• DC is the capital of many things, not just Virginia. For instance, it’s a major destination for senseless violence, and it’s also a “must-visit” for any tourist looking to snag a little “Capitol Hill Dome,” in exchange for a crack pebble. Yes, this is a miserable place. But sometimes — not often, but now and then — something magical happens. Like when three transvestites mug a woman, and then use her credit card to buy panties at Victoria’s Secret. Oh wait, this happened in Fredericksburg. Never mind. [Washington Examiner]

  • Allow us to pin a ribbon to your tunic, DCist, for you have displayed great diligence in your endeavor to obtain pictures of the Real World cast, pictures you probably lifted from Alex Kozinski’s website, but whatever. Just remember: you may have won this battle, but the website with the first photographs of a Love Sack wins the war. [DCist]
  • Zounds! Not all red-badge-wearers are Hill interns! Some are “unshaven” contractors that make “at least twice as much” as staffers do. Wasn’t Blackwater disbanded? Scandal! [Spotted: DC Interns AND CONTRACTORS]
  • A question for the bookworms who took AP Soviet History in high school: What did Stalin do just days before ordering his ice-axe assassins to murder FDR? If you answered, “He closed all the golf courses,” you get college credit. Get outraged, Montgomery County! [Washington Examiner]
  • Bike Harassment. It’s real. [Holla Back DC]
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  1. Dressed as women, three men are accused of stealing a woman’s credit card and going on a shopping spree, Fredericksburg, Va., police said.

    They were later spotted at a dinner party with their hands on David Brooks’ inner thigh.

  2. Looxuries, bike wussies. You want to get harassed, try inline skating (notably by bike assholes who complain about the amount of path you use).

  3. Ah, yes. The Powder-Blue Comfort Room Fortress of Solitude.

    I love bike jocks, as well. I like to think of them as “Assholes on Iron Horses.” It helps. You should try it.

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