Chuck “I’m no NAIL” Grassley want 2 fix health care/kill ChrRangel 4ever butt mex judge need fixin 2, ES BUZY. [Chuck Grassley’s Twitter]

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  1. I’m going to need a 12 year old girl to translate that for me, it looks like it was written by a 12 year old boy… maybe he had the kid twitter it for him after he had his hanky panky fun.

  2. New entry for the Urban Dictionary needed. I suggest:

    TWIT-er: a moron (aka a TWIT) that uses Twitter to try and carry on bi-partisan talks.

  3. “If you watch the Supreme Court nominee on television before the Judiciary, you will notice that I will be there most of this week.”

    There, and that’s with 10 characters to spare! Just because it’s 140 characters or less doesn’t mean you have to sound like a borderline-retarded teenage girl with ADD.

  4. Jesus Christ, my 16 year old babysitter writes more eloquent text messages than what this guy twats out. GEORGE WILL WHERE IS YOUR OUTRAGE OVER THIS INDIGNITY.

  5. b4 u r so quick 2 criticize the senator’s spelling, u should find out whether he is just trying 2 b like his favorite musician, Prince.

    In fact, isn’t “I b there most of this wk” a line from “Erotic City?”

  6. Maybe “i b there” is his feeble attempt to get with the Michael Jackson crowd?

    You and I must make a pact
    We must bring salvation back
    Where there is love, I’ll be there

  7. [re=361282]azw88[/re]: TWIT-er: a moran (aka a TWIT) that uses Twitter to try and carry on bi-partisan talks.
    There: fixed it. And: yes.

  8. My personal fave from @ChuckGrassley : “Can anybody tell how to get digital KWWLtv News I’ve got converter box. I want watch Lex Steele”

  9. Its pure joy watching the republican train about to wreck while they’re tweeting at the wheel.

    We’ll never get back the 20 years we lost with Reagun/HW/JR.

    Soon they will be gone forever and all they’ll have left is Palin to go to for creditability.

  10. Why do these old fools continue to demean themselves with Teh Twitter? How, as a citizen who follows politics, does it help me to know what a Senator does b4 a hearing?

  11. Maybe it’s from spending the last 8 years listening to W babble on in a language other than English, but I understood all of that.

    Now I haz a sad.

  12. Smaller group at Marengo Rotary Club.Spme nonmembers attended.Same issues brought for discussion. Docter and lawyers present
    11:24 AM Jul 2nd from txt

    He even shortens “Doctor” to “Docter” to save chars.

  13. 1) Mark Sanford had staff do all this while he was on the Appalachian Trail.

    2) Ensign hired his ho’s teenage son to “consult” with the Republicans.

    Ergo: Grassley b havin yungins (mebbe grndchillun) on payrol — or Michael Steele.

  14. [re=361462]zebubull[/re]: Lower ASCII code totals, means less memory. Duh!. But you libtards wouldn’t know anything that. spend. spend. spend.

    $20 says republicans are dicking around with Twitter five years from now when it will be the Altavista of social networks.

  15. plz disrgrd that top 20% hold 84.% of wealth. lol! all that lettuce buyz ya some sweet taxshelterz baby. also grssly blws goats & is a fckstck also, call me.

  16. The only thing more offensive then his use of lolspeak is the complete trash he unleashed upon Sotomayor and the public, today. If I have to listen to one more conservative white guy speak of his anger and horror about Sotomayor’s “empathy” I’m going to puke. ‘Cause, how dare she allude to the fact that she’s going to judge every case equally that comes before her instead of giving special preference to white males. Yes, it’s the first latina judge evah that’s going to be racist and prejudice, not the near entire pack of white men who oversaw the court until very recently. GAG.

  17. [re=361312]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: I’m sure this will go unread due to too old thread, but I am an old lady of 42 w/3 kids. Yes, reading Wonkette at work.

  18. [re=361837]HuddledMass[/re]: Oh. Got it. I meant “the babysitter I employ”. Although it would be funny if I were a hyperliterate 8 year old, I suppose.

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