FILM AND STAGE  12:18 pm July 17, 2009

Fun Times With Water-Obsessed, Off-Beat Liberals

by Arielle Fleisher

  • Sunday, July 19: Synchronized swimming is all anybody’s talking about these days, and, lucky for you, you can see it in action at the Capitol Skyline Hotel this Sunday from 6PM-7PM. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, Conner Contemporary Art is screening “experimental videos” (we’ll leave that is up to your imagination) poolside after the competition. Free. [Capitol Skyline Hotel]
  • Wednesday, July 22: Look, it’s a movie that you’ve probably seen a thousand times, but now that you can watch it from a swimming pool, its got to be 10x better!! Catch a screening of The Big Lebowski at the Capitol Skyline Hotel (a one stop shop for fun this summer!) this Wednesday at 7pm. Admission is $10, and it includes a White Russian (drink). [Capitol Skyline Hotel]
  • Wednesday, July 22: Movies that promote propaganda are fine by us — how else do you think we’re going to rid the world of fast food establishments Morgan Spurlock)? Learn all about the power that films have to change the world at the Media That Matters Film Festival starting at 7PM on Wednesday. Admission is free, and soda and popcorn will be provided. [Campus Progress]
  • Friday, July 24: Perhaps one of the most unique events in the City, the Hirshhorn After Hours, which takes place at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, combines art, music and drinks into a wild and crazy party, modern art style.  According to, well, us, “The Hirshhorn party is still hot … [and] gets a crowd not found anywhere else in DC.” Buy tickets NOW because they will sell out. Try to look as hipster as possible. Tickets are $18. [Hirshhorn After Hours]
  • Closing July, 26: The Capital Fringe Festival is an annual arts event in DC that features over 120 performances. Known for being eclectic and for pushing the envelope, the Festival includes non-traditional performances in music, art and theater. If you’re a fan of any and all things odd, you will certainly enjoy the shows. Or you could just watch CSPAN. [Capital Fringe Festival]
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Crank Tango July 17, 2009 at 12:28 pm

as luck would have it, I have already started combing my hair with jello, er, in preparation…

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