• Get ready for another jobless recovery, America! Unemployment is expected to rise even as the country begins to emerge from the recession. [Washington Post]
  • A hiker who went missing for three days in the Cascades just walked out of the woods, alive and everything. [Seattle Times]
  • New Zealand expects its swine flu cases to rise precipitously, because there is nothing better to do in New Zealand than catch the flu. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Iranians are using cell phone video to record all manner of grisly injustice that the established media cannot. [Guardian]
  • Nearly three-quarters of Americans support a public health-care plan, but thankfully, Congress doesn’t listen to polls. [ABC News]
  • The medical school student accused of being the Craigslist killer will be formally arraigned today. [New York Times]
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  1. I think that I’ve reached the age that when someone posts a warning that a video contains grizzly images, my first instinct isn’t ‘Cool!’, it’s ‘No, I really don’t need to go their.’

  2. I’m so thankful we don’t live in a dictatorial theocracy like those poor people in Iran, but rather a representative democracy where the voice of the people is heard & heeded through regular elections. Elections, as we are so often reminded, which have consequences. Where elected representatives turn the will of the people into legislation. Or freely ignore that will when large, legal bribes persuade them that a country where ~50 million citizens have little to no access to medical care is a country of which we can all be proud. Fuck you, Congress and fuck you, Obama.

  3. Jobless? Those selfless servants of the people that match the number on the envelope to the one on my mail box are still all employed, that is until they do it for 20 years, then they are idle middle class.

  4. [re=344175]Paul Tardy[/re]: That’s not as easy as you might think. Fed Ex does the same thing, charges more for it and pays it’s people in cheese sandwiches, only the executives retire after twenty years and they become the idle rich. A paultard would would let the market decide…like they do in Somalia

  5. [re=344173]hobospacejunkie[/re]: Their’s amazing isn’t it? Several major polls show a large majority of ‘Murikens want a Gov. sponsered plan; and the Republicans are winning the message. Fuck em’ all.

  6. hobospacejunkie – he is *trying* to enact change,no? He IS championing the public option – whether or not it will pass, we’ll see. Those who ignore the will of the people may face their own backlash yet.

  7. OK, call me a grammar Nazi and all, but how does something rise “precipitously?” Isn’t that the same as increasing downward?

  8. I can’t believe there are people out there, clinging to this “Free Market” bullshit and screaming about the perils of socialized medicine, when what they really mean is “I don’t care if a bunch of CEO’s get rich while the health care lobby lines the pockets of my elected representatives. I don’t care if what comes out of my paycheck will be ten times less than the premiums and deductibles I pay now. GODDAMMIT if I’m gonna subsidize some entitlement program for lazy stupid poor brown and black people.”

  9. [re=344187]horned_viper[/re]: Meh. I see hobo’s point in that IMO the “we must include a public option” is just throwing the Left a bone. If he really wanted to show he wants to play ball he would let single payer be on the table too. Not that I expect Obama to be able to really challenge the insurance industry, so yeah I think the fuck you Obama might be a bit harsh.

    I think a better way to translate the poll is: “Two-thirds of Americans have a sense of morality and compassion towards their fellow Americans, and the rest are ignorant heartless bastards who just want what’s theirs.”

  10. [re=344187]horned_viper[/re]: Obama is ‘championing’ the public option yes, but so far he’s not shown any inclination to actually spend the great amount of political capital he accrued by winning the election and during his first couple months in office. If Ronnie Raygun were behind this (ha!) he’d be selling the crap out of it to the people, flying around giving angry speeches about that do-nothing Congress. Obama? Meh. I’m sure he really really hopes it passes.

  11. I am also disappointed by the lack of bite in this legislation – but I also think the preznit has just too much going on legislation-wise. Would it not have been better to launch the public health care campaign early next year when the economy is in better shape and he has settled into his first year? I don’t know how politics works, but there are too many bills floating around distracting folks.

    I fervently want a public option health care. I am currently tied to a desk job although I want to launch my own consulting firm mainly because health care is so goddamn expensive when you’re not in a company plan.

