'She loves me, Miss Argentina, Though she hides behind her smile. She runs free, Miss Argentina, Dripping blood with lots of style'Well, that is a very alliterative and twee headline, isn’t it? Mark Sanford probably wrote this on a Twitter to Argentina, while hiking naked on the Appalachian Trail of his Soul (Mate). But, bad news for the terrible husband and father and lousy governor who will not resign, like a man, because he’s really just some weird emo teen-ager locked in the body of a washed-up S.C. politician: The South Carolina GOP Knights of the Round Table just decided to CENSURE this sleazy character with his multiple passport stamps and many poetically erotic nights with his Argentine Firecracker.

Fox News reports:

The party stopped short of asking him for his resignation but nevertheless formally reprimanded their married governor for his infidelity and the fallout over his South American trips to visit her. This is the first time in history that the South Carolina Republican party has voted to censure an elected party official, party members said.

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