• Joe the Plumber was the keynote speaker at the Houston Teabag Fiesta. And here’s a fun video of him autographing female breasts with a sharpie while talking about those “damn illegals.”
    [Think Progress]
  • RedState intern Michele Bachmann writes about Dealergate, and some sort of Executive Order she is cosponsoring that will outlaw the census. [RedState]
  • Matt Taibbi wrote a scathing customer review about Goldman Sachs in Rolling Stone, which you should definitely check out. And now Goldman is in a bit of a PR nightmare but no sweat, they still have all of our money. [Matt Taibbi]
  • Andrew Sullivan is still groovin’ out to the eight tabs of LSD he ate on Saturday. The only question that remains: is he listening to Surrealistic Pillow or Volunteers? Curious minds want to know. [Andrew Sullivan]
  • Have you heard the one where Harry Reid, Al Franken and a rabbi walk into a bar? [The Caucus]
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  1. If Sarah can resign from her position as governor of Alaska in the middle of the term, surely Joe can resign from his position as an ignorant, xenophobic media whore?

  2. Clearly, “After Bathing at Baxters” or “Crown of Creation.”

    Also, Joe is getting more nooky out of this — albeit weirdass Republican groupie nookie — than most of us get in a lifetime. Since they don’t believe in birth control, I’m expecting a generation of Little Joes in Republican ovens.

  3. If Goldman Sachs is monitoring it’s own clients webtrades and front run them then I’d want to fuck with them (if I had the money to fuck with them) much like Eddie Murphy and Dan Ackroyd did in trading places.) Orange Juice Futures here I come!!

  4. [re=356169]Barrett808[/re]: I dunno, I always kinda liked Traffic for my drug-addled soundtrack–but then am I few years younger than some of you dudes. Oh yeah, and the “Song Remains the Same” album. F*ckin’ killer.

  5. [re=356179]Scandalabra[/re]: After listening to my kids’ Radio Disney for what seems like hours on end, the only thing that can clear my brain of over-produced studio mediocrities like the “High School Musical” bunch or Miley effin’ Cyrus is a good clear blast of Grace Slick. “Don’t you want somebody to love?” Hell yeah and it ain’t Natasha Bedingfield.

  6. Joe the Plunger was at Austin’s real teabagging party Friday morning before going to Houston. While he was in Austin I interviewed him. I asked him about his friends, the birthers, also.

    For those wondering, Joe/Sam did not smell, have bad breath or give any hint that he is an alien from another planet sent to destroy the republican party. But during his speech he said he had been praying to god moments before, when in truth he was smoking a cigarette and going over his prepared remarks.

  7. Weird. I turn on CNN and all’s I get is Michael Jackson. I open Rolling Stone and get great investigative journalism.

  8. Ok, it’s not directly on topic, but it is some fine display of Plumber logic, courtesy of his lovers at RedState:

    First mistake of teh Hondurians
    kyle8 Monday, July 6th at 6:16PM EDT (link)
    They should have let him land then when the entire party got off the plane simply machine gun them all.

    Sounds bloodthirsty, and sure the rest of the world wouldn’t like it. BUT, it would have removed their problem. As long as he remains alive he is a threat to them

    I am quite serious about this.

  9. [re=356188]hobospacejunkie[/re]: Joe the Plumper is a lying sack of shit. This much is well known. Why he found it necessary to lie about a matter of such small consequence is another matter. Just to keep his hand in? Because it has become reflexive? Or because he can no longer distinguish truth from falsehood?

  10. [re=356193]x111e7thst[/re]: I’m not sure Joe could ever distinguish the true from the false. And after lying so much for so long it becomes a habit. Like smoking. Which I also do so I’m not cracking on Joe for smoking, just for saying he was talking to god when he was really smoking.

  11. The music and editing are too fast for Acid or X, so I’m guessing Sully is on a Meth or K bender. And judging from his postings, it has been going on since June 1.

  12. [re=356196]hobospacejunkie[/re]: Anyone who calls himself Joe the Plumber when he is in fact Sam the Unlicensed Handiman who does some plumbing work..

  13. Talking about psychedelic experiences, I’m really looking forward to the Palin/Bachman/Joe the Plumber tour, soon coming to your local state fair!

  14. Goldman Sachs is a lot more worried about a Russian former employee stealing the source code for the billions in programmed trading they do than in front running retail clients. Although if you are GS you don’t leave a penny for anyone else, so Matt Taibbi better find someone to start his car for him for the next few years.

  15. [re=356197]Country Club Jihadi[/re]: Sorry, didn’t catch the brand. He went out of his way to hide the fact that he smokes, so he didn’t have a pack in his pants pocket or otherwise within view. In fact I think he retrieved his smokes from his car before lighting up.

  16. “Volunteers.” It has to be “Volunteers.”

    You used a “Dropped D” tuning, and you can play the same three chords for the rest of the night. I don’t care how loaded you get, or on what.

    D-C-G. Over and over and over and over and over and over . . . .

    Sorry. Almost had a flashback there. (Stay away from the brown acid!)

  17. [re=356191]user-of-owls[/re]: That’s a good point, actually. If President Zelaya is really a criminal, then shouldn’t they have let his plane land so they could cart him off to court? It’s not as if, say, the French would barricade the runways to stop Henry Kissinger landing. They’d let him land and then take him straight to the guillotine.

  18. [re=356253]doloras[/re]: For years I’ve daydreamed about kidnapping Henry Kissinger and delivering him to Chile. And now Robert McNamara has escaped justice.

