• Barack Obama and Bundesrepublik Deutschland Wurstdame Angela Merkel had an awkward relationship in the ’80s, but now they are willing to put the past behind them and cut a deal. Prediction: Merkel gets AIG and Obama gets to massage Merkel’s muscular shoulders. It is peace for our time. [HuffPost]
  • The Mystery of Reducing Health Care Costs was simplicity itself: elementary, really. “Why, Holmes,” chirped Watson, “did Obama kill all the old people to save money?” Indubitably, my dear Watson. Indubitably. [RedState]
  • How many marijuana cigarettes does Barack Obama smoke in the Oval Office every day? Trick question! He rips bong. [Andrew Sullivan]
  • Sen. Sam Brownback (R-KS) is now the third Republican to state publicly that he will vote NO on Sotomayor, no matter what. But if he had been the FOURTH Republican he would have won the toaster oven! [Think Progress]
  • On July 4, Barack Obama will be savoring deep-fried Dijon-infused Bolivian Revolution Burgers with Hugo Chávez. And Evo Morales might stop by later, with an eighth of his famous Inca Herb. [Michelle Malkin]
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  1. This guy is so aptly named it is ridiculous. He is a turd, is what I’m saying. He came to speak to my high school when I was a senior and would not even grant my best friend the courtesy of answering what he was going to do for the small farmer ( a very prescient question.) Not so apropos of this clip but I wanted to share a little anecdote.

    Carry on then.

  2. Sen. Bareback, wtf? Wait, now Republican men are AGAINST strong Latina women? What about the one’s who work fancy financial jobs in South America? They’re presumably OK, right? THAT Maria get’s her book stamped anytime she likes it.

  3. [re=348321]Youstonedorjuststupid?[/re]: I think he likes the sense of community that the bong gives you. Have you ever shared a vapo bag? It’s not the same :(

  4. Republicans just don’t seem able to grasp the concept of “political theater”. It’s not convincing to claim that you gave her a fair hearing and chose not to confirm her if you choose not to confirm her before the hearing. Sequence is key, people. Socks then shoes, Boxer then pants. If you do it backwards you look like a fool.
    Lord save us from the Republicans.

  5. Sen. Leftback is citing Alexander Hamilton for what reason? In support of marital infidelity? Okay, I’ll buy that.

    Hamilton opposed adoption of the Bill of Rights. Fits.

  6. “On July 4, Barack Obama will be savoring deep-fried Dijon-infused Bolivian Revolution Burgers with Hugo Chávez. And Evo Morales might stop by later, with an eighth of his famous Inca Herb.”

    Damn, that sounds like a good time to me. Too bad I can’t afford a plane ticket or car insurance to get over to DC in time. I guess I’ll have to settle for reading the Wonkette liveblog (can’t afford cable for CSPAN) while I grill horse-burgers and twist a pinner of Mexican ditch weed.

    Viva la Revolucion!

  7. What? No GOP emails about Barry spending July 4 eating organic watermelon and enjoying a chicken fried steak?

    Well, we still have a few days left to the 4th and I’m sure there are some Red Staters stalking this site – get on it, low level GOP staffers, everywhere!

  8. Such a pathetic cry for attention from Turdback, the man who believes the earth is 6000-years-old and men rode dinosaurs. For those from Kansas (and Oklahoma, since Inhofe also already said he’ll vote no,) as if you didn’t already know, this is why you are constantly mocked and ridiculed. Your fellow Kansans and Okies continue to vote dipshits like this into the Senate. I realize that if you read Wonkette, you’re not likely to vote for these floaters I ust wanted to clear things up in case there was any confusion.

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