Michael Steele To Woo Black People With Certain Food Items

At this weekend’s Young Republicans conference, where an old racist gal was elected President, some bloggers had an opportunity to sit down with “best Republican ever” Michael Steele. Some guy asks him how he plans to bring “diverse populations” into the Republican party. Steele replies, “y’all come,” then some slob in the back says, “I’ll bring the collard greens,” and Steele says, “I got the fried chicken and potato salad.” Ha ha ha! Although Michael Steele is from Africa, so he can say these things. (Guy in the back though??) Anyway, really great conference this weekend, very welcoming. [HuffPo]

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  1. norbizness

    I think that unidentified voice in the back was Fuzzy Zoeller. Or some 22-year-old frat boy racist dickweed whose vote/voice cancels mine out and therefore proves that American democracy is irrevocably fucked, I forget which.

  2. WhatTheHeck

    This man is from another galaxy where common sense is a lost attribute.
    He sure doesn’t understand the workings of this planet.

    Wake up, man.

  3. Todd Mecklem

    Steele: forced grin, “Doesn’t bother me!” comeback. I almost feel sorry for the guy–hope he has a soundproof room where he can do primal scream therapy once in a while…

  4. Prommie

    Begosh and Begorrah, the racial stereotyping makes me want to barf up my corned beef and cabbage, but I’ll hold it down for the sake of the whiskey.

  5. finallyhappy

    The man is another fame whore- he is giving up any self-respect he had for this crappy position

  6. Hooray For Anything

    Once again, it’s a brilliant attempt at placating the base of the Republican Party by adhering to every stereotype they have of an African American. Just as long as he stays away from all the Republican white women he’ll be fine.

  7. GIJoeIce

    Why does this look like a hostage tape? Is that the standard GOP reaction when they see a black guy, to back him into a corner?

  8. freakishlystrong

    You’d think with all the racial pop-outs from wingtards recently, (freepers!), they’d maybe kinda cool it on this shit. Psssstt…it’s not funny when you’re really a racist….

  9. Lascauxcaveman

    [re=362078]norbizness[/re]: Oh relax, ya whiny libtard. His vote is only about 23% as potent as yours these days. And he’ll prolly be sending you a humorous email involving watermelons on the White House lawn, so it’s not all bad.

  10. Prommie

    [re=362097]Hooray For Anything[/re]: I still believe that the first words of Obama’s inaugural speech should have been “Excuse me, while I whip this out.”

  11. Doglessliberal

    Are they holding one of his dogs hostage and sending him little boxes with its body parts? Pictures of it holding today’s paper? I mean why the fuck else does he keep debasing himself like this?

  12. ManchuCandidate

    Foodie Review of Michael Steele’s House of Munch.

    Michael Steele’s House of Munch is a mixed review for me. I do like how they prepared their collard greens, potato salad and fried chicken with all the grape soda I can drink (I enjoy soul food even though I am not black.) The decor is early Nixon era, but I’m none too pleased about the predominantly white male waiters wearing white tablecloths on their heads.

    3 stars out of 5. Recommended, but not if you’re a self respecting black and/or non white who likes fried chicken.

  13. norbizness

    [re=362104]Lascauxcaveman[/re]: Which reminds me, I should probably register or something.

  14. CrunchyKnee

    When every problem looks like fried chicken, every solution looks like potato salad.

  15. Crab1

    Finally, a black man that can laugh at/be the embodiment of negative black man stereotypes.

  16. WadISay

    You have to admit, several Republicans have certainly taken Steele’s message about the need to “embrace others” and run with it.

  17. radicallefttsgal

    Wow! will Steele wear his “Will Tapdance for Watermelon” t shirt to the barbecue?

  18. Pizzuti

    “If you can grab a hold of that thread that weaves amongst all us here that defines us as Republicans…”

    That thread being, no matter what minority group you’re a member of, you hate some other group more.

  19. finallyhappy

    [re=362114]ManchuCandidate[/re]: I thought the stereotype was orange soda? And I didn’t know about potato salad. Damn my parents for not teaching me these things!

  20. Extemporanus

    Shit, if this is gonna be that kind of Republican party, I’m gonna stick my dick in the potato salad!

  21. Country Club Jihadi

    Clearly, he was Harriet Tubman in a former life, just cold creatin’ a pathway.

  22. Pizzuti

    Didn’t you all hear? When Steele said Republicans should respect every group of people, half of the Young Republicans walked out of the conference because of his “racist comments.”

  23. Hooray For Anything

    [re=362117]Crab1[/re]: Sometimes I wonder if he’s doing some weird sort of performance art thing. Like he’s showing up the Republican Parties ignorance by doing stupid, slightly racist things and having everybody laugh at the Republican Party in how they react to him. He very well could be the black Sascha Baron Cohen.

  24. Cape Clod

    I didn’t know that potato salad was a racially provocative stereotype.

    I’m challenged to think of what sort of bad kharma he took on in his former lives to find himself in his present position.

  25. azw88

    [re=362134]Extemporanus[/re]: Make sure it is warm, German potato salad. regular potato salad just has the same effect as a cold shower, except now your dick is covered with mayo, potatoes, and diced olives. Not a good thing, unless your girlfriend REALLY likes potato salad!