  12. New Zealand is the most beautiful place on the planet. Don’t diss New Zealand. I am actually glad that it takes a giant pile of money, an ungodly long plane flight and superhuman stamina to even get close to New Zealand, because I really want everyone to just leave that wonderful place alone. In fact just forget that you ever read this.

  13. I sympathize with Hopey on this. I mean, yes, I DO think that he let the message get away from him and that, just like with Guantanamo, he didn’t do enough up-front to convince the public that his way was the only sane way. But as we see with polls, he DOES have the public on his side with this, so I’m not sure how much going around and making speeches will help. At this point, he’s got other stuff to focus on. This is gonna need to be Rahm and Joe’s fight – go break some kneecaps in congress.

  14. Jobless rate going up??! Good, I need to get the fuck out of here. I hate my job sitting on my ass all day and they’re starting to get cheap on the AC. It’s like being in a Jew oven. A “Joekstra!!!”

  15. He credited a faith in God…for his survival.
    Nice message, Mr. Albrecht. Common sense and foresight simply don’t factor into your chances of survival. Your fate is determined only by the Big G’s thumb up/thumb down gesture. You’re fooling only yourself if you honestly believe that you gain favoritism by wearing your Nazi necktie or making those feel-good bullshit statements.

  16. [re=344244]CivicHoliday[/re]: Hopey needs to make speeches, not to convince the already-convinced public but to convince them to help him put ungodly pressure on their unwilling representatives to shame them into doing the right thing. Leaving it to Rahm & aides just means more capitulation & watered-down compromise which seems to be the fate of all Hopey’s legislative initiatives so far, all in the name of pointless bipartisanship. If he doesn’t put his full weight behind something this important when will he?

  17. [re=344262]Servo[/re]: Overheard at the Search and Rescue HQ:

    Search and Rescue Captain: “OK, listen up crew. We’ve got a hiker two days overdue up there in the North Cascades. This a going to be a big roll-out with 60-plus volunteer teams of two approaching last known whereabouts from 4 compass points, regular heli patrols during daylight ops, doing half-kilometer grid sweeps and…”

    Search and Rescue Volunteer: “Y’now, cap, the guy who’s lost is a devout Christian.”

    Search and Rescue Captain: “Well! Then screw all that shit. God’ll take care o him. What say we all head over to Baker Lake for a bodacious weekend campout instead? Let’s roll!>”

  18. [re=344328]hobospacejunkie[/re]: He’s got that ABC News special thingy this week (the one the Wingnuts are foaming over) and supposedly he’s about to make a bigger push on health care. The plan (hope? projected belief?) is that Obama’s doing his patented sit back and wait and then send the calvary in at just right the moment.

    The problem, as always, is that

    1)It’s all being held up by the “Blue Dog” Democrats who value being being seen as “moderate” and “bipartisan” than effective
    2)The Democrats are spineless tools
    3)Republicans have no problems saying total inanities on TV without any sort of pushback by the supposed “journalists” and Democrats. See #2

  19. [re=344224]Gorillionaire[/re]: As an actual New Zealander, let me ask this – I bet you’ve never been to a low-income suburb in South Auckland or outer Wellington, have you? When American tourists come here, completely avoid the major cities and go to the wilds where, coincidentally, [i]there are no actual New Zealanders[/i], you get the real feeling of what the people who actually live here are like. If, for example, Hopey Obama bought the whole country, declared it a national park and gave every inhabitant a plane ticket to London, San Francisco or Sydney, I would cheer lustily.

    There’s a reason virtually every NZer between the ages of 18 and 25 is currently bartending in London or camp counselling in Colorado. This country is a nice place to visit but only mentally stunted hobbits would want to live here. I wish I had been born in a place where there is actual [b]culture[/b] and [b]creativity[/b]. And decent Ethiopian restaurants.

  20. [re=344692]doloras[/re]: The famous quote from a GI stationed there in WWII: “Aukland is half the size of the the NEW York general cemetary and twice and deadly”.

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