Spellinz 4 fags anyhow.
Black Irish immigrant leprechaun Patrick “Sinead” Buchanan knows what kinds of immigrants he hates: all the ones who showed up after his ring-kissing potato-drunkard parents were dumped by the British in New York Harbor as a final retaliation for the American Revolution. That’s why Buchanan and his wacky white-supremacist friends are, these days, mostly concerned with keeping the Puerto Ricans out of our nation’s courtrooms — them don’t speak good English! Also, these lamers failed to notice their own “The American Cause” conference banner does not spell “conference” correctly, but at least it’s not a dirty, dirty Mexican. [Think Progress/Shakesville]

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  1. The White Guys talking about Latina wimmins getting in Ivy colleges and Supreme Courts when there are much better qualified White Guys. I just know they are.

  2. Apropos of “”, doing a Google image search for “Virginia Dare” +porn gets you furry porn on the first page. I can’t see how that’s just a coincidence.

  3. Hah, hah, Layne. You not so smart. A “conferenece” is a gathering where Repubs learn how to exchange pictures of Malkin and other young boys over the InterNetz.

  4. Where’s Vanna White when you need her?

    Seriously, does anyone know how to get ahold of Vanna White? The American Cause is looking for a new spokesmodel, and the job has her name written all over it.

  5. It’s because da white guy ‘Muricans, dey nevah winz da spelling bee. So, why nots just ‘liminate da spelling all togethz? Cuz dey kin winz da BEE if there is no SPELLLing.

  6. Too….fucking…funny!!!!!
    Besides, also and too: it’s spelled confereNIECE. I did read that article on the Brits dropping the ‘i’ before ‘e’, but still…
    I’m sure those dudes are into nieces; so like WTF? Can’t spell the truth?

  7. Last spring I up and done axed my stoodents “how many of y’all believe that Inglish shood be the o-ficial lang-u-age of the good ol’ U S of A, and a gud atey-five percent of ’em razed they’re hands, yessirre.

    So I told them that if they felt that strongly about English, then I was going to require that their papers–in a graduate class, be written in English.

    Much gnashing of teeth and rending of garments ensued, also.

  8. Do we have an agent infiltrating this disaster? I’d also like to know how long until they understand it’s misspelled. I’m going with a week from Wednesday.

  9. This is what happens when you outsource your banners.

    BTW “Building the New Majority” is also misspelled. It was supposed to say “Building the New Aryan Nation”.

  10. [re=344758]Georgia Burning[/re]: True. If you want spelling, do large swaths of cut-and-paste! ‘Murica is not a Dumb-ocracy! It’s a rePubic!

  11. Well, at least they didn’t use too many commas like a certain uppity brown Supreme Court nominee & I’m sure none of them belong to some fancy, elite organization that only white men can join like country clubs & the KKK.

  12. See, you guys are being too hard on them. They hired an unemployed graphic designer to do that banner. They were trying to help the ‘little guy’ in these rough economic times (or maybe just to save a dime?). What they failed to check was why he was out of work in the first place. HE NEVER LEARNED TO READ. (tragic. also.)

  13. [re=344760]bitchincamaro[/re]: To be fair, Rachel’s been a tad snarkier & less of a suckup about Unka Pat lately. Thank the loward that she’s not sucking up to that douche like she did daily during the ‘lection. WTF??!! I avert my eyes from Tweety bc of he loves him some Unka Pat too much.

  14. But I thought Brimelows were female. You damn liar, Mix-A-Lot!

    “Here’s a gory kinda story, ’bout an obese freak
    With a forty inch waist and a ten inch beak,
    Overweight and out of shape with a triple chin,
    Her brassiere strikes fear in the hearts of men,”

  15. [re=344722]SayItWithWookies[/re]: And that’s why the right is also sabotaging the education system. Oh, damn! Are these rat fuckers tricky or what?

  16. [re=344780]slappypaddy[/re]: Well, it’s sickeningly hilarious how somberly the TV newsies are already bemoaning the tomorrow’s commute.

  17. Dictionaries? We ain’t got no dictionaries. We don’t need no dictionaries. I don’t have to show you any stinking dictionaries.

  18. If you want English, then you dirty Papists should learn to pray in English and read English Bibles! You can’t pledge allegiance to the flag, under the true Christian God, while you’re also praying to some heretical German prince in Rome!

    On a related noted, apparently lets you email gems like this to those whose souls need saving.

    (Whan that Aprill, with his shoures soote…)

  19. And with that, Pat bids you farewell. Thank you Pat. Thank you for your impeccable, genius, humor. A modern day Andy Kaufman, he is.

  20. What is it with Irish racists? Seriously, the worst racists I have met in the U.S. all seem to be of Irish ancestry, which makes it even more strange considering that they were the Mexicans “back in the day”.

  21. I want that banner. One of you must get it for me.

    Oh fuck, do they have t-shirts like that? Get me a few of those, too! Instant collectors items there.

  22. Peter: You do the math on how we get the majority — without excluding Catholics, Mister Dooley.
    Pat: Aye, and you check the spelling on the banner, Mr. Dunne.

  23. Fu*k the Irish!

    (I’m bitter because in the good ole days, a priest would have gladly obliged – except when it came to me. When I was a boy in Ireland, I never got to be raped up the hole by a horny priest. I feel cheated. Seriously, was I really that ugly, Father Ryan? Was my virgin ass that plain?? I could have written a best-selling memoir, “My Tormented Irish Childhood”, but no. And my Dad is yeast-intolerant so no Guinness for him, hence no violent beatings for me.

