim he would not have leveled against him. I think we all know this.

    GO BACK TO AFROCA!!!!!!111! Also.

  77. What country does the flag-clutching red-shirt lady want back, the one where we’re all forced to carry around certified copies of our birth certificates in zip-lock baggies? Also, I think she’s wearing one of those “as seen on teevee” hair doodads.

  78. I wonder if that birth certificate of hers explains her serious mental deficiency.

    Fifty bucks says there’s nothing but a bunch of Arby’s coupons in there.

  79. [re=366866]NoWireHangers[/re]: Go Cards! And here I thought it was based on the lovable actress Erin Moran who played the lovable character Joanie on “Happy Days” and “Joanie loves Chachi”… Oh holy shit, Chachi does not sound very mericun…!!! USA!!!111!

  80. The random Pledge of Allegiance reminds me of Fletch!!

    “Did you know that Fred spent much of his life honoring a profession that has gone largely unsung around here?

    Some of them are here tonight. The profession is law enforcement.

    I know Fred feels that too often our feelings are locked in and we feel restrained and perhaps even embarrassed, to reach out and touch an officer of the law. After all, they are people, aren’t they?

    Stand up. Pat them on the back. Reach out. Shake hands with any one of these men in blue. Hug a cop! Yeah, go ahead. I said it. Yeah! That’s a wonderful feeling! I’m so proud tonight!

    Oh, say can you see…By the dawn’s early light…..”

  81. Sadly, the “birth certificate” she described was probably one issued by the hospital. Its not a birth certificate at all, just a memento. You have to go to the county clerks office to get the real thing, but that’s the GOVMINT and you can’t trust them. She was probably home-schooled and never had any contact with the real world.

  82. WonderBloom: That condition should be known as being in a “Red State.”

    Great video! That Sarah Palin sure do get around, don’t she? You betcha!

  83. For the first time in my life, I feel bad for a Republican congressman. Poor bastard was just trying to host a town hall, but a Tea Party broke out.

    [re=367437]momus[/re]: What you said. When I needed a birth certificate to get my Social Security number, the SSA wouldn’t accept the fancy hospital copy — they said it “just a souvenir.” I had to go the county courthouse to get a boring “Certificate of Live Birth,” just like the President’s.

    Man, I’m probably going to deported to Kenya for admitting that. What language do they speak over there, anyway? I need to order some Berlitz tapes.

  84. I’ll bet this is the last time Mike Castle lets Michele Bachmann come to one of his Town Hall Meetings.

    On a slightly more serious note, wait until Mr. Castle goes back to work and learns his “colleagues” have introduced a bill requiring Presidential candidates to produce their Birth Certificate. I just watched Chris Matthews interview one of those nutcases (YouTube, of course).

    Mr. Castle will probably make quite a speech on the floor of the House after this Meeting!

  85. [re=366821]paintitblack[/re]: Sir, I am deeply offended at your insinuation that I am an Eloi. My birth certificate clearly states my Morlock citizenship. I challenge you to a duel! Do you prefer sharpened Birth Certificates or Brass Bibles? Or shall we simply pick up a Birther and beat each other with them?

  86. Please read all ofmy comment before making an ignorant snap judgment that you would never say in person.

    Many things to address so I will keep it simple.
    A) Is President Obama a US citizen?
    -I don’t know. I do know that it has been brought to question due to the fact that he had to be a citizen of Indonesia in order to go to school there. The big problem with the whole thing is that he claims he was born in Hawaii, but his grandmother says Kenya and his sister says he was born in a different Hospital in Hawaii. I don’t think anybody knows. I personally have never liked the idea of only American citizens are able to be president. Because lets face it not all the presidents were born here; ie: Washington, Adams, Jefferson etc. everybody here are the product of immigration (unless you are 100% Native American)

    B) The Pledge of Allegiance incident.
    – I have always been confused about the Pledge of Allegiance. “one nation under God”? Well who’s God? there are more than one religion in the United States (its kind of our thing). I became even more confused when I learned that “under God” was actually added during the Cold War (around the same time they added “in God we Trust” on money). However, the Pledge of Allegiance is not said as much as it used to be. If you have a problem with America then leave if you have a problem with the Government running America…then pick a number and get in line. But I do think the the pledge should be recited more than it is.

    C) The Republican vs. Democrat thing
    – We pride our selves on a multiple party system….but we are actually a 2 party system, Dumb and Dumber. Doesn’t matter which is Dumber and which Dumb. The government is a complete wreck and we only have ourselves to blame. This country is not ran by politicians…..WE as a society run the country. WE are the ones that put them in power and we can make them leave. WE are their bosses and if we don’t think they are doing their job then WE need to fire them, or at the very least tell them they are doing a crappy job and won’t be getting re-elected. I am not a Republican or a Democrat. Consider me truly independent. I think for my self and don’t follow a party blindly.

    D) Obama as President
    – I am unsure about the direction we are headed. I know that Obama has only been in office for a short while and that a lot is expected of him. But he has already increased the already tremendous National Debt. The government owns most of GM and is now trying be in charge of health care (not him personally but the government). Its still too soon to tell but things are not looking too great. I really do hope everything turns out well over the next 3 1/2 years.

  87. [re=367505]PNutZ[/re]: I did read your blogette prior to making my ignorant snap judgment and it’s very hard to take your views seriously when you have improper grammer, lack of punctuation, run-on sentences, lack of capitalization and lack of knowledge about your subject matter. Signed – Mrs. Beasley, your 5th grade teacher.

  88. Think Progress has more from this:

    My favorite is the guy who starts on a swine flu rant: “The [flu] virus was built and created in Fort Dix, a small bioweapons plant outside of Fort Dix. This was engineered. This thing didn’t just crop up in a cave or a swine farm. … You think I’m going to trust you to put a needle full of dead baby juice and monkey kidneys? Cause that’s what this stuff [the flu vaccine] is grown on, dead babies!”

    If this is what Delaware is like, why was Joe Biden so hot on taking the train back there all the time?

  89. [re=366956]V572625694[/re]: We could SAY we were shipping them to an island, but really just put them in the water. Eventually the bodies would constitute something like an island.

  90. The really sad part, actually criminal in my view, is the talking heads who rattle their bars and encourage this bat shit behavior. I once caught an interview with Olbermann where he said Sean hannity told him with a conspiratorial wink that he couldn’t believe how whacked out they were. Kieth said he just look at him with disgust.

  91. [re=367505]PNutZ[/re]: Let me only address A. I think his grandmother’s statement is pretty clear, he was born in Kenya. I also believe there is some conspiracy to cover it up. I’m not sure why the republicans are pretending not to know what is so obvious- but when this is exploded it will be bigger than watergate!!

  92. awwwww she put her birth certificate in a plastic baggie. Gotta make sure you keep those muslin cooties off it.

    But what does she think the flag will change INTO?

  93. I’m sorry to burst everyone’s bubble who believe the “birthers” and “Obama is a Muslim” hate- propoganda-peddling-bile-spewers are uneducated or even Christian because it’s not true.

    A lot of these assholes are highly educated and living in…yeah you guessed it – Washington, DC. All those I know live in Georgetown, Burleigth and Cathedral neighborhoods which are amongst the wealthiest in Washington, DC.

    A very weird branch (imo) of the birthers are Jewish Americans. They HATE Obama with a zeal I’ve not seen since watching whites lynch blacks in DW Griffith’s ‘Birth of a Nation’.

    In addition to their belief that he was born in Kenya and therefore not a US citizen, they also claim Obama is anti-Israel and that he’s a Muslim and he’s, “kissing the asses of all the Arabs.” They were all up in arms about President Obama’s comments when visiting Cairo. It’s truly insane. There are several Jewish-American bloggers who believe all the same crazy bat shit that the lunatic in this clip babbles. There are even more Jewish-American non-bloggers who believe the same crazy bat shit the lunatic in this clip is babbling.

    Washington, DC is the most racist and class-conscious place I’ve ever lived in the U.S.

    This is the only town I know where the owners of yoga studios hate the owners of other yoga studios.

  94. Why hasn’t the government has sterilized her? My god, what a circus. I wanted to shove her birth certificate in her mouth to shut her up. The most remote wing of the republican party is slowly but surely working itself up into one hell of a frenzied tsunami over all of this birth certificate crap. I blame forwarded email messages urging people to ‘send on to ten of their friends…’
    But let them go at it. In fact, let them all go at in Alaska. With SexySarah leading them all. In an ice-encrusted swamp. Through a labyrinth of one-way bridges. Far away. FAR away.

  95. PNutZ: which “grandmother” are you talking about? Barack Obama’s grandfather was married three times. Only ONE counts as grandma.

    Give us the name and a CITE of the statement you’re claiming.

    We can wait

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