Run them over, save traditional marriage!Wonkette’s “Gay, In Chicago” Operative “ManofSteel” attended his city’s fancy Gay Pride Parade this weekend, for fun, and who did he see there but U.S. “Senator for Life” Roland Burris! Here’s our leader in some fancy rich man’s car. Didn’t he know that you can get sick at these things?

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  1. I was standing on the sidewalk watching the parade with my husband, and this convertible rolled by with some black guy waving a queenly wave to the queens and queen-affiliated. I got to proudly point out our batshit crazy Senator both to my politically uninclined boy and some visiting bloke from Phoenix. There may or may not have been patriotic tears.

  2. Is this what he meant by “Trailblazer” on his mausoleum?

    He’s not the first person who has traveled on the Hershey Highway.

  3. Did Roland parachute himself there? After all, a gay pride parade is fucking valuable thing, you don’t just give it away for nothing.

  4. Someone please tell me a 7-foot drag queen sidled up to Burris at some point and said ‘boo’. Or smacked him with a handbag fashioned from Blago hair.

  5. Fugly car. When did everyone get together and decide that cars that looked like steam irons were the epitome of cool?

    Bring back the ’65 Mustang!!!

  6. Senator Roland is gay? Huh.
    Well good for the event organizers for overlooking his being a douchesack and letting him in their parade. They’re a good people, the gays.

  7. Volvo convertibles would be useless in Sweden, where it’s freezing 50 weeks of the year. They must have been invented for rich gay Americans.

  8. [re=350501]AxmxZ[/re]: I got to proudly point out our batshit crazy Senator both to my politically uninclined boy…

    I trust you ain’t learnin’ him to read & write.

  9. [re=350553]Humpback[/re]: You’re welcome to start your own (whatever orientation that might be, hope it doesn’t require bloodletting or a new wardrobe). Once we get equal rights some of us might help you get yours, if you’ve misplaced them.

  10. Actually, it is not a bad idea. A man who wants to hide in a closet hiding out with people who have come out of the closet.

  11. Hey, the parade committee saw the photo of Roland’s mausoleum that some brilliant Wonketeer blingeed, and they thought he qualified. Is that so wrong?

  12. [re=350519]freakishlystrong[/re]: “Was Lindsay Graham in one? And if so, picture, pleeeeeeeeeeeze?”
    Lindsay was probably chained to a radiator for the weekend.

  13. He was being a total Parade Douche too, people kept throwing beads to him and he was all STOP IT CUT IT OUT RIGHT NOW waving his hands and shit. How can you “march” in Chicago Gay Pride and not expect people to throw beads at you? He didn’t expect to be looking so beadable.

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