    You people have no idea how much this hurts.)

  24. [re=344741]boinggg[/re]: Honesty, these lame Republicans (sorry for being redundant) live to be victims. Even at the height of the women’s movement in the 70s, we women, a victimized majority for, literally, thousands of years, weren’t whiney like these lame fuckers. If the whole world doesn’t roll and over and jump to their every petty little need, these men turn into jello.

    Grow a pair, you dickwads. Whining isn’t manly.

  25. [re=344822]Guppy06[/re]: “(Whan that Aprill, with his shoures soote…)”

    What I like about wonkette: Gives English majors a chance to show off. Not meaning to give offense here–when the wingers have fucked up some factoid of history, I and my BA in English History are the first to jump on the wonkette wagon.

  26. Oh, shit! English! Does that mean we have to use words like “kerb” and “tyre” and “gaol”? Hell, English already *is* the second language in this country.

  27. [re=344871]DustBowlBlues[/re]: Fæder úre, ðú ðe eart on heofonum,
    Sí ðín nama gehálgod.
    Tó becume ðín rice.
    Gewurde ðín willa
    On eorþan swá swá on heofonum.
    Urne dægwhamlícan hlaf syle ús tódæg.
    And forgyf ús úre gyltas,
    Swá swá wé forgyfaþ úrum gyltendum.
    And ne gelæd ðu ús on costnunge,
    Ac álýs ús of yfele. Sóþlice.

    All English, every damn bit of it.

  28. That is what you get for cutting damn corners by hiring illegals as sign painters. Can’t even spell Reichsparteitag. Worthless banana-pickers. Back to their sunny tropical climes of Lithuania or Pennsylvania, or whatever other steamy Central American country they snuck in from! The National Republican Party won’t be fooled again. We’re intellectuals.

  29. [re=344826]glamourdammerung[/re]: “Ireland” is one of two countries that derives its name from the word “Aryan”. The other, oddly, is Iran. The moral of the story: attempting to be Aryan makes you angry. Let it go.

  30. [re=344893]mrsixinch[/re]: Thirty years or so in History of the English Language, we had to memorize the Our Father in Old English. Can’t remember it now, had to find it online. Googled “stairway to heaven old english” several ways, couldn’t find it. But the good news is, I’m on the trail of the Finnish lyrics to “Love Train”.

  31. [re=344826]glamourdammerung[/re]: The Irish are the reason we have the term “white trash.” When they were immigrating they were viewed as on par with teh blacks. Out of some sanctimonious self-righteous snootiness I refuse to call people white trash. I prefer to call them “people from the South.”

  32. [re=344723]madtowngooner[/re]:
    You are both wrong and right.
    Wrong : Conference is not a French word.
    Conférence is,and that is the root of the English word “Conference”, without an accent.
    Errors happen! And I think that the writers just misplaced a “e”.
    In French, the accent is on “fé” as in “fée”, a fictional character with two “e”- a “Fée” is an Elf in English
    On he other hand, you are right since, in French, a “conférence” is also the name of a pear – an elongated pear with a greenish (whitish) skin.
    Also, in French, a pear – une poire – is a stupid person.
    Obviously, a conférence (pear) can have a confé(e)rence (an elfish talk) with an other conférence (pear).
    And if the graphic arts people doing the banner drink too much Armagnac -the French liquor of gods – they may get confused with all e these French accents and “e”

    … Think it’s time for an other Armagnac — and a Poire William!

  33. They want English only? Fine. From now on it’s “loot in the boot” not “junk in the trunk.” We’ll have them driving their Ford F-150 lorries to Holiday on the Redneck Riviera by 2012. Change more than half the place names in the country with English equivalents…is that English enough for the good Americans of Chattanooga and Mobile, Memphis and Fargo, Tempe and San Antonio? Habeus Corpus, fuckers, and no, you can’t order a Burrito…

  34. [re=344976]Don Juanquete[/re]: “I checked out said white nationalist’s website. Full of Paultardation.”

    Well, there is a lot of overlap in the “Council of Conservative Citizens” (which quite a few of the VDARE folks are affiliated with) and the Paultard crowd, including of course Congressman Paul.

  35. Sometimes you find something that is just so right, so perfect, so apropos. This is one of those times.

    By the way, I take it you all know that we are pretty well fucking doomed. These retareds are freaking everywhere. I am not looking forward to fighting them off when we are reduced to looting stores for the last of the potable water and ramen noodles.

  36. I’ve taken lately to using the word ‘Ahmadinejad’ for everything genitals related, you know, as a replacement for ‘Miss Betsy’ or ‘Little Elvis’, as in “Good Grief! Put some pants on that Ahmadinejad.” But ‘Buchanan’ is going to be my new word for all things tushy related, as in ‘Sit your Buchanan down here a spell’ or ‘Jeez, you scared the Buchanan out of me’.

  37. Damn, I thought the misspelling was going to be “confrence,” and I was going to get all facetious and reply, “Damn elitist libruls with their fancy-pants spelling.”

  38. [re=344852]wheelie[/re]: Believe me, it’s quite possible to have a non-drinking abusive father. Likewise, there is religious f***ing over which is not literal.

    Zhu Bajie

  39. [re=344899]AnnieGetYourFun[/re]: Bullshit, my dear Annie! The word Ireland comes from the Old Irish “Ériu”, which precedes the word English word “Aryan” by at least 800 years. “Aryan” comes from Sanskrit originally, but there is nothing to support the idea that the two words share the same etymology.

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