Just another pig at the trough.After an investigation revealed that South Carolinian Ambassador to Argentina Mark Sanford had not misspent taxpayer funds in the course of perpetrating his adulterous affair with some hot lady, people were sad. They were sad because the “abused state funds” charge would have been the real corker on top of the “wandering peen” charge, in terms of ways to get the guy out of office.

Now it appears that, while Sanford didn’t ask South Carolinians to foot the bill for whatever, hot rock massages and lavish bouquets for his mistress, he HAS gone flying all over the place in business class, which is a Sin. The state’s Budget and Control Board suggests that “travel by commercial airlines will be accomplished in coach or tourist class, except where exigencies require otherwise.”

Maybe he encountered many exigencies, because he spent over $44,000 in business and first-class tickets while his poor aides suffered in coach.

(He is probably just used to traveling like a rich person, because in “real life” he is a rich person.)

Oh also he is always talking about the importance of frugality and reaming other state employees for failing to stay within state reimbursement guidelines for hotels while he often goes over the limit himself.

He probably also tips the housekeeping staff poorly and runs off with all the shampoo samples.

Sanford traveled well on taxpayers’ dime [Politico]

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  1. Most people in South Carolina can’t afford to fly lowly coach. Sanford flying first class on the taxpayer dime to another hemisphere for some nookie will go over great with them.

  2. thank you, Sara, you read my comment and gave me my story. Not quite the resignation story I wanted but at least now you kept my weekend from being ruined

  3. Do I have to do everything around here? From AP:

    “…State Rep. Nikki Haley, a Republican, was a member of the state mission to China. A leading ally of Sanford’s in the legislature, Haley had just wrapped up her freshman term when she was invited to attend the World Economic Forum with the governor. She recalled a dozen or so delegates, mostly from the business community, but said she couldn’t remember whether she flew coach or first class. Although expense records released by the state Commerce Department and comptroller’s office do not show the type of ticket purchased, her flight cost $6,842.”It was a big deal that we were the only state in the country that was asked to bring a delegation,” Haley said. “It was very prestigious.” Other state employees who went on the trip charged the state between $1,905 and $3,963 each for their flights, the expense records show.”

    Ms Haley, a gubernatorial candidate:

  4. “Peeple are loosing 5, 10, 20100 dollars a day playing the state lotterys, and he’s sitting there in furst class on my taxys,” one caller said. “It’s insulting. There’s a lot of people suffering. Oh. He’s white? Forget I said anything.”

  5. At least when Hopey’s flying around on Air Force One it’s to take his WIFE on a date. Have we finally broken into the famous opposite-world were Dems are faithful family men who wear mommie jeans and Repubatards are cheating, taxpayer-swindling swine? I think so.

  6. Sanford’s spokesman, Joel Sawyer, did not answer questions about whether Sanford’s state-funded travel conflicted with either his penny-pinching rhetoric or state travel rules.
    Instead, he said in a statement: “Gov. Sanford has always made it a point to be incredibly judicious with his travel and compares favorably to previous administrations on that front.”

    …right before he quit.

  7. Are those Maria’s hemispheres he’s holding? (pardon me; I got a little possessive in my previous post – get it? har!)

  8. A little compassion, please. It was a long flight, and at the end of it, his little piggie had to be in good shape to root around in Evita’s “Southern Cone.” In coach seats your manly bits can get so, y’know, smooshed & compressed.

  9. [re=365329]V572625694[/re]: Thanks for the portrait of the Ambassador’s seat-mate. He certainly does have a type. Are we getting bored yet? How about a blondie, just to change things up?

  10. [re=365329]V572625694[/re]: That wouldn’t be the same same “NIKKI HALEY” who was totally-definitely-100%-without-a-doubt-ok-maybe-not banging Sanford before Maria came on the scene and ruined everything, would it?

  11. This is kinda bullshit. Even if its of a low-rent, backward shithole state, he IS a governor. A governor should be allowed to fly first-class. Could you imagine if you went to the airport, and your governor was fumbling his Travelpro carry-on next to some mouthbreathing family in coach?!? South Carolinians have to put enough with enough ego-brusing indignities (foremost of which is being from fucking South Carolina) to have to watch their governor brought humble.

  12. Of course, being a penny pincher when it comes to his personal money, this millionaire BRAGGED that he travels coach (and slept in his stupid congro office). You just know he’s a feller who’s always forgot his wallet and is quick with the “My treat next time!”

    It was only a matter of time before Maria threw his tightwad ass out. He was probably cryin’ for five days in Argentina because he had to buy her dinner one night.

  13. If there’s anything fundamentalist Christians love more than sinning, it’s confessing. When I was in high school, my Baptist Sunday School teacher confessed to committing an insurance fraud when he was college age. I asked, “So you paid them back after you became a Christian?” Funny thing, we never saw him again.

  14. [re=365322]BlueStateLibtard[/re]: Well, first you’ll need someone to read the newspaper to them, then explain what airplanes are. Some of them might be mad by that point. Or at least extremely confused.

  15. [re=365329]V572625694[/re]: Couldn’t remember if she flew coach or first class? That’s like saying you couldn’t remember if, at a prestigious dinner, you had Beef Wellington or a PBJ sandwich.

  16. Why the fuck is the governor of South Carolina flying all over the world in coach or otherwise? I didn’t realize SC was such a world economic power. I thought it was more like Goober and Floyd the Barber talking about the size of Aunt Bea’s county fair cucumbers (I realize that Mayberry is in NC, but really what’s the diff?)

  17. I propose that from now on, all Republicans holding public office be eunuchs! If they are intact males when they run, they must have everything removed once they are elected. They can freeze heir parts and have them re-implanted once they leave office.

    Might be a good requirment for TV evangelists, too.

    Zhu Bajie, not a eunuch or a Republican

  18. It’s obvious to anyone with half a brain that those pigs supposed to represent Sanford and Maria and Sanford was using them to communicate to Maria that he wanted fly down to Buenos Aires, so that he could pork her and roll around in the mud. He thought no one would suspect the picture his press office released would mean anything other than his support of keeping dark colored pigs away from light skinned pigs. God, it was right there all along. I can’t believe the media dropped the ball on something so obvious. And Sanford is a total pig and such, also.

  19. [re=365555]zhubajie[/re]: Decided to go with an avatar, eh? Thought we wouldn’t notice, eh? We know everything about you. You have a most interesting search history, Mr. Proxy Server.

    —–Your Friendly Chinese Govt Watchdog

  20. see up everybody, one reason LoverBoy Sanford ain’t about to resign is that (acc. to Noo Yawk Times article today, citing the local S.C. paper The State), the Lt.Gov. who would take over if HotBalls Sanford treks down the Appalachian Trail to the Argentine Tail again, is reputed to be (oh my gawd!) GAY.
    get out your Gaydar, chaps and chappies, this fellow Andre Bauer (fishy name, no?) not only crashed an airplane but also collected numerous speeding tickets.
    So maybe this is why the Good & Ignorant citizens of S.C. (the secession state) prefer to keep philanderer Sanford in his governance position.
    check it out, i kid you not.

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