  19. One generation got rolled
    One generation got sold
    One generation got no destination
    We are obscene lawless hideous dangerous dirty violent and young
    We are forces of chaos and anarchy
    Everything they say we are we are
    And we are very
    Proud of ourselves
    Up against the wall
    Up against the wall motherfucker
    Tear down the wall Mr Gorbachev

    Srsly is this Andrew Sullivan OLD or HIP enough to have done acid? I thought he was a ginhead. Dr. Leary always told us that alcohol just fogs up yer lenses….

    OTOH toss the dude some thorazine. Doubt he’s enjoying it much.

  20. up against the wall
    up against the wall motherfucker
    tear down the wallll

    one generation got rolled
    one generation got sold
    this generation got no TICKET TO RIDE


    srsly tho I thought Mr. Sullivan was too young and too square to have ever done acid, much less enjoyed it. still, toss the dude some thorazine, just in case

  21. [re=356174]A Better American Than YOU[/re]: I’d say [i]Crown of Creation[/i], above all. [i]Long John Silver[/i] sucks for LSD, but it’s one of my favorite records, anyway. But what do I know? I’m a 39-year-old young Democrat who’s never tried LSD in the first place.

    And if Joe the Plumber does crank out dozens of offspring, the Republicans will be even more inbred than they already are. I expect that some time around the year 2060 there will be a Joe the Plumber bloodline compiled in a bestseller titled [i]The American Hapsburgs.[/i]

  22. For the first time since our divorce we have gone on a summer vacation as a family. We are having a fabulous time, hanging out as a foursome, and exploring the exquisite beauty of Crete: the brilliant sand, the jasmine-filled air, the crystalline sea — and history to be found with every step you take.

  23. Acid?? Could be some o that STP. Remember back in the day when that stuff hit the streets, was it 1969? They called it the three-day trip. I remember this cat Little Brother, stayed up in a tree in Central Park for three days, when he came down he had earned the moniker “STP John.” After which he did nothing but drink malt liquor read Zap comix, listen to Creedence Clearwater and occasionally hitchhike to Boulder. We finally had to kick him outta the house, he was just bringing everybody down.

  24. Anybody rmember Purple Domes? Or Blue Journeys? I could never tell the difference, but whatever it was was very very fuzzy. Best acid I ever had was Orange Sunshine. And no I never had any trademark Owsley, but OTOH never met anybody who did. Windowpane was a close second, but it was definitely manufactured by the CIA, allowed the secret police to read your mind. Little mescaline tabs with the picture of Mr. Natural were pretty mellow.

  25. [re=356249]Extemporanus[/re]: Did you photoshop Plunger’s herpes or did he bust his lip with Sanford?
    I heard Plunger likes to be punched in the face before he massages cock with his tonsils.

  26. Wonkette, don’t make me reach for that-there jar of strap oil right next to the can of whoop-ass! Joe the Pinhead was not in Houston on that video, he was in Conroe, a town north of Houston in the piney woods that is still going through the Stages of Grief over the tragic end of the War of Northern Aggression.

  27. I was raised in a small town near Mt. Olive, Mississippi. I worked policy in DC for years. I now live in Los Angeles, near my family full of starfuckers.

    My Facebook is being hit by one tearful/reflective/overwrought and rambling note on the death of SOMEBODY, every couple of hours. Is this what I must suffer through to be a part of this social networking dilly?

  28. [re=356294]problemwithcaring[/re]: “Hi. I’m unfriending you until the Michael Jackson deathgasm is over. As grief is an individual and unpredictable thing, just let me know when you’re done posting this annoying shit and we can be friends again.”
    Problem solved. Well, sorta.

  29. [re=356188]hobospacejunkie[/re]: That was good. It’s funny that nobody has to set rhetorical traps for him — you just let him be himself and special combination of unquestioning trust in one point of view plus the borderline paranoia come out all by themselves. And I say borderline because by now I’ve totally lost any idea where the line between right-wing goofy and right-wing throw-a-puppy-off-a-cliff-and-laugh-maniacally psychosis is.

  30. [re=356249]Extemporanus[/re]: HA HA that is fucking awesome. Sorry for the late reply, I sleep during the day usually. Please continue along this theme. You are the photoshop replace-the-head man of the year!

  31. [re=356322]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Thanks for the compliment. I thought about committing a few questions to memory before talking to him but then I figured it wouldn’t be necessary. Whatever came out of his mouth would be golden. Though I threw in the question about the birth certificate because during an earlier speech it had gotten the most crowd response.

  32. [re=356330]hobospacejunkie[/re]: Thanks, glad you liked it, and good morning.

    To quote Bueller: “Never had one lesson”…and I’m afraid it shows. The first cranial transplant I tried was the Iconic Representation of Sarah Palin’s Love for a Special Needs Ken Layne. So much head, so little time, eh?

    For Mark, I figured I’d hedge my bets with both Pride and Argentina flair—if the other shoe (ball?) should drop, I’ll be ready. Poor guy’s gotten so little love since Da Quitta from Wasilla rained on his little latina love hike. (Thanks for wearing a pink hat with an ‘A’ for Appalachia on it; that really made my job easier.)

    Also, I believe [re=356282]El Pinche[/re]: has a JTP STD Q&A for you…

  33. [re=356174]A Better American Than YOU[/re]: My first thought was also ‘Baxters’, but on second thought, I think we’re well into “Blows Against The Empire” territory.

    Also, well-played, Riley. Well played, uh, also.

  34. [re=356328]Extemporanus[/re]: On AT forums, a few hikers did report the smell of swamp ass and dirty dick as well as sasquatch-like moaning sounds. Hmmmm, coincedence? I think not.

  35. So our uber-capitalist Michelle “Barking Mad” Bachman has this great idea on how to keep the government from telling businesses what to do. She is introducing a bill to tell businesses what to do. A proud moment for freedom!

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