Ah, let’s see how the front page of is promoting its opinion offerings this Friday: ***KRAUTHAMMER & WOLFOWITZ DOUBLE-TOP BILLING BABY, BOMB BOMB BOMB, FAP FAP***; Weird clown discusses health care reform — and the politics thereof!; IRONY: this guy was in the military and dislikes Don’t Ask Don’t Tell!; (oh and some fag we fired yesterday writes snoozer legal babble, just emptying the inventory here, ignore it.) [Washington Post]

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  1. The Middle East hangs in the balance. Why isn’t the President ‘meddling?’

    Um, because of what happened the last fifty times you guys told us the Middle East was hanging in the balance? At some point we might realize that MEDDLING DOESN’T FUCKING WORK.

  2. From Wolfowitz’s piece:
    Obama could send a powerful message simply by placing his enormous personal prestige behind the peaceful conduct of the demonstrators and their demand for reform — exactly the kind of peaceful, democratic change that he praised in his speech in Cairo.

    President Obama actually did voice his support for the demnstrators and reform. I know that bombs and reckless invasions are the only language neocons understand, so maybe when Obama did it in mere words that wasn’t enough. Or maybe you just don’t have access to current news from prison.

  3. What’s up with this affirmative action hire, Charles Krauthammer? Sure, that the WaPo would hire someone with a disability is nice and progressive, but isn’t it reverse discrimination against those who are not mentally retarded?

  4. I tell you what, Kraut-hammer, let’s air drop a shit load of pre-paid satellite phones and digital cameras on Tehran for those kids to pick up and use instead of bombs. Would that be meddling enough for you or does “meddling” in the neo-Con dicktionary have to involve bloodshed by definition?

  5. I thought Krauthammer et al wanted to bomb Iran into the stone age. What is this sudden concern about the well-being of the Iranian people?
    Also, they make it sound as though Mousavi was some sort of anti-clerical, American-loving revolutionary. Wasn’t he Iran’s prime minister a few years ago? Isn’t the suddenly likable Rafsanjani a senior cleric seeking the position of Supreme Leader, or whatever? Give us a break, you mental cripple (I know – not nice).

  6. this point’s probably been made somewhere by someone already, but if i was in a fiction writing workshop and named these clowns krauthammer and wolfowitz, i would be roundly urged to come up with something a little less sophomoric. reality writes shit that i just can’t touch.

  7. The only people you want to listen to are the ones who were wrong every GD time, who still can’t grasp how that could be and who are sure this time’s the charm. But it’s a new reality. a whole new reality.

  8. Its about time for Obama to land his jet on an aircraft carrier

    Or K-Lo’s ass would do in a pinch. There’d still a lot of room left over for the press corps and a marching band.

  9. [re=343319]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Wolfie’s op-ed makes much more sense if one understands neo-con code:

    “personal prestige” = cock
    “peaceful conduct” = young boys
    “reform” = mouth rape

  10. God, what a snot encrusted rag. A rag where the columnists are like the snot from some TB infected hobo’s nose. When I try to read it I keep thinking why are they employed?

  11. I refuse to read the Post‘s editorial page, but I assume that anything Charles “The Evil Gnome of Conservatisim” Krauthammer or Paul “You Have to Kill A Few Brown People for Democracy” Wolforwitz writes has a disclaimer that they are bat-shit insane, right?

  12. If somebody could just send word to the protesters that Charles Krauthammer and Paul Wolfowitz support them, I’m sure that they will be heartened.

  13. [re=343324]tunamelt[/re]: I’ll settle for an orange jumpsuit. And a ball gag.

    [re=343346]Extemporanus[/re]: Paul Wolfowitz’s requirements for dating material are that they must a) be blind; and b) possess the moral sensitivity of Ivan the Terrible and the self-righteous megalomania of Ted Haggard. A meth connection would be a plus, but is not required.

  14. [re=343319]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Obama came out today and flat out, just cold told them “the world is watching”.

    I think they know what he means.

    Wolfowitz… GFY

  15. I’m guessing we shall soon see a David Broder column chastising Obama for not being bipartisan enough when it comes to Iran

  16. [re=343332]slappypaddy[/re]: Remember that time Hillary’s nag Eight Belles came in second in the race and became Big Brown’s Secretary of Stables?

  17. Perhaps Krautie & Wolfie could just excrete themselves onto the downtown streets of Tehran & march shoulder-to-shoulder w/Iranistan teabaggers to demonstrate their neocon solidarity? Oh whoops, guess Krautie would have to wheel himself shoulder to hip to show his solidarity (yes, very not nice; it’s friday; bite me). Or would that be too much like makin’ it real?

  18. Wolverine to Krauthammer (after hearing the names of the other neocontards writing for WaPo): What do they call you, “Wheels?”

    Good ol’ Krautie, wheeling himself into oblivion, one column at a time.

  19. I also love that they want the US to get into a fight with Iran when North Korea announced today that it would lob a taepodong at Hawaii for shits and giggles. Why are neocons always digging in the wrong place?

  20. nothing bad could possibly come of the US giving direct support to Mousavi. lets send him flowers and a nice card to get things started.

  21. [re=343628]June Cleaver 2.0[/re]: It’s a metaphor for, as the kids like to say these days, EPIC FAIL. So, no, BHO won’t do that.

  22. Perhaps Prez Obama can borrow Bush’s leather AWOL-jacket and his Mission Accomplished banner??? Do telepromters pitch n’ roll too much at sea?

  23. [re=343626]June Cleaver 2.0[/re]: If Dracula could only breathe, he wouldn’t turn to dust when exposed to sunshine. Or hang out with Cheney all the time.

  24. I think the article on evidence on gays in the military is one of those closeted homo-erotic pieces with plenty of scenes of gun polishing, showers, and full-dress uniforms.

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