The last time a cell phone rang during a White House press conference, Robert Gibbs just took that damned device and gave it to the CIA, for torture. But Barack Obama is too cool for that. He just looks disappointed, with America, and then jokes about how pathetic the White House correspondents are, to be downloading duck ringtones. Oh and this is some kind of talk to the gays? [Gawker/YouTube]

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  1. Please God let this dominate the news cycle for at least a few hours. That’s the great thing about 24 hour cable news, it’s like a magazine, you can analyze stuff for about 5 seconds, realize it’s done with and flip the page. You actually have to struggle to remember stuff like John Ensign, or Ed McMahon dying, stuff that happened about 80 news cycles ago/a few “days” ago in “actual-time”

  2. WAIT! How did the TELLIPRMPTERZZZZ know there was gonna be a duck ring tone going off? Was that WILLIAM AYERZZZ’s phone? “FREE AS UH BURD”!!!!!!!!

  3. The duck sound may have been helpful to Mr. Obama, who seems to have a problem addressing gays and lesbians, judging by this money quote: “I suspect that by the time this administration is over, I think you guys will have pretty good feelings about the Obama administration”
    “you ladies, gentlemen and fowls” would certainly be a plausible alternative.
    Also, I’m practicing my italics, so please bear with me.

  4. Tomorrow on C-SPAN

    Congressional Republicans accuse Obama of not being harsh enough in his condemnation of duck ringtones.

    Michele Bachmann announces on the House floor: “For too long have we lived under the tyranny of mallard intonations. We have seen an orgy of water fowlery in Washington, and President Obama, it stops here.”

  5. [re=351017]Smoke Filled Roommate[/re]: At least it wasn’t Cheney’s ‘Classical Gas’ ringtone

    So yeah, I read this & instantly the song starts playing in my head. For those of us of a certain age, is this because we heard it on the radio 1 billion times long ago, or because it was in the Dental Plan episode of The Simpsons back when they were funny?

  6. If it walks like a duck, and talks like duck, then chances are it is a fucking fag who won’t be satisfied until opposite marriage is outlawed and barebacking is added to basic training and “Hail to the Chief” is replaced with “I Will Survive.”

  7. Good lord, now people are going to try to hack Obama’s cool by downloading more and more annoying ringtones until someone manages to find a Sarah Palin gibberish interview set to a Calabria remix and he has to confiscate and destroy the cellphone and goddamned lasers shoot out of his eyes. I am embarrassed for America.

  8. Well, kids, I remember when there were no ringtones or cellphones and I didn’t feel the urge to kill every stupid mfer who decides they have to check their phone and/or text during movies and theater. The people who actually talk on phones during the movies are the kind of people who look like they carry weapons(at least where I live). When I give a presentation, I tell people to turn off their phones- because if I hear one ring, I will find out who it belongs to and cut off their funding.
    I am quite sure that if you need to text during the ballet- then you shouldn’t be at the ballet but at the side of your dying child or parent- since surely nothing less would make you pull out your blackberry during Giselle.

  9. How lame are you that you can’t even turn off your fucking phone at a press conference of the President? I would hate to be in a movie theater with that person!

  10. Recall what an affront it was to Pat Buchanan and Peggy Noonan that Barry “disrespected the office of the president” by not wearing a suit jacket, once. But quacking is okay. As long as your shirt sleeves are not exposed.

  11. “My extreme SELFIMPORTANCE dictates that I be in constant contact with all my many followers, admirers, emulators and sycophants at every moment of the day and night. Accordingly I have equipped myself with a cellphone well furnished with a loud duck ringtone.” Sure. Why not.

  12. Oh that wasn’t a phone call Mr. President Muslin, that was just a text update on Speidi’s bowel movements.

    For the record, the consistency was “solid” and it had a marbled coloring patter.

  13. Lost in the shuffle: this marks the first time in the history of ever that a President has used the word “ringtone.” Can “Santorum” be far behind?

  14. That’s what happens when you let Rick Dees and his Cast of Idiots in the hizzy.

    P.S. Somebody tell Suge Knight that Dana Milbank has been stealing from him. I want to see Dana dangled, Vanilla Ice-style, from a balcony.

  15. Omigod, Hopey is definitely like my dad, all crotchety and shit…

    “Whar’d yew get that outfit?? Is that supposed to be in STAAAAAAAHLLL??”

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