The look on these anchors’ faces at 0:33 might rank among the greatest YouTube freeze-frames of some period of time. [Las Vegas Gleaner]

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  1. The fat guy should be the new internet sensation, not Steve Ryan, who, no doubt, will be asked by his station manager “were you going to punch him Steve?”

  2. I’ve always thought TV news companies must have something like millions of hours of outtakes featuring the reporter getting into a fight with the angry and/or drunken mob.

  3. I think that guy spoke for many grieving Americans when he said:
    “Yeah, Michael Jackson, wooooooh. Yeah! Jackson, heheh, woooooh.”

  4. That’s what you get for broadcasting from Fremont St. instead of a Palms penthouse. Btw, who let the fat girl in red on the teevee? It’s not like this is a Wisconsin affiliate or something. It’s Vegas baby! Where’s the ex-showgirl in a low-cut top to read the news? TV NEWS FAIL.

  5. Hey, I’m on topic now – anybody else wondering if MJ’s dad had him castrated as a kid to keep his voice from changing? They used to do that back in the old days, you know. It would sure explain a lot things.


  6. Apparently, some U.S. Americans have rejected Dean Wormer’s advice and do believe that fat, drunk, and stupid is a way go through life.

  7. Seeing as I essentially misappropriated Manchu’s comment, let me just say that somewhere there’s a parents’ basement missing its Funyun-munching tenant.

  8. They call it “Action News,” what do they want, soporifics? It’s the first interesting MJ story since the gloved one shuffled off the mortal coil.

  9. In Steve Ryan’s defense, this was his big break that the fat fuck messed up. Next stop was supposed to be covering Cheaters or the applicants who couldn’t make the cut for Jerry Springer.

  10. [re=351665]Wet Work[/re]: His normal speaking voice, while high and soft-spoken like his mother and brothers, was deeper than the 10-yr-old’s whisper he affected in public. Like most queens, it’s reported that his voice went down several octaves when he got pissed off.

  11. I hope Minnesota TV stations (WJM?) has this guy interviewing happy Twin Cities residents outside the Norm Coleman concession speech!

  12. [re=351665]Wet Work[/re]: hmmm, today’s gossip is that the kidz are neither MJ’s, nor the putative mother’s, even tho she did grin & “bear” them. No suprize that MJ & that woman (whatevah her name is) didn’t make sexy time to get some bunz in her oven, but then again, I thought maybe they did some artificial insem. of MJ’s sperm, etc, so the kiddies would really be his. Guess not, so… perhaps MJ didn’t have, uh, the balls to do the deed.

  13. I really hope that Steve-o there was just trying to sorta push the mook’s face, or put his hand over his mouth, or something, because otherwise that was the wussiest girl punch I’ve ever seen anyone throw.

    Including the one at that wedding I went to where the drunk bride tried to deck the photographer.

    Also including any of the wussy girl punches I’ve thrown, which thankfully have not been shown to everybody in the world, on the youtubes.

  14. Is he single? Every girl should have a dreamy guy like Steve Ryan to half-heartedly throw kitty punches at fat and lecherous Slurpee junkies. <3333

  15. Does anybody read Elmore Leonard anymore? This is an obvious setup by a certain family. The interloper’s name is Guido. He offers the station a foolproof insurance policy. They take out a policy with Guido’s family, and stand-ups anywhere on the Strip go down with no trouble. You don’t want to pay for insurance, then you remain in your studio, like Moe Green.

    It’s very simple in Vegas.

    This is actually a class act. In Miami, according to Elmore, the policy to hotel owners is to prevent poop in the pools.

  16. Fat dude, I would venture an educated guess he is technically “retarded,” though I prefer the beautiful french word “imbecile,” just because pigfucking retards hate all things french, so calling them imbeciles is a way to add just a bit more insult to injury.

    But as I say, round about my parts, he would be considered a retard for sure. However, there are places where I am sure he would be electable because he represents their local values, you know, stupidity, and whatnot.

  17. Holy shit. The reporter isn’t the one freaking out, it’s that fat drunk fuck. The only thing Steve Ryan did wrong was fail to coldcock him while his videographer beats the sumbitch with one of those bitchin’ Sony HD cameras. Shoulda knocked all five of fat asshole’s remaining teeth down this throat. As they say in French: quel dick.

  18. Hmmm. Did Joe the Plumber’s “Pints and Politics” 3.2% social hold a session in Vegas, cuz it appears that one of his cornstiturants done xscaped. I wish that the female anchors had been tonguing each other down when they did that cut-away shot or whatever. I like my Vegas the way I like my Vegas is all.

  19. “Who are these people? These faces! They look like caricatures of used-car dealers from Dallas. But they’re real. And, sweet Jesus, there are a hell of a lot of them — still screaming around these desert-city crap tables at four-thirty on a Sunday morning. Still humping the American Dream, that vision of the Big Winner somehow emerging from the last-minute pre-dawn chaos of a stale Vegas casino.”
    I was just at that corner of the semi-abandoned “Fremont St. Experience” a couple weeks ago. The depression is not treating it so nicely. To add insult to injury they had some “summer of love” theme and there were poorly replicated soulless versions of the merry pranksters bus at both ends. But at least they were playing good acid music and the beers in the casinos were only 2 bucks.

  20. As a member of the State Bar of Nevada, and as a former Nevada Supreme Court Law Clerk, I can say, categorically, that if the fat white guy had been black, the Metro Division of the Clark County Sheriff’s Department would have beat him within an inch of his whale-like life.

    And the State’s High Court would have upheld his subsequent convictions for (1) assault on a police officer; (2) being drunk and disorderly in public; and (3) being fat and annoying.

    (The latter warrants a sentence of from two to five years, if memory serves.)

  21. [re=351931]druranium[/re]: The only thing missing from this video report was a tripping sportswriter and a skagged-up Samoan lawyer, puking out the window of a Caddy and asking cop-like creatures from Oklahoma whether they’d like to buy some heroin. He would know, ’cause he served in veet-nam.

  22. [re=351681]Extemporanus[/re]: “The excessive crotch grabbing, first and foremost.” I have a theory about that. You know how Carol Burnett would tug her ear as a way of saying hi to her mom? Well, this is like that, but instead of saying hello, Michael was saying, “Where’s my dick you money grubbing piece of shit? I swear to god I’ll kill you one day…kill you!”

  23. [re=351715]hyperrreal[/re]: Reminds me of a comix. That was where creativity was in the sixties. The picture was exquisite detail of a portly father home from work and the usual bourgeois detritis all about, and there’s a blank rectangle right in front of his face, and he’s muttering, `Hey, there’s a gap in my reality.’

    Fritz the Cat was much much better than Proust. Much.

  24. [re=351660]problemwithcaring[/re]: Was that guy he struck mentally retarded? I am not trying to be snarky.

    Thanks for my heartiest chuckle of the day!

  25. What people didn’t see was after it cut to Flo and Ho, the man began excitedly whispering about the Lizard People while slapping himself in the face. Then he shit his pants and began reciting π to the 148th decimal.

  26. [re=351681]Extemporanus[/re]: Hmm, you might just have something there with the excessive crotch grabbing. I’ve always maintained that doing it more than once per performance means one of two things:

    1. Trousers too tight.

    2. The performer has “issues”.

    ‘Nuff said…

  27. I’d love to be slapped by a local news reporter on air. It would be like winning the daily lottery for a nice tidy lump of dough. Hel-lo check!

  28. This is hilarious. Dumb fat drunk guy deserved a cuff for being obnoxious. He should have got more than that, sheesh, why’d the reporter stop? Kick his ass buddy ;p

  29. I kind of liked that asshole. I get like that too when I drink. Kind of like Charles Grodin’s character in Catch-22, when Yosarian is pounding him with his fists and the guy is completely unfazed.

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