Here’s the latest idiot, South Carolina state senator David Thomas (of Wendy’s fame!), who appears to have launched a 2010 congressional bid. His Twitter feed is loaded with goods: “Green tea (OK it’s Chi Comm stuff…shame, shame) is good sub every now and then for even MY fresh ground French roast… FRENCH,” “The Supreme Leader says I HAVE to get ready for work. Yes dear,” and, good god, “If anyone comes upon an article on the authority of the Fed, eg the Economist, please let me know.” Nice breeding, South Carolina. [Twitter via Indigo Journal]

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  1. And thus another layer of el-stoooped to the teabagginess of wingtards. Self-referential to the end, this goofball likens Iranistan events to whateveritwas that wingtards were whining about at their teabaggings. FTW???!!! No, Senator Dumbfuck, it’s simply not all about you!

  2. Hey I like the New GOP! Everything they do has “Additude”, you know, sunglasses. It’s like They wanted W. to be like the American version of the Supreme Leader. Wow, It’s all like hip-hop and stuff now wit dem ‘pubs.

  3. The entire post about Iran was fine for the first two of his three sentences. Just talking about it, raising awareness, which while not really a significant thing certainly isn’t bad. Then that last line, equating the Iranian protests against a possibly illegitimate government with overweight, undereducated 40-and-overs voicing a wide range of contradictory grumblings about anything involving the word “tax” just trivializes so much that it’s hard to believe this man ever takes ANYTHING seriously.

  4. Iranians actually are protesting against “high” taxes. They are particularly incensed at Ahmedinejad’s attempts to “spread the wealth”.

  5. South Carolina makes North Carolina look like Sweeden. What a place of utter horror and despair and now the whole world can see thanks to micro blogging.

  6. Well, actually…

    Ahmadinejad has spent much of the last four years, when he wasn’t already busy threatening Israel and trying to tick off students at Columbia University, with redistributing wealth and services so that poor people in rural areas get their fair share! That’s SOCIALISM!!!!!

    So those protesting him ARE teabaggers! It’s true!!!! WAKE UP AMURKA!

  7. As a liberal activist elitist (mmmm, lattes), I don’t know why we’d want to bomb Twitter. It’s clearly a wonderful outlet for GOP inanity, removing whatever intermediate step there was between Republicans thinking something and speaking. It’s a veritable goldmine of wingnuttery, and perfect for revealing how batshit nuts these people are.

  8. [re=343242]4tehlulz[/re]: If you go to Sully’s site, you will see many Iranian twitters making references to how they are all going Gault

  9. JohnEnsign
    After getting caught in a sex affair with a staffer, I really know how those Iranian protesters feel.
    about 4 hours ago from TwitterBerry

    Unfortunately the actual feeds for Senator Ensign and his PAC seem to have gone dark.

  10. Please tell me the Repubtards will send teabags to Iran. Please make my Friday by telling me these idiots will embarrass themselves on the international stage by doing that completely thoughtless, immature, and narcissistic.

  11. The elephant in the room: These twatwaffles really believe what they are saying. And there is a shit ton of them in this country.

  12. [re=343267]bitchincamaro[/re]: Yeah, Al-Jazeera and them Iranians are both A-rabs so clearly they are in cahoots in everything. Al-Jazeera Wouldn’t want to rain on the Iranian gov’s parade by reporting protests.

  13. When all of this started last week, Al Jazeera English was the only source of information I could find on this that was of any worth at all (I later heard the BBC was doing a good job, but I didn’t think to check there).

  14. Don’t confuse Wendy’s dad with this tea bagger. If Hamburger Dave Thomas weren’t dead, he’d probably slap Dixie Dave Thomas upside the head with a spatula.

  15. Here is Sen. FatF*cks position on “family and marriage” – verbatim from his website:
    “As your senator, I’ve introduced numerous bills to protect the unborn. I am a pro-family conservative who believes life begins at conception, and I also believe marriage is a union between one many and one woman.”

    One many and one woman????? Who is he, David Letterman?

  16. Who really wants to hear somebody’s moment-to-moment thoughts expressed inarticulately? We have enough of that shit on teh Intarwebs in blogs. :p

  17. [re=343224]chascates[/re]: Another reason I changed my attitude toward twitter.

    Destroying douchebags in office and douchebags who steal elections
    win-win for the twits.

  18. Considering they were previously comparing their personal struggles to a war that claimed 1 in 20 of those eligible for military service, I’d say comparing themselves to a street protest with a whopping 8 deaths is a step in the right direction. Perhaps in a few weeks they could realize they don’t even rate a Panamanian Revolution or an Aroostook War.

  19. I’ve changed my attitude toward The Twitter, also. To accomplish the much-needed re-branding, the GOP should change its name to the Party of Twitter (POT).

  20. [re=343296]AdmC[/re]: That’s the wonderful thing about Twitter. We get to see who elected which variety of moron. Or in Newt’s case, which variety of moron wants to be elected.

  21. My mom made me stay in my room until my homework was done once, so now I know what the siege of Stalingrad must have been like.

  22. I kind of wish the Basij would open fire at the next teabagger event. It would let so many pasty doughballs earn the martyr status they already think they have.

  23. [re=343391]Guppy06[/re]: The Aroostook War was bloodless! How can you even call it a war? How dare you demean the Iranian martyrs by comparing them to a bloodless war! Why do you hate Iranistan!?!

  24. Well, if the teabaggers and Republicans are just like the Iranians, does that mean we get to shoot them when the crackdown occurs?

    There might be something to this metaphor.

  25. [re=343483]Lionel Hutz Esq.[/re]: Nope, we just get to bludgeon them with truncheons. Which, in my opinion, would be a great deal more satisfying.

  26. Only a couple of slight differences…

    1) Teabaggers wanted the fight change unlike the Iranians who want, ahem, change.
    2) Iranians weren’t stupid to call their events after a sexual practice.
    3) The Iranian protests are actually effective and not feeble.

  27. This will become the new “yo momma so fat” joke thread of the 21st century.

    My porchlight burned out so it felt just like Tehran at night besieged by the Basji.

  28. Come on guys it’s exactly the same thing. I was in line at Starbucks (ironically buying tea) and they wanted to charge me 2.50 for a tea bag and hot water. So I told them “viva la revolucion” fuckers I know how to handle this. I grabbed the tea, ran out of the Starbucks and twattered myself dumping the tea (and bag) into the Detroit River. Thanks to the bravery of Pete Hoekstra and I, the Iranians will never have to feel opressed again.

  29. [re=343537]sati demise[/re]: I ate a green sucker today, so my tongue knows what it feels like to be a protester on the streets of Tehran.

  30. [re=343567]Min[/re]: I bumped my head so now I know how it feels to be beaten by the Basij in the streets of Iran.

    I slipped in the bathtub and it felt just like Pearl Harbor.

    I was posting on Wonkette & I thought it was just like twittering while running from gunshots during the Iranian revolution.

  31. Tonight Bill Maher said, “Iran saved twitter. Twitter didn’t save Iran.”

    It’s so hard not to hate twitter. I’m not hating it currently, because of Iran. I wish Musavi would be declared the winner, so I could go back to hating twatters.

  32. [re=343537]sati demise[/re]: My daughter sprayed me with the garden hose yesterday. It was EXACTLY the same as being waterboarded.

  33. again with the ‘i wish x would die’ comments. its a ‘loose comparison’ folks, like you might have done in english 101. maybe its silly but is it realy worthy of wishing someone would die?

    jim newell/wonkette… the meanest bloggers in washington

  34. [re=343237]Naked Bunny with a Whip[/re]: Maybe cuz there’s no such thing as “Al Jazera?” There’s “Al Jazeera,” but no “Al Jazera…” ANYWAY.

    I’ve been watching AJE and BBC — both are trying to do as much as they can with the government restrictions, but it’s tough. If you don’t work for the state propaganda machine, they’re not letting reporters do their jobs. Very confrontational.

    And as for the Wendy’s guy? I can’t hate on him — it’s not fair to mock the mentally challenged.

  35. Al Jazz Era…the 1920’s, thats what he was thinking now, because according to his USTREAM interwebby teevee, he is an old guy who loves that old Edison phoneygraff.

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