  26. thefrontpage

    If only more ‘publicans ate collard greens, fried chicken and potato salad, this would be a better world.

    What are collard greens?

  27. BobLoblawLawBlog

    “HAHAHAHA, young man, I’ll sho nuff bring y’all some fried chicken and watermelon too, hyuh hyuh. And then we’ll watch The Jazz Singer and talk about how funny we colored folks talk sometimes, with our ‘shizzles’ and ‘nizzles’ and crazy jive,” he said, frantically texting Al Sharpton that he’d had enough. Little did he know, Sharpton’s plan to torpedo the Republicans from the inside was far from over.

  28. lomri

    waaaah??? The republican party wrote the bill of rights and the constitution??? Ow, my brain. Jeebus, saying your party likes diversity because of Lincoln… yeah. last good thing we did… 1860s. Next good thing is comin soon! 2128 baby!

  29. Cape Clod

    [re=362161]TGY[/re]: No, I give it another couple of months and then some jagoff is going to say something similar to what this knucklehead said and Steele is going to laugh disarmingly then take out a Glock and shoot the fucker dead. Then amidst the screaming and ensuing panic, he’s going to start firing into the air, laughing in the most appaling way.

  30. McDuff

    If it’s grandma’s receipe for potato salad, I’d go to a few Repug rallies. Steal some free foods, leave before the hate!

  31. SeminoleInDior

    The only thing I find offensive about this is that I am not invited! Mmm mmm! Fried chicken and potato salad. Do I need to tan first, or will they let me in as is (white as shit)?

  32. finallyhappy

    [re=362232]Josh Fruhlinger[/re]: It is possible that potato salad is white people food and Steele was trying to placate the racist “Young” republicans by offering to bring it.

  33. Prommie

    [re=362130]finallyhappy[/re]: Grape Nehi. Orange Soda is a substitute in areas where Grape Nehi is not available. And a pack of Kools.

  34. teebob2000

    Yeah, all the world said black people should be slaves, except that they didn’t. The Republican Party created the Constitution, except that they didn’t. The Republican Party created the Bill of Rights, except that they didn’t.

    Other than those 3 things, which are not true and which underpin his main assertion that the Republican Party is about inclusion, I guess I agree with him.

  35. springfield_meltdown

    His professionalism and ability to roll with things is breathtaking. Especially since it is clear that he traded his dignity to do so.

  36. american mutt

    What Steele doesn’t understand is that we strive to be an Obama, a man who plays bball and eats watermelon with dignity. The black community is ready to class it up a bit.

    Steele is doing his impression of a white man doing an impression of a black man.

  37. gurukalehuru

    Oh Michael, Oh Michael, this just isn’t right
    You’re whiter than I am, and I’m fucking white

  38. sezme

    [re=362152]Hooray For Anything[/re]: Acutally, has anyone investigated the possibility that he is Sascha Baron Cohen? There is a passing resemblance…

  39. marciax3

    He’s a dumbass, but give the guy a break. The gay dude asked how the repubs would bring in diversity. Steele responded, “Y’all come!”
    Dude, “I’ll bring the collard greens!” Steele, “I’ll have the fried chicken and potato salad!”
    Can’t stand Steele’s punk ass, but he DOES welcome all stripes in his dumbass party.

  40. Red Zeppelin

    Everyone knows all you have to do if you want the coloreds to vote for you (or do anything at all) is give them some watermelon, fried chicken, and collards, and some, uh, loose shoes, right?

  41. Lazy Media

    [re=362176]thefrontpage[/re]: Yankees, pfft. “Collard greens” is only racist if you’re from up north, where it’s a laughable, exotic ethnic food. In the South, where all Republicans now come from, it’s just food, particularly when one receives the “y’all come,” gambit.

    Fried chicken, collard greens and potato salad are what you eat at the church potluck in 90 percent of red states. Fellow libtards, I shouldn’t have to ‘splain this. Get out and about more.

  42. Red Zeppelin

    [re=362321]american mutt[/re]: Cause he’s the lawn jockey of the Republican party!

  43. problemwithcaring

    [re=362232]Josh Fruhlinger[/re]: More racists than what they did to Roland Burris. I am shocked at your ignorance, honestly.

  44. Mike Steele

    After watching that video, even I have to admit that I am one dumb, confused son of a bitch. Man, self loathing is a burden.

  45. I-man

    [re=362087]Paterlanger[/re]: I just had to create this account specifically to applaud Peterlanger for that cool-ass Invisible Man reference. All we need is Huckabee in black face and we might have a GOP supercargo soon enough. Well, my job is done here, back to lurking.

  46. LoweredPeninsula

    [re=362321]american mutt[/re]:

    “Steele is doing his impression of a white man doing an impression of a black man.”

    EXACTLY. Spot on.

    [re=362098]GIJoeIce[/re]: ROTFLMAO, truly. Also. It really does look like a hostage video. You can see the terror in his eyes everytime he speaks. lol

    That’s right, Steele. Keep dancin’ like some clown and setting us back decades.

  47. Hutch

    [re=362562]I-man[/re]: I saw that, too! Perfect! The best WIN I’ve seen here in a long time